102 - Outside (end)
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102 - Outside (end)

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Lu Shenxing and Tan Yi got together.

This was good, they just skipped young love, suspicion, contradictions, quarrels, and went straight to the state of being husband and wife.

It frightened everyone.

Chen Fang stared at her daughter-in-law across the table. The more she looked at him, the more he felt close to her. It seemed that he was destined to belong to her son, like he was a part of their Lu family that was lost, and now they’d finally found him.

"Xiao Tan, are you tired from work?"

Tan Yi spoke cautiously, "I’m fine."

"That..." Chen Fang was pushed by Lu Guomao, she coughed, "I'll go to the kitchen to check on the food, you talk."

As soon as Chen Fang left, the table was much quieter.

Lu Guomao made a loud voice, "Between you and Shenxing, you’re the boss."

When Tan Yi raised his eyelids, that was it?

Lu Guomao took a sip of tea, "Our Lu family values freedom."

They didn’t need to ask about their son’s feelings. His life was his own, and he could choose for himself.

Tan Yi's previous preparations were of no use, he glanced at the man beside him who was concentrating on snacking.

Lu Shenxing held out a sweet-scented osmanthus cake to his mouth, "Want it?"

Tan Yi pursed his lips, "No."

Lu Shenxing raised his eyebrows, "Then what are you peeking at me for?"

Tan Yi, "..."

Lu Guomao was old and couldn't bear the antics of such two young people. He left to make room for them.

"My parents like you very much." Lu Shenxing propped up his head, "Move over and live with me."

Tan Yi wanted to say that he wouldn’t move, but instead, "Okay."

He could no longer count the times he wanted to run out and smoke.

Lu Shenxing ignored his tangled expression, "Then, I’ll accompany you to clean up later. You can sleep with me tonight.”

The corners of Tan Yi's mouth twitched and he didn't speak anymore.

In the evening the two stood by the bed and looked at each other.

"You can go take a bath."

"I'm not going."

"You’re not going?"


"I'll ask you again, are you going or not?"

“I’m not going!”

After the childish conversation, Lu Shenxing dragged Tan Yi into the bathroom. Tan Yi was a soldier and had received special training. His body and skill were first-class, and it was easy to resist.

But he didn't.

The bathroom was spacious and the two adult men didn’t crowd it at all.

Lu Shenxing turned on the shower and adjusted the water temperature, and said to Tan Yi, "Take off your clothes and come take a shower."

Tan Yi's eyebrow twitched suddenly, it was like taking a stone for a stake.

He had a feeling that something was wrong.

Lu Shenxing covered his lips, "You’re not a woman, why are you shy?" He couldn’t even count how many times he had already touched him.

He closed the door.

Tan Yi felt a chill down his spine.

He seemed to have figured out what was wrong.

Lu Shenxing saw that Tan Yi wanted to run, so he hugged him and took off his clothes while kissing him.

Before long, Tan Yi revealed his sturdy body. Each muscle was smooth and relaxed, and his cheeks were hot, hotter than the shower water.

In the army he used to be around many brothers day and night, and everyone got used to it.

But Lu Shenxing stared at him hotly, inspecting him unscrupulously.

In no time at all, Lu Shenxing had already fucked Tan Yi with his eyes.

Tan Yi squeezed out the shampoo as a shower gel and wiped it on his body. Lu Shenxing watched him wipe it off, and it was too fast to stop it.

"That's shampoo." Lu Shenxing sucked his lip.

Tan Yi faced the wall, "I like it."

Lu Shenxing stared at the man in front of him, with tight back muscles, wide shoulders and a narrow waist, buttocks and round hips. He stared at him, his eyes deep.

Chen Fang, who had been paying attention downstairs, heard a loud noise, like something falling to the ground.

"Lao Lu, are they fighting?" Chen Fang said uneasy. "If they really fight, my son might be at a disadvantage."

"He would lose, for sure." Lu Guomao read a book while wearing his spectacles, "Do you think he’s in the police force for leisure?"

He then turned his words again, "But they won't fight."

