101 - Outside (4)
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101 - Outside (4)

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The kiss was hot and wet, Tan Yi's back was pushed against the car door, and his strong limbs became soft under the bursts of electricity. He gripped Lu Shenxing's shoulders and tried to back away forcefully but his head was pressed forward, and his lips and tongue were rubbed.


With the madness from the friction, Tan Yi's breathing was stagnant, and he pushed Lu Shenxing away from himself as he started to heat up.

Lu Shenxing scratched his hair a few times, "Come on."

His voice was hoarse, with the same flavour as Tan Yi’s, refreshing and cold.

Feeling hot, Tan Yi reached for his cigarettes and shook out two, one for Lu Shenxing, and one for himself.

Seeing that the smoke in Tan Yi's mouth burned, Lu Shenxing lowered his head and drew closer, rubbing the end of the cigarettes together and causing a cluster of sparks to jump up.

He approached him so naturally.

Tan Yi's heart was shocked, like he’d encountered a violent storm.

In the dark night, two adult men blew smoke rings side by side.

Tan Yi dropped the cigarette butt from the tip of his tongue and he stepped on the ashes. Grabbing Lu Shenxing's collar, he ground his teeth, "Mr. Lu, you’re trying to provoke the police."

"No." Lu Shenxing's back bowed slightly, and Tan Yi's cold eyebrows were covered by the smoke, "I’m just teasing you."

He bit his cigarette butt and laughed, looking down, "Captain Tan, do you feel good?"

The words were spoken directly into his ear, stimulating, penetrating his eardrum, wrapped in strong male hormones.

Tan Yi's face turned red, his chest undulated violently, but his urge to explode froze when he saw the familiar smile in those eyes. He knew he must be laughing at him now.

"Don’t have anything to say?" Lu Shenxing looked like a reliable big brother, "Don't hold it in your heart, or you’ll be prone to internal injury."

He also raised his hand to arrange the collar of the leather jacket for Tan Yi.

Tan Yi, "..."

He opened the car door, sat inside, and left, a little like he was fleeing.

Standing there, Lu Shenxing sighed. He ran away and didn't care about him at all. It hurt.

Chen Fang knew that the day she would meet her daughter-in-law wasn’t far away, because her son was in a very good mood, and his inexplicable irritability was gone.

She ordered the servant to clean up a vacant room and prepare items for entertaining.

The butler suggested, "Madam, the pink curtains are more beautiful."

Chen Fang shook her head, "You can't use pink."

Her daughter-in-law was a man, but she really couldn't say it.

"Don't use florals on the sheets and bedding." Chen Fang said, "Keep it simple."

The butler nodded, he didn't know what kind of person the young lady would be, but he knew how important Mrs. Lu’s opinion was. He hadn’t even arrived yet, but the butler still personally took care of everything.

Lu Guomao sat on the sofa and read the newspaper, "Fangfang, don't do too much. Whoever it is, they’ll definitely sleep with your son when they come."

Chen Fang, who was nearly 60 years old, ran downstairs, "What? Sleep together?"

She realized that she was shouting, so she hurriedly lowered her voice, "Lao Lu, don't scare me."

"Don’t fantasize." Lu Guomao shook the newspaper, calmly, "Don't you know what your son is like?"

Chen Fang, "..."

When she thought a little bit about it, she really couldn't say a word to defend her son.

Still she dared to busy herself until noon.

Lu Guomao lowered his crossed legs, "Where is the boy?"

Chen Fang lifted her teacup and took a couple of sips, "He went to the company."

Lu Guomao suddenly thought of something, "He brought back a man the night before, a police officer."

Chen Fang stared at him, "Why didn’t you tell me?"

Lu Guomao rubbed his temples, "I forgot."

Now he thought about it, that man was likely to be his daughter-in-law.

As soon as Chen Fang heard it, she immediately went onto the surveillance system at their home. After watching the person who came in with her son, she concluded, "It must be, Shenxing took him upstairs."

The old couple watched with wide eyes. The surveillance showed that they had been in the room for ten minutes. What did they do during that time?

Chen Fang said excitedly, "Look him up."

Lu Guomao called his subordinates and found out everything very quickly. He was an orphan, no wife and no children, had a clean private life and conducted himself well.

"He is Tan Yi who is in charge of the murder case at Shenxing’s company."

Chen Fang said with a smile, "I like the look of him, Lao Lu, what do you think?"

Lu Guomao didn't say a word, which could only mean he acquiesced.

Lu Shenxing at the company didn't know that his parents had tacitly approved Tan Yi. He supported his chin and listened casually to his subordinates' reports.

"Mr. Lu?"

Lu Shenxing raised his eyebrows, "Hm?"

His personal assistance spoke, “The family of the deceased came to the company a while back.”

Lu Shenxing frowned, "I don’t believe that person died in the company building."

His assistant bit the bullet, "He wants money."

Lu Shenxing tapped on the desktop, "Leave it to the lawyer."

His assistant nodded, but didn’t leave, "That...Captain Tan..."

