07 – My Military Advisor is Blind (7)
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07 – My Military Advisor is Blind (7)

The next day, Lu Shenxing realized that something was wrong. Whenever he spoke, Xin Liang turned around and left making various excuses.

Tong Yi found an opportunity and asked, "General, did you quarrel with Junshi?"

Lu Shenxing wondered, I haven’t, "He didn’t seem to have anything to eat. You take him some cakes."

Tong Yi's eyes rounded instantly when he heard the words, and his confused gaze quickly moved up and down Lu Shenxing before he left.

"Junshi, the General asked me to give you this cake."

When Xin Liang touched the cake, the expression on his face became a little obscure.

Tong Yi scratched his face, was it awkward? Or something like that.

Lu Shenxing didn't talk to Xin Liang the rest of the way. He wanted to crack open his skull and see where he’d offended this person. Could it be that he was wrong to show his goodwill?

Cangyue City was the most prosperous city south of the capital. The water and the sky were the same colour, and living in this city made people feel relaxed and happy.

As they entered an inn, Lu Shenxing was afraid of Prince Jing pulling some trick and so for safety, he decided to stay in the same room with Xin Liang.

Prince Jing waved his paper fan and said with a smile, "The relationship between General Chang and Junshi really makes this Prince envious."

Then die slowly of envy, Lu Shenxing dragged him upstairs before Xin Liang could refuse.

Entering the room, Lu Shenxing stared at the young man in front of him, frowning, "Xin Liang, you are hiding from me."

After that conversation last time, he’d changed the way he called him.

Xin Liang tilted his head, "Not at all."

Lu Shenxing closed the door, his tone was strong, giving Xin Liang no room to refuse, "You must sleep with me tonight."

Xin Liang frowned, "No."

Lu Shenxing had already taken off his cloak. He took the bamboo stick from Xin Liang's hand indicating that there was nothing he could do.

"We’re both men, I really don't understand what you’re afraid of?" Lu Shenxing wiped his face with a damp cloth and sneered, "Do you think I’m going to eat you?"

Xin Liang's brows were still furrowed, and an air of resistance exuded from all over his body.

After taking off his socks and shoes and getting into bed, Lu Shenxing raised his eyebrows, "Until the count to three, if you don't come over, I'll carry you."

Xin Liang's hanging fingers trembled slightly.

Lu Shenxing propped his head up with one hand, and said casually, "Three, two...one and a half..."

The corners of Xin Liang's lips bent and he spit out two words, "So childish."

Lu Shenxing's expression twitched.

With the lights out, the room darkened, and the creak of boats swaying on the Sansi River outside the window faintly mixed with the noise of children.

It was the first time that Lu Shenxing had slept on a bed with a man. He turned left and right uncomfortably and it took a while before he found a suitable sleeping position.

"Do you have any wishes?"

After a long time, Xin Liang's voice could be heard, "No."

Damn it! Who doesn't have one or two wishes, Lu Shenxing put his arm on his head and yawned lazily, "Tell me when you think of one."

Xin Liang slept on the inner side, the temperature behind him made him feel extremely strange, he almost stuck himself to the wall.

"Don't put your leg on me, and also, no snoring, no farting, no..."

Xin Liang pinched his eyebrows, "I'm going out to sleep."

Lu Shenxing turned his head, his tone was domineering, "No!"

After some time, snoring could be heard, and then one leg crossed over him, Xin Liang's body was taut, frozen, and even his breathing became much slower.

"Xin Liang, you have me...you have me..."

The speaker didn't seem to have any meaning behind his words, his sleep seemed peaceful, and the obedient person who was named became completely confused and could no longer sleep.

All night, Xin Liang was stiff like a piece of wood, and Lu Shenxing snored like thunder.

"Did you sleep well last night?"

Xin Liang didn't speak, his entire body radiating his bad mood.

Lu Shenxing put on his shoes and socks, then stood beside Xin Liang who was groping for his clothes and glanced at his pale face, "You should sleep more."

Xin Liang grabbed his bamboo stick, opened the door and left without responding.

Lu Shenxing twisted his brows, "...I thought it was women who were incomprehensible? Why is it so difficult to understand this man?"

He was invited to the top floor as soon as he went out.

Prince Jing, who was already sitting by the window with food and drink, smiled enthusiastically and waved, "General Chang, come and sit."

