13 - Qu Lang
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13 - Qu Lang

Luocheng in May was tinged with the taste of early summer, and Baiju's fur coat looked very out of place. People began to notice them as they stood at the edge of the square for a while.

The old white dog expressed his grievances, and was finally pulled into the bathroom by Xiao Yao, turning his clothes into white tee and jeans; the old dog was still not well-versed in this transformation business, and his feet were still bare.

Sitting on a bench on the edge of the square, Baiju looked eagerly at Xiao Yao, who was on a call in the distance, and felt that his little guardian still seemed to be busy.

He hadn't listened in to Yao Yao's heart recently.
Baiju curled up his toes and hesitated.

To be honest, he wanted to listen... But Baiju always felt it was impolite to listen to people's hearts for no reason; he had heard it a few times now, and although he didn't hear anything important, it was violating enough.
What's more, if Xiao Yao couldn't get past the awkwardness of facing him, then even if he understood the problem after listening to his heart, he would be creating more awkwardness between them.

It seemed to be an endless loop.
The old white dog crossed his legs, elbows on his knees, and sighed with one hand supporting his cheek.

It would be nice if his little ward could make a wish to him.
It would be easier if he made a wish. If he made a wish, Baiju could listen to his heart and grant his little ward his wish. The little ward would be happy, and he would also be happy, and could clear all the obstacles in one fell swoop.

At the other end, Xiao Yao hung up the phone. He received a few messages from Qu Lang, the captain of the secret service team, and put the phone back in his pocket.
When he raised his head and looked in the direction of Baiju, Xiao Yao couldn't help but pause.

The old white dog was staring at him again.

Xiao Yao felt a little guilty.
Knowing his own thoughts, he was a little embarrassed to face the simple and direct gaze of the old white dog.

At the moment, however, it was still necessary to solve the current problem.
Xiao Yao steadied himself and walked to Baiju's side, "Bai'ge, the special service team said they will come in about half an hour."

Baiju nodded, and moved his butt to the side to make room for Xiao Yao to sit, "Are we waiting now?"

Xiao Yao sat down, leaned back on the chair, and relaxed a little, "Yeah... wait until the special service team comes. We're now the only witnesses on the scene. The memories of everyone else have been tampered with and have lost their reference value. It stands to reason that in this situation, both of us will be suspects. Tampering with memories is an inherently subjectively restrictive method, and unauthorized use is illegal. Especially you, as a demon king, and also a demon king who hasn't passed his probationary period..."

After a pause, Xiao Yao said helplessly, "And as your guardian, I cooperated with you, and caused myself a certain degree of indulgence and suspicion in shielding myself. I may be punished, but acting on the premise of saving people, the on-site losses were obviously minimised, so there should be no major problems this time."

Baiju felt a little lost.
He knew that going down the mountain he would be investigated, but he didn't know that human beings were so vigilant that even Xiao Yao, the head of the Demon Administration Bureau, wasn't fully trusted by this system.

The old white dog complained to his little ward, "If I didn't do it...you would have been injured. Even if everyone else was saved, the mall owners would suffer some losses from the broken billboard. This is unfair."
Also, it would have taken more time to quell the crowds. In the end, if he hadn’t put in the work to conceal and tamper with some people’s memories...whoever was working behind the scenes to control the situation may have taken care of removing the girls as witnesses.

Xiao Yao smiled slightly when he heard the dog, and suddenly reached out and rubbed Baiju's hair boldly, "We don’t need to fear whoever is working in the shadows, no matter how bad they are, they still can’t beat you."

Baiju was stunned by the touch on his head. He turned his head slightly to look at Xiao Yao's smiling eyes, and said blankly, "...Ah, that's true."
Very good, his little ward really depended on him and trusted him quite a bit. How can his little ward be so cute?

