18 – The Castle Lord fans me everyday (2)
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18 – The Castle Lord fans me everyday (2)

Sangu was the oldest among the servants in Youlong Castle, and all the daily tasks and responsibilities had to go through her.

"Baozhu wakes up at yinshi, and falls asleep at choushi."

Lu Shenxing rolled his eyes, he got up earlier than a chicken and slept later than a dog.

"Shiyi, from today, you will live here in Cuizhu Garden, you'll be responsible for the daily necessities and cleaning for Baozhu." Sangu's face was like dried orange peel, her right eye was blind, with only the white of the eye remaining. A very deep scar ran from the corner of her right eye to her left ear, making her face extremely hideous.

"Eating is in Wanyuan House. Without the permission of Baozhu, the study is forbidden."

Lu Shenxing asked with a careful expression, "Sangu, what if I accidentally enter?"

Sangu stared back, "Then wait for death."

Lu Shenxing, "..."

"Baozhu likes the quiet." Sangu said with a straight face, "If you can't control your tongue, then just cut it off."

Lu Shenxing twitched, he felt sorry for the ten Shens that came before him.

"What are you in a daze?" Sangu said sternly, "The most taboo is to be in a daze here, maybe next time you are in a daze, the thing on top of your neck will be gone."

"Sangu..." Lu Shenxing smiled, "You must have been beautiful when you were young, like you just floated out of a painting."

Sangu snorted, and said slowly, "I am not old, my eyesight is still good."

Lu Shenxing squeezed her shoulders, "Sangu, I think this mountain is very large, apart from the study, is there anywhere else I can't go?"

"The rear mountain is forbidden. Don't think about doing anything unnecessary." Sangu said with much difficulty, "Restrain your curiosity, and honestly serve Baozhu."

Lu Shenxing nodded and bowed to send Sangu off. When he turned around, he almost smacked into a handsome face.

Liu Huo stood behind him, not speaking but just staring at Lu Jingxing, with a look that made people's hair stand on end.

In the next moment he burst out laughing, "Hahahahaha, Xiao Shiyi, are you scared."

Lu Shenxing left silently, and I've also become a fan of the fucking quiet now.

Liu Huo touched his chin, and it was rare to see someone who met Sangu and hadn't been scared to tears. There had always been a rumour in Youlong Castle that Sangu was scarier than the ghosts, and even he sometimes got chills.

There was a sudden voice from behind him, "Why does he look like he's thirteen or fourteen years old."

"He doesn't really." Liu Huo turned his head and blinked at Wei Yang. "More like fifteen, sixteen?"

Wei Yang stepped past him and walked away, Liu Huo followed, "Perhaps Xiao Shiyi is a young man."

"Don't smile so widely." Wei Yang kept walking, her red lips slightly opened, "If he is abnormal, he can't stay."

Liu Huo suddenly smiled bitterly, it was so difficult to find a servant.

At a quarter to five the next day, before dawn, Lu Shenxing rolled out of the bed in pain, scratching his hair sleepily and yawning as he got dressed.

After Lu Shenxing finished assembling himself, he knocked on the door and walked into the bedroom. He saw Shen Cheng sitting at the head of the bed, his black hair scattered and his clothes loose, showing a small section of his chest. When he saw him, he had a handsome face, but there weren't any superfluous expressions on it.

"Baozhu, good morning."

Shen Cheng glanced, at him, speechless.

Lu Shenxing put a cloth towel in the basin to soak then wrung it semi-dry, spread it out and handed it over.

Shen Cheng took it and wiped his face randomly. After washing, he stood up straight, opened his arms and nodded slightly.

Lu Shenxing didn't move, Shen Cheng didn't get angry or urge him. He just maintained the posture of a noble uncle.

"Baozhu, do you want me to hug you?" A glimmer flashed through Lu Shenxing's eyes, quickly converging. He said, "I'm still young and can't hold you."

There was finally a slight change in the pool of stagnant water that was Shen Cheng's face. It was fleeting, but he finally spit out some words from his lips, "Change my clothes."

Lu Shenxing covertly curled his lips in satisfaction then went to get his clothes.

Lifting his head, the height difference caused Lu Shenxing's face to darken. The moment he raised himself up on his toes, his heart collapsed.

After fixing Shen Cheng's neckline, Lu Shenxing, who was still on his toes, had a completely black face.

Shen Cheng knew that the child who only reached his chest had a lot on his mind, but he didn't ask.

Lu Shenxing, who hadn't adjusted to his new identity, stood idle for a few seconds, then shook out the quilt, bundled it up and placed it in a corner.

Everyone here was going to die anyway,  they probably wouldn't bother to care about these details.

While he was combing Shen Cheng's hair, Lu Shenxing plucked a strand out, but Shen Cheng didn't respond.

So he tore off four or five in a bunch, then secretly pinched his thigh making his eyes moist and asked in fear, "Baozhu, did I hurt you?"

Shen Cheng gave him a faint glance. He swept his eyes across the bundle on the bed as if it was nothing, and then walked outside.

What is the difference between this and a zombie?  Lu Shenxing cursed irritably.

In spring, summer, autumn and winter, Shen Cheng would sit alone in the rear mountain for an hour every day after waking up, doing nothing, just sitting quietly.

Standing at the foot of the bridge at the foot of the mountain, Lu Shenxing scratched his neck. Time was running out. He had to find a way to attract Shen Cheng's attention so that he felt that there was a reason to live.

The deep gray sky gradually turned white as the layers of mist dissipated, and light red clouds gathered in the east as if they were rushing to the market.

Lu Shenxing wiped off the dew on his face, was Shen Cheng waiting for the sunrise?

