24 – The Castle Lord fans me everyday (8)
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24 – The Castle Lord fans me everyday (8)

Youlong Castle was locked down, not letting even the slightest gust of wind escape, and the righteous Wulin who squatted on the outskirts of the city afraid to go up the mountain but also not wanting to leave, didn't even smell a fart.

For several days, Ning Xiang was lost. Since their arrival, she hadn’t seen her gongzi and couldn’t enter Cuizhu Garden. She was constantly under supervision.

Baozhu was like none other, presumably he must care for Shiyi very much, but she didn't know whether her gongzi's body could handle it or not.

"He used to be the servant of Baozhu, and now he is the wife of Baozhu." Wei Yang looked at Ning Xiang, holding her chin. "He has always been Baozhu’s person, nothing has changed."

Ning Xiang pursed her lips and took out a blue box from her sleeve, "You Hufa, can you give this to gongzi?" She paused, blushing, "It's a salve that can heal wounds quickly."

Wei Yang reached out, took it and sniffed it faintly, "Meiren cannot use it."

Ning Xiang was taken aback, and exclaimed angrily, "Gongzi is a man, that place will suffer!"

Wei Yang, who was yelled at for some reason: stupid woman.

She went to Cuizhu Garden and stood outside for a while. The box in her hand was slightly moist. Just when she was about to leave, there were footsteps.

Seeing the young man approaching, Wei Young raised her eyebrows, "Meiren."

Lu Shenxing stiffened, he clenched his fist and coughed at the corner of his lips, "Take me to see Sangu."

Wei Yang looked up in surprise, he turned back to look behind, but didn't see Baozhu, and decided not to ask about it.

Withdrawing his gaze, he stopped on the box Wei Yang was holding. Lu Shenxing raised his eyebrows, "Ning Xiang asked you to give it to me?"

Wei Yang handed it over, "Yes."

Lu Shenxing opened the box, it smelled of medicine, it was a cure for trauma, he put away the box with a weird expression. Shen Cheng was bleeding, but not at the lower opening, but the upper.

Haolu and Juhua Ling matched their names very well. They are really slippery and very pleasant. That night, he and Shen Cheng made love in many positions and were almost glued together afterwards.

In the first round, he found something was wrong. His first reaction was that the threshold of Shen Cheng’s door had been crushed by him. Then his hand touched something wet on Shen Cheng’s chin and chest, and when he put it to his nose he smelled the scent of blood.

The experience of that night can be described in the words ‘happy and sad’.

Lu Shenxing admitted that the backdoor was too slippery, he didn't hold back and he kept drilling inside, but that shouldn’t make Shen Cheng vomit so much blood. Even disregarding Shen Cheng's strong internal strength, a knife, sword or arrow couldn’t hurt him at all.

And he was just an ordinary person, although he was wielding a stick, the material was different.

The strangest thing is that instead of seeing pain in Shen Cheng's expression, he seemed to be very happy, and was still gripping him tightly.

It was a posture of ‘Don't leave, we will fight till dawn.’

After not going out for four days, Lu Shenxing felt that the world had changed. He responded with a smile on his face, feeling unprecedented depression in his heart.

These matters may be related.

"Ding, Mr. Lu, they say good reviews are above five points, you only gave four points."

Lu Shenxing listened to the sudden sound in his head, it was still the same mechanical tone, however there was an illusion that he was shouting, as if it didn't get that point, it wouldn't get the commission.

"Aren't you supposed to only see good reviews? Why do you even know the points?"

Lu Shenxing reluctantly changed the score with a stinky face, "Taobao has cashback for five-points or more, why don't you give anything?"

"Ding, Mr. Lu, thank you for your cooperation. Our delivery speed cannot be surpassed, and you can order whenever you want." The cold voice of the system asked, "Why was Mr. Lu dissatisfied with the product?"

Lu Shenxing sneered, "The aