06 – My Military Advisor is Blind (6)
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06 – My Military Advisor is Blind (6)

As night fell, Lu Shenxing and the others stopped in the Qianye Forest, the swaying fire light printed everyone's tired faces with bright light and dark shadows.

Lu Shenxing fiddled with the fire with a stick, and the smell of meat burst into his nose. In order to not pounce on it, he began to unpack the information given by the system to divert his attention.

A few years later, Emperor Changyuan would die of illness, the Prince succeeded the throne, and the country was changed to Chengtian.

This was predicted by Xin Liang and with his help, Prince Jing won the love of the country.

The prince valued love and righteousness, which was also why he became the Emperor with the shortest reign of Dayang.

Lu Shenxing used the remaining light to watch Prince Jing. Brother, so long as I exist, Xin Liang will not be by your side, and this country is not yours.

"I hear that General Chang is a drunkard. This lord happens to have good wine from far away."

Lu Shenxing's expression suddenly changed when he heard mention of the wine, he was poured a glass.

"General Chang, please."

Hearing the offer, Lu Shenxing looked up to see Prince Jing. When he saw what he was holding, the corner of his eye twitched. He even brought a wine glass when he was on the road, why didn't he just hand over the wine jar?

Whether he was tempted or not, he had to face this trial. Lu Shenxing took the wine glass, closed his eyes and finished it in a mouthful. He didn't taste much at all, "Good wine!"

Seeing that the wine glass was empty, Prince Jing's eyes flashed, and he said in a concerned tone, "General, are you okay?"

Lu Shenxing's stomach felt suddenly uncomfortable and his breath was full of the scent of alcohol. He took a quick breath and laughed, "I’ll be fine."

"I'm so sorry, General Chang, this Lord just forgot to remind you that the strength of this wine is very high." Prince Jing said with a sorry expression on his face, "But General Chang is quite unusual. This Lord can only have a sip at a time. I have never seen anyone dare to be so brazen."

Lu Shenxing had already whipped the corpse of Prince Jing countless times in his heart. He was a vengeful villain, this time he was going to wreck him.

Prince Jing saw that the people around him were silent and the atmosphere had changed. He raised his eyebrows and asked, "General Chang?"

Lu Shenxing tilted his head, the jumping flames blurred his somewhat drunken expression, and he made a sound through his nose, "Hm?"

Prince Jing narrowed his eyes, and smiled, "It's nothing."

As his body grew warmer, Lu Shenxing's eyes gradually writhed with anxiety, and he knew he would become a sorry sight if he didn't leave.

As if sensing his mood, Xin Liang, who was sitting under a tree not far away, struck his bamboo stick and walked over slowly. After greeting Prince Jing first he said, "General, there is something this subordinate is unclear about. I want to ask you a thing or two."

Lu Shenxing got up, it was difficult, "Lord, this General..."

Prince Jing waved his hand indifferently, "Go."

After Lu Shenxing and Xin Liang left, a black-clothed man appeared from the darkness. He said, "My Lord, that subordinate shares some fate with Chang Zhou, and that person and that subordinate are different from each other in their essence. Will this one......" He didn't speak any further, after all, the imperial court’s commander was involved.

Prince Jing didn't seem to care, he held the paper fan in his hand against his chin, hiding his smile, "Is he similar?"

The black-clothed man looked at the backs of the men slowly walking away, and spoke after thinking, "Regarding the Lord’s question, that Xin Liang is somewhat similar to Master Weichen."

"More than a bit."

Prince Jing stared into the thick darkness. He had heard his shifu mention that there was someone beside Chang Zhou who had studied well and was acknowledged by his father. It must be this Xin Liang. If he could be used...

As for Chang Zhou, although he can't see through him, he was sure that that man was not a friend.

The black-clothed man whispered, "Lord, why don't you let us go and deal with Chang Zhou?"

Prince Jing shook his head, "No need."

Whether Chang Zhou was against him or not, after arriving in the capital city and entering the palace, it will become clear. He didn't need to go so far.

After confirming that he was far enough away, Lu Shenxing sat on the ground, and still feeling uncomfortable, simply lay down.

Xin Liang stood by, feeling the wind pass in front of him, bringing a slight chill.

The two standing and lying down didn’t speak, as if they had come to some agreement in advance.

Looking at the night sky that was like a bolt of black cloth, Lu Shenxing rubbed his temples. He forgot that this body was too well adjusted to alcohol, but he would still suffer the psychological effects.

He suddenly had an urge to piss, Lu Shenxing stood up from the ground. He then stopped when he was about to go a little further, realising that the only other person present couldn’t see anything anyway, so he turned on the faucet to let the water out.

There was a sound of water, Xin Liang paused, and then he blushed, both a little embarrassed and helpless.

Lu Shenxing shook himself comfortably a few times, then put the big guy down to adjust the belt of his pants.

"Junshi, what did you not understand?"

After a few moments, Xin Liang's lips opened, and the words he uttered were extremely soft, almost drowned out by the sounds of insects around them.

"The Lord is suspicious of you."

Xin Liang's words were so out of the blue that Lu Shenxing didn't even react immediately. He turned his head abruptly, his eyes sharpening when he looked over.

"Junshi, what do you mean?"

The pressure from above made Xin Liang squeeze the bamboo stick subconsciously, and his lips straightened again.

Lu Shenxing took a step forward, approaching menacingly, and Xin Liang straightened his back.

"I won't ask who you are or why you are attached to Chang Zhou." Xin Liang rubbed his fingers against the bamboo stick. "Knowledge is limited. It is normal for there to be things in this world that are impossible to comprehend, so you can rest assured, I’m not interested in your history."

You really want to pierce the veil. Lu Shenxing didn't expect that one day he would talk to Xin Liang like this openly. The other party was so calm. He raised one side of his mouth and said, "You don’t want to know what happened to Chang Zhuo?"

Xin Liang said coldly, "What does the life and death of others have to do with me?"

Wasn't your reminder just now because you are worried about me? Lu Shenxing raised his eyebrows and glanced at Xin Liang's face with a strange look.

"You are different." As if knowing what Lu Shenxing thought, Xin Liang lowered his head and repeated it gently.

Although this person did many strange things and occasionally made unreasonable requests, he clearly held no malice towards him, and even seemed to intend to help him, he could tell since the beginning.

So you finally know that I am different, Lu Shenxing felt very relieved. He reached out and patted Xin Liang on the shoulder, then laughed softly, "Remember, anyone in this world can harm you, but I will not."

Xin Liang was stunned for a moment. He stepped back like a frightened bird then turned and left. He was in a panic and almost fell down several times.

Standing alone, Lu Shenxing rubbed his chin. Wasn't he sincere enough?

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