46 - I'm a father of two (7)
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46 - I'm a father of two (7)

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On the chair outside the operating room, Lu Shenxing looked gloomy. The owner of the car had been found. He was an employee he had fired some time ago.

When he found him, he didn't escape or make trouble. He didn't even fight back. It was like he had been prepared and was waiting to be arrested.

If you're going to step on me to get ahead, don't leave me a way to survive. This was what the person said when he met Lu Shenxing.

Lu Shenxing still had blood on his hands and a splitting headache. The fourth task was different from the first three. The plot was based on a true story. The fate of several people was marked in red and he couldn't change them.

Shi Changle, Huang Kuo, Shi Yiwei, any of them could be sent out of this world at any moment if he pushed them too far. He had too many concerns and had to be restrained.

The strong smell of perfume and sound of high heels flew into the damp and silent corridor. Shi Yiwei rushed over when she heard the news. Her first sentence was not to ask about Shi Changan who was lying on the operating table inside. Instead, she scolded Lu Shenxing for being angry with Shi Changle.

"Fuck." Lu Shenxing rubbed his face severely.

"What are you saying?" Shi Yiwei shuddered in disbelief and shouted in a sharp voice, "Do you talk to your eldest sister like this? Ah!"

Lu Shenxing raised his head and looked at Shi Yiwei witheringly.

Shi Yiwei was horrified by his expression and her voice weakened, trembling a little, "You...don't look at me like that, Changan wasn't the one who hit him."

Her younger brother paid attention to Changan to a fault. When did he start...

"This is a hospital, and there are other patients receiving treatment, please keep quiet." The nurse came to remind them.

Shi Yiwei grabbed the strap of her leather bag angrily, and was forced to lower her voice, "You scared Changle, he was crying by my side. I'll go back to coax him now, and then you will come and pick him up."

"I don't plan on picking him up." Lu Shenxing said indifferently.

Shi Yiwei's high-heeled shoes crooked to one side, almost twisting her ankle, her eyes widened in disbelief, she was mad, they both were.

The lights in the operating room were on constantly. Lu Shenxing reached for his cigarette case and stuck one in his mouth, biting down on the cigarette butt.

While he was thinking about it he realised, since becoming involved in the mission worlds, the number of times he'd been to a hospital was really high. In the past, he was someone who could count the number of colds he'd had with just one finger.

The same nurse returned again, with Trainee Nurse ### hanging on her chest. She said with a serious face, "Sir, smoking is prohibited in the hospital."

Lu Shenxing motioned to her to look at the unlit cigarette butt, and the little nurse turned around awkwardly.

The elevator in the corridor opened and closed, and several operating rooms opened one after the other. Those who were lucky to have escaped, shed tears of joy, and those who were unlucky, with their lives still on the cold operating table, had friends and family huddled together crying quietly.

Affected by the conflicting atmospheres, Lu Shenxing couldn't sit still. His heart was muddled and he stood up and walked around.

Some things he could be indifferent to, and not look to closely, but he wasn't completely self-absorbed.

After an unknown period of time, the door of the operating room was pushed open from the inside and Lu Shenxing heard the doctor say that the operation was a success. He'd been stretched the extreme and when his nerves finally loosened, the rebounding force made him tired.

The next day, the Shi family came over one after another, and said some pleasantries to comfort Lu Shenxing.

"A'ze, that Changan kid is very lucky."

"Yeah, isn't there a saying that if you don't die, you will have a good luck? Changan will definitely have a smooth sailing life after this."

"Have you found out who it was? Those who dare to drive and hit people are unforgivable."

"Changan is really a sensible child. At the time, he even thought of pushing Changle away. Even adults wouldn't do it. A'ze taught him well."

"Jiu, this is soup my mother made for you." Liu Daliang carefully handed over a thermos. The appearance of his uncle after the accident with Changan scared him.

"Go to my house and ask Uncle Zhang to pack up Changan's daily necessities and a change of clothes for me." Lu Shenxing put a switched off mobile phone on the table, "Buy a universal charger."

"Sure, I'll go now." Liu Daliang was honest for once.

Lu Shenxing worked and rested in the ward. The system didn't appear, so he assumed that there were no problems.

An assistant reported on his itinerary, "Chairman, a Miss Zhou came to find you."

"Let Manager Wang go to those dinners." Lu Shenxing flipped through the documents and signed, a Miss Zhou? It should be Zhou Qianqian, he frowned, "Push her away."

