68 - I'm a stand in for myself (16)
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68 - I'm a stand in for myself (16)

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Faced with the pain of having his eyes dug out, Lu Shenxing didn't flee. He flicked his tail in the air, trying to get around Ning Que by using the unique ability of the Bo Beast.

A ray of black qi burst out of the hands of the man in black standing behind Ning Que.

The wisp of black air was like a blade of iron, Lu Shenxing's eyes burned, and warm liquid flowed down from his eyes. He looked for Ning Que's face in the bloody red haze.

"My lord, do you want one eye or two?"

The voice of the man in black was difficult to distinguish between male or female. Lu Shenxing's heart sank to the bottom, and with anger he endured the severe pain of division.

On the left side of the main hall of Thousand Demon Hall, there were many paintings hung on several walls in the dark room of an attic. The men in the paintings all had the same face, sitting, standing, or leaning, lying on the couch, frowning and smiling. They were very lifelike, as if you could walk out of the painting in the blink of an eye.

It can be seen how much effort the painter put in.

Ning Que stood with his hands folded. Only by being here could he quell his killing intent. It had been four hundred years, Da Shixiong, where have you gone?

A black mist burst out of his eyebrows, instantly blurring all the expression on his face, except for the twisted obsession in those dark and dull eyes.

Ning Que gently stroked the person in the painting, Da Shixiong, I have prepared a place for you, and when I find you, I will take you there, where there is only you and me.

After staying in the dark room for a long time, Ning Que went to the hall, "Bring Immortal Monarch Hao Lian here."

"Yes." There was a reply from outside.

Within a moment, a man in white clothes with a misty temperament came to the hall. He calmly said, "What did you need with me?"

Ning Que waved his hand, and a subterranean beast appeared on the ground, a large swath of blood stained its gray hair, his eyes were bloody, and he lay weakly, dying.

"Your Lord wants it to live."

The man in white was indifferent.

"Xianjun Hao Lian, you are testing the patience of this Lord." Ning Que stood opposite him with a cold expression.

Xianjun Hao Lian looked deeply at the person in front of him, and had a glimpse of the human world in the past. Who would have expected that this was the last catastrophe that the master said he would have to deal with.

A white light was emitted from his hand, and a light curtain gradually formed, enveloping the beast.

The light curtain faded away, and everything was restored.

Lu Shenxing lay on his stomach and didn't move. When Ning Que reached out and touched his head, he raised his paws and patted them away vigorously. His raised eyelids drooped again, as if he felt angry when he looked at him.

Ning Que was startled, and laughed lowly, "His temper is like him."

Xianjun Hao Lian was stunned. It turned out that this person could laugh too. He couldn't help but look at the beast that could make the other person's mood change.

Lu Shenxing thought that an immortal monarch would definitely be able to see that there was something abnormal in the soul of the Bo Beast, but he moved away after only a few glances.

"222, explain to me, why they can't see my existence?"

"Ding, Mr. Lu, it's a coincidence."

"Did you think I would believe that?"

"Ding, maybe."

The style was wrong, Lu Shenxing said affirmatively, "You aren't 222."

"Ding, Mr. Lu, there was a war between 222's family members. He took time off to deal with it. I'm a substitute, 000."

222 had family members? They were at war? How many people were there? Lu Shenxing felt like he was listening to a play. In any case, this 000 seemed to be easier to get along with than 222.

Lu Shenxing suddenly heard Hao Lian mention Liuyang, his tail raised, and he quickly got up from the ground.

Liuyang had become an immortal, so why didn't his task progress? It was like it was frozen.

Lu Shenxing leaned back again. If the mission wasn't completed, that meant Liuyang's love attachment was still there, although he still didn't know what he'd done.

"This Lord has only one Shixiong, I don't know any Liuyang." The curvature of Ning Que's lips became clean.

Xianjun Hao Lian said, "You come from the same sect, and Liuyang is your second senior. This is a fact."

Ning Que's face was cold and warned, "Hao Lian, don't let this Lord cut off your ears."

Hao Lian shuddered, just like the other people in the Thousand Demon Hall, he also had something similar to the rumored person in his body, namely his ears.

"You're obsessed!"

Ning Que’s expression suddenly changed, becoming hideous and terrifying. Shifu said that about him, Er Shixiong said that about him, and Hao Lian said it, why did everyone accuse him?

Hao Lian was injured in the inner palace and fainted.

Just as Lu Shenxing was worried about how to get Ning Que to recognize him, a shocking word came to his ear, "Fatty, take him to the side hall."

The man in the black cloak, who dug his eyes, was that little green worm?

Lu Shenxing couldn't sort out the status quo for a while. The hero of this world wanted to save the common people and was the strongest man in the Three Realms. How could he become Ning Que's servant?

Judging from the calm look of his eyes, he was a bloody, sinister and vicious villain, without the kindness and justice he had in the original plot.

When Ning Que called his name just now, he noticed the change in the man's aura, and he figured that no one would like that name.

Ning Que should also know that he didn't like it.

His chaotic thoughts continued until he reached the side hall. Lu Shenxing flicked his tail, the people here were not curious or jealous of him, they only felt sympathy.

The man in black took Lu Shenxing to his destination and left.

"The one who's going to live with me is a beast?" A young man dressed as a scholar circulated around Lu Shenxing in excitement, "You're so unlucky, let me see where you look like that person."

Lu Shenxing was dizzy. He walked to an empty bed inside, jumped on it, and lay down. He was stimulated too much today, and he needed to relax.