The beauty smiled, and even the ducks in the river started to flutter.

Lu Shenxing sat down and listened to Prince Jing opposite him while waiting for his meal to be delivered.

"General Chang, this Prince wants to ask you about someone."

Lu Shenxing's eyes sank, he put down his chopsticks and pretended to ask as though he didn’t know, "Oh? I don't know who the Prince is referring to?"

Prince Jing swirled his wine glass, "Your strategist, Xin Liang."

Lu Shenxing looked embarrassed, "I’m afraid that the Prince isn’t aware, but Junshi is a bit temperamental, and does things only according to his own wishes."

"This is easy to handle." Prince Jing seemed to have expected this, and he shouted at the door, "Go, call for Junshi."

Xin Liang listened to him speak, tapping on the bamboo stick, he fell silent after hearing the invitation from Prince Jing.

One man stands at the border of the sky and yellow sand, facing danger at any time, and the other follows the third son, who has a bright future. Most would choose the latter without a thought.

Lu Shenxing was pissed off but when he heard Xin Liang's answer, the corners of his mouth rose uncontrollably.

The curvature of Prince Jing's lips fell.

The atmosphere began to become stalemate.

"It's a pity. But since Junshi doesn't want to, that is all that can be said." Prince Jing picked up the flask and turned out the third wine glass that had been placed next to him. When he placed the glass before Xin Liang, he turned his fingers a bit.

This was a very ordinary action, but it made Lu Shenxing's eyelids twitch, and he saw the plot had begun to roll again.

"Come, Junshi, sit down and eat together."

Xin Liang tilted his head, his eyes were clearly covered by a blindfold but Lu Shenxing was certain he was looking at himself.

"How is it that the crow on that tree has a green mouth?"

When Prince Jing turned to inspect it, he laughed out loud, "That is clearly a crested pigeon."

"It must be this General’s poor eyesight."

In the second when Prince Jing looked away, Lu Shenxing calmly exchanged Xin Liang's wine with Prince Jing’s cup.

Lu Shenxing smiled and said, "Your highness, this General will drink first."

As if this was a signal, the hitherto immobile Xin Liang picked up the wine glass. When he placed it back down, it was bottomed out.

Prince Jing's eyes darkened and the smile on his face was somewhat intriguing, "I didn't expect Junshi could drink so well."

He turned his glass and gulped it down with his head back. "This wine tastes good."

Lu Shenxing sneered in his heart, you’ll be suffering soon.

Halfway through the glass, Prince Jing's cheeks were flushed, and his lower abdomen became hot. He thought it was merely due to the wine being too strong, or because he knew Xin Liang was almost within his grasp.

Lu Shenxing stood up when he saw an opportunity, "Your highness, there are things to deal with on my end, so I’ll leave first."

Prince Jing shook his head, his eyes were cloudy, "Okay."

When he walked to the door, Lu Shenxing said in a low voice in Xin Liang's ear, "You stay here, I’ll go out first. Just remember, don't worry about what you hear later."

Xin Liang stood there and nodded.

The black-clothed man outside saw Lu Shenxing coming out alone. He didn't leave, instead he remained standing against the wall with his arms folded until he heard movement from inside. He seemed to have received instructions to confirm something, then he turned and left.

When Lu Shenxing returned, his ears were filled with moans and groans. He looked at Xin Liang with an indifferent expression, "Go out and wait for me."

Xin Liang looked up abruptly, "He was going to give me this medicine, you changed it."

"If you have something to say do it later, go outside." Lu Shenxing forcibly pushed him out, "Trust me."

When he returned to the room, Lu Shenxing’s face was solemn, Xin Liang was right, Prince Jing had become suspicious of him, and he could no longer be passive.

"Since you love Xin Weichen so much, don't they say that if you love him you should go deep into him? Why do you have to worry about Xin Liang's chrysanthemum?" Lu Shenxing held the person who was now rubbing against him, "Xin Liang must be protected. Sorry, buddy."

Looking at the three pairs of chopsticks on the table, Lu Shenxing's eyes danced. He patted Prince Jing's face, "Your highness, would you prefer four or five?"

"Neither are as good as six. Six is a lucky number. If the Prince doesn't speak, he must agree."

Lu Shenxing smiled and gathered the six chopsticks, "Your highness, let's begin."

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