"Yes." The assistant hesitated, "Chairman, Young Master Changle..."

"What? Do you want to participate in my family's affairs?" Lu Shenxing said coldly, "My assistant is so capable, I should give you a promotion and a salary increase."

The assistant broke out in a cold sweat and he swallowed, "Chairman, I'll leave if there is nothing else."

Lu Shenxing dropped his pen, and ran his fingers through his hair irritably. He looked at Shi Changan, who was unconscious on the bed. The accident had unexpectedly increased his task progress by twenty percent.

When Shi Changan woke up at night, Lu Shenxing called the doctor in and waited for the results of the examination.

"The most dangerous period has passed." The doctor told Lu Shenxing about the precautions and asked the nurse to continue monitoring him for a few more days.

The doctors and nurses left and Lu Shenxing glared at Shi Changan with red bloodshot eyes. Shi Changan was wearing an oxygen mask on his face and various medical tubes were inserted into his body. His expression was not of pain, but peace.

"Would you like to see how your bald head looks?" Lu Shenxing twitched his lips and glanced at the gauze wrapped around his head and face. "It's ugly."

Shi Changan blinked, dad, my hair will grow again.

"When you leave the hospital, we will have a good chat."

He hadn't had a good night's sleep these days, and Lu Shenxing, who had long been tired, fell asleep quickly.

Shi Changan struggled to see the person sleeping on the bed next to him, not giving up until he couldn't hold on any longer.

After confirming that Shi Changan's injury was stable, Lu Shenxing turned on Shi Changan's mobile phone, which was full of missed calls and messages from Huang Kuo. He dialed back and explained Shi Changan's situation.

Huang Kuo ran to the hospital that afternoon. He looked at the bald Shi Changan and slapped his lips inconceivably, "Are you stupid? Why do you look like you're in a good mood?"

"It's not too bad." Shi Changan said, "Change to the channel."

Huang Kuo pressed the remote control and found the station Shi Changan wanted to watch. The cold atmosphere in the ward suddenly became cheerful.

"Changan, I heard people at school say that you pushed Changle away at that time?" Huang Kuo hummed strangely, "Could it be that you are a cat and have nine lives?"

Ignoring his sarcasm, Shi Changan said lightly, "I don't like to owe people."

Huang Kuo didn't understand what he meant, but he could tell he was different from before.

"Changle hasn't been at school either." Huang Kuo shook his shoulders and smiled, "Lao Ban's mouth is going to be cover in ulcers."

Shi Changan suddenly asked, "How is A'yi's health?"

"Still the same. When she hits me, she can't use too much energy or afterwards, she'll have to lie down for a few days." Huang Kuo said lightly, but his eyes were heavier than his age.

Shi Changan noticed something, "You don't plan to go to school anymore?"

"I'm not studying material at all." Huang Kuo's face showed his ambition, revealing his two small tiger teeth. "After graduation, I want to go with my uncle. By the time you're all grown up, I can give you face."

Shi Changan frowned and wanted to keep talking to Huang Kuo but his breathing was much weaker and he was exhausted.

"You take a good rest, I'll see you later." Huang Kuo took out two red dates from his pocket. "There is a pile of fruit stalls at the gate of the hospital. An aunty gave me a handful of dates. These are leftovers. They are very sweet. Remember to eat, I'm leaving."

A handful? Shi Changan pursed his lips, do you think you are that aunty's son?  Obviously, they only gave you two, is it necessary to give them face.

Huang Kuo met Lu Shenxing in the elevator. He smiled and said hello, "Hello Uncle Shi."

"Thank you for coming to visit Changan." Lu Shenxing carried some fruit, thinking about the family situation of the child in front of him, he handed him one of the bags, "Take it back and eat it."

The scent of durian pierced into his nose, Huang Kuo blushed and blurted out, "Then I'm welcome." After that, he blushed even harder and ran away.

Lu Shenxing recalled the original plot as he walked. Shi Changan cared about Huang Kuo, but he must do everything possible to prevent Shi Changan from interfering with Huang Kuo's destiny, or Shi Changle's destiny.

"Dad." Shi Changan moved his nose, "Did you buy durian?"

"I just ran into Huang Kuo, he didn't want it." Lu Shenxing put a few bags on the table, took out an apple to wash it, then sat on a chair and peeled it.

