13 – My Military Advisor is Blind (13)
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13 – My Military Advisor is Blind (13)

Xin Liang was annoyed by his own impulse. After he was sober, his mind was completely occupied by panic. He looked like a child who had done something wrong, standing up straight and admitting his mistake.

What surprised him was that the anger and disgust he'd imagined did not appear. The person on the bed showed no signs of waking up. He frowned, and gradually, his expression changed completely.


Lu Shenxing felt Xin Liang's slender hand touch his chin, feeling its way up little by little and stopping in front of his nose, seeming to be checking his breath.

Don't worry, I'm not dead, Lu Shenxing said in his heart.


Xin Liang called out again and stretched out his hand to pinch Lu Shenxing, then he moved to cover his mouth and nose. He did everything he could think of, but there was no response.

Something was thrown onto the ground, making a loud noise, alerting the people outside.

Wangshi hurriedly put on her coat and came over. She glanced at the tables and chairs on the floor, then her eyes turned to the extremely pale youth and finally stopped at the person on the bed. Her heart felt vaguely disturbed.

She walked to the bed, "Zhou'er?"

Seeing no response, she touched his arm, then shook and pulled him vigorously. Wangshi's body swayed slightly with her movements, even if he'd fallen asleep, he should've woken up.

"I... I'm going to get Doctor Zhang." The servant staggered and ran out.

"He has a heartbeat, and his breathing is steady." Xin Liang's nails pressed into the palms of his hands, his strength getting heavier and heavier, "Why is he unconscious for no reason?"

Wangshi thought for a while then said, "Perhaps he has eaten something bad."

Doctor Zhang came quickly and he stepped forward to check Lu Shenxing's pulse.

The signs of life were clear, his pulse was normal, but he was not awake. Doctor Zhang found it incredible. He did what Xin Liang and Wangshi had done again. Too ashamed to say another sentence, he cleverly left.

Lu Shenxing began to realize the seriousness of the matter. He originally thought he would just lie down, not move and just sleep for a long time.

But starting with Xin Liang's confession, everything had gone well beyond his expectations.

The palm of his hand was red, but Xin Liang looked calm and composed, "Give me a pen and paper."

The old butler immediately asked a servant to fetch them.

He took up the pen and wrote a few lines, then handed the piece of paper to the old butler next to him, "Go to Dr. Liu in Renhetang."

The old butler wanted to say that it was impossible to invite Doctor Liu, but he swallowed it back. He went there in person, Doctor Liu looked at the note and his attitude changed drastically.

Doctor Liu asked as soon as he came, "Young Master Xin, where are you unwell?"

Xin Liang turned aside and let him see Lu Shenxing on the bed. "He suddenly fell asleep."

Doctor Liu took Lu Shenxing's arm and checked his pulse, after a while, he took out a few thin silver needles and placed them in the soles of Lu Shenxing's feet.

Lu Shenxing couldn't move, but all his senses were there. He wanted to curse everyone's mother for the pain he was going through now.

"Strange." Doctor Liu was puzzled. "This is the first time I’ve encountered such symptoms in my life, when did it happen?"

"He was fine at dinner." Wangshi was looking at Xin Liang when she said this. She didn't know what happened in the room before she arrived.

Xin Liang had a guilty conscience, and naturally remained silent.

"I’ll look again tomorrow." Doctor Liu put away the wooden box and exhorted, "Someone needs to watch him at night, in case there are any unexpected occurrences."

Wangshi looked at Xin Liang with her head down, and she said softly, "Young Master Xin, it's getting late, I'll send you back."

Xin Liang was dumbfounded for a moment, his voice was calm, "I'll stay."

Wangshi seemed to have expected this answer and she ordered a few of her servants to guard outside the door, the spirit within her eyes disappeared suddenly as she went out.

There was a sound of a door closing and the room became quiet. After some time, Lu Shenxing wondered why there was no sound at all, then he felt a body sinking into his arms.

The person who had repeatedly said that he was not a cut sleeve, to the point where it had become a habit, was now resting his head on his shoulder, his arms and legs laying next to him.

Lu Shenxing suddenly realized which words Xin Liang wanted to take back.

If it hadn’t gotten to this point then, with Xin Liang’s temperament, he wouldn't have easily revealed his feelings.

Lu Shenxing's thoughts were in a mess for a while, but he couldn’t ignore the soft body in his arms and his cool breath.

"As long as everyone gives a little love..." To distract himself, Lu Shenxing sang in his heart.

The shoulder was wet, and Lu Shenxing was stunned, he didn't know that he was the only important thing in Xin Liang’s world.

