17 – The Castle Lord fans me everyday (1)
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17 – The Castle Lord fans me everyday (1)

Lu Shenxing looked at the empty book [Ask Eternity]. The target of the second task, Shen Cheng, was the protagonist of the book.

Santou Mountain was home to Youlong Castle, the owner of the fort, Shen Cheng, was bloodthirsty but did no evil. However he was seen as a devil in the eyes of the righteous Wulin, a menace to society.

Seeing this opening, Lu Shenxing didn't have a very good feeling. He looked back through the book quickly.

Shen Cheng was the adopted son of the Emperor Xiao Huangyan. He stayed by his side, respecting and grateful, as the other not only saved his life, but also taught him martial arts personally and gave him the martial arts text 《Po Feng Jue》.

After growing up, Shen Cheng went down the mountain to practice, where he met a nun who told him something strange. Since then, he started secretly investigating and learned that more than a hundred people of the Shen family had been killed by the Xiao Emperor.

And it was all for the 《Po Feng Jue》.

The technique was too volatile and only the pure blooded of the Shen family can cultivate it. Even so, the meridians throughout the body would easily become chaotic and explode, killing the practitioner. If someone of the Shen family cultivated the technique to the sixth level, they would also die in this manner.

For those outside of the Shen family, if they want to share a piece of the pie, they must first obtain an introduction from a cultivator.

The reason why Xiao Huangyan adopted Shen Cheng, and spent a lot of energy training him, was purely to wait for him to reach the sixth level, and use him to destroy and conquer his enemies.

Shen Cheng's temperament changed drastically after he discovered the truth about his thief of a father. He began to confine himself to a secret room to cultivate all day long, without eating or drinking. When encountering difficulties, he could no longer restrain himself from killing and self-harm.

Three years later, Shen Cheng murdered Xiao Huangyan by his own hand and washed Youlong Castle in blood.

However, in addition to Xiao Huangyan, there were two very important women in Shen Cheng's life.

One was Shen Cheng's wife, Luo Hong, who gave him a pair of lovely children. Sadly, none of these children belonged to him.

There was also a woman who Shen Cheng treated as his mother, Si Niang, who turned out to be a member of the Wulin. For decades, she had been drugging his food, causing him to lose his ability to have children and prevent the yang Qi in his body from being polluted.

She had approached him with intent, her goal was also his 《Po Feng Jue》.

Shen Cheng thought he’d had a taste of family love, but it was all a joke.

After mastering the ten techniques of 《Po Feng Jue》, anything he desired was within his grasp.

Gradually, the pleasure of victory, of conquering the defender or destroying the aggressors, became dull. Shen Cheng's achievements became boring, and in the end he set fire to the entire Youlong Castle, and took everyone with him into hell.

The sadness index was four stars.

The protagonist went through setbacks and finally became the strongest in the world before burning it all to ash. This book was written by the author Revenge Society Association.

Lu Shenxing read it carefully twice through, he didn't even skip the little green author’s notes, building a thorough understanding.

The current plot was at the point where Shen Cheng got his revenge. Xiao Huanglu, Luo Hong, Si Niang and others had all become fertilizer, and no one in the world could withstand his strength.

Less than a month later would be the day he set the mountain on fire, it was hopeless.

Lu Shenxing's face was solemn, let alone giving a little love, even if he gave his life, he wouldn't be able to change Shen Cheng's determination to die.

"Can I just skip this and go to the next world?"

"Ding, when the mission fails, random punishments will be assigned. Has Mr. Lu given up?"

Lu Shenxing was silent, then cursed, "What the fuck are you playing at?"

"Ding, Mr. Lu, this was your own choice. You should have appeared when the target was young, but you are thirty years late."

After spending thirty years after successfully completing the last task, Lu Shenxing raised his eyebrows, "Is this the payment?"

"Ding, indeed." The tone of the system remained unchanged. "However Mr. Lu also has to pay back the interest on the debt of thirty years."

Fuck, there was interest, Lu Shenxing looked ugly, "What is it? Don't fucking drop it randomly this time."

"Ding, very well, Mr. Lu, you should go."

There was nothingness in front of Lu Shenxing's eyes. He saw a broken arm hanging on a tree, a torso in another place, and other limbs scattered on the ground, the bloody smell was disgusting.

"You finally woke up."

Hearing the sound, Lu Shenxing tilted his neck and looked up. He saw a suave man dressed in yellow looking at him with a harmless smile.

The man tutted, "I only killed a few people, why are you scared?"

If you're scared, at least don't be scared to death, okay?