Shi Changan moved his fingers, "I'll do it."

The fruit knife stabbed a hole in the fruit. Lu Shenxing was taken aback. This was a bit familiar. When he saw Shi Changan take the apple, and a long and even peel roll out along the fruit knife, he suddenly  remembered.

The memory that was too good, sometimes wasn't a good thing, Lu Shenxing held his head and hooked his lips.

"Do you want Dad to stay with you tonight?"

His concealed thoughts were revealed so simply and Shi Changan was caught off guard. He took a deep breath that was difficult to detect, "Dad would you like to?"

Lu Shenxing stretched out his hand to support the bed and leaned in to kiss him on the forehead.

Shi Changan was distracted all afternoon. He lay on the bed and spoke to himself, "Dad, I like you, do you like me?", "Dad, what do you think of me?", "Dad, I want to tell you, I..."

"How are you feeling today?" A soft voice suddenly sounded outside the door, and Shi Changan stopped abruptly.

Shi Changan's unsteady breathing and hot cheeks scared the nurse who was routinely checking his body temperature and heartbeat.

In the lobby on the first floor of the hospital, Shi Changle walked slowly. There was blood on his face that day. He was so frightened that he didn't dare to go home and ran to his aunt's house.

After calming down, he wanted to go home, thinking about what he would say while he waited for Dad to pick him up. He had already prepared a set of excuses, but his dad didn't come.

Liu Daliang didn't like Shi Changle, and Shi Changle didn't want to live with Liu Daliang. He could only grit his teeth and sneak home. He was relieved and disappointed when Dad wasn't there.

After procrastinating day after day, Shi Changle found out about his brother from the butler and came to the hospital.

"Hey, kid watch where you're going!"

The forty or fifty-year-old woman guarded another woman with a big belly and said to Shi Changle, "You almost ran into my daughter-in-law just now."

Shi Changle glanced at them and continued to walk.

"His mother clearly didn't raise him well!" The woman cursed behind his back, leading her daughter-in-law to the gate.

Someone passing by saw this scene, pointed at them. He heard a word and Shi Changle's face changed, he smiled sarcastically, a mother? He didn't want one.

Shi Changan looked at Shi Changle who was standing at the door of the ward. Since childhood, everyone around him reminded him everyday that his life was saved by Changle, and that he owed Changle and wouldn't be able pay him back for the rest of his life.

When the car crashed, Shi Changan was relieved as well as scared.

God had given him a chance of freedom, he didn't want to let it go anymore.

"Come in." Shi Changan broke the deadlock.

Shi Changle walked in uncomfortably, he looked at his pale and shaved brother on the bed, even now that they are standing together, anyone could tell them apart.

The brothers looked at each other, embarrassed, there was nothing to say. The previous harmony was no longer there, it seemed that this was their new relationship.

From the time they left the orphanage, poverty disappeared from their lives. They had food and clothing, a big house to live in, and the love of their father. From then they grew further and further apart.

"Ge, are you okay?"

Shi Changle's eyes drifted from side to side. Before he came, he felt that since he wasn't a doctor he couldn't help much. Now he was here, he saw the same face as him with a weak look. He wanted to say thank you, but he thought since he saved him once when he was a child, and now the other rescued him once, it was even.

Shi Changan raised his eyelids, "Changle, how about we make a bet?"

Shi Changle's tongue licked the inside of his teeth, but before he could get a word out, he heard a shocking sentence, "The one who loses has to leave home."

"Don't dare?" Shi Changan curled his lips slightly, "What are you afraid of? Changle, this is fair."

To be fair, this was what he always wanted. Shi Changan didn't seem to be anxious. He narrowed his eyes to look at his brother, everything seemed to be under his control.

As the time passed, the liquid in the infusion bottle running out, diminishing drop by drop.

Shi Changle took a breath, as confident as ever, "Let's bet!"

As Shi Changan explained the terms, Shi Changle's eyes were filled with unconcealable joy. He looked down on his brother, and feared that the other party would regret it.

"Don't forget your words." The happiness in his heart could not be suppressed and spread to his face. The results he had always wanted to see finally appeared, he and Dad could go back to the way they were.

When he reached the door, Shi Changle stopped and turned his head, he spoke, his tone extremely arrogant, "Ge, you're destined to lose."

Shi Changan had already closed his heavy eyelids. That may not be true.

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