16 – My Military Advisor is Blind (end)
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16 – My Military Advisor is Blind (end)

Prince Jing was murdered, and it was verified that the wound was caused by Kuhai's unique domed dagger. The Emperor was furious and sent troops into Kuhai.

On the ninth day of September, Lu Shenxing took command, following the map he obtained, surpassing the mountains and avoiding many traps, under the advice of Xin Liang.

On the 20th of the twelfth lunar month of the same year, Kuhai was finally defeated and bowed their heads.

The Dragon Emperor promised his little princess Ning Jun to Lu Shenxing in front of the civil and military officials.

Lu Shenxing declined on the grounds that he already belonged to someone.

Although the Emperor was unhappy, this kind of thing was not easy to force, and it would damage the reputation of the royal family. He took a sip of tea and said, "Which woman does the Minister like?"

Xin Liang, who had just taken up the post of Sizheng Yamen, was standing behind him. Hearing this, his hands in his sleeves closed.

Lu Shenxing spoke lightly, "Regarding the Emperor's query, this Minister's favorite is not a woman."

The court was dead silent.

Xin Liang's breathing was stagnant, and he suddenly raised his head, a look of surprise across his features.

The man on the dragon throne got up and left. The ministers cast weird glances at Lu Shenxing, and those in the know looked at Xin Liang secretly.

Xin Liang frowned, "You didn't have to do that."

"Sooner or later, the cat would crawl out of the bag." Lu Shenxing whispered, "If we dragged it on, we would be on the back foot when it finally got out."

Xin Liang pursed his lips and remained silent. He couldn't describe his mood at the moment, thinking that he was the only one who was walking this path. It turned out that there was  someone who was always by his side.

"Minister Chang, please follow me."

Lu Shenxing followed the little eunuch to the imperial study. The Emperor didn't bother with subtlety and spoke directly.

"Is it Minister Xin?"

Lu Shenxing touched his nose, "The Emperor is wise."

The Emperor snorted, "How can our Ning Jun not compare to him?"

"Regarding the Emperor's question, the princess is beautiful, loved by the Emperor and the Queen, and many younger brothers." Lu Shenxing smiled and said, "Xin Liang only has this Minister."

The Emperor looked unhappy, but couldn't find a point to refute.

A man having three or four wives and concubines was normal, he couldn't understand this so-called monogamy, it was pitiful.

The monarch sat while the ministers stood, their views were obviously different.

The Emperor sighed and waved, "Fine, you men can do your own thing."

When Lu Shenxing left the palace gates, he saw Xin Liang standing in the snow. The snow fell all over and his head had turned white.

"I want to eat dumplings tonight."


Lu Shenxing sighed, watching the snow on Xin Liang's face slowly melt as he held his bamboo stick, "What did the Emperor say?"

Scanning the surroundings, Lu Shenxing wiped off the layer of snow around the blindfold on Xin Liang's eyes, and said with a chuckle, "He said we can go our own way."

Xin Liang was stunned, and the corners of his lips couldn't stop from curling up.

Lu Shenxing held his cold hand, "Let's go back."

In the snow covered ground, two trails of footprints were nestled together, tracking deep into the snow.

On New Year's Eve, thousands of houses in the city were brightly lit.

Xin Liang sat on the hot kang embroidering, with a serious expression on his face, Lu Shenxing stretched his neck and glanced over, after so long, it still looked like a tuft.

"Do you know how you embroider?"

"I have some idea."

You are quite confident. Lu Shenxing touched his silky earlobe and smiled, "Do you like me touching you like this?"

The red silk thread strayed suddenly, and the needle skidded across the cloth. Xin Liang's steady breath was a little messy, "I don't like it."

Lu Shenxing twisted his earlobes red, neither light nor heavy, "Liar, I'll give you another chance, do you like it?"

Xin Liang turned his head, "I like it."

Lu Shenxing found that the curve of his earlobe was very beautiful, "The more honest you are in front of me, the better. I like to see you like this."

Xin Liang made a very soft sound from his nose, which seemed comfortable and restrained.

"Doctor Liu gave me something back then." Lu Shenxing reached out and hugged Xin Liang in his arms, poking the tip of his nose with his index finger. "Let's try it out."

Lu Shenxing lay back on the kang casually, letting Xin Liang sit on him, "Junshi, you are in command. The General is responsible for the final offensive.  "

Xin Liang sat with his limbs stiff for a while, running his hand inch by inch along Lu Shenxing's face. His slightly cool fingertips slid from the center of his eyebrows to the straight bridge of his nose, moving slowly, focusing on his outline.

"I'll take you to the temple tomorrow morning."

Lu Shenxing kissed Xin Liang's temples, then moved to his lips, pushing against them slowly, and simply pressed the back of his head to kiss him deeper.

"That..." Xin Liang's intermittent voice overflowed from between his lips and teeth, "Um... I'll..."

Lu Shenxing squeezed Xin Liang's waist, his commanding tone was full of desire, begging, dissatisfaction, and contentment, "Stop talking."

"Be careful... uh... behind..."

As soon as Xin Liang's words fell, Lu Shenxing frowned and hissed, then pulled a needle out of his back, "Why didn't you tell me there was a needle?"

"I was trying to." Xin Liang took a breath and said innocently, "You didn't let me say it."

"..." Lu Shenxing grabbed his arm and flipped them over, laying on his body. He shifted them again and captured Xin Liang's hands above his head.


Xin Liang's destiny was changed because of Lu Shenxing, and the life trajectories of those surrounding him were all deviated.

In the 16th year of Changyuan, the Emperor died, and the Crown Prince succeeded the throne, and the country was renamed Chengtian.

Xin Hongyuan, who was in his eighties, was infatuated with a Song Ji, and died in a small town one day.

Xin Weichen became the head of the house. After Prince Jing died, he followed a wealthy businessman and frequented the gambling houses. Over time, he became addicted to gambling, and the entire Xin family was lost in his hands.

The Xin family never came to Xin Liang, maybe they all understood the unspoken truth.

In the past, you were indifferent to them, today the they are bound to treat you indifferently.

In the forty-two years of his occupation, Lu Shenxing's body and bones were still strong, but Xin Liang was much worse. His temples were greying, and he was often sick for most of the month. The whole house was filled with medicine.

It was a nice day when Xin Liang left. He said that he'd always dreamed of the past and his childhood and wanted to see his mother. Lu Shenxing agreed to accompany him to the grave.

On the way there, Xin Liang fell asleep and took a long time to wake up. When he woke up, he touched Lu Shenxing's face, and his thin fingers touched his nose, eyes and mouth over and over again. He vaguely knew what he looked like now.

Weeds grew at the head of the grave, dancing with the wind.

Xin Liang touched the weeds and pulled them out one by one. Lu Shenxing did not help him.

"I kowtow to my mother."

Xin Liang's forehead touched the rough soil, and his nose was full of the fragrance of earth. He pressed his head lower, and the expression on his face was peaceful.

Lu Shenxing on the side was wondering why he didn't get up on his knees, when his face suddenly changed. He slowly bent down, picked him up, and went home.

There were a lot of people in the hall. The military officials of their time were old, their eyes full of sorrow as they discussed the funeral of Xin Liang.

Lu Shenxing's body was a bit numb, he changed his position and closed his eyes.

"General, why did you prepare two coffins?"

The old man in the chair had closed his eyes and looked calm. Tong Yi stepped back in shock and fell to the ground.

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