The super-behaved old white dog with his head full of his little brother wasn’t confident in many aspects, but he was relatively confident in his fighting strength. Even disregarding his combat effectiveness as a demon king, he also had the power of a mountain god at his disposal, and even if he laid down his godhood, a single one of his merits was enough for him to survive a few lives.

Xiao Yao didn’t know that his old white dog was such a bully. He had been running around all day, and he was already relatively tired. This time, despite the unexpected events and resulting anxiety, sitting down now, with the shining sun slanting west, he felt a little sleepy.

But he still had to wait for special services to come over.
Reluctantly trying to maintain energy, Xiao Yao introduced Baiju in advance, "Bai’ge, the captain of the special service team will come in person... his name is Qu Lang, just call him Captain Qu. I grew up with Qu Lang, and we don’t have a bad relationship now; you don’t have to be too alert, he’s just doing his job, and you can beat him after the business is done.”

Baiju laughed, "It looks like you have done this kind of thing before."

Xiao Yao lazily tugged at the corners of his mouth, "You'll know when you meet him, this person owes me a beating."

Baiju thought for a while, and felt that it was probably not that Qu Lang owed him a beating, but that the relationship between his little ward and Qu Lang was indeed very good.
In fact, they were in the same position. Since they had a good relationship, they wouldn't live at each other's throats. If their relationship wasn't good, they would definitely see blood, and if they had fought once or twice, either one would die or both would die, when would they have time to owe each other beatings?

Just as he was about to discuss something else with Xiao Yao, Baiju turned his head and saw that Xiao Yao was already closing his eyes, so he paused the subject, raised his hand, took off Xiao Yao's glasses, and said, "If you are tired, take a break."

Xiao Yao had been stripped of his glasses by Baiju more than ten times in this month, and had even been blocked from wearing them two or three times. He didn't resist, just blinked to adjust his eyes and followed Baiju's hands. He raised his head and his gaze fell on Baiju's face, feeling that their distance was a bit close.

Close enough to see the orange sunlight catching on his long eyelashes.

Obviously Baiju didn’t know how attractive he looked when gently looking down on someone. He hooked Xiao Yao’s glasses to his own collar, then stretched out his hand to pull Xiao Yao’s head down and rested it on his shoulder, “Close your eyes, I'll call you when they get here."

Xiao Yao closed his eyes, turned his face, and secretly took a deep breath when he touched Baiju's shoulder.
Baiju still smelled of preserved egg and lean meat porridge. Xiao Yao, who had a sensitive nose, closed his eyes and joked, "Why do I think you ate porridge today? I can smell it."

Baiju was taken aback for a moment, and suddenly remembered the pot of porridge he had heated up in the kitchen. He thought it was a good opportunity to claim credit, "I tried to cook myself. We can have it together when you go back."

Xiao Yao, "..."
He didn't expect that a casual question would lead to such a sweet bomb.

But the old white dog was still trying his best to take credit, "I found some recipes on the Internet, other things are too difficult, but cooking porridge is simple... it's definitely not as tasty as your cooking, but it’s not too unpalatable. Having porridge will nourish your stomach, and isn't too heavy to have when you come back at night... I’ll learn more when I get more acquainted with the kitchen in the future. It’s too tiring for you to cook for me if you are busy with so many things."

Xiao Yao felt that Baiju's porridge cooking skills were too strong, and his babbled words made his heart move for a pot of porridge. It was warm and sweet, steamy and attractive.

Fortunately, the old white dog had no ulterior motives.
Xiao Yao grabbed the hem of Baiju's clothes, relaxed himself against his shoulder, and whispered, "Okay... when we go back, let's have porridge together. But I'll do the cooking in the future, I eat a lot."

Bullshit, compared with someone who had eaten snakes in the mountains when he was a child, how could he eat more.
He just wanted to cook for this old dog.

Baiju didn't know what Xiao Yao was thinking. When he heard him say this, he just smiled in a good mood, "Yeah, that's fine too, if I learn how to cook, maybe I'll destroy some of your kitchen."
His little ward didn't need to be angry.


