20 – The Castle Lord fans me everyday (4)
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20 – The Castle Lord fans me everyday (4)

Everyone in Youlong Castle saw that Baozhu’s close servant didn't have his wits about him, often walking either into pillars or other people. There was definitely something wrong, and they all believed that the wolves in the mountain wouldn't be going hungry.

Liu Huo didn't agree, he went to Sangu.

"Zuo Hufa, what are you doing in this old lady's house?" Sangu didn't mean to be polite.

"Sangu, I won't be circumspect." Liu Huo cocked his legs, "Baozhu has been very wrong recently. It should be said that it's been this way since Shiyi arrived."

"Oh? Really? Is that so?" Sangu said sharply, "This old lady only has one eye, so I don't see as much as Zuo Hufa."

Liu Huo sneered in his heart, decrepit old woman, I was obviously just being polite, you and me are like yin and yang.

"Shiyi was injured by Baozhu. He has the most contact with you on weekdays. I also heard that your relationship is very good. Sangu, why didn't you tell him?" Liu Huo stared at Sangu, "Did you forget?"

"This old lady is tired." Sangu's eyes flickered suddenly, and she made a blank face, "Zuo Hufa, please go back."

The usual smile on Liu Huo's face disappeared, he stood up, his sharp eyes fell on Sangu and his fingers moved behind his back as he finally lost his patience.

After closing the door, Sangu clenched the corner of the table with her wrinkled hands, and the expression on her face became heavy. At that time, the old Baozhu was still alive, and Shen Cheng was young. She was following Si Niang to do something and accidentally saw a piece of parchment.

Those who practice Po Feng Jue will forget and abandon love, the rest of the parchment was torn off.

The second half was missing.

Lu Shenxing squatted at the entrance of the bamboo garden. The sun was high in the sky and his clothes were wet with sweat, dried by the wind, and then soaked again, repeatedly. He exuded an unpleasant smell.

Yesterday, when he'd learned the truth from Huo Bo, he was at his wits end at first, and he even thought of giving up the task, but after a night's rest, he'd calmed down.

Let's not explore the reason why Shen Cheng pretended to be dizzy and allowed him to do that to him. Since the other party didn't mention it, he would also continue to pretend not to know.

Patting away the bamboo leaves that fell on his nose, Lu Shenxing stuck out his tongue and slid it around his dry lips.

Whether or not Shen Cheng wanted to play, he would accompany him.

In the bamboo garden, the sound of the qin was melodious, and the bamboo leaves floated down slowly. Lu Shenxing's shoes stepped on the dead leaves and the sound of the qin stopped.

As a clear aura approached, Lu Shenxing felt the heat around him dissipate.

Walking to Lu Shenxing, Shen Cheng said two words, "Go down the mountain."

Lu Shenxing was taken aback. According to the original plot, it was less than three hours to the time that this person would die. He'd planned to do everything possible to stop it, and was even prepared to use the Invincible Xiaoba Wang cheat. He planned to stay by Shen Cheng even when he went to the toilet.

After hearing the other party saying that he wanted to go down the mountain, he was a little unresponsive.

"Baozhu, I don't know any qinggong, I can only walk down the mountain." Lu Shenxing had a serious expression on his face, "I will go find a flat place to walk."

Shen Cheng disappeared, and then reappeared looking a little different, and he passed a piece of clothing over.

Lu Shenxing rolled his eyes and grabbed it with his hands.

Floating in the air, Lu Shenxing looked down at the lush and deep mountains, the towering rocks, and the beautiful scenery. He felt that he still wasn't ina goid mood, so he simply leaned on Shen Cheng's arm and looked down.

Shen Cheng pursed his lips almost imperceptibly, his long arm stiffened, and firmly protected the black haired boy resting on it.

Santou City was very lively, with residents juggling, playing, frolicking, hawking, there was everything.