Lu Shenxing raised his eyes, "What?"

His personal assistant was gay, and it seemed he wanted to be bent over a desk by Tan Yi.

The assistant suddenly noticed a sharp gaze from his boss, and suddenly a possibility came to mind. He couldn't believe it.

Since when did the boss like men?

Without intending to circumvent the topic, Lu Shenxing said directly, "He’s mine."

The special assistant left at a complete loss.

During the investigation, Tan Yi deliberately avoided Lu Shenxing. There was something wrong with the tension, when they were alone he was unable to control his hands and feet, he could only stay out of his way.

Taking a sneak peek from time to time, Tan Yi didn't realise that he was extremely proficient in this exercise, as if he’d practiced it countless times.

Those in his team thought he looked like a shy wife, or he was drunk.

Zhang Li couldn't see it, "Tan-ge, do you like him?"

Tan Yi didn't understand him, "What?"

Zhang Li lifted the corner of his mouth and glanced at Lu Shenxing, "Him."

Tan Yi, "..."

When he was nervous he smoked, as a result, he thought about the time when he and the other man smoked together and became even more nervous.

A cigarette was handed over in front of him. Tan Yi's gaze flicked from the cigarette butt, following the two fingers up, and stopped at the man’s smiling face.

Every time they met, he couldn't help but feel a rush, the feeling not only didn't fade, but it became more intense.

Tan Yi turned around and walked away, afraid of losing control of himself and doing something that would make him want to jump off the 25th floor.

Zhang Li smiled and said, "Mr. Lu don't mind the captain..."

Lu Shenxing interrupted, "He just has a temper."

The corners of Zhang Li's mouth twitched, it looked like he was just looking for abuse. What this man knew about their captain made him and the others stunned. Even they took a long time to get to know him.

Even he and his wife weren’t this close.

But the problem was that the captain and Prince Lu didn’t have much contact before, as far as he knew.

Lu Shenxing put his hand in his pocket, "Not leaving?"

The man caught up in his own speculations, cried in his heart and followed after Tan Yi in shame.

Lu Shenxing watched Tan Yi enter the elevator, then smiled and shook his head. Some problems remained the same, like his awkwardness and duplicity.

He didn't drive after getting off work. He walked around the nearby business district listlessly, surrounding himself with the noise.

An overly helpful foreign guy patted Lu Shenxing on the shoulder and said, "Hey, someone is following you."

Lu Shenxing answered him in fluent English, "That's my lover."

The foreign guy realised he was butting in on something and he touched his head sheepishly and gave his blessings with a thumbs up. He grinned when he passed by Tan Yi.

"Your boyfriend is very attractive."

Boyfriend? Tan Yi froze in place, and he didn't know who he was talking about, but he didn't refute it.

The foreign guy winked very kindly when he left, "He’s waiting for you to take the initiative."

Tan Yi frowned, then touched the phone in the pocket of the windbreaker, he squeezed the case then released it again.

Lu Shenxing, who was walking in front, knew that Tan Yi had been following him since the beginning. He walked very slowly, and often stopped to window-shop without revealing anything.

Tan Yi followed for a long time, and the word stalker flashed through his mind, then was selectively ignored. He knew what he was doing wasn’t normal.

When stopping at a flower shop, Lu Shenxing walked in, then came out empty-handed.

Tan Yi was stopped when he passed by, and the flower shop owner came out with a handful of red roses, "Are you Mr. Tan Yi?"

Tan Yi didn't know why he answered, "I am."

The florist’s face was a little red, "This was given to you by a gentleman just now." She spoke again, "I wish you happiness."

Tan Yi held the big bunch of red roses, the roots of his ears were red.

After the case was over, it was no longer logical to go to the Lu Group building, and Captain Tan was uncomfortable thinking that he wouldn’t see him.

His abnormality shocked his team.

Captain Tan had never had a partner, it turned out to be an unrequited love.

Being gay wasn’t a hindrance, and in comparison was the least of their worries.

Tan Yi ignored everyone's ambiguous gazes. He was not an eloquent person at ordinary times and now he had a guilty conscience and simply remained silent.

"Captain, are you going to eat?"

"No." Tan Yi opened his umbrella, "I have something to do, you go first, I’ll make a phone call."

Zhang Li and the others who stood by the glass door couldn't help but slap their mouths. The boss wasn’t the kind of person who would forget his brothers when he had a wife, right?

The pedestrians were in a hurry while the rain was still light.

Tan Yi walked on the streets with his umbrella. His shoulder was bumped and he raised the umbrella, and looked through the curtain of rain. He saw a man who was smiling and extremely dazzling.

It felt like a hand was scratching his heart, but the hand covered his heart scratched warmly.

When Tan Yi finally gathered his thoughts, he was already standing under the same umbrella as Lu Shenxing.

Lu Shenxing raised his hand and ran it through Tan Yi's hair, then pressed it against the back of his head, and said, "Is there anything you want to say?"

"Yes." Tan Yi pursed his lips, "I'm in love with you."

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