89 - BBQ Party
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89 - BBQ Party

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The Holiday BBQ group on Guihe Island really deserved its name. After making arrangements, everyone was really ready to go barbecue meat and have supper.

"Are they too lax?" Baiju asked Xiao Yao hesitantly, looking at the group of people leading the way.

The Special Service squad were a pack of freaks, being followed by three squalid demons; the dreary Qing Lan was carrying a backpack, the zipper of the backpack was open, and the two yellow godbeasts poked their heads out.

A very strange combination.

"Don't worry, there won't be any problems." Xiao Yao smiled, "Don't listen when they shout over red and white white. In a while, they'll only be drinking plain old orange juice, not even soda."

Baiju was a little curious, "They don't drink soda?"

Xiao Yao then explained to him, “If they're disciplined, they'll definitely not touch alcohol; as for the barbecue, they all have some means to deal with the smell after eating, but if they drink soda, they'll have hiccups."

Baiju looked at the few people in front of him more, admiringly, "They don't seem to be such law-abiding people."

"Rules are for breaking, and discipline is for observing." Xiao Yao put his hands in his pockets, and raised his head to feel the cool sea breeze. "Too many people die every year because they don't observe discipline."

Baiju thought for a while, and was a little puzzled, "The rules are dead, and the disciplines aren't necessarily all correct...what if sometimes the sacrifice is even smaller if you don't comply with it?"

Xiao Yao smiled, "You think so too, sometimes."
"It's enough as long as it's right most of the time."

Not everyone was strong enough, and not everyone was calm and level-headed enough. Regardless of discipline or rules, they could only restrain the breadth of “possibility”.

Although a little cruel, the old white dog felt it was quite reasonable.
He used to lead his younger brothers and soldiers, but he didn’t actually have many rules or regulations. After all, he didn’t have too much to say about such things, it would be a torture for him to have to list one, two, three and four. Simply setting a few rules to avoid death was his limit——for example, for his rule "don't hurt people at will", he didn't set the standard of judgment no matter how arbitrary it was.

There was only one big rule for him with his little brothers: his word was final, what he said was what he said.
This simplification was similar to the style of a general. The first principle was obedience.

Baiju stroked his chin, feeling that his old methods still seemed to be okay to use now, but it was likely that he needed to improve on it slightly.
He used to have no military adviser by his side, but now he had an almighty little boyfriend. Xiao Yao's head was much more brilliant than his. Don't mention just a few rules, he could list a whole book of rules.

Thinking of this, Baiju reached out and grabbed Xiao Yao, leaning in and talking about his thoughts.

Xiao Yao was a little surprised, and then said, "Yes, I'll definitely help you if you need it."
He just wanted to let the old white dog take care of things and minimise his own interference, but if Baiju needed his help it was another matter.

The old white dog happily pecked his mouth, and happily pulled Xiao Yao a step forward, ready to follow the group of people in front to have a barbecue.

Baiju's arm was still on Xiao Yao's shoulder, and was strong and warm.
Licking his lips, Xiao Yao secretly thought that the old white dog would be much more delicious than barbecue.

Such a big sweetie.
Xiao Yao thought about the original form of the old white dog, and was happy. His big white sweetness, soft hair and warm eyes. He obviously had a super fierce physique, but when he really touched it, it was like a piece of white chocolate. It looked cold and hard, but in fact, the body temperature of his palm was enough to melt it.

Then it became sticky and sweet.

The more he thought about it, the more cute it became.
Xiao Yao pulled the old white dog down a bit and signaled him to fall a few steps behind. Then, in Baiju's surprised eyes, he took him in a different direction and walked into the small woods on the side of the road.

Xiao Yao leaned on the tree trunk and lifted his chin, "Kiss again?"

Baiju was taken aback, looking down at Xiao Yao, the shadows on his shoulders and arms fell over him, confining him in a small space.
Without a teacher, he raised his hand to support the tree trunk and Baiju lowered his head and kissed Xiao Yao's lips softly.

The moonlight pierced through the gaps in the forest and outlined Baiju’s bent shoulder blades, the beautiful lines made people fascinated.
A slender hand reached in from Baiju's side, groping upward, fingertips buckling on the raised line of his shoulder blade, and with a slight force, pulling shadowed folds in the soft cloth.

Very sweet. I want to kiss more.

Naturally, Qu Lang and others were still trained, with keen senses. When Baiju and Xiao Yao left the team and the sound of their footsteps disappeared, Qu Lang glanced back, just soon enough to see the end of Baiju’s hair, lightly floating behind the tree trunk.

Oh ho.
Qu Lang raised his eyebrows and retracted his gaze, thinking that Xiao’ge and the White King were very good at playing, how could they kiss each other endlessly all day long.

The Special Service squad were all savvy people. The seven humans at the scene saw them, paused for a second, and then continued to go forward in a tacit manner. All ridiculing the two big guys behind them.
There was only the one socially unaware one not in the know, Qing Lan.