Qu Lang drove through the streets during rush hour after getting off work, it took more than 40 minutes to reach the mall, and his temper had reached its peak.

Had it not been for Xiao Yao this time, he wouldn't be able to rest assured after taking so long to arrive at the scene.

Qu Lang found their location according to the information that Xiao Yao sent him. When he was about to walk over, he was shocked by the sight before him.

That cold austere little boss was relaxed, leaning against a person's shoulder and dozing off; while the blindingly white person who was being leaned on patted Xiao Yao's head, his ivory palms covered Xiao Yao's ears then his five fingers interspersed among the black hair of his fringe, inexplicably gentle and considerate.

They seemed to be isolated from the hustle and bustle of the whole world, and could create a bubble of peace, no matter where.

The smile at the corner of Qu Lang's mouth was stiff.
Mother, it's like this… how could his little friend bear it?

Ordinary people would have been beaten before getting that close to Xiao Yao.
This demon king hugged Xiao Yao, was it because he was fluffy?!

Qu Lang didn't think too much, he just watched Baiju for a second when he was caught by Baiju.

Baiju's eyes passed through the small square and accurately captured Qu Lang's gaze. After confirming, he nodded at him. Without speaking, his low voice went straight into Qu Lang's mind, "Are you Captain Qu? Come here."

Qu Lang felt a sudden change in his heart, with a strong feeling that the abilities of this demon king were extraordinary.
He nodded slightly in response, and took a step towards the two of them.

When Baiju and Qu Lang finished communicating, he let go of the hand covering Xiao Yao's ears, gently brushed the hair from the end of his eyes, and whispered to him, "Yao Yao...Yao Yao, wake up, Qu Lang is here."

Hearing Baiju's voice, Xiao Yao subconsciously avoided it, and buried his face in Baiju's neck; it took a while for him to wake up.

Sitting up slightly dazed, Xiao Yao looked at the stiff expression on his childhood friends face about four or five metres ahead of him. He rubbed his indented cheek, and raised his hand to see the time.
He actually fell asleep...he slept for half an hour.

Seeing Xiao Yao wake up, Qu Lang walked up to him and stretched out his hand, and said with a smile that wasn't quite a smile, "Curator Xiao, your life is quite comfortable?" If he wasn't a little wary of being hooked, then if he was sucked up by this male fairy, then it was all on him.

Xiao Yao sensed Qu Lang's vague hostility towards Baiju, and shook hands with him perfunctorily, without answering, "Have you contacted the special services?"

Qu Lang noted his expression, nodded and greeted Baiju, and then said, "The General Administration knows. According to the statement you provided, the three little girls are suspected of being hypnotised, and they've sent someone to watch them. It shouldn’t be life-threatening. The cracks on the billboard were also artificially created. You said that there weren't any evil demons on it, and it didn't look like a ghost. This may need to be verified again, at least until we find someone who could've damaged it directly...you can rest assured in this regard.  My assessment still holds the most weight."

After a pause, Qu Lang's gaze shifted to Baiju's face, and his tone became a little serious, "The biggest problem now is the White King.

"The General Administration can almost infer how this matter was resolved. The White King is meritorious, this is undeniable; all that's left is the threat of the White King, the General Administration's suggestion is to reassess him."

Xiao Yao listened and took his glasses back from Baiju's collar. Seeing that Qu Lang didn't mean to continue speaking, he knew that he was only here to pass on the General Administration's words, "Okay, then the business is over. Tell me, what's the best way to solve this?"

Qu Lang looked at his childhood friend, then looked at the honest Baiju and grinned with a big smile, "Well, I think it's easy. The White King was eager to save people, and he accidentally overdrew his power. From now, he can no longer maintain his human form. When I came to see you, the White King had already fainted in your arms."

Xiao Yao, "......"
As expected, it would be better to take the beating.

Doggo time~

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