12 – My Military Advisor is Blind (12)
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12 – My Military Advisor is Blind (12)

The Princess had originally gone back to her family’s home for a few days to spend the Mid-Autumn Festival with her family. When she heard the news from her personal maid, she didn’t change her expression, as if the man rumoured to be imprisoning others in his home wasn't her husband.

Her old man had also heard the news, and suddenly felt discouraged. He came looking for his daughter, furious, and drove her back without saying anything.

The princess returned to the palace dumbfounded and happened to meet face-to-face with Xin Weichen who had just come out. She was a little surprised upon realising that someone else must be imprisoned. She suddenly became curious about who and went to the small courtyard in the back mountain alone.

The two adult men in the room were facing each other, and Lu Shenxing's eggs that were being stared at by Prince Jing had become soft.

"You turned out to actually be Chang Zhou."

Prince Jing looked strange. Just now he had been testing him, the opponent's tricks were clever, and his attacks sharp. It was absolutely the Chang Zhou he knew.

What happened to all the changes before then? Was it an illusion?

Without a response, Lu Shenxing's brows were knotted. In order to prevent his identity from being seen through, he found the system could activate a skill [Invincible Little Overlord] and turn him into the brave and powerful General Chang Zhou in a second.

The system then notified him after the fact that there were side effects and he wouldn't be able to move for a day and two nights.

The sound of footsteps outside made both Lu Shenxing and Prince Jing turn around at the same time.

As soon as the Princess entered the small courtyard, the doors of the house opened, and the two came out one after another.

"General Chang, why are you here?" The Princess looked at Prince Jing and asked a seemingly simple question, "What are you doing in the cabin?"

Lu Shenxing looked at Prince Jing playfully.

Prince Jing raised his head and smiled, "This Prince and General Chang were here to discuss the Mid-Autumn Festival banquet."

Not even a ghost would believe them, but the Princess put on an expression of 'so its like that'. She was either extremely stupid, or extremely smart.

"Prince, Princess, I will take my leave."

Lu Shenxing clasped his fist and swaggered away. Princess Hao was a successful woman from start to finish. She knew what she wanted, what she couldn't ask for, and what she couldn't afford.

At present, Prince Jing can't offend her old man, he didn't have time to pursue this incident.

The worried Xin Weichen went to find Xin Liang. The rumours he'd heard on the road had him extremely panicked, and he dared not go to the Prince to ask for an explanation.

"Er-ge, this is some medicine I asked someone to get for you." Xin Weichen held the bowl and said with a grin, "It's good for your eyes."

His nostrils flare slightly, Xin Liang suddenly raised his head. His eyes were clearly covered with the blindfold, but he seemed to be staring at Xin Weichen with a sharp gaze.

As if he was being pulled apart inch by inch, Xin Weichen became frightened, his throat closed up and he wanted to escape.

"San-ge, I thought you were only young and didn't understand the black and white of the world. It seems that your er-ge was wrong." Xin Liang didn't look back, his voice was cold, "Don't let er-ge hate you."

Xin Weichen's body trembled and the bowl in his hand fell.

Once again, he'd misjudged someone. Xin Liang felt cold all over and his breath came quickly. He tapped the bamboo stick and walked down the street, sadness rising from the bottom of his heart.

A middle-aged man in front was knocked by his shoulder, and he roared angrily, "Are you blind!"

The man then strained his voice, "So you are blind."

Xin Liang was used to this ridiculous scenario, and on most days it didn't bother him, but today he felt sour for no reason, and his blindfold became damp.

A tear dripped from under the black cloth, and down his pale cheek, the wind blew, making him even colder.

Lu Shenxing bought two biscuits on the roadside. When he crushed home, he saw Xin Liang sitting alone in front of his house, motionless, like a statue, as if in a daze.

"Why didn't you knock on the door and go inside?"

Lu Shenxing squatted down in front of Xin Liang and glanced at his forehead, "Since you know that you are blind, you should walk more carefully."

Xin Liang pursed his lips and said nothing.

Lu Shenxing noticed that his nose was red, he frowned and asked, "Were you just crying?"

Xin Liang naturally knew what he was referring to, and said lightly, "It's windy and cold."

He'd been crying. Lu Shenxing gave Xin Liang a brotherly hug without saying anything. When he was about to release him, he found that his clothes were caught.

"...don't wipe your nose on me."

Staring down at the black hair of the head on his chest, he could feel the beat of the other's heart. Lu Shenxing hurriedly pulled Xin Liang away and gave him a piece of biscuit, "Here."

Xin Liang squeezed the hot biscuit, his voice was so soft that it was almost inaudible, "Can I take back what I said?"

"Which sentence?" Lu Shenxing stopped opening the door and looked at the young man behind him strangely. His thought of teasing him was dispelled when he saw the other's pleading expression.

"It's fine, you can take back whichever sentence you want."

Xin Liang seemed to have heard what he wanted, the corners of his lips curled slightly, and he faintly breathed a sigh of relief.

After taking a bite of the biscuit, Lu Shenxing asked vaguely, "Xin Liang, did you tell Tong Yi to spread those rumours outside?"

Xin Liang acknowledged it.

"The Prince won't do anything to me." Lu Shenxing curled his lips, after he left, the other guy was left waiting to die.

Xin Liang didn't ask, and walked in.

Wangshi, who had been bedridden all year, got out of bed, dressed dignified and beautiful. She tidied the flowers and plants in the yard with a few of her servants, talking and laughing, in good spirits. Her words and actions did not seem to belong to someone with a chronic illness.

Lu Shenxing's expression flickered slightly, but he quickly returned to normal.

"Zhou'er is back." Wangshi's gaze moved from Lu Shenxing and stopped on Xin Liang, her gaze kind.

Xin Liang was welcomed in, he sat in the hall somewhat restrained.

Wangshi waved her hand and let her servants leave, "Has Young Master Xin married?"

Xin Liang replied, "No."

"Zhou'er is blessed to know you." Wangshi sighed, her eyes seemed to be fogged, like she couldn't see what was around her. "Rich and poor, marriage, life and death..." She paused for a moment, looking into the distance, "It's all fate."

Xin Liang almost missed the tea cup.

After taking off his shoes and socks, Lu Shenxing lay on the bed and could no longer move. There were no signs or warnings at all.

He wanted to open his mouth to call for Xin Liang, but his tongue was stiff in his mouth, like a stone, unconscious.

After some time, a knocking sound approached.

Xin Liang, who walked to his bedside, did not speak. Lu Shenxing waited for a while, feeling the warm breath was getting closer and closer to him, almost clinging to him.

There was a sigh in his ear, helpless, perplexed, cautious, nervous, painful, it was full of emotion.

"I seem to like you."

Lu Shenxing heard it clearly, and in the next moment his lips felt something wet, the wetness didn't disappear immediately, but was pressed against him and moved gently.

"Can I kiss you? Just once."

Lu Shenxing cursed in his heart, fuck, you just asked me after you kissed me, didn't you? What the fuck is happening?

No, wait, my focus seems to be wrong.

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