That Tan Yi was extremely tolerant and doting when facing his son, he was afraid even the boy himself hadn't noticed it.

At 6 o'clock in the morning, Tan Yi went downstairs, walking in a delicate manner.

After listening to it all night, including all kinds of curses, Chen Fang was embarrassed when she saw him, and quickly looked away, afraid that he would be embarrassed.

Tan Yi had a quick mind and easily noticed.

He said awkwardly, "Auntie, good morning."

"Morning, morning." Chen Fang said with a smile, "Sit down for a while, breakfast will be ready soon."

Tan Yi had no appetite. He wanted to say something was going on at the bureau when footsteps came from the stairs behind him and he swallowed his words.

Lu Shenxing was refreshed, he gave Tan Yi a hand, and kissed him on the cheek.

Chen Fang looked up at the ceiling.

The servants next to them lowered their heads.

Tan Yi clamped down on Lu Shenxing's unfaithful hand and squeezed it to death. Last night, he suspected this man had a mental illness. He had kissed many times in secret places, acted like it was normal.

The words in the mouth were gentle but the actions were fierce.

"Still feel it?"

The sound in his ear made Tan Yi's muscles jump, and he swallowed, "Yes."

Holding the smile in his eyes, Lu Shenxing spread his hands, "Captain Tan, it was a fair fight, you lost."

"And..." he whispered, "you are a very good goalkeeper. The few goals you scored last night were very exciting, you did a good job."

Tan Yi's forehead twitched, "Go away."

His tone was harsh, but there was still a little emotion lingering in the corners of his eyes and eyebrows, so it felt more like flirting.

Regarding this point, Chen Fang and the servants around them, as well as Lu Guomao who happened to come in, could corroborate.

After having a hasty breakfast, Tan Yi went to the bureau wounded. His subordinates were full of emotion, the virgin of more than 30 years was gone.

Zhang Li went to Tan Yi's office sneakily and took out a black plastic bag from his arms.

"My son, drink and take off the heat."

Tan Yi lifted his eyelids, it was chrysanthemum tea.


Zhang Li was lectured out of the office, and he waved at the crowd blocking the door, "Disperse."

Everyone left disappointed, except for the criminal investigation department who remained.

"Is he okay?" A few people sighed, with a look of excessive indulgence, fortunately, there were no new cases filed today.

"How would I know?" Zhang Li coughed, covering his mouth with his hand, "Lu Shenxing is really ruthless, even his legs are weak."

The door behind them clanged and the man inside became angry. Their expressions changed and they walked away quickly.

Lu Shenxing sneezed a lot throughout the day. At first he thought it was Tan Yi who was thinking of him. But in the afternoon, he was lightheaded and realized that he had a cold.

After getting off work, Lu Shenxing went to the restaurant often visited by Tan Yi, and Zhang Li smiled at him.


The corners of Lu Shenxing's mouth twitched.

Tan Yi smoked.

"Waiter, add two dishes." Zhang Li winked, "My son, what do you like to eat?"

Tan Yi tightened his chin, his whole body was cold. His team suspected that he had changed his mind and was about to step back. Who knew that he would take the menu and pick two dishes, plus a soup.

“It's cold today."

Zhang Li started a conversation and thought of a grounded topic, while the other rough guys racked their brains.

"Yes, it's cold!"

"The weather forecast says it's minus ten degrees."

"Fuck, no wonder it's so cold, my hands are frozen."

As soon as his words were said, Tan Yi couldn't help looking at the person next to him, and reaching for his hand on his leg.

It was a bit red and frozen.

He pursed his lips, straightened himself up, took out his hand that was in his jacket pocket and stretched it out to hold his.

The corners of Lu Shenxing's lips twitched slightly, and then slowly raised.

This scene happened under the table, but the others still noticed the change in tension, but they couldn't do anything。

Everyone tacitly agreed, and just continued eating and drinking soup to keep warm.

Next, Lu Shenxing and Tan Yi performed what is commonly called showing affection, and the mood relaxed. He had a wife, while the other single dogs cried.

