09 – My Military Advisor is Blind (9)
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09 – My Military Advisor is Blind (9)

It was sunset when Lu Shenxing and Xin Liang entered the city, they hadn't stopped at all to rest along the way. Both the people and horses were covered in dust and dirt, and they were tired.

Tong Yi wiped his face, "General, shall we send Junshi back."

"Let's go together." Lu Shenxing took the reins and slowly moved forward along East Street, "it’s on the way."

Tong Yi scratched his scalp, "Has the General moved?"

The soldiers behind him shook their heads.

Xin Liang in front of him pursed his lips, "You don't have to take me."

Lu Shenxing curled his lips and smiled, "It’s fine."

Xin House.

Lu Shenxing sat in a chair and looked at the youth who was pulling on Xin Liang. It was the sweetheart of Prince Jing and the other protagonist, Xin Weichen.

A pure and unsullied lotus, of the white variety.

"Er-ge, why didn't you ask someone to send a letter when you went to West Wolf City, we all missed you."

Xin Weichen pouted, those beautiful big eyes rippling like water.

Withdrawing his gaze, Lu Shenxing couldn't help thinking, if Xin Liang's eyes could see the light, would he be like that...

It was a pity he would never find out.

Xin Weichen smiled at Lu Shenxing shyly, "General Chang, thank you for sending my brother back."

He’d grown up cute, and with an annoying personality, Lu Shenxing summarized his character in a few words. He was tired and just raised his chin perfunctorily.

Xin Hongyuan had hurried back home from outside. He first served tea and snacks, then politely greeted the General and introduced Xin Liang's brothers and sisters one by one, finally pointing to a young girl, "General Chang, this is this old man's little girl."

Seeing a beautiful woman, Lu Shenxing's mood instantly improved, and he smiled at Xin Xiaoran.

Xin Xiaoran blushed and looked down at her feet.

This scene fell into Xin Hongyuan's eyes, and he took a sip of his tea, wondering what it could be.

The young ladies of the Xin family were whispering nearby, all discussing Lu Shenxing, and Xin Liang, who was standing next to him, heard every word.

One of them couldn't help but ask Xin Liang, "Er-ge, does General Chang have a companion?"

Xin Liang said blankly, "I don't know."

Lu Shenxing, who could no longer bear the atmosphere, got up and said goodbye. As soon as he left, Xin Hongyuan, who was originally pleasant and welcoming, changed his face immediately and said to Xin Liang, "Follow me to the study."

As soon as he entered, Xin Hongyuan asked Xin Liang, "Why did you come back today?"

Xin Liang's voice was calm, "Some matters delayed me."

"What is more important than the anniversary of your mother's death?" Xin Hongyuan snorted, "I don't know how your mother taught you that you lack even the basic filial piety."

Xin Liang's flat eyebrows frowned slightly, "I didn't see you mentioning her when my mother was alive. She has been dead for almost 20 years. Why do you think of her now?"

Looking at that blindfold, Xin Hongyuan somehow got chills, he slapped the table, "What do you mean by that? Is this how you talk to your father?"

Xin Liang was silent.

"What's between you and Chang Zhou?" Xin Hongyuan scolded with a cold face, "How was that the proper way for him to ride you back on horseback?"

Xin Liang tilted his head, "Father, I am blind."

Xin Hongyuan was speechless.

The atmosphere between father and son froze. When Xin Liang was about to leave the door was pushed open .

Xin Weichen, who ran in, leaned into Xin Hongyuan and stretched out his hand to pull his sleeves, "Father, don't blame er-ge."

Xin Hongyuan touched Xin Weichen's head, his attitude was different from how he was towards Xin Liang, "Chen'er, how many times has Dad told you, don't do things recklessly."

Xin Weichen stuck his tongue out, "I will knock on the door next time."

As he stood with his head down, the corners of Xin Liang's lips curled up in a mocking arc. He had been warned since he was a child that he cannot enter the study without permission, but his brother had always been an exception.

There were too many exceptions just like this, although he was already numb to many of them.

The winding corridor was dark and dim, Xin Liang tapped the bamboo stick and walked in front, and Xin Weichen, who followed him, watched him avoiding the railings. He giggled and said, "Er-ge, the person I admire most is you. Even now, the house is so big, but I’ve never seen you fall once."

Xin Weichen didn't know how panicked and helpless his brother was when he first faced a world without light, and how he fell countless times before he became self-sufficient.

After walking for a while, Xin Weichen asked curiously, "Er-ge, I think General Chang treats you very well, he even personally sent you..."

Xin Liang's tone was cold, "I'm a little tired."

Xin Weichen curled his lips in disappointment, "Oh, then er-ge should rest early."

After turning a corner, Xin Liang walked to his room and opened the door. The room was dark but he no longer feared the darkness, and it made no difference whether there was light or not.

Lu Shenxing found his place based on Chang Zhou's memory. As soon as he stepped in, he ran into a little girl. When the other party saw him, she was taken aback, then she turned her head and shouted into the courtyard, "The General is back!"

Immediately after Lu Shenxing met all the servants in the estate, everyone was very excited.

"The General has won the battle, you are able to come back?"

Lu Shenxing smiled, "Come back and work."

He went in and looked at the Lady of the house on her bed. In the original plot, after the news of Chang Zhou's death was sent to the capital, she passed away.

She waved, "Zhou'er, come here."

Lu Shenxing paused for a while before moving forward. He made a happy expression, "Mother."

Wangshi cried out and stared at Lu Shenxing carefully.

Being watched by those fine-lined eyes, Lu Shenxing had a feeling that this woman had seen through his disguise.

"Zhou'er, do you remember the ballads my mother taught you?" Wangshi closed her eyes and coughed a few times, "Sing it for mother."

"The sky is clear, and the water is clear..."

Lu Shenxing sang line by line, and when he finished singing, he found that Wangshi was asleep.

Lu Shenxing turned around and didn’t notice the person on the bed opening her eyes.

After he had dinner and took a shower, Lu Shenxing lay in bed with his legs akimbo. With Prince Jing’s strength, it would take him at least three to five days to get out of bed, and he might get hemorrhoids.

After about forty-five minutes, Lu Shenxing jumped up from the bed, changed his clothes and went to Huayue Tower.

"Dear guest, it's a coincidence, but Xiao Cui has a master tonight." The Madam shook her kerchief, twisted her waist and smiled, "The other girls in our place..."

Lu Shenxing took out some silver from his sleeve, "Madam, I only want Xiao Cui."

The Madam saw the silver with a smile on her face, but did not reach out her hand. She lowered her voice and said, "Sir, that Xiao Cui is with Master Xin, and will not be swayed by others."

Lu Shenxing raised his eyebrows, "She was bought?"

The Madam shook her head, "Not quite."

Lu Shenxing strode upstairs, "Since she is yet to be sold, it will be easier to handle."

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