05 – My Military Advisor is Blind (5)
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05 – My Military Advisor is Blind (5)

On July 17th, the sun blazed and West Wolf City stood still in silence as a group of people quietly left the city gate and headed east.

Xin Liang, dressed as a poor scholar, sat in the corner of the carriage. His eyes were downcast, his slender eyelashes casting shallow shadows across his cheekbones, seemingly asleep.

Lu Shenxing walked alongside him like a wandering swordsman. Although in reality he couldn't even swing a long spear.

The two were silent the whole way and they filled their stomachs casually after arriving at the station, each thinking their own thoughts.

Lu Shenxing called to Tong Yi and said, "There is an encampment of thieves at the foot of Wuzhuang Mountain. Be careful."

This was the only path to the capital city, otherwise he wouldn’t have taken this risk.

Waving Tong Yi and the others forward, Lu Shenxing frowned, with his current identity, it would be impossible for him to live in the capital city. He had to hurry up and minimise the amount of time required.

He must strive to complete the task within this trip, end this world and go on to the next one.

"Give me a copy of the details of everyone in the Xin family."

"Ding, Mr. Lu please sing the theme song of the Sadness mission series."

The memory of his last punishment was still fresh and Lu Shenxing felt a phantom pain in his left arm, his face was pale, "As long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful world."

Hearing a strange tone in his ears, Xin Liang turned his head and asked, "General, what are you doing?"

Lu Shenxing answered coolly, "Singing."

Xin Liang showed a weird expression, "Oh."

After a little longer, Xin Liang frowned, "General, it's a bit terrible."

Lu Shenxing grimaced, "Then cover your ears."

Xin Liang really covered his ears. Lu Shenxing's face turned green, didn’t he win the third prize in a singing competition as a child?

As they passed by Wuzhuang Mountain, a group of men rushed down from the slopes with knives, bows and clubs, yelling.

Xin Liang, who was resting, twitched his ears, "General, how many people are there?"

Lu Shenxing raised his eyes, he replied jokingly, "They are jumping around too much, it's hard to count."

Xin Liang's lips were pulled up involuntarily, speechless.

Tong Yi and a few soldiers outside the carriage looked at each other, shocked. Even before robbers, their general was a god.

The leader shouted loudly, "The women can stay, the men will be killed."

A younger brother leaned over, "Boss, it seems that there is no woman."

The eyes of the leader stared straight at the carriage, looking as if they could finally eat meat, "There must be in there!"

Lu Shenxing and Xin Liang in the carriage both fell silent.

Before Tong Yi could charge, there was a low voice in the sky, "Openly doing such deeds in broad daylight, where is the Emperor's law?"

After such a set of opening taunts, the actor appeared.

From the gap between the curtains, Lu Shenxing saw a white-clothed youth floating down from a tree, holding a paper fan, smiling and personable. The book had spent hundreds of words describing how amazing his appearance was.

In a word, beautiful.

Lu Shenxing touched his face, this man he possessed was a little tougher and had more character, or so he comforted himself.

Someone chimed in, "Boss, the young man with the fine skin and tender flesh is the young master of a rich man, why don't we tie him up and take him up the mountain..."

"No! That kid is from the court!"

As soon as the leader's voice fell, several black-clothed men next to the white-clothed youth swiftly rushed forward and drew swords, their figures flashed and disappeared among the robbers.

For a while, the woods were full of the sounds of metal striking metal and screams.

Those men were all first-class masters, and the few robbers were dealt with in an instant, completely without Tong Yi and the others.

Tong Yi recognized the white-clothed boy, frowned first, and then held his fist to salute.

The curtain of the carriage was lifted by the wind, and the sun suddenly came in. Lu Shenxing subconsciously squinted his eyes. Damn, isn’t this just great, we can’t hide now.

The white-clothed youth, Prince Jing, saw who was in the carriage and looked surprised, "General Chang?"

Lu Shenxing jumped out of the carriage and saluted with his fist, then glanced at the still-warm corpses on the ground. Finally he looked at the smiling male lead, "My Lord."

Prince Jing spoke with a smile, "General Chang victoriously defeated Kuhai, everyone in our country admires him."

Lu Shenxing's lips twitched, "With the Lord present, the Sizheng Yamen has never had an unjust case. You are a blessing for Dayang."

Prince Jing shook his paper fan, "I don’t dare, the General's majesty in battle is known all over the land, this Lord just speaks well."

The two stood there and flattered each other. Lu Shenxing was a little overwhelmed by the praise. This man deserved to be the lead actor, even his flattering was so bold.

Everyone around them all looked away and suddenly became deaf.

Xin Liang stepped forward from behind.

"Xin Liang?" Jing-wang stared at Xin Liang's face, a ray of light flashed in his eyes, and his smile became stronger, "Are you Weichen's second brother?"

Lu Shenxing casually stood in front of Xin Liang, blocking Prince Jing's sight.

"Lord, I’m anxious to return to visit my father, so why don't we just stop here..."

He barely spoke two more words before being interrupted.

"Then we are going the same way." Prince Jing snapped the paper fan in his hand shut. "Surely the General wouldn't mind, right?"

I fucking mind.

Lu Shenxing chuckled. He sat back in the carriage again, his expression extremely ugly. He’d delayed the date and still managed to run into him.

Why does he have the illusion that there is someone behind the scenes deliberately plotting against him...

After that, Xin Liang said lightly, "Why doesn’t the General want to travel with Prince Jing?" To put it nicely.

Lu Shenxing's expression instantly narrowed, his lip twitched and he snorted coldly, "Because he is more handsome than the General."

"Really?" Xin Liang asked quietly when he heard the words, "Could it be that the General has pimples on his face, his mouth is crooked, his eyes slanted, and he is extremely ugly?"

Lu Shenxing's face turned dark, "Fuck off! I'm extremely handsome!"

There was a faint smile in Xin Liang's voice, "Is that so."

"..." Lu Shenxing was choked for a while, and finally said in a vicious voice, "Do the blind need not sleep?"

Xin Liang frowned, "General, the weather is dry, it’s bad for the body."

Lu Shenxing made an impatient voice from his nose, "Wouldn’t want to trouble you!"

Xin Liang touched the teapot placed before him, poured a cup, and searched for the figure beside him before handing it in his direction.

Lu Shenxing took the cup and drank the herbal tea. His anger was mostly gone.

"It seems that Prince Jing and your brother, Xin Weichen, have a good relationship." Lu Shenxing pointed out, "Junshi, you know what this General means."

Xin Liang looked a little dazed, he pursed his lips and said, "This subordinate understands."

The system alarm sounded without warning, and Lu Shenxing opened his eyes slightly, the grey world of Xin Liang had a little light.

Lu Shenxing magnified that spot of light excitedly, and there he saw himself.

The author has something to say:
⊙▽⊙Small reminder, the system in this novel is a bit cheap and abnormal, different from the past ones.

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