Halfway through the meal, Tan Yi said, his tone twisted, "Are you sick?"

"What?" Lu Shenxing twisted, "Achoo!"

Tan Yi, "..."

He put his hand on Lu Shenxing's forehead and stood without a word, "We’re going to the hospital."

Everyone was frightened by this sudden change, and the next moment they watched as a man who wouldn’t be phased after being shot became shocked because his wife had a fever.

Tan Yi didn't know how to take care of others, he pulled Lu Shenxing's wrist.

Zhang Li and the others sighed, the captain was done for.

Tan Yi was done for, he would unconsciously do good by Lu Shenxing. If he so much as frowned, Tan Yi would feel distressed, his intention and concern were pure instinct.

He couldn’t wait to pour his heart out.

He thought he must owe him from a previous life and that the whole world favoured Lu Shenxing, otherwise how could he like him so much.

Gradually, Tan Yi moved his entire home to the Lu family’s estate. His clothing, food, and transportation were all invaded, and he was tainted with Lu Shenxing's taste, and stamped with a mark belonging to Lu Shenxing.

After finishing work that day, Tan Yi drove impatiently into the city, and impatiently went into a gold shop.

When the salesperson in the shop saw the customer, she opened her mouth and then immediately changed his words, "Captain Tan, has something happened again?"

Last time a crime was reported downstairs in a store. He was the one she spoke to at that time. He was handsome and calm, but unfortunately he wasn’t interested in her.

Tan Yi said lightly, "My own matters."

The salesperson's nervous expression relaxed, "Oh, then Captain Tan..."

Before she could say goodbye, the man at the door turned again, "I'll buy a ring."


She looked at the other party, saw that he wasn’t joking, and put on a professional bearing, "What price range is Captain Tan looking for?"

The salesperson made some recommendations, "Here are all new designs in store, have a look, and tell me if you like any."

Tan Yi's gaze scanned them one by one, then he stopped, his deep eyes narrowed slightly, "The third from the bottom on the left."

The waiter immediately took the ring and smiled with joy, "Captain Tan has a good eye. This ring is simple and clean, yet expensive, especially..."

"I’ll take two." Tan Yi gave her his card, "Help me wrap it."

The salesperson was taken aback, and was somewhat surprised. For one thing, the man was confident of the ring size. Among the customers she received, the most troublesome thing was choosing the correct size. Even she didn't know the size of her partner at all, and some even used her hands as a reference.

Secondly, this man not only chose the correct size of ring, but also two men's rings.

It seemed that he could see her surprise. Tan Yi himself didn't know how he knew, he just felt that he was that size, like it was engraved into his consciousness.

Carrying the velvet box home, Tan Yi felt uncomfortable. He was disgusted with formality, and he wasn’t a romantic person, but he wanted to put a ring on Lu Shenxing's finger to declare his ownership.

Lu Shenxing closed his eyes and only needed to listen to the rhythm of his breathing to know Tan Yi's mind. He was dealing with work in the study, and there was a delicate small box lying in a half-open drawer.

He bought it.

Lu Shenxing held his forehead, he opened the box, glanced at the pair of rings, and closed it again.

He could just call it their first anniversary.

After a while, there was a knock on the door, and Tan Yi's figure stood in the doorway.

Lu Shenxing put the documents aside, "Are you applying to be a door god?"

Tan Yi came in and put his hands in his pants pockets.

After Lu Shenxing had finished with all the documents on the desk, Tan Yi's hand was still stuck in his pocket.

Lu Shenxing sighed, he walked around the table and put his hand into Tan Yi's pocket.

Tan Yi's breathing was a little rough. He touched Lu Shenxing's ring finger in his pocket, and slowly put on the warm ring.

Then, Lu Shenxing also put one on Tan Yi, entwining their fingers.

He felt that a certain vacancy in his heart was filled and complete.

The actual end, sorry for the false stop. I don't know why I thought 101 was the end. Also, imagine that last scene in women's jeans....would not work at all. I can barely fit my own damn hand in my pocket, some pants wouldn't even fit the rings...

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