04 – My Military Advisor is Blind (4)
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04 – My Military Advisor is Blind (4)

Xin Liang failed to leave.

Lu Shenxing thought about Kuhai's heavy casualties, they wouldn’t return for some time. He asked a master to arrange a message with the good news and then mention he was going home to visit relatives. If the Emperor was pleased, he may approve it.

Master was in his fifties and had never seen him go home once. All that was waiting for him was a desolate house, maybe a few more tombs, his family was no longer alive, and all that remained was his regret and longing.

If there was news in the next few days, then he would go back with Xin Liang.

Lu Shenxing recalled the plot where Xin Liang would take revenge. He imprisoned his elder brother Xin Yuan, dug out the other's eyes with his own hands and filled the two bloody holes with honey, then placed countless ants.

Xin Yuan went crazy and was beaten to death.

Xin Liang's hatred disappeared with Xin Yuan's death, but after taking revenge he no longer had contact with the Xin family.

But that was five years from now.

It took so long to reconcile a single hatred, how long would it take to make Xin Liang’s world no longer grey? He couldn't wait, there was still a long line waiting for him after this first task.

Lu Shenxing supported his head with one hand as he unconsciously wondered out loud on how to kill Xin Yuan.

Tong Yi, who was reporting the enemy's situation below, looked up surprised and asked in confusion, "General, what did you say? Who are we killing?

Lu Shenxing raised his eyebrows, "Did the General speak?"

Tong Yi nodded, "Yes."

Lu Shenxing narrowed his eyes, "Ah?"

A serious expression appeared on Tong Yi's face immediately, "It is this Lieutenant who misheard."

After leaving, Tong Yi went directly to find Kang Shifu, "Lao Kang, have you noticed that the General has become very strange recently."

Kang Shifu glanced at him, what do you think?

"The General used to get drunk every two days. Now, it has been more than half a month and he hasn't touched a drop. I went to the wine shop and asked." Tong Yi squatted on the ground, his thick lips pressed together, “The General has been saying strange things from time to time, and he always stares at Junshi, his eyes are even more strange."

After saying the last sentence, Tong Yi didn't notice Kang Shifu's expression of approval.

"Hey, I wonder if Junshi has noticed?"

Kang Shifu cast him another look, if even you can see it, who else can't?

Tong Yi rolled his eyes, before his face suddenly turned as if he’d just remembered something.

"The people in the Xin household are really poisonous. Junshi's eyes were blinded by his elder brother Xin Yuan and I hear that he’s still treated like shit..."

Tong Yi swept the room from the corner of his eyes, and when he saw someone standing nearby, he immediately silenced, and tried to strain his ears.

Xin Liang was still in the shadows, it was almost impossible to see his face.

Tong Yi and Kang Shifu watched the thin young man turn around, the bamboo stick in his hand tapping on the ground, slowly.

"Junshi is quite pitiful."

Kang Shifu walked away expressionlessly, leaving Tong Yi alone talking to himself.

Lu Shenxing broke off a piece of the table but still couldn’t think of a way forward. He wandered around the room a few times then called his entourage to ask where Xin Liang was.

Xin Liang was sitting in the courtyard in a daze when he found him.

There was no grass on the ground around him, making the whole scene a little more desolate for no reason.

Lu Shenxing's gaze rested on Xin Liang's disturbed expression, "Junshi, you should go out more, there are many beautiful things in the world."

Xin Liang switched back his usual coldness, his tone was flat, "The General forgets, this subordinate cannot see them."

His indifference made Lu Shenxing's brow furrow. This person's heart was stagnant, and what he wanted most was warmth.

Prince Jing inadvertently provided him with something like love, it didn't matter what form it took, or that he didn't care at all.

And in return Xin Liang gave his life.

Lu Shenxing stretched his waist and said with a smile, "The weather is very good today, Junshi, accompany this General for a walk."

Go for a walk? Xin Liang's face briefly flashed with confusion, but he didn't say anything.

The entourage not far behind them looked up at the sky, and silently twitched his lips. General, are you okay? Since when were dark clouds considered good?

The result of sticking his neck out and talking nonsense was that, just as they arrived in the outskirts of town, it began raining heavily before they even had a chance to look around.

"Junshi, let's go there to avoid the rain."

Lu Shenxing ran a few steps before remembering that Xin Liang couldn't see where he was going. He turned around and saw the other party squatting in the rain with his head hanging down, groping around with both hands on the ground looking for his stick, persistently refusing to give up.

Watching this scene, Lu Shenxing's throat rolled, there were poorer people in the world, and there were more unhappy people, but he touched his heart in a way that he couldn't ignore.

Cursing low, Lu Shenxing ran to pick up the bamboo stick and put it into Xin Liang's hand. The fingers he touched were cold.

Xin Liang grabbed the bamboo stick and stood up, pursing his lips.

"Since you know that you are blind, don't be aggressive." Lu Shenxing held Xin Liang's hand and said angrily when he tried to break free, "You struggle again, and this General will really ignore you."

The wind lashed them with rain, and Xin Liang followed Lu Shenxing cautiously without saying a word.

They stopped in front of a house, Lu Shenxing was drenched and Xin Liang, who was already white, had become even paler after being soaked by the cold rain. He pursed his bloodless lips, as the water on his forehead dripped down his cheeks, his whole body was shivering slightly.

Lu Shenxing squeezed the water from his clothes and wiped his face fiercely, then glanced at the soggy Xin Liang. Why is he so thin?

He said, "Come here, it’s windy on that side, you’ll freeze."

The shivering Xin Liang didn't move, a drop of water dangled twice on his thin chin then fell into the placket of his shirt.

Lu Shenxing walked over impatiently, but he moved too quickly and slipped, falling into Xin Liang.

Under the eaves, the ticking water kept making a clear dripping sound. Lu Shenxing's arms supported him on both sides of Xin Liang, completely caging Xin Liang in his arms. The whole posture was a little ambiguous.

The breath and heartbeat of the two seemed to fall into sync.

They were too close, the tips of their noses almost touched each other, as if they would violently collapse into hugging and kissing each other at any moment.

However, no one closed the distance.

Lu Shenxing's vision was covered by the black blindfold, but there was a very faint smell of medicine in his nose, and he suddenly lost his train of thought.

Xin Liang's wet back was against the cold and wet wall of packed clay, he caught the sound of swallowing in his ear, which was especially prominent in the silence around him. He unconsciously tightened his nerves and his body was extremely stiff.

"General, this subordinate has no habit of cutting sleeves."

"Neither does this General."

Lu Shenxing and Xin Liang breathed a sigh of relief at the same time, that's good.

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