23 – The Castle Lord fans me everyday (7)
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23 – The Castle Lord fans me everyday (7)

This chapter is 100% awkward door metaphors (sex) ; there is no plot, so if you aren’t interested in afore mentioned doors you can skip this chapter without worries.

The twilight came, in silence.

Lu Shenxing sat on the railing, his back leaning against a pillar, his long red robes slightly open, with all the elegance unique to his age.

Looking down from the corner of his eyes, his gaze flicked over the bulging tent. For the time being, he didn’t want to wonder if it was the control of this body that was at work, or his own heart which ignited the fire.

The fire that was spreading rapidly and vigorously.

Lu Shenxing turned around. Both he and the man in the half-opened door needed an unreserved release.


Lu Shenxing's thumb and forefinger formed a circle, and the corners of his mouth pulled into an arc that was not quite a smile. He didn't look at it just before, but it's probably not that big.

"Ding, Mr. Lu, our company has developed a new product not long ago, Haolu, and a series of tester packages have been sent out."

There was a flurry of salesman's rhetoric in his mind, but Lu Shenxing ignored it, "What's the use?"

"Ding, specializing in the relief of dryness, tightness, and other symptoms."

Lube? Lu Shenxing's eyes lit up, and he immediately jumped off the railing. Just when he wanted to sleep, someone had sent him a pillow, his hard days had finally come to an end.

"Ding, every user will get a free package, and for every order of Haolu, users will receive a gift of Juhua Ling." The system continued, "Mr. Lu remember to leave a good review."

Lu Shenxing narrowed his eyes. This package didn’t sound half bad.

The carved door was opened and closed, the curtain of the dragon and phoenix bed swayed vigorously, as the bed softly creaked.

Shen Cheng was still in his original pose and upon seeing that the boy had not left, he suppressed the turmoil in his eyes.

"Touch me." Lu Shenxing grabbed Shen Cheng's hand, pressed it on his bulge, and rubbed it with it.

With warm palms, Shen Cheng's eyelids lightly lifted, and he moved his fingers calmly.

Lu Shenxing propped his elbow, his hot lips fell on Shen Cheng’s ears and temples, and moved along the beautiful curve to the side of his neck, biting neither lightly nor heavily.

Sweat fell from his forehead, and Shen Cheng's breath was unstable. He was the world's number one powerhouse but he was still a mortal, with passion and desire.

His Qi ran through his body, and the pressure within Shen Cheng suddenly changed, and the sultry air caused by their movements was completely overwhelmed by a frightening cold and strong wind.

Putting his other hand on the young man's waist, he tightened his force to restrain him, transferring his Qi, so he wouldn’t hurt him. Shen Cheng frowned, why was it that the closer he gets to this man, the more chaotic his Qi?

Lu Shenxing and Shen Cheng gasped, entangling their limbs, and he felt his way around with familiar ease.

Shen Cheng sucked in a breath.

After losing the ability to be a normal man, Shen Cheng's hatred didn’t disappear with Si Niang's death. He blamed the heavens and earth, despised fate, and was tired of the world.

So much darkness bred, spreading, accumulating, rotting, and stinking inside of him, until there was no sunlight.

After the boy appeared, he stayed by his side every day, as if he had endless energy and stamina. He felt he was noisy and annoying and at first, this didn’t arouse his attention.

It wasn't until one day that the young man changed his clothes as usual, but remained silent. He actually saw that the young man was unhappy, and started noticing it again and again. It was only at that moment that he understood that he had not experienced any of these emotions for many years.

Lu Shenxing kissed the corner of Shen Cheng's eyes, and the tip of his tongue swept away the salt water. His martial arts were still the same, tense like a log.

"Why sigh?" Shen Cheng asked.

"You always look like this." Lu Shenxing lifted Shen Cheng's hair sticking to his cheeks, very helpless. When can I see you sway up and down, screaming, wrapping around him, crying and begging me to fuck you. Such a thing would be so erotic.

Shen Cheng frowned, raised his neck and let those kisses cover him. It was the first time for them, so why did he say he was always like this?

"I like people who take the initiative." Lu Shenxing said playfully.

Shen Cheng's eyebrows tightened, as if encountering an unprecedented difficulty. After a moment of silence, he leaned over and proactively kissed Lu Shenxing's lips, his movements stiff.

Like a puppy licking a rice bowl, Lu Shenxing laughed out loud, in a happy mood.

"They used to be able to fly, but now they are hiding away in their dens."

After muttering, Lu Shenxing touched his soft skin in frustration. He couldn't help but wonder whether the soul living in the body under him was also bound to a system, but different from his. The goal was different, and maybe his memories were cleared after completing a task?

His thoughts were interrupted by a suppressed voice, and Lu Shenxing raised his eyebrows. Whether Xin Liang or Shen Cheng's expression was light or indifferent, their honest bodies always gave him a reminder that they longed for and enjoyed his touch.

If it wasn't that his appearance was too frantic, from his reaction Lu Shenxing might have thought that he had raised him for many years, haha.

The cumbersome wedding clothes were thrown on the ground, and the shoes and socks were tossed about in a mess. The passionate young man was lying on the handsome man's generous shoulders, and the cascade of black hair wrapped around them both.

Lu Shenxing hesitated at the entrance, pushing in a little, then stepping back, rubbing the threshold, mobilizing all his strength, tightening each muscle, working to prepare him.

The hose was dripping with water drop by drop, and Lu Shenxing creased his brows, each breath heavier than the last.

His fair chest was flushed with beading sweat. Shen Cheng pressed his red lips to the side of his head, and the desire and expectation in the corners of his eyes and eyebrows could hardly be hidden.

Lu Shenxing bit his earlobe, laughing dumbly, "Waiting for God's gift."

"Ding, the Haolu and Juhua Ling have arrived."

Following the sound, Lu Shenxing felt that the entrance was suddenly opened by brute force, revealing a very considerable area before him.

There are such good things in the world.

Lu Shenxing felt that there was love in the world again. He held his breath and, almost rudely, rushed inside, instantly pushing away everything, occupying the land as king.

At the moment when the vacancy was filled, Shen Cheng's eyelashes became wet, and his hot back arched off the quilt. He couldn't help moving with the familiar rhythm.

If you want to enjoy what others can't, you must endure what others can't.

Lu Shenxing inside had no time to wander, caught between experiencing the extreme pain and the extreme happiness, switching back and forth between them, until they overlapped.

Shen Cheng made a very soft noise from his nose, and the corners of his eyes were wet.

Just like before, no matter how Lu Shenxing rushed in, the entrance wasn’t damaged in the slightest, and he could go another 300 rounds.

Whether he’d picked up the treasure or was pitted, Lu Shenxing didn't care to think, his breath trembled suddenly, swish, and the arrow shot on the door.

The first battle was won.

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