22 – The Castle Lord fans me everyday (6)
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22 – The Castle Lord fans me everyday (6)

It was a beautiful spring scene, the wind was blowing, and in the Santou Mountains a black-clothed man was walking leisurely.

The young man was none other than Lu Shenxing, who was about to be forgotten by the System.

He wandered around a clearing between the pine trees, and a stone stair was exposed, going up and up, without an ending in sight.

Ning Xiang's eyes widened, how could her boy crack the formation of Youlong Castle?  Wasn't it said that this formation was extremely formidable? And yet he just casually...

"Don't be silly."

Lu Shenxing stepped onto the stone steps.

Less than half way up, fine beads of sweat were dripping from the tip of Ning Xiang's nose, she put her hands on her knees and panted, "Gongzi, does qinggong really trigger the mechanism?"

"It's fake." Lu Shenxing walked briskly.

Ning Xiang choked silently.

Stopping, Lu Shenxing stood up straight, "Here."

Ning Xiang was just about to ask what was here when she saw a tall man with a peerless appearance, pure as snow, but wearing a red outfit that looked completely wicked.

After realising the identity of the incoming person, she nervously took a guard posture, but found that the man was always looking at the young man next to her. The coldness in his eyes dissipated and was replaced by another extremely subtle emotion, which was somewhat agitated and hot.

For the past two years, Huo Bo repeated Shen Cheng's name in his ear, and Lu Shenxing was forced to recognize the fact that he didn't regard Shen Cheng as the lord of the castle, and the other party didn't just regard him as a servant.

"I'm back."


Simple and direct dialogue, in a familiar tone.

Ning Xiang's tensed body loosened, and she secretly put the Bailing knife hidden between her fingers away. She suddenly understood what Huo Bo had refused to tell her.

The sun gradually slanted west, and there were big red lanterns draped inside and outside of Youlong Castle, with the word 'joy', hung everywhere. There was a strong sense of celebration everywhere.

Everyone smiled at Lu Shenxing, their eager eyes making his hair stand on end.

At the end of the winding corridor was a specially prepared auditorium. Liu Huo, Wei Yang and the others stood side by side, they had all come to see the young man standing next to Baozhu.

The auditorium, the groom, everything was prepared, but the bride was missing.

Suddenly, Lu Shenxing had an unusually bad premonition. Lu Shenxing turned around and ran, but before he escaped, his acupuncture point was blocked by someone's hand.

Ning Xiang was on the spot, should she save him or not? She bit her lip, it wouldn't make any difference, seeing that man's gaze, her son couldn't hide today.

"Gong...gongzi, you are going to be a bride."

These words were like turning on a switch, and a wave of congratulations was showered over Lu Shenxing, he felt like he'd been hit by the five thunders.

Liu Huo laughed and said, "Xiao Shiyi, I haven't seen you in two years, you've grown taller."

His facial muscles twitched, Lu Shenxing's expression was contorted to the extreme, his gaze turned into countless knives shooting at Shen Cheng's face.

A maid came over with a wooden tray, "Baozhu."

As everyone was stunned, Shen Cheng picked up the folded wedding robes and put them on Lu Shenxing, placing his long black hair lightly behind his shoulders, and took a red hair tie to tie it up.

The long red robes lined the young man's slender figure and in the dark clouds in his eyes a terrifying anger surged.

Ning Xiang murmured, "Gongzi is so beautiful--"

Suddenly, a fierce gaze was directed at her and her expression faded. She quickly retracted her gaze, lowered her head, and said nothing.

A piece of red cloth was draped over the top of his head, covering the violently throbbing veins in Lu Shenxing's forehead, until his sight was dyed with red.

"The auspicious time has come--" the eldest hall master raised his head excitedly and shouted, "Please bring forward the bride and groom!"

Amidst the percussive music, Shen Cheng picked up Lu Shenxing and stepped into the auditorium. The red cloth was bumped and swayed with the wind.

What happened after that was a scene that was so wonderful that to Lu Shenxing congratulations had become dull and tasteless, as he, a man with marital phobia, actually got married.

All of Youlong Castle knelt down and shouted in unison, "Congratulations, Baozhu! Congratulations, Meiren!"

Wei Yang said respectfully, "I wish Baozhu and Meiren to be of one mind forever."

Shen Cheng nodded, "Appreciated."

Liu Huo also came up, "I wish Baozhu and his wife an early birth, and a good relationship for a hundred years."

The atmosphere suddenly changed, and everyone present looked at each other, then looked away, all trying to reduce their sense of existence for fear of being implicated.

Sensing he'd said something wrong, Liu Huo rubbed his nose awkwardly, "This subordinate will go receive his punishment."

"I'll let you off." After speaking, Shen Cheng left the building still holding Lu Shenxing.

The people who were left behind were surprised, Baozhu had really changed.

In the Cuizhu Garden, the plants and trees were still exactly as they were, except now there was an extra peach tree, brightening up the place.

