11 – My Military Advisor is Blind (11)
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11 – My Military Advisor is Blind (11)

When the sword in Prince Jing's hand reached Lu Shenxing's throat, a string of curses suddenly floated through his mind.

There was once a chance to kill the male lead, I didn’t cherish it. If God gave me a chance again, I would definitely...

"Do you really think this Prince won't kill you?"

With the voice in his ears, the coolness on his neck became more intense. Lu Shenxing got goose bumps and narrowed his eyes. The sword was on his neck and he was still talking nonsense. Could it be that he was teasing him?

"How is it that this Prince remembers that the General was going to face the saint  to plead guilty?" Prince Jing shook out a piece of paper, "Is Yin and Yang separated?"

Fuck, he even brought the note with him. Lu Shenxing saw the dried blood on it, and recounted where he knew the most bleeding had occurred. His stomach rolled over and he gave an expression of emotion, "I wanted to spend time with my mother for the Mid-Autumn Festival."

Prince Jing took the paper back, "So the General is a filial son."

It seemed that it was a holiday to be cherished, and the corner of Lu Shenxing's mouth twitched, "Yes."

Lu Shenxing suddenly cast a look at Prince Jing. The royal actually hid a sword on his waist. How much did he want to kill him?

"This Prince would like to send the General to his palace for a word." Prince Jing withdrew his sword at the sound of approaching footsteps. He smiled modestly and politely.

Hearing his words the passing minister looked at Lu Shenxing with envious eyes. He hesitated twice, but if he yelled for help now, this Prince would likely make trouble in front of the Emperor.

Prince Jing spoke lightly, "Does the General have time?"

Lu Shenxing's eyes turned cold, he laughed and said, "It's an honor for this General."

When he arrived at the palace, Lu Shenxing was ‘invited’ into a small courtyard.

Prince Jing waved his hand and Wuya stepped forward and took Lu Shenxing's pants off, then left.

In the small dark room, Lu Shenxing walked half-naked calmly.

Prince Jing moved the chair and sat down on the opposite side, without speaking, he just stared at Lu Shenxing cautiously, looking down on him, as if he was nothing.

Shaking his legs, Lu Shenxing raised his lips, "Your highness, don't your farts hurt?"

Prince Jing got up abruptly, slamming his chair backwards, his breathing was a little messy. He opened the door and left under Lu Shenxing's playful gaze.

Lu Shenxing stretched his legs thoughtfully, was he addicted to getting fucked?

Was it caused by the drug?

Lu Shenxing flipped through the book, and finally found what he wanted in the small green letters at the bottom of one of the chapters.

Hei Jin, not so much an aphrodisiac, as a poison, attacks once a month, forcibly binding one person's life to another, only death can get rid of it.

That's how Xin Liang's life was controlled.

Lu Shenxing now understood, he’d made a mistake and now Prince Jing needed his junk to survive.

Presumably the other party has figured out that he was the one who swapped the two glasses of wine.

Why not give him another surprise before leaving the world, Lu Shenxing smiled maliciously.

After leaving the courtyard, Prince Jing's breath slowly calmed down. He returned to his residence and frowned when he saw the young man standing inside, "Xiao Chen, why are you here?"

Xin Weichen's eyes suddenly turned red and he rushed into Prince Jing's arms, "Your highness, my eldest brother is dead."

Prince Jing rubbed Xin Weichen's hair, pulled him to sit down, and kissed his face, "Okay, stop crying."

"Your highness..." Xin Weichen raised his neck, his voice was soft, "Chen'er wants more."

Prince Jing didn't respond for a moment, "What do you want?"

Xin Weichen's cheeks flushed, "I want you to love me..."

The pain in that place spread out, following up his tailbone, and Prince Jing suddenly lost his interest. He patted Xin Weichen's butt, "You are still young, and I’ll hurt you."

Xin Weichen's eyes turned down, he slipped his hand under Prince Jing's hem, very softly. He looked up in confusion, only to meet a cold gaze looking down on him, he shivered then started crying in fright.

Prince Jing found him annoying, so he pushed Xin Weichen away, "Come to me when you finish crying."

Seeing the white figure disappearing through the door, Xin Weichen sat there restlessly, clasping his hands unconsciously. He knew that the Prince wasn’t close to the female sex, and he lived separately from the princess. He should be the only one beside him.

But every time he wanted to get closer, the Prince said he was still young. He had read a lot of books about things between men and knew that intercourse would be very painful together.

But he was not afraid, he was even looking forward to it.

This time the Prince still said the same thing, but there was no longer a gentle tone and look in his eyes. He felt something was different.

The Prince was still a man, and there will be times when he has needs.

A person appeared in Xin Weichen's mind, he was somewhat similar to him. If there must be someone, he would rather it was that person, because the Prince would never fall for a blind man, he just needed to wait until he grows up.

At the other end, Tong Yi paced back and forth at the back door of the Xin Estate. At the crisp sound of knocking, he turned around, ran forward, and said anxiously, "The General has not yet returned at this hour. I heard from other ministers that he has entered the Prince's palace. What should I do, Junshi? Do I go directly to the Prince's palace to investigate?"

Xin Liang frowned, the Prince dare not hurt that person's life regardless of the overall situation, but...

Asides death, many other things could happen.

"Find some people to disturb the peace." Xin Liang clasped Tong Yi's ear, his light-colored lips closed together.

Tong Yi kept nodding. Although he didn't understand why he couldn't just go to the palace, he completely trusted Xin Liang.

Even after explaining, the wrinkles on Xin Liang's brows still didn't smooth. He held the bamboo stick and walked with his head down, wondering if that person was still okay...

"Junshi, be careful in front..."

Before Tong Yi could finish, Xin Liang had fallen down the stone steps. He had never seen the military strategist in such an embarrassing state before, and he was stunned.

It was not until he heard the sound of his bamboo stick rolling across the ground that Tong Yi came back to his senses. He quickly walked over to help the person lying on the ground up. When he saw the blood on the other's forehead, he exclaimed, "Junshi, your head is bleeding!  "

Xin Liang was taken aback, "I'm fine."

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