"Baozhu, your hair is messed up."

He heard footsteps as Lu Shenxing graciously came over, stretched out his hand and gently gathered the hair behind Shen Cheng in his hand. Then he raised his head and grinned at him, "Better."

Shen Cheng's expression was cold, unchanging, indifferent.

Lu Shenxing’s heart was galloping but he had to keep a smile on his face. He had to seem shy and nervous. Damnit, he wanted to vomit blood.

When Lu Shenxing finally returned to his senses, he was alone at the foot of the mountain.

Liu Huo had been awaiting Shen Cheng in Wanyuan House for a while. He stepped forward to greet him and stretched his neck to look behind him, "Baozhu, where is Xiao Shiyi?”

Shen Cheng squinted at him, his expression asking: who is Xiao Shiyi?

"Your little boy." Liu Huo was amazed, "Baozhu, hasn’t he been waiting on you to wash, a small boy, round eyes, dark and thin."

Wei Yang, who had just picked up her bowl on the side, heard his description, and the corners of her mouth twitched.

Shen Cheng asked, "Why is it Shiyi?"

Liuhuo held his forehead, "Baozhu, that’s because he is your eleventh servant."

Shen Cheng looked indifferent and stopped talking.

So, he really lost him? Liu Huo put down his chopsticks and was about to stand up when he saw a small figure passing by the window.

When the boy came in, he swept him up and down, "Xiao Shiyi, where have you been?"

Lu Shenxing glanced at Shen Cheng from the corner of his eye as he walked towards him, "Zuo Hufa, I got lost."

Liu Huo obviously didn't believe him, he’d found that this kid was full of secrets.

There was a scent drifting to the tip of his nose. Lu Shenxing stood with his head down, watching his nose and his heart. He was an honest child, no one should pay attention to him for no reason.

"Baozhu, you have dirt on you."

Liu Huo and Wei Yang raised their heads when they heard his voices, and they watched as the child earnestly removed a grain of porridge from Baozhu’s cuff. They all looked at him strangely.

They could tell that this kid was really interested in Baozhu.

Liu Huo showed a special smile and asked him directly.

As if he hadn't heard him, Shen Cheng drank his porridge slowly.

The corners of Lu Shenxing's eyes twitched, it was more than interest, he was literally his lifeline.

In the following days, Lu Shenxing did a lot of strange and funny things in the interest of ensuring his own safety, but Shen Cheng never questioned it.

He was left with an unprecedented sense of frustration.

On October 18th, two days before Shen Cheng would commit suicide, Lu Shenxing's anxious mouth was blistering. He first went to Sangu's place for a while, but there was nothing to be gained, so he went instead to the herbalist.

The old herbalist was actually the genius doctor Fang Hu, but aside from him, only Shen Cheng knew this.

Lu Shenxing said several times before his character didn’t suit his guise, and went on strike, and one day happened to bump into the old Hua Bo causing him to fall into the medicine garden. He ran to help him up.

Since then, he has visited him every now and then, no matter how weird his temper, Fang Hu was still an old man and liked to have someone to talk to.

The herbalist patted his bamboo basket and took note of the herbs inside, "Shiyi, are you listening? This Suiwu Grass is a wonderful thing. Wait a little while and don't spoil it."

"I’m listening." Lu Shenxing touched his head, "Hua Bo, I just saw the big pot in the room was boiling."

"Oi! You brat, why didn't you tell me earlier, I finally got the medicinal materials inside. It's Jin Gui. It's ruined if you don't pay attention to the heat."

Hua Bo hurried into the house and Lu Shenxing took the opportunity to grab an ear of Suiwu Grass from the bamboo basket on the ground, and returned to Cuizhu Garden casually.

When choushi arrived, Shen Cheng, who had just fallen asleep, suddenly felt his mouth and tongue were hot and dry. He got up to pour a cup of cold tea, slowing the warm sensation in his body. His half-lidded eyes suddenly widened, dark and cold, then closed again and he fell straight to the ground.

The door opened slightly and Lu Shenxing walked in. He pulled on Shen Cheng’s legs and dragged him to the front of the bed, putting one of his arms on his shoulders and passing his hand under the man’s armpit, he gripped tightly and tried his best to pull him up.

He still overestimated the power of this body and after shakily lifting him up, he fell onto Shen Cheng.

"I've never served anyone like this in my life." Lu Shenxing looked down at Shen Cheng below him, narrowed his eyes into thin slits, then lowered his head to his neck and bit down.

After licking the blood in his mouth, Lu Shenxing took off Shen Cheng's trousers and wrote seven large characters on his leg with a brush.

Da Ye came here for a visit.

When he woke up and found that there was a bite mark on his neck together with those words, it was such a naked insult and he shouldn't be able to ignore it.

The next day, before dawn, Liu Huo and Wei Young hurried to Cuizhu Garden, both of them were livid.

"Baozhu, someone broke in last night."

Wei Young spoke lowly, "They were able to escape the formations silently, without being noticed by us. Within all of the Wulin, this could only be possible for the head of Yulin Tower."

"They clearly think too lightly of us." Liu Huo took out a white feather from his sleeve, his eyes flashed with excitement and bloodlust. "This subordinate has given the order, those who are hidden within their ranks will act tonight, leaving no one behind. "

Seeing his strategy succeed, Lu Shenxing was happy, so he listened to Shen Cheng intently as he said, "Withdraw the order."

Liu Huo asked what Lu Shenxing was thinking, "Why?"

His slender fingers tapped on the armrest of his chair one by one, Shen Cheng's expression was cold, and his lips were sealed.

Lu Shenxing frowned, why did he feel like Shen Cheng glanced at him just now.

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