When you have only one thing, that thing becomes indispensable.

The index finger of his right hand hurt, there were teeth sinking into it a little bit, showing no sign of letting go. If Lu Shenxing could move, he would definitely reach out and pat Xin Liang.

I won't wake up even if you bite my finger off, Lu Shenxing didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

After biting for a while, Xin Liang sighed, at a loss. He loosened his teeth and licked the blood around the ring of teeth marks.

Lu Shenxing started singing again, this time it was the national anthem.

Wuya, who had been following in the shadows, went back to report. After Prince Jing heard the news, the expression on his face changed drastically, like a panic after receiving a death notice.

The night was dim, but Xin Liang, who was not sleepy, heard a movement, and he quickly sat up and pulled himself towards Lu Shenxing.

Lu Shenxing had a bad feeling when he heard another male voice.

He’d forgotten, Prince Jing would definitely send someone to monitor him.

Xin Liang turned his head and faced Prince Jing who suddenly appeared, "Your highness, you can't take him away."

Prince Jing snorted coldly. He couldn't understand Xin Liang and said with a mocking tone, "What? Is it possible that this Prince needs your permission to do things?"

There was the taste of blood in Xin Liang's throat, and the corners of his lips were pressed into a straight line, resolutely stubborn.

"Presumptuous!" A coldness appeared in Prince Jing's eyes, "Wuya."

Lu Shenxing's heart was instantly cold, Prince Jing would definitely take Xin Liang out in a heartbeat. After a day or two nights, he won't need to wait for him to wake up, Xin Liang won't be able to sleep again.

The next night, Lu Shenxing, who was taken into the palace, was still asleep. Prince Jing was on the verge of collapse. The palace was enveloped in a dull atmosphere, and everyone was in the firing line.

Prince Jing's eyes were bloodshot, "Is he really going to be fine?"

The man lying on the bed was General Chang, but it was the Prince who looked like he was dying, the doctors were at a loss.

"Your highness, it is said that true wealth is in heaven, life and death are destined, I will wait..." The old doctor trailed off to nothing.

Prince Jing's chest was filled with a surge of anger, he was completely at the mercy of an unconscious man, and it was all because of that Xin Liang.

He went into the underground dungeon, and when he came out, his once clean white robe was covered with blood, his face that was stained with a few drops of blood was twisted in pleasure after venting.

"Chang Zhou, this Prince is impatient." Prince Jing stretched out his bloody hand to Lu Shenxing's nose, "Do you smell it, it's your Junshi's blood."

Lu Shenxing was frantic, but in Prince Jing's eyes there was still no reaction.

"This Prince can't die!" Prince Jing roared loudly.

You will definitely die, not even a whole body will remain. Lu Shenxing greeted his 18 generations of his ancestors.

By the end of the day, Prince Jing had come again and again, and Lu Shenxing heard his crazed rants countless times.

At night, Lu Shenxing smelled blood again, much stronger than during the day, he couldn't imagine the Xin Liang's situation.


It was like throwing a stone into the sea, there was no response.

Lu Shenxing vowed never to use that skill again. This time he was really cheated.

The past day and two nights were very ordinary for the common people, but for Lu Shenxing, Xin Liang, and Prince Jing, they seemed to last an eternity.

Following the system prompt, Lu Shenxing turned over and got out of bed. His feet were a little soft when they stepped on the ground. He only briefly slowed then walked out, he wasn't sure whether Xin Liang's injury was serious...

When the servants in the house saw Lu Shenxing, they hurried to report. Prince Jing's figure eventually appeared before him, Lu Shenxing asked impatiently, "Where is Xin Liang?"

Prince Jing grabbed Lu Shenxing's arm with unconcealed surprise in his eyes, "Are you all right?"

His heart was in a mess and Lu Shenxing breathed quickly, he repeated, "I asked you, where is Xin Liang?"

Prince Jing spoke indifferently, "General Chang misses your Junshi so much?"

"Quit stalling!" Lu Shenxing roared grimly, then laughed lowly, "If he's dead, I can't live."

Just when Prince Jing was trying to ridicule him, Lu Shenxing smiled gloomily, "I wouldn't want to live either."

Prince Jing paused, "Come here."

A moment later, Wu Ya dragged out a bloody man and threw him on the ground.

Prince Jing smiled, "General Chang, I'll give it to you."

Seeing the dying person on the ground, Lu Shenxing took in a hard breath, his eyes were scarlet. He slammed his fist into Prince Jing's face, "Fuck, your, mum!"

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