The bedroom was shrouded in red light and the head of the bed was hung with a red silk curtain, embroidered with a dragon and phoenix, very lifelike. There were many dates, peanuts, longans, and lotus seeds sprinkled on the couch, and at the corner of the quilt was white cloth.

Shen Cheng fed Hepu wine to Lu Shenxing, the mellow and sweet scent spread into the air.

The moment his acupuncture points were released, Lu Shenxing jumped onto Shen Cheng and trapped his hands and feet. The emotions brought about by his anger made his face terrible, "Are you crazy?"

Shen Cheng's thin lips were pressed into an arc, which was very different from his usual coldness, there was an imperceptible connivance to his look.

As long as he lived, he would keep this child under his nose, wanting to worship the other and die the same death. This desire was too strong, so strong that it seems to be a regret left by a previous life, a wish.

He couldn't beat him, and wouldn't curse him, Lu Shenxing suddenly wanted to smoke a cigarette. He jumped off the bed irritably, and the mechanical sound that had disappeared for two years came into his mind without warning.

"Ding, congratulations to Mr. Lu."

As if being doused with a bucket of cold water, the fire in Lu Shenxing's body was extinguished, and he was suddenly reminded of the thing that had troubled him for two years, desperately wanting to know the results.

"Show me your feet."

Faced with this strange and unreasonable request, Shen Cheng merely raised his eyebrows lightly.

Lu Shenxing held Shen Cheng's ankle in the palm of his hand, and moved along the arc of his instep inch by inch, thoughtfully.

Shen Cheng's eyes were half closed, and his breathing quickly became chaotic.

A soft colour slowly climbed up his face. When his ankle was released, the warmth disappeared, and he felt a little lost in his heart.

Lu Shenxing wiped his face fiercely, his gaze locked on Shen Cheng's soft lips. There was something deep and inexplicable, disturbing his thoughts.

Lu Shenxing grabbed Shen Cheng's robe and dragged him closer.

Shen Cheng was forced to bow his head, his lips hurt, and his eyes widened with shock and confusion, as memories sunk into his subconscious, fascinating him.

From probing with his lips and tongue, to deep grinding and heavy sucking, tightly, closer, until they were seamlessly joined together. Lu Shenxing continually looked at Shen Cheng, with flames burning in his eyes.

It felt wonderful, and equally familiar, he couldn’t be wrong.

Shen Cheng's chest rose and fell, breathing slightly heavily. Since mastering Po Feng Jue, his desire and hopes could be controlled at will and he’d gradually forgotten how it felt, he couldn't remember how long it had been.

His body was screaming madly, empty, longing, and hot, but his expression was indifferent, "Why are you doing this?"

Lu Shenxing was in a youthful body, and his reactions were even greater. He took a deep breath and pulled the red clothes off his body.

Shen Cheng was silent, although this answer was not what he wanted, it was still pleasing to him.

The two looked at each other, the breath that they exhaled was completely filled with each other's taste, and the surrounding atmosphere was quietly tainted with ambiguity.

Lu Shenxing narrowed his eyes, they were only an inch apart, the man in red lying under him was still maintaining his aloof aura that pushed others away. From the roots of his hair to his toes, he exuded an air of abstinence, but at this moment his clothes were messy and his cheeks were touched with crimson, the corners of the eyes were wet, and his lips were shiny.

A terrible temptation.

He didn't know if it was because of the wine, but Lu Shenxing became harder. He swallowed and attached himself to Shen Cheng's ear, and spoke at a ghost story-telling volume, "Have you heard of 222?"

Shen Cheng shook his head, "No."

"000? 111? 333? Or something like that?" Lu Shenxing's voice was lower, and he spoke desperately, "Do you know the system?"

Shen Cheng was puzzled, "I don't."

Lu Shenxing's scrutinising gaze fell on Shen Cheng for a moment before he furrowed his brows. He was conscious, neither mad nor foolish, it was impossible what he felt was wrong

"Let me see your back garden."

Shen Cheng didn't know why, but when his clothes were opened, his ears hidden in his hair were red, and his brows were lightly frowned because of the discomfort and the wispy pain.

Feeling that the candlelight was an eye-sore and uncomfortable, Shen Cheng waved his sleeve and was immediately dodged by Lu Shenxing who evaded reflexively after being hit by the fan several times.


"Don't be afraid." Shen Cheng put his hand behind Lu Shenxing, stroking it up and down, in a calm posture of ‘I won't move, you can relax’.

Lu Shenxing twitched his mouth, it was as if he was the one who was having their door touched.

The red candle was extinguished, the curtain of the bed hung down, the peanuts and red dates on the couch were all rolled into the corner. Shen Cheng closed his eyes, his breathing was restrained very lightly, and there was a faint illusion that he had experienced.

"Found it."

Lu Shenxing stretched out his hand and felt it, using one finger to measure the diameter.

Smaller than the door of Xin Liang's house.

After the inspection, his guess was confirmed. The memories from his past resurfaced, vivid and painful. Lu Shenxing softened a little. He sneered without looking back, "I'll go to sleep next door."

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