100 - Outside (3)
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100 - Outside (3)

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Tan Yi wanted to hold onto the man and not let go, but his subordinate said that the case had a new development.

"Captain Tan?"

It was that young man again, he was Tan Yi's right-hand man, and he wore a strange expression when he met his senior...

How should he put it, he felt like he was a thief.

He was a little confused, was he overthinking things?

Tan Yi's brain worked swiftly and he found a reason to bring Lu Shenxing with him.

Now the whole team was shocked.

"Captain Tan, that person is Prince Lu, if anything happens to him..."

"I’ll be responsible."

Tan Yi's words blocked their questions and concerns abruptly.

Everyone looked at each other weirdly, then they hooked the corners of their lips and with a breezy expression, enjoyed the strange show.


Tan Yi led the team to the deceased's house. He handed over the interrogation work to his subordinates, while Lu Shenxing waited with him outside.

It was neither dark nor light, and in the freezing cold there wasn't even a wild cat.

Lu Shenxing raised his wrist, and the handcuffs under his sleeves shook twice. "Captain Tan, is this how you do things? Just catch innocent citizens?"

Tan Yi was smoking a cigarette, seeming to have encountered something that couldn’t be solved, and said softly, "Mr. Lu, I'm sorry."

Then he stepped on his cigarette butt and said, "You can hire a lawyer."

At least until the lawyer arrives, this person would still be under his nose.

Lu Shenxing snorted, "You don’t have to make things this complicated, really..." His throat slipped, and the sound of him swallowing became clearer in the quiet night, "You’re in love with me."

Tan Yi raised his head. He also felt that he had overreacted, so he said plainly, "I’m not gay."

Lu Shenxing shrugged, "Neither am I."

"You’re fucking with me again!" Tan Yi stretched out his hand and wiped his face, and when he touched this man, he lost his mind, and his proud self-control was fed to the dogs. He didn’t understand it.

Lu Shenxing wasn’t angry either, "There’s a second part to that sentence."

His back slowly bent over a little, so he was close to Tan Yi's ear, "I only want to fuck you."

The handcuffs were suddenly pulled vigorously, rubbing the surrounding skin, and Lu Shenxing frowned, "Ow."

Tan Yi, who was burning with anger, unconsciously retracted his strength, he let out a sigh. He was going crazy.

"Captain Tan, there’s a situation!"

A head popped up from the balcony on the second floor, "Come here!"

Tan Yi dragged Lu Shenxing up the stairs. The steps were narrow and slippery, and there weren’t any lights but he was agile and had a strong physique. Lu Shenxing lived leisurely and he almost fell to his knees.

"Why did you take me to the investigation?" Lu Shenxing didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. "I have a company and a family, I can't run away."

Tan Yi only realized later, it was true. He had all of this man’s information, where could he possibly go.

Thinking this, he removed the handcuffs.

"Mr. Lu, you can..."

"It’s okay, I won’t hire a lawyer." Lu Shenxing held his forehead, "I'm leaving."

Tan Yi stared at his back as he walked downstairs, fascinated.

Why are you so familiar...

He really wanted to rush after him.

What did he want to do? Tan Yi was at a loss.

"Captain Tan, the grandfather of the deceased...Captain Tan..Captain...are you crying..." The officer who ran over was dumbfounded.

Tan Yi was stunned as he wiped his face. It was wet, he was really crying.

Damn it!

Okay, okay, why was he crying?

Tan Yi was in a mess, "What did you just say?"

The man spoke, "The deceased's grandfather...Captain Tan...What happened to you? Are you injured?"

Tan Yi patted the other person on the head, "I have something to do!"

Then he took two steps, "Keep this quiet."

Tan Yi drove his car. On the way he turned into an awkward spot and turned off the engine. From this angle he couldn't see the villa through the window.

He must be possessed.

Tan Yi, who was very irritable, put his forehead against the steering wheel and kept asking himself what he was doing.

It was like a hand was constantly tickling him, it wasn’t uncomfortable, but it also wasn’t comfortable.

Suddenly there was a crisp sound in his ears. Tan Yi turned his head and saw someone standing outside. He was stunned and he opened the window.

Lu Shenxing put his hands in his pockets, and asked with his eyes.

Tan Yi's face wasn’t red, and his heart wasn’t racing, "I'm lost."

Lu Shenxing spoke meaningfully, "Come to my house for a drink?"

He was delivered to his door, how could he let him go easily.

Tan Yi was sullen, "No need."

With that said, he then moved to open the car door and step out.


The light was dim, and Tan Yi's face flushed.

Lu Shenxing didn't seem to notice it, and just turned away from the topic, "Have you figured out what happened to my employee?"

Regarding the circumstances of the case, Tan Yi immediately straightened his face. He said faintly, "I’ll find you when the truth has come to light."

The corners of Lu Shenxing's mouth twitched.

Lu Guomao, who was about to go to bed, glanced at his son as he brought a strange man to the house, his gaze swept inquiringly.

It was someone from the bureau.

Lu Guomao’s interest dropped immediately, businessmen were the least willing to deal with those who ate from that bowl of rice.

He coughed a few times, and Lu Shenxing noticed him and signaled that it was all right.

Lu Guomao went to his room full of questions.