"Hey, were you caught by mistake?" The young man said, "I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Wei Jian, what is your name?"

Lu Shenxing had closed his eyes.

"I forgot that you can't talk, so I'll call you Da Biao." Wei Jian familiarly moved to the upper left corner of the bed. "The last person who slept here was also from your tribe but he could transform, better than you. If you have a high cultivation base, and you practice hard, you'll surely be able to transform yourself."

Lu Shenxing took a nap for a while while Wei Jian was still chattering. He sighed irritably. How did he have so much to say?

Wei Jian touched the back of his head, "Do you think I'm a little annoying?"

More than a bit, Lu Shenxing glanced at him, it was like he hadn't spoken in many years.

"I'm the only human in this courtyard, and I can't talk to the others normally." Wei Jian smiled, and a lonely colour appeared in his eyes. He didn't say that, in fact, he was worried all day that he would become food to those monsters. How could he possibly to sit down and drink tea and chat together.

"Don't you wonder why they pity you?" Wei Jian sighed, and said mysteriously, "You'll know at night."

At night, Lu Shenxing stood at the door, watching the man from the opposite door being taken away with a dead grey face. When he came back, his left sleeve was covered with blood, he dripped all the way back. His left hand was gone.

Lu Shenxing smelled the pungent smell of blood, his eyes fell on a string of blood drops, shocked.

"I saw, his left hand was taken." Wei Jian retracted his head that was poking out and said quietly, "I heard that his left hand was like that person's."

"My mother said that the longer and more beautiful women are, the more evil their hearts are. I didn't take it seriously before." Wei Jian shook his head and said, "Now I firmly believe in it, and I think that principle is also very appropriate for men."

Especially the demon in the main hall.

"Everyone, including me, was fascinated by the appearance of the Demon Venerable." Wei Jian said this, with a suspicious blush on his face, "I thought he fell in love with me and wanted me to be his wife." His expression changed, and he gritted his teeth and said, "I only found out later that there were many people he was after, I'm just one of them, for some reason I've became a substitute for the dead."

After knowing the truth of the matter, most of them were as fearful as him, and some didn't want live or be killed. One after another, self-righteous, they vainly tried to enjoy the impossible gentleness from the demon by their own means.

When the demon was in a bad mood, he would send someone to take them over. Often he just looked at them with his unnerving eyes, or touched then while talking to himself, laughing for a while and getting angry, when the mood was really bad...like just now. Everyone basically went out intact, but there was definitely one thing missing when they came back.

He should sometimes have a good mood, Wei Jian thought, but he had been here for more than two years and he had never seen it once.

"Do you know why I was caught?"

Lu Shenxing flicked his tail and looked at Wei Jian, with thick eyebrows, small eyes, round nose, thick lips, square face...he couldn't see it.

"Back view." Wei Jian exhaled two words in a tragic tone.

Lu Shenxing walked behind him and looked at him. Then he realized that it was impossible for him to know what he looked like from behind.

Every time the demon touched his back, every hair on his body stood up. Wei Jian closed the door, "I'm so afraid that one day I will be peeled when I come back."

Lu Shenxing's stomach was sickened, he couldn't figure out what Ning Que looked like now.

"Do you know how much I want to go back into my mother's stomach and do it again?" Wei Jian said, thirsty, and went to pour tea. When he turned around, he was alone in the room.

The garden was surprisingly spacious. Lu Shenxing saw dozens of faces, of all ages, from the outline, nose, eyes, mouth, ears, smile, to the shape of hands, body shape, and back. All held a semblance of him.

It was time to play jigsaw.

Ning Que's collection has reached an absurd number. Lu Shenxing looked back. He couldn't imagine how much the time he disappeared had affected Ning Que.

The wind was calm for a few days, then someone came to take Lu Shenxing and Wei Jian out of the garden. They went straight to the main hall. Wei Jian was completely miserable like he was going to the execution ground. Lu Shenxing had an vision when he saw it, it seemed that the one he was going to see was really a murderer. The big demon.

They arrived not early or late, and sat in the corner without much attention.

There were obviously dozens of people, but they were too quiet.

The last one to come was a handsome man, dressed in a yellow robe, embroidered with a white wind.

He became the biggest highlight of the evening, saluting proudly under the gaze of everyone's eyes, "My lord."

Lu Shenxing swallowed his saliva. He was probably the only one who wasn't suspicious. Although those people knew that they were someone else's stand-in, no one had seen what the original body looked like.

There was someone who was able to restore his appearance without fail. Lu Shenxing looked at Ning Que. What surprised him was that the other party didn't seem the slightest bit excited  but was overwhelmed with anger.

The black mist on Ning Que swallowed the man in teeth and claws, and the screams made everyone present chill.

The black fog disappeared, and the man was nowhere to be seen. There was a fox on the ground. Ning Que waved his hand and the fox turned into ashes.

Swallowing sounded one after another, and the many races of the Three Realms tensed for combat, ready to desperately struggle to live.

However, Ning Que didn't stay.

Today was Bai Fengqi's birthday, Ning Que had called up everyone and pieced them together to become his Da Shixiong. But the peace brought by the memories was destroyed again.

When he returned to his residence, Lu Shenxing didn't hear Wei Jian's voice. He was in a bad mood. He stood at the door and looked at the night sky thoughtfully.

"At first, I thought that Demon Venerable had a deep love for that person in the rumours." Wei Jian's voice sounded in the dark. "Later, I found out that it was hatred, but I still don't know if he was always his enemy, or if it was because of love."

Lu Shenxing's half-hanging eyelids suddenly opened.

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