The plot in Lu Shenxing's mind turned. The owner of this body was called Ji Zhiqiu. A beggar who wandered the streets and alleys but was full of hope, a fresh youngster who didn’t know fear. He was enticed by a rumour, and unable to resist, he wanted to see the number one beauty in the world, so he could return and show off.

He thought that the rumors about Youlong Castle were all lies, and when the tiger was taking a nap he would take a look at Shen Cheng, before secretly running back down the mountain.

Lu Shenxing shook his piss stained pants. Ji Zhiqiu was shocked before he even got up the mountain.

"Such bad luck." The man in yellow clothes seemed to have seen something disgusting and dirty, his face changed drastically. He took out a dagger and cut one of his sleeves, cutting off a section where a drop of blood had splashed, before returning to normal. .

Lu Shenxing's eyelid twitched. This person was Shen Cheng's Zuo Hufa, Liu Huo. He loved to cut off his opponent's hands and feet when killing enemies. If he was in a good mood, he would count them.

"Little boy, to tell you the truth, the ten people in front of you were thrown into the mountains to feed the wild wolves." Liu Huo bared his white teeth, "Are you so scared you’ll cry?"

Lu Shenxing said blankly, "Yeah, I'm so scared, I really want to cry."

Liu Huo's mouth twitched, weren’t you really scared just now?

After he was blindfolded, Lu Shenxing suddenly asked, "Zuo Hufa, do you know how to make a person give up the idea of suicide?"

"I don't save people." Liu Huo showed his signature bright smile again, "I only kill people."

The blue veins in Lu Shenxing's forehead faintly pulsed, he must’ve been knocked silly to ask such an idiot this question.

Youlong Castle

Under the Hehuan Tree, there was a woman in Tsing Yi garb holding a sword, her face clean. She was the You Hufa of Youlong Castle.

Lu Shenxing’s blindfold was removed and he subconsciously narrowed his eyes against the light.

"Liu Huo, why did you bring a kid back?" Wei Yang squinted, "Baozhu wanted you to find a servant for him, not a son."

The corner of Liu Huo's mouth twitched again, and he spread his hands, "Others are so scared when they hear the words Youlong Castle, isn’t it nice enough to find someone who dares to approach."

He hung up a note in Santou City with the words ‘Youlong Castle Recruitment’. From morning to night, even though it was only five miles away, don’t mention living humans, not even a fly came by.

He didn't really have much hope to begin with, but he really couldn't think of any other way. Just when he had finished packing and was preparing to leave, a child actually ran over.

It was a beggar, but after he washed his dirty face and changed his clothes he looked okay. Most importantly, he was voluntary.

Liu Huo was a little upset about this, Youlong Castle's recruitment of a young servant emphasised on their willingness. To show that Youlong Castle will not retaliate against anyone who doesn’t offend them first. but if someone does commit a crime against them, then they will be wronged and will defend themselves.

He didn't know how those other rumors spread.

Wei Young frowned, "Name."

"His name..." Liu Huo touched his nose, "By the way, boy, what is your name?"

Lu Shenxing had the urge to roll his eyes, "Ji Zhiqiu."

"Zhiqiu? Why aren’t you called Zhixia? Were you born in autumn?" Liu Huo walked forward slowly, still talking non-stop, "Either way after you enter this door, you’ll be Shen Shiyi."

Lu Shenxing followed Liu Huo and Wei Yang and stopped in a bamboo garden.

In summer, dragonflies of various colours stood on the emerald green bamboo and danced around the thin-pointed bamboo leaves from time to time.

On a stone table were a jug of wine and a few dishes. A man in purple clothes was sitting in front of him, the evil aura that lingered on him was extremely heavy. He slowly rubbed the wine glass in his hand, his voice indifferent, "What's the matter?"

Liu Huo bowed down and said respectfully, "Baozhu, this is the new servant brought back by this subordinate."

Lu Shenxing, who was standing with his head down, raised his eyes very quickly, and when he saw the man in purple sitting there, his eyebrow arched imperceptibly. Shen Cheng was indeed a beauty.

A cold piercing gaze swept over him, Lu Shenxing had no time to react, and met his gaze directly.

He immediately put on a panicked, trembling voice, "Baozhu."

Shen Cheng couldn't afford to make waves, "He’s really voluntary?"

Lu Shenxing nodded, his face showed a look of worship, "I am willing to serve Baozhu."

Liu Huo on the side wiped the sweat from his forehead. The last one also said that he would serve Baozhu, but he served to the point of even sneaking into Baozhu’s bed. By now, it was likely that even his bones had been devoured by wolves.

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