"Let’s go upstairs." After Lu Shenxing finished speaking, he went upstairs first. Tan Yi was speechless at his ignorance of his own reluctance.

Tan Yi stayed downstairs for about ten seconds, then raised his heel to follow.

He didn't have time to appreciate how big the pomp of the wealthy family was, and what was in his mind was all messy and unclear.

Lu Shenxing didn't ask what he drank, and just poured him a glass of boiled water.

Then under Tan Yi's surprised eyes, he threw a rock candy into the water.

"You investigated me." Tan Yi's forehead agitated, that was the only way.

Lu Shenxing tuned, "Why can’t you just say I’m attentive?"

Tan Yi's face wasn’t good, and he said coldly, "We’ve only met twice counting from yesterday."

Lu Shenxing leaned on the table and whispered, "We have fate from our past lives."

He was very serious. Tan Yi wanted to laugh, but there was no sound in his throat.

"I'll ask the housekeeper to send you back." Lu Shenxing suddenly lost his interest. He saw Tan Yi staring at the water glass and resisted the urge to take off his pants and spank him. "Captain Tan, you should go."

Although Tan Yi noticed Lu Shenxing's abnormality he didn’t have anything to respond with, so he turned around and went out.

With the footsteps getting farther and farther, Lu Shenxing took off his clothes and walked into the bathroom, standing under the shower head. After exhaling for two breaths, he stretched out his right hand...

Tan Yi stayed up all night, and there were a lot of cigarette butts scattered around his bed.

Additionally, he hadn’t shaved and his eyes were bloodshot. When the people in the bureau saw him, they all forgot what they were doing.

There was soon news that Captain Tan was heartbroken.

Tan Yi heard the rumour and questioned, a little speechless, I’m not even in love, how can I be heartbroken?

"It’s like this, I have a friend," he took out a cigarette and smoked, "when he eats, sleeps, brushes his teeth, washes his face, he always thinks about someone."

"Everywhere he looks he sees that person's face, is this..."

Zhang Li blinked, "Captain Tan, your friend is clearly missing that person."

Tan Yi's teeth bit into the cigarette butt, "Impossible!"

"It's the truth. Your friend wants to be liked by that person." Zhang Li chuckled, "Captain Tan, if the feeling you're describing is like you're missing a part of yourself, then trust me and you can't go wrong."

"I'm going to work first."

As the tension eased, the calmness that Tan Yi maintained also disappeared little by little, revealing astonishment and panic.

Sometimes the more you want to hide from something, the closer you get to it.

Lu Shenxing knew Tan Yi and knew that he often went to a particular restaurant, so he simply waited in the noodle shop.

Wherever that person appeared, he would also appear.

No way would be waiting a few lifetimes.

Lu Shenxing sat down next to Tan Yi. There were still a few other people at the table, all from his team, and they all knew Lu Shenxing.

The atmosphere was weird, and no one spoke.

It seems that the excitement from the neighboring tables was in another world to them.

Lu Shenxing held his head in his head, "What a coincidence."

Tan Yi, whose expression was cold, didn't say a word but didn't chase him out.

Under the tense gazes of those around them he called the waiter to add another set of tableware. His behavior amazed his subordinates.

Was there something between Captain Tan and this man that they didn't know about?

They couldn't come up with anything on the spot, it was too ambiguous.

The food was fast, but the atmosphere at the table still wasn’t lively with Lu Shenxing and Tan Yi as the center, giving off an indescribable aura.

Zhang Li pointed to the octopus, "Mr. Lu, the octopus in this store is famous, the flavour is excellent."

Tan Yi spoke for him, "He doesn't eat seafood."

The others raised their heads simultaneously, they seem to have thought of something.

In their line of work, they needed to be keen and could easily dig out things hidden in the dark.

No need to mentioned things that were as clear as day.

They lower their heads to eat vegetables and fill their stomachs so they could leave quickly.

"Captain Tan, I just remembered some work that hasn’t been finished."

"Me too."

"And me."

"I also...."


Only Tan Yi and Lu Shenxing were left at the table.

Lu Shenxing deliberately went to serve the soup, with layers of green onions floating on it. He didn't like green onions.

Tan Yi frowned, and reached out in front of him to pick out the chopped green onion.

Realising what he was doing, Tan Yi's eyes were filled with depression, and he absent-mindedly stretched out his chopsticks to pick up some vegetables.

"You don't like onions." Lu Shenxing stopped him, and moved the fried lettuce in front of him, "Eat this."

Tan Yi liked to eat lettuce, and now his arm was frozen in the air and he stopped.

Both people knew each other too well, and as if the memories were deep in their consciousness, to the point where it had become instinct.

He couldn't eat this meal anymore.

Lu Shenxing had a good appetite. After eating two bowls of rice, he walked in the direction of Tan Yi car park, making sure that the other man wouldn't just leave him.

Sure enough, Tan Yi stood there, still in that black leather jacket, his eyes were dark and frightening.

Lu Shen walked closer, until he could almost smell the scent on his breath.

The line of Tan Yi's chin under the dimly yellow street lamp was less chilly, and a little softer than he knew it to be.

Lowering his head slightly, Lu Shenxing said jokingly, "Are you waiting for me to kiss you?"

Tan Yi didn't move this time, and looked at him with his lips pressed.

Lu Shenxing's eyes narrowed, and then he pressed in.

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