03 – My Military Advisor is Blind (3)
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03 – My Military Advisor is Blind (3)

The thin silver needle between Xin Liang's thumb and index finger shuttled back and forth across the cloth, making a soft clicking sound.

"Why has the General come?"

"Just this." Lu Shenxing leaned over and glanced at the sewing on the cloth, his eye twitched. "This General accidentally cut his sleeve when he was walking through the garden."

Xin Liang frowned, "Go find Qiniang."

"She can't compare to Junshi." Lu Shenxing moved a stool and sat on it, smiling. "It's still early, Junshi, come on."

After a long time, Xin Liang asked, "What colour."

Lu Shenxing said, "Black."

Xin Liang reached for the sewing basket next to him and drew a thread from the last row, passing it through the small hole of the silver needle accurately. The whole process seemed easy.

"General, hand over your sleeve."

Lu Shenxing stretched his arm over and held the torn part out to him.

Seeing Xin Liang's serious expression and smooth movements, no one would believe that his needlework was crooked and ugly.

Lu Shenxing figured he wouldn’t be able to wear these clothes anymore, but he still had to encourage him.

"Junshi, you sew really well."

Xin Liang's ears were slightly red, but the words in his mouth were mean, "Can the General stay away from this subordinate?"

On the contrary, Lu Shenxing approached a bit closer, looking at Xin Liang from a close distance. The lines of his face were soft, his skin was as white as jade, the corners of his lips were slightly upturned and his lips were soft. The touch in his mouth must be wonderful.

His face was really beautiful, without any blemishes. If the black blindfold on his face was removed, and his eyes could be seen, how amazing would it be.

"Junshi, why aren’t you a woman?"

The silver needle in Xin Liang's hand suddenly stopped. What he loathed the most was others discussing his face, it was humiliating.

"Should your subordinate untie their clothes and show the General whether they are male or female?"

Lu Shenxing coughed, "No need."

Xin Liang released the unfinished sleeve and grabbed the scissors to cut the thread. The implication was simple and crude, he was angry.

Lu Shenxing felt bad and heard a voice in his head, "Ding, the goal was not met and the sewing task has failed. The punishment will begin. Mr. Lu please move your left hand behind your shoulder and touch your right ear within ten seconds."

Fuck, just kill me, Lu Shenxing's face was gloomy, the system is just perverted.

Xin Liang, you hurt me this time, wait for me to return your account.

After taking two deep breaths, Lu Shenxing switched off his brain, gritted his teeth and dislocated his own arm.

With a click, Lu Shenxing's left arm dropped, and his face instantly turned pale.

Xin Liang twitched, then he slowly shouted out the door, "Someone come, send the General to the doctor."

Then came Lu Shenxing's delayed scream, "Ah——"

For the first time, Lu Shenxing discovered what it felt like to dislocate a limb, but he still couldn't show a pained expression in front of his subordinates.

Kang Shifu came to visit after hearing the news. He held his wrist and placed a finger by his nose, checking his pulse and breathing, then settled in to sit by him for a long time.

Tong Yi frowned and asked, "Junshi, what’s going on? Who hurt the General?"

The implication was he was eager to send people out and beat the culprit.

Xin Liang turned to Lu Shenxing, and said lightly, "I also want to know."

The General Lu Shenxing turned a deaf ear to them, changed his posture and continued to rest. He was so angry that he almost suffered internal injuries and might explode at any moment.

Unexpectedly, there was a gunshot, and Tong Yi muttered to himself, "How strange, it is possible that Kuhai agents have entered the city..."

Lu Shenxing roared coldly, "Go away!"

Tong Yi walked away sullenly, taking along Kang Shifu, who was standing woodenly to the side.

The room was quiet.

Xin Liang stood there for a while, then walked slowly to the bed, frowned and asked softly, "General, why do you harm yourself?"

Lu Shenxing suddenly looked up and sneered, "What is it to you!"

Xin Liang was stunned.

They fell into silence again for a while.

Lu Shenxing turned his back on him and Xin Liang stood motionless, seeming to be bothered by something.

A few days later, Xin Liang received a letter from home.

Lu Shenxing's expression soured when he found out. He thought that as long as Chang Zhou didn’t die he would have diverted the original plot, but he didn't expect it would find its way back.

When Xin Liang went back he would encounter robbers on the way, then he would be rescued by Prince Jing, who would pluck his chrysanthemum.

From that moment on his fate would be sealed.

Lu Shenxing didn't say a word. After a sound from the system, what appeared before him was the cold world of Xin Liang, a cloud of grey, hatred, misery, and loneliness, all negative emotions.

His task is to change the tragic fate of all the protagonists in the Sadness series, including Xin Liang, to give them hope and let them understand that the world is full of love.

His task was not considered complete until their gray and dim worlds became full of colour.

But being good to this guy was so fucking painful.

When Lu Shenxing ran out, he saw Xin Liang holding a grey cloth package and a four to five-foot-long bamboo stick. He was already in the carriage.

"You stop!" Lu Shenxing yelled, "This General orders you to come down right now!"

Xin Liang stopped when he heard the words.

Lu Shenxing strode over and grabbed Xin Liang's wrist, pulling him down, his chest rising and falling with his breath, exhaling quickly.

Xin Liang was appointed by the Emperor, this gave him certain privileges. Military orders only held a small sway over him.

The pain in his hand intensified, but Xin Liang's tone was calm and resolute, "This subordinate must go home."

Lu Shenxing looked sour, he couldn’t leave without the Emperor's summon, otherwise he would be able travel with him. Then, even if they encountered Prince Jing, he could still keep Xin Liang's chrysanthemum intact.

"The Xin family has no place for you. What are you going to do when you go back? It's not enough that they have blinded you. Are you waiting for them to cripple you also?"

Xin Liang's expression changed slightly, like a cat whose tail had been stepped on. His tight lips revealed a sense of disgust, "That's this subordinate's family’s business."

Do you think I want to fucking care about you?

Lu Shenxing had pinched Xin Liang's wrist red. He really felt that he was quite pathetic. Why was he trying to prevent others from walking to their deaths?

"Let go." Xin Liang's voice was very soft.

"Shut up!" Lu Shenxing sternly reprimanded. He couldn’t think of a way to persuade Xin Liang, but he couldn’t find any common ground between them. What he didn't know was that his actions would fall into the eyes of outsiders as a declaration of ‘what should I do if you leave?’.

Seeing the General and Junshi pulling here and there, the mouths of those present all opened into O shapes, and they seemed to have learnt something extraordinary.

The author has something to say:
_(:з」∠)_ I have been working on the cover today, and after I finished it, I stared at it for a while and silently liked myself.
Both are currently straight and bend each other.

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