01 – My Military Advisor is Blind (1)
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01 – My Military Advisor is Blind (1)

In the 9th year of Changyuan, General Chang Zhou led troops to occupy West Wolf City and block the invasion of their enemy Kuhai, keeping the country and the people safe and secure.

This man, Chang Zhou was very righteous and very popular within the military.

Lu Shenxing had taken possession of his body after his own sudden death.

"Is the General listening?"

The cold voice came from beside him, returning Lu Shenxing from his thoughts. He raised a thick eyebrow, "Yes."

A youth in an azure robe and a black blindfold stood to one side, he was beautiful. He pressed his lips together lightly when he heard the word spoken, and said softly, "If Kuhai didn't have a perfect plan in mind, they would definitely not have attacked at this time. The General need only lead his troops to fight them and find a way to win a stick of incense’s time for his subordinates."

Lu Shenxing stood up and paced back and forth, "There are many ways to force them into retreat, do I have to kill them all?"

As if he knew what the general was thinking, Xin Liang's eye twitched behind the black cloth.

Lu Shenxing narrowed his eyes and asked, "To achieve one’s goals, he should use any means, and even go against his conscience and morals?"

Xin Liang said indifferently, "Exactly."

The other party was obviously blind but Lu Shenxing still had the illusion of being watched. He slapped the table and spoke loudly, "Very well!"

With just a thought, a book titled [The Lord, the Minister Desires] appeared out of thin air in front of him. The title of the book was rather obscure at first glance. It was published by Jinjiang and it recorded the life of Xin Liang.

After being born to the Xin family, he lost his mother when he was young. His father was left desolate and his elder brother blinded him. By chance, he encountered the male protagonist Jing-wang, and became his accomplice, helping Jing-wang win the throne.

The other protagonist in the book is Xin Liang's third brother, Xin Weichen.

Most men think with their dicks, but Jing-wang couldn’t bear to hurt Xin Weichen, so he instead sought out his brother, Xin Liang, who was somewhat similar to him.

When Xin Weichen finally entered the bridal chamber with Jing-wang and they became entangled in the tent, Xin Liang was sent to his death and died in the cold streets, his body devoured by wild dogs.

He was a pawn from beginning to end.

Xin Liang covered for him, but with his strategic mind, he naturally knew that Jing-wang would not leave any loose ends. He could have easily walked away, but he didn't.

What began with a life debt, later grew into an unwilling heart, and in the end it was a single word of love that sent him all the way to hell.

If Chang Zhou was considered a cannon fodder within the book, then Xin Liang was the king of cannon fodders. He even had a longer description in the text than Xin Weichen, showing how deeply the author loved him.

Lu Shenxing swallowed after reading it. It was so miserable, and yet the sadness index was only three stars.

Speaking of which, he himself was truly miserable. He’d been inexplicably dragged into a strange dimension, bound to a system that called himself 222, and then had accidentally selected the Sadness series when choosing a task category.

He had to play a little shit and reverse everyone's fate wherever he appeared.

Lu Shenxing once again looked at the Xin Liang before him. Although he was incapable of fighting the enemy, he was incredibly talented in tactical planning. With a few words he could strip an army of its defenses and his prestige within the military was high.

It was no wonder he was able to quickly stabilize the army morale after the death of Chang Zhou and was favored by Jing-wang.

But now Chang Zhou isn’t dead, the capital will not send a new general, and Xin Liang's fate has changed.

Lu Shenxing felt that the system tasks were full of loopholes. What if the wish of his target is to destroy the earth, obtain world peace, or if they want to live forever, how was he meant to grant this?

There was a burst of battle drums outside, followed by the low sound of horns mixed with the neat and powerful shouts of the soldiers. This was the sign that signaled the beginning of the campaign. Lu Shenxing felt his heart sink, he’d just arrived in this world but he was already about to be sent to the battlefield, why was it so sudden?

Xin Liang's ears twitched, and he asked quietly, "Is the General scared?"

"I'm afraid..." Lu Shenxing rearranged his armour, then he turned back, "fuck it!"

Xin Liang frowned slightly but did not speak again.

After finally putting on the armour, Lu Shenxing was already sweating profusely. He tugged at his long, stubborn hair. "Junshi, come over and comb this General's hair."

Xin Liang was taken aback for a moment, but then he sank back and said, "General, please forgive this subordinate for not being able to follow this order."

"..." Lu Shenxing's mouth twitched. I just asked you to comb my hair, not sleep with you.

Tying his hair up randomly, Lu Shenxing walked in front of Xin Liang, raised his hand and waved it in front of his eyes. As he was wondering about what was written in the book, he heard the sentence "General, are you having fun?"

Lu Shenxing retracted his hand awkwardly. He forgot that although this person couldn’t see, his senses were keener than ordinary people.

"Junshi, your complexion doesn't seem very good."

"General, you’re stepping on this subordinate's foot."


Lu Shenxing took his foot off Xin Liang's shoe attempting to look nonchalant, "Return to the armoury and have them make new shoes for Junshi."

Xin Liang's eyebrows knitted together in thought.

There were more than a dozen soldiers on the towers, beating the drums, and shouting loudly.

Lu Shenxing wore heavy black armour, his face sullen, his dark eyes exuded a sharp and murderous light.

He took a deep breath, stretched out his hand to grasp the long spear, wrapping his fingers around it. Then with his other hand he grabbed the reins and mounted the horse in a smooth motion, and waved, "Move out."

The soldiers ready to go shouted in unison, "Yes!"

Xin Liang made a gesture, and the noise stopped abruptly. He raised his head to the city gate and said, "I wish the General a triumphant return."

Following him, all the soldiers and civilians who were staying in the city for protection all yelled over and over again, "I wish the General a triumphant return!"

With the sun scorching the sky, the air was heavy, and Lu Shenxing's blood boiled, also becoming anxious, as unbeknownst to all between the sounds of horseshoes thundering against the dirt, he heard the voice of the system.

"Ding, Mr. Lu, please make the target laugh within the next minute, 60 seconds counting down."

Make him laugh? Am I a monkey?

Lu Shenxing, who wasn’t very accustomed to the system, tried to negotiate, "Can I refuse?"

"Ding, 58, 57..."

After protesting a little longer, Lu Shenxing pulled the reins back and looked down at Xin Liang condescendingly, ordering in a deep voice, "Junshi, open your mouth and smile let this General see if there is any leek stuck in your teeth?"

The vein on Xin Liang's forehead faintly twitched, "This subordinate never touches leeks."

The countdown was down to 10, Lu Shenxing wanted to spit blood. He quickly turned over and got off his horse, lowered his head, and lowered his voice against Xin Liang's ear.

The breath on the side of his neck was hot and humid and Xin Liang leaned back uncomfortably, his lips remaining closed. From head to toe, his entire posture screamed this subordinate cannot obey.

The countdown had reached 5 and Lu Shenxing was almost about to run away. He directly pulled the corners of Xin Liang's lips into an arc.

The eyes of the soldiers around them were about to fall out of their sockets.

General, are you evil?

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