Qing Lan also discovered the two big guys were gone.
He opened his mouth to remind the team in front of him, but he couldn't talk well and couldn't find his words in his mouth. After thinking for a long time, he squatted and said, “Captain, Captain Qu, the White King and Curator Xiao have been left behind.
"Should, should we go back and find them?"

Qu Lang, "..."
Qu Lang glanced at the pure flying corpse, and coaxed, "It's okay, don't look for them, they’ll follow us up later."

Qing Lan twisted his eyebrows impenetrably, and hesitated.
What should I do? I'm so worried. Will the White King really eat Curator Xiao? After all, Curator Xiao looked really delicious, and the White King was always talking to him.

Qu Lang couldn't see what this guy was worried about, but seeing that he was hesitating and speechless, he simply let Lei Wo drag him onward.

The dead flying corpse was dragged one step at a time, worried. A corpse who suffered countless sorrows that others didn't understand.


Qu Lang didn't miss the moves of the two bigwigs.
The two of them had been going at each other for a while leaning on the tree trunk, so they wandered down the mountain and arrived at their destination ten minutes late. It happened that Captain Qu had just cooked a batch of meat, and in a flash, they passed the hands of Curator Xiao and entered the old dog's belly.

Captain Qu changed from Overlord Qu to BBQ Worker Qu.

Xiao Yao pulled Baiju and sat down on an empty chair. Two large cups were placed in front of them. The sniper Li Qiuhan held a bamboo stick in her mouth and smiled and said, "Hey, drink. "

Baiju looked down, "...ice tea?"

"Drink it to regain your energy," A'Heng next to him pushed up his glasses. He didn't feel that this had lowered the height of the barbecue spirit. "Would you like to add some lemon juice?"
A'Heng took the yellow lemon in his hand and cut a small segment. It was clear fresh lemon juice would overflow just by squeezing it with his hand.

Baiju paused and wanted to try it, "A little."

"Okay." A’Heng hesitantly lifted the lemon over the mouth of the cup. With a slight pressure on his palm, a few drops of transparent juice fell down. He didn't add much, just enough to add some flavor, "What about Curator Xiao, do you want some?"

Xiao Yao held his chin and nodded slightly. He added, "Add some for me too, the same as the White King."

A’Heng nodded and squeezed some Xiao Yao, and then reached out to his pants pocket, took out a special army knife, popped out the thin finger-long blade, cut two slices of lemon thin as cicada wings and threw them into the Baiju cup, then two more slices were cut and given to Xiao Yao.

Baiju glanced at A’Heng's knife more, and couldn't help but admire it, "That knife is not bad."

A’Heng pushed up his glasses with his wrist and smiled, "True that, I also go to the battlefield with a flip of a keyboard. What can I do if I don't have my baby by my side."

Baiju nodded, took a sip of the improved version of the iced black tea, and gradually relaxed and chatted with the two teams, especially Ji Yun. After a while, he continued to talk to him about the formation and other principles of cultivation, very enthusiastically.

The group stayed at the barbecue area until midnight. Someone suggested playing cards in the middle so a group went to ask the barbecue shop owner for decks of cards and they happily played.

Baiju also wanted to participate, but unfortunately he, the emperor of luck, didn’t draw a bad card even once, and even had two of the best cards in his hand and won the victory immediately. He was dizzy after playing, and the game experience was extremely poor.
So he abdicated and let the victory go to Xiao Yao.

Baiju was sitting on the plastic chair at the barbecue booth, with two long legs bent on the bar under the chair, he felt that he was drinking too much. Obviously what he drank was only tea, so why did he feel so drunk and a little intoxicated.

Turning his head to look at Xiao Yao's calm profile while he played cards, Baiju put his chin in one hand, and his gaze gradually stayed on the small mole on Xiao Yao's cheek and near his jaw.
It was the tiny inch of skin he had licked.

Baiju moved closer and helped his boyfriend cheat honestly, "Pick the one on the left."

Upon hearing this, Xiao Yao immediately gave up the card in his hand and drew another card as Baiju said. When he got it, Xiao Yao emptied his hands and became the first player to win.

"White King, you cheated! I won't take such peeping!" Ji Yun, who was forced to discard a ghost card, let out a cry, "Punish him with wine!"

With a smile, Baiju knocked his chin on Xiao Yao's shoulder, took the ‘punishment liqueur’ barley tea and drank it in one sip, then said slowly, "I didn't look at your cards."

Ji Yun, "Then you must have remembered it!"

Baiju, "No, I just thought about which one I would choose."

Ji Yun, "..."
The emperor of luck is really amazing! So annoying!

The emperor of luck was amazing.
The old white dog didn’t know much about these kinds of board and card games. Seeing this group of people playing Ghost Cards to Fight the Landlord, he only understood the vague rules. So he played into his luck, "Not that one... it's the third one.”

Xiao Yao, who had the white old dog to cheat for him, made a lot of money.
In the end, when Vice Captain Ling almost lost his pants, the group had enjoyed themselves enough and all went back to find a place to stay.

The old white dog and Xiao Yao were naturally no exception, but after arranging the two big demons and two yellow godbeasts in another villa, the two of them could be regarded as returning home.

The test run would be on Sunday...they were slightly looking forward to it.

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