08 – My Military Advisor is Blind (8)
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08 – My Military Advisor is Blind (8)

Content Warning - Sexual assault, ends about a quarter of the way down.

The cries in his ears were pained yet delighted, and Lu Shenxing's arm was sore, he swapped hands and continued to dig into him.

"Feel good?"

The convulsing man curled up his hands and whined.

Lu Shenxing frowned suddenly, something was wrong, why did he look like he was dying?

"If the hero dies, will it affect my mission?"

"Ding, I don’t know."

What a fucking useless response. Lu Shenxing stood up and looked down at the dying person, hesitating between going out to find someone, or doing it by himself. He hesitated for a while before choosing to do it himself.

When a drop of fluid dripped on Prince Jing, his whole person trembled vigorously, and the expression on his face was a mixture between satisfaction, excitement, and intoxication as he vented the poison.

The medicine was worse than anything he could’ve imagined. The antidote was semen and if it wasn’t obtained in time, they would suffer until death. Lu Shenxing fed all his cum to Prince Jing with the chopsticks.

There was a haze in his eyes, and he didn't dare to think about what it would be like if this was Xin Liang instead. "When you wake up, don't get too excited, you might cry."

Glancing at the popcorn that had exploded, Lu Shenxing put down his sticky chopsticks, dipped his fingers in the blood that Prince Jing had shed, and drew a seal in blood.

He thought about finding a fall guy, but this would not allow Xin Liang, who was present at the time and should’ve been drugged, to be kept out of the matter. The only way was to take the blame himself.

After he’d arranged everything, Lu Shenxing dragged the unconscious Prince Jing aside and strode out.

Xin Liang was still standing in the same spot, his fingers unconsciously leaving deep marks on the bamboo stick. His unusually keen hearing allowed him to hear those screams particularly clearly, and he could even hear the harsh piercing noise of the chopsticks.

Lu Shenxing saw a drop of blood on Xin Liang's lower lip. He was startled, "Why did your lips bleed?"

Xin Liang was at a loss for a moment, then raised his hand and wiped it.

Lu Shenxing looked around and teased Xin Liang, "If it weren't for me, you'd be the one who is lying in there."

There was no perceptible change in his expression but Xin Liang's hands tensed and he spoke lightly, "You enjoyed yourself with him."

"I didn’t, I'm not interested in him, I just..."

Lu Shenxing hooked his lips and said a few words into Xin Liang's ear. He just fired a shot with his right hand and gave the other guy a little seed to save his life.

Xin Liang's face flushed, "You...what..."

Lu Shenxing narrowed his eyes happily, this kid's shy expression was quite funny.

He deliberately teased him, "There are too many fun ways to play, gege will teach you another day."

Xin Liang's neck was red, his frowning eyebrows deepened and his face changed slightly as he thought about something, "I was the last one in there, this should be my..."

Lu Shenxing interrupted him impatiently, "Why are you talking so much, don't speak!"

"We must leave Cangyue City now."

Lu Shenxing pulled Xin Liang, his pace getting faster and faster, "The carriage is too slow, do you want to ride behind me or Tong Yi?"

Xin Liang staggered behind him, "Tong Yi."

Lu Shenxing said, "Okay, then sit with me."

Xin Liang, "..."

Lu Shenxing rode non-stop to the capital. He had to give Prince Jing some time to accept the fact that he had been countered.

He always played with others, this would be the first time he was played by someone, it would be a heavy blow.

"If I die, what is the punishment for mission failure?"

"Ding, it is decided according to the degree of mission completion."

Lu Shenxing immediately went to check on Xin Liang's world. Except for the level of hatred remaining unchanged, everything else had completely transformed.

A few strands of Xin Liang's hair were blown to Lu Shenxing's mouth by the wind, he spat it out. It seems that glamorously riding together on a horse was something that only happened on TV.

Xin Liang, who was sitting in front, couldn't see the scenery flying by, he could only feel Lu Shenxing's arms encircling him. With the ups and downs of the horse, he kept rubbing against him, and the heat where they touched could not be ignored.

“Back there, you were unconscious and didn't see anything. When you woke up, you were lying in a room.” Lu Shenxing's voice caught in the wind, "Remember, no matter who the other party is, always give them this answer."

Before Xin Liang could respond, the horse suddenly raised his forefoot. He was caught off guard and slammed backwards firmly into Lu Shenxing's arms.

The big brother jumped, Lu Shenxing chuckled in his heart, fuck, he’s hard.

He must be pent up, too much in storage, it couldn’t all be unloaded at once. Lu Shenxing worked to convince himself of this again and again in his heart.

At noon, there was a hysterical cry from the top floor, "Ah—"

The black-clothed man clenched the sword in his hand and rushed in. When he finally saw what had happened, he was stunned on the spot.

"Get out!"

Prince Jing was lying on the ground disheveled, his clothes were untidy, and there was a tearing pain and things stuck to his legs reminding him of what had happened not long ago. Who was it?

Prince Jing clenched his fists, his eyes were red, angry, humiliated, and the urge to kill overwhelmed his heart.

When he saw the paper not far away, his pupils shrank.

My Lord, this General discovered that his body was abnormal and shortly after he left alone. He thought that he was poisoned, so he hurried back to inform you that it was actually an aphrodisiac. At that time, we had all succumbed to the drug. After this General had sobered, he learned that he had done something unacceptable to the Prince. When he saw you, he went back to face the saint and plead for his crimes. Don't be afraid of our separation, cherish it.

Prince Jing's hand holding the paper trembled, and he stood up slowly while supporting himself on the table. Such a simple gesture almost made him cry.

He didn't want to remember at all.

Prince Jing picked up his hip flask and placed it in front of him. His eyes widened in disbelief. The wine inside was actually drugged.

Could it be that he, Xin Liang, and Chang Zhou, all together...the ridiculous scene almost made Prince Jing faint. He closed his eyes, "Wuya, speak."

The black-clothed man Wuya's voice came from outside, "This subordinate watched Chang Zhou leave. After hearing the voices inside, they left as the Lord ordered."

He didn't know that the sound was made by his master, it was not a cool or touching sound.

The blue veins on Prince Jing's forehead raised, his face was pale, Wuya didn’t dare to hide, God had forsaken him. "This one will take the blame?"

Prince Jing raised his head and laughed, his facial expression distorted.

He destroyed all the items in the room, his body shook and he spouted a mouthful of blood, squeezing a name from his teeth, Chang Zhou.

At the same time, Lu Shenxing shuddered suddenly. He’d planted the drug in the flask, there shouldn’t be any problem. In the next moment, Lu Shenxing took a breath, he forgot, there were a lot of things left on the chopsticks.

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