02 – My Military Advisor is Blind (2)
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02 – My Military Advisor is Blind (2)

Xin Liang's light-colored lips opened slightly and he deadpanned, "General, can you take your hands off this subordinate's face?"

Lu Shenxing immediately took a step back when the system verified that the task was completed. He laughed, mounted his horse and the moment he turned his back, his facial expression morphed into one similar to the pain being kicked in the balls.

"Shouldn’t I have the right to refuse?"

"Ding, why would Mr. Lu have this illusion?"

Lu Shenxing sneered in his heart, "I'm not playing anymore."

"Ding, Mr. Lu, stop making trouble." The system's mechanical voice continued, "Believe in 222, and you will soon know what heaven is."

Lu Shenxing shivered inexplicably, "Forget about heaven, I'm afraid of heights."

The sound of horses drew away, and was gradually blurred into the distance by the flying dust, everyone at the gate of the city was still at a loss.

Some of  the soldiers couldn't control their tongues, "Was the General teasing Junshi?"

Xin Liang moved slowly for a while, then readjusted himself calmly.

The small city of Xilang was the last fortress of Dayang. It was regarded by Kuhai as a juicy piece of fat that must be eaten, and they ran to the door to make a ruckus every now and then.

The dust flying in the sky clogged his mouth and nose as Lu Shenxing rode in front, and everyone who was blown by the hot wind wanted to cry. He saw red in the distance and narrowed his eyes.

As he got closer, Lu Shenxing saw that the red were all people, they were dressed like the Dali Lama, clearly they weren’t afraid of tripping when they really fought.

The two armies faced each other, it was an extremely dark atmosphere, and even the horses were kicking the ground anxiously.

Lu Shenxing let out a sigh of relief, a stick of incense’s time should soon pass. He shouted at the Kuhai General in the centre, "Dare you answer if I call you out?"

Everyone was stunned.

The Kuhai General turned his head and talked with an older man for a while, then he shouted, "Don't dare!"


Since the plan failed, Lu Shenxing shouted, "Who wants to go?"

The soldiers hadn't lost their moment, and his left lieutenant was the first to react. He walked forward with a solemn expression and clasped his fists in a salute, "This admiral wishes to go forward!"

Lu Shenxing glanced at him, "Then go."

He remembered that Chang Zhou’s repeated military exploits were mostly due to the two prodigies beside him, one brush and one blade. The brush was Xin Liang and the blade was his left lieutenant, Kang Shifu.

So at this time victory was assured.

Kang Shifu went forward with his arms drawn on horseback, and the Kuhai sent out a sturdy bald man with a crescent scimitar.

The sound of rapid drums and horns rang out, the horses neighed, and the two rushed towards each other at the same time.

As the big man made difficult kicks and tricks on horseback, the red robed man floated in and out incessantly, and between them only flashes of white and black could be clearly seen.

Lu Shenxing scrunched his lips, the Kuhai people were really too casual.

In the first round, Dayang won.

Lu Shenxing tilted his head in displeasure, why did it end so soon? Can't you lose a little slower?

Kang Shifu's heart sank. The General must have thought that his martial arts was poor, it seems that he would have to train more when he returned.

This battle greatly boosted Lu Shenxing's morale. If the original Chang Zhou were still around, he would have rushed in like a rocket.

But Lu Shenxing stood still.

A few ants passed by slowly carrying food, and the two armies remained at a stand still.

The Kuhai General opposite him winked at the man on his left, and the man immediately laughed and said, "Unexpectedly, the General of Dayang is a tortoise!"

Tong Yi approached from his right and whispered, "General, he called you a tortoise."

Lu Shenxing pointed to his ears and asked gloomily, "What do you think these are?"


Tong Yi returned to his position, sullen.

Lu Shenxing closed his eyes, opened his chapped lips, and began to silently recite the Three-Character Sutra.

After waiting for a while, his right lieutenant was pressured by several other soldiers to ask, "General, your intent is difficult to comprehend, why do we wait with them here?"

"If the enemy doesn't move, I won't move. When the enemy moves..." Lu Shenxing curled his lips, "I’ll move first."

Tong Yi felt enlightened, he sighed, "Junshi is indeed a man of great wisdom."

Utter bullshit, Lu Shenxing's face twitched.

Lu Shenxing's mouth was dry and parched, and his helmet was wet around his temples. He could even feel a droplet of sweat rolling down his back.

He watched on as the opposing Kuhai forces provoked him again and again, waiting for him to send his troops and play a game of chasy. Xin Liang really wanted to accept.

The faces of the generals of Kuhai turned ugly. They’d investigated the temperament of Chang Zhou and had carefully arranged this trap.So long as everything went according to plan, it was absolutely foolproof.

Who would have thought that Chang Zhou would not send in his troops this time.

Compared with Lu Shenxing's calmness, the Kuhai General was becoming more anxious and disturbed.


The reporting Kuhai soldier stumbled under the General's horse, and upon seeing the General's expression he turned around hastily.

Lu Shenxing witnessed the chaos occurring across from him.

Xin Liang knew that the Kuhai General was a filial son, and regarded his elderly mother as his life. He must have been confused when he heard that his nest was under attack.

The smoke and mirrors successfully bewildered the Kuhai soldiers. In order to rush back to save their families and food, they inevitably chose the nearest road, which was also the easiest place to encounter an ambush.

People sent by Xin Liang were there waiting for them, and few Kuhai were able to return back alive.

Lu Shenxing looked up at the sky, really wishing he could be a lazy dog rather than a chaotic general.

Kang Shifu secretly took note of Tong Yi's flattery. Tong Yi turned to ask Lu Shenxing, "General, shall we chase?"

Lu Shenxing kicked the horse in the stomach, turned around and glanced about before saying solemnly, "Go back."

Fortunately, he could ride a horse, otherwise he would have fallen to his death already.

Although everyone was puzzled, they dared not disagree, "Yes!"

Back in the city, Lu Shenxing changed into casual clothes and turned to the entourage next to him while he was drinking tea, "Where is Junshi?"

The entourage replied honestly, "Regarding the General’s query, Junshi is embroidering."

Pfft. Lu Shenxing wiped off the tea from his mouth and walked to Xin Liang's room in a complicated mood. When he saw the scene inside, he was shocked.

"The book doesn't say that Xin Liang can embroider."

"Ding, in keeping with the harmony of Jinjiang, the author has made changes to the book, deleted a lot of beep, and added some new content instead. Mr. Lu was looking at the original version."

Lu Shenxing had a headache, "What is beep?"

"Ding, it's a two-player game, although these days there is no limit to the number of players."

Lu Shenxing wasn’t worried about being teased. The blind man could embroider, he was more concerned that they would add something even stranger later.

"Ding, Mr. Lu please complete a sewing task with the target within five minutes."

Damn it, again. Lu Shenxing lifted the hem of his clothes and tore a hole. Then he grabbed the door frame and stepped in, "Hey Junshi."

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