Lu Shenxing followed from behind, why did he feel that Shen Cheng was in a good mood and was enjoying himself browsing the booths, not at all like someone who was about to give up.

Thinking this, Lu Shenxing watched him secretly. When he saw Shen Cheng stretch out his hand to pick up a little clay figurine and offer to buy it, his nerves that had been strained for so long suddenly relaxed.

The development of the plot had really been affected by him. Lu Shenxing looked at Shen Cheng and found him very pleasing to his eyes.

Thinking he'd met a rich and brainless young man, the hawker's joy blossomed, and his eyes fell directly on Shen Cheng's purse.

Lu Shenxing was watching from the side, and seeing that Shen Cheng was about to be ripped off, he blurted, "At most three silver."

"Three silver?" The hawker glared, "Little boy, don't talk nonsense. I'm from a family of craftsmen, unparalleled in the world. A dozen silver is the lowest price."

He thought that talking down to the kid would be of little consequence, but the man in purple took his purse back, turned around and left.

The hawker's expression soured and he shouted at Shen Cheng, "Don't go, young man, if you really like it, the price can be discussed."

In the end the little clay figurine was bought for two silver.

Lu Shenxing found that all the stalls Shen Cheng stopped in front of all sold things love by children. He glanced at him secretly and became more confused.

"Baozhu, those toys are very cheap, and they're only worth a few cents." Lu Shenxing lowered his voice, with some teasing, "You will lose money if you don't negotiate the price."

He just spoke casually, not expecting a response, but he heard a faint voice above his head, "Money isn't a problem."

The corners of Lu Shenxing's mouth twitched.

Most of the West Avenue was owned by Youlong Castle. Shen Cheng entered a pawnshop and when he came out he saw that the child who was waiting at the door had disappeared. The air about him suddenly became cold.

The pawnbroker's face tightened, and he stepped forward cautiously, "Baozhu?"

Standing in a noisy street market, Shen Cheng's cold eyes flickered across the bustling crowd, and a chilling aura exuded from him causing passers-by to dodge around him.

The pawnshop owner clasped his hands tightly and kept swallowing back his saliva. He realised what he was looking for, and immediately ordered the people in the shop to split up and find him.

Lu Shenxing, who was arguing with a man, was suddenly picked up by a large hand. He turned his head coldly and met a pair of deep eyes.

Holding the dishonest child beside him, Shen Cheng waved his hand and a wound appeared on the man's left cheek. He covered his face and yelled, "Hey, everyone, this child smashed my jade pendant, then his father came and beat me. Where is the justice?"

His father?

Lu Shenxing raised his head, Shen Cheng lowered his head, the two pairs of eyes met.

When this scene fell in the eyes of others, they not only didn't realize that they were wrong, but were instead confident they had assumed correctly.

A big lady who couldn't stand it anymore, couldn't help but say to Shen Cheng, "Da Xiongdi, you can't spoil your son like this, otherwise, when he grows up, he will..."

Shen Cheng glanced at her, and the aunt suddenly trembled with shock, not daring to say another word.

An ingot of silver flew out of Shen Cheng's hands and fell at the man's feet. Lu Shenxing's view abruptly changed and stopped at a river by the side of the road.

Shen Cheng watched Lu Shenxing quietly, "You are very naughty."

The vein in Lu Shenxing's forehead twitched fiercely. Before the explosion of emotion spread to his face, he heard Shen Cheng speak again, "But I am not bored."

Lu Shenxing was stunned and stared at Shen Cheng a little strangely, spotting a very light red on the tips of his ears.

This scene seemed familiar, Lu Shenxing couldn't remember where he'd seen it before. He suddenly wanted to touch Shen Cheng's ear, so he touched it.

Shen Cheng's body shuddered as an unfamiliar feeling blocked his thoughts, and the qi in his body moved on its own.

Lu Shenxing, who was too close, was hit by the fan and flew in the air, smashing into the river with a big splash.

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