67 - I'm a stand in for myself (15)
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67 - I'm a stand in for myself (15)

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Most scum gong victims were abused and fucked, and then abused again. Finally, they sprinkled on some dog blood and broke into repentance and seeking absolution. The exception was Lu Shenxing who was just visiting.

In life, the most unbearable thing was to watch the people around you leave. He was powerless, and Chi Yu was used to being in control. He rejected his own frustration and took Lu Shenxing abroad for treatment, and returned home alone.

Lu Shenxing watched the task progress every day while he was abroad. He understood people like Chi Yu. The more he cared about something, the more he avoided it. He didn't want to admit that he had special feelings towards someone.

While Lu Shenxing was waiting to die, he saw himself again.

There was clear concern and worry in the eyes of the young man, "Zeng Ye, are you very sick?"

"Not serious," Lu Shenxing said weakly, "I'm dying."

The young man's face was stern, he didn't relax at all from the joke. He put his backpack aside, bent down and looked at the man in the wheelchair, "You're really ugly now."

"You don't think so in your heart." Lu Shenxing said.

"Bullshit!" The young man blurted out,  expressing his embarrassment from being exposed.

"It's fine, don't be shy." Lu Shenxing half-closed his eyes, he knew that he was also a bit tsundere.

"Are you sure you're dying, you seem too happy?" The young man exhaled and looked deeply at the person in front of him, "Chi Yu isn't here, aren't you disappointed? Tears are streaming in your heart, right."

Lu Shenxibg moved his brows, he could only give Chi Yu the final blow after he died. Even the original owner Zeng Ye understood this.

"It's a good time, don't go crazy in the future, at least find a clean man." Lu Shenxing's voice weakened.

"Zeng Ye?"

The young man sighed. He was very familiar with this man, so familiar that he wanted to blend together every moment. Although he was ashamed, he couldn't find a more appropriate description than those words.

Unfortunately, they had just met and it was too late to do anything.

As soon as the task was completed, Lu Shenxing left, he was faster than the time estimated by the hospital. When Chi Yu received the notice, he was conquering his most agreeable young lover. He took a breath and instantly turned pale.

Seeing that he was being ignored, the boy softened his voice, "Yu-ge..."

The phone in Chi Yu's hand fell, and there was a pain in his chest. His eyes were hollow, and without noticing, he was already in tears.

From then on, whenever he had sex with others, he would think of Zeng Ye. Languishing again and again, until gradually, something went wrong and he couldn't be a normal man anymore.

In four hundred years, the Demon Realm had experienced countless battles and possessed a new Demon Venerable. There was a legend from the upper level of the Demon Clan that others dare not circulate. The Demon Venerable came from the human world and descended into a half-devil. The demonic qi destroyed his spirit and he razed the human world.

But the devil wasn't attached to an immortal. He was more obsessed with going to the ghost world every ten years, and he was always furious when he came back. After a few days, he would lock himself up, and wait another ten years, and repeat.

The high-level demon clan, and even the entire demon world, hid this secret. The Demon Lord had many quirks. In the Thousand Demon Hall lived a group of creatures, people, demons, devils, celestial beings, spirits, beasts, whatever they are, regardless of race, they all looked a bit similar.

Black clouds hovered in the sky, enveloping the majestic hall that stood in the west. Even the extremely bright sea of ​​flowers around bloomed in dark colours.

In the backyard of Thousand Demon Temple, the banging of pots and pans could be heard, the fragrance of vegetables wafted in the air. A gray adult subterranean beast curled up at the door, it's two thick long tails on the ground suddenly flicked left and right. When he got up, the originally closed eyelids opened, its pupils were thin and pointed, the colour matched the grey of his fur.

"A'Da, go a little farther, don't let the dirty smell on your body ruin the Sihui meat in the pot."

The passing demons kicked in disgust, Sun Lao didn't know where they'd been picked up, but he had to raise them. If they were found by the boss, they would all be implicated.

The Bo beast got up from the ground, the grey hairs all over his body stood up one by one, as if it had been stimulated. The young man was startled and turned his head and shouted, "Come and see, this guy's not right!"

The demons who were busy inside ignored his fuss. Although the subterranean beast was huge and strong, it wasn't aggressive and had extremely weak magic power. They could rest assured.

The Bo beast, that is, Lu Shenxing stared at the scene in front of him in a staggered manner. Was this the kitchen of the Hengyang Sect? He opened his mouth but could only let out a roar.


It must be an illusion. Lu Shenxing subconsciously wanted to pull his hair, only to see a fat paw pressing on his forehead and dust falling onto his eyelids. He closed his eyes and opened them again. He felt sick.

"222, are you fucking kidding me?"

"Ding, Mr. Lu welcome back, I wish you success."

Then it was gone.

As Lu Shenxing paced back and forth, he thought about many possibilities, such as Ning Que holding onto his corpse, or even if he lost his corpse, Wan Guanqian could lock out Ning Que and let Liuyang guard it.

He didn't think that when he returned he would go directly to the Demon Realm, would become an animal, and would still be inferior.

Lu Shenxing squatted on the ground, his tail swished, he wanted quiet.

This body's memory was just how to mate, how to defeat rivals, take care of females, and raise cubs. It was a complete set of new husband manuals, and it was useless.

Lu Shenxing walked to the lake with his head hanging down. In the water, a winged lion's shadow was reflected, with a single horn on his head and two tails. Looking at the bring side, he was at least a strong beast.

"A'Da, go quickly, it's almost time, the adults are coming back."

Followong that old and powerful voice, Lu Shenxing was slapped vigorously on the back, and he was pushed into the hills thousands of miles away by the force.

Lu Shenxing instinctively stretched out his paws and clutched onto the earth and stabilized his body. The tails that hung behind him flicked a few times together. His movements were coherent and natural manner, and they didn't feel unfamiliar.

The one who'd hit him accidentally saved the original owner and fed him. He was the grandson of the chef. The dishes he cooked were delicious, and many demons liked them.

Lu Shenxing's face was heavy, this was all that was left in the mind of this body, and the fragments weren't 100% reliable.

There was a faint vibration in the ground, and Lu Shenxing turned his head as something the same as himself ran towards him. She was smaller, with two round breast that shook as she ran.

"A'Da, you're finally here."

"Lanlan." Lu Shenxing unconsciously spat out a name.

"A'Da, everyone is waiting for you." Lanlan's tail touched Lu Shenxing's lightly, and she said shyly, "You beat Feng-ge, I'm yours."

The scent secreted by the mature female was strong and sweet, it would make any male enthusiastic, especially when they were about to go into heat. The taste was like water to a tramp walking in the desert.

Lu Shenxing agreed, and when he was done, he wanted silence again.

As he stood among dozens of sub-beasts, listening to the loud and low noises, he thought of the animal world.

The elder beast named Feng had slender limbs, and he smiled contemptuously, "Aren't you going to be a pet for the demons? Did you come here to die?"

This kind of provocation made other Bo beasts excited. Lanlan was with a few of her sisters, with her tail tightly clamped. She liked A'Da, and wanted to give A'Da a lot of cute little boys, but her mother told her that her spouse must be strong enough. Otherwise she would be bullied.

The instincts of the beast were aroused and Lu Shenxing fought against him. He didn't expect that he would one day become a member of the animal world he would mate with the patriarch's daughter and compete against his own kind.

At the same time, red flames filled the Heiyao Ding.

The white-haired man with disheveled hair and ragged clothes was trapped in a cage. There was no trace of blood in his face. The man standing with another cloak figure behind him was handsome. His eyes were cold and his clothes were black as ink.

The meeting between the master and the apprentice was worse than of strangers.

There is no trace of evil between Wan Guanqian's brows. He was burned by the black flames every day, and his soul was about to disperse into the deep water.

If he had calculated it out sooner, he would have wiped him out before his wings were grown.

The piercing pain spread through his body, Wan Guanqian's facial muscles twisted, and sweat rolled down, "You still don't understand."

Ning Que narrowed his eyes to admire his work, his whole body was in a mess. He had just returned from the ghost world and still hadn't found the reincarnation of his Da Shixiong, it had been four hundred years.

When Da Shixiong suddenly left, the Shifu he respected actually destroyed the body, and his only hope was to be taken away from him. He hated his own weakness.

Now he possessed great power, and had become the strongest in the devil world, but Da Shixiong still wasn't there.

Wan Guanqian snorted. The boy in front of him was filled with hatred, bewitched by his delusions, his mind had changed drastically. He was arrogant and obsessed, no longer the carefree child of the past.

How could he escape fate? He didn't know why the soul of Da Shixiong hadn't reincarnated and was no where in heaven or earth.

"Shifu, you still refuse to tell me." Ning Que's eyes were bleeding, hatred and unwillingness almost sent him into the abyss of immortality.

After Lu Shenxing died, Wan Guanqian destroyed the truth from his mind. He himself had forgotten about his Shi Shuzu, which was why Ning Que couldn't find anything after searching his mind countless times.

He'd sealed Ning Que's memory, but he didn't expect Ning Que to grow at such an astonishing speed. He hated him after breaking the seal.

He didn't understand the word love, and in his opinion, it could be easily wiped out. Therefore, after he noticed that Er Shidi was off, he thought about sealing it, but he almost made a big mistake instead, causing him to be wiped out.

After all, it was wrong.

All the disciples of the Hengyang Sect died in Ning Que's hands.

Ning Que's eyelids lifted, and in the next moment he appeared in the mountains, surrounded by the unpleasant smell left by the lower beasts.

Although the man in the black cloak was confused, he lowered his head and remained silent.

The feeling from that moment disappeared, and Ning Que frowned. He saw a dusty adult sub-beast coming out of the grass, staring at him for a moment.

The youth from his memory had shed his youthfulness and childishness, and was now cold, tall, and luxurious. Lu Shenxing sighed. When he didn't appear in Hengyang Sect, but in the Demon Realm, he knew that Ning Que had embarked on the demonic path.

It just wasn't clear why the two tasks hadn't been completed yet. He kept wagging his tail and changed his body, he couldn't recognize him?

Ning Que shook his body, ridiculous, he actually saw something familiar in the eyes of an animal.

"Pull out its eyes."

Lu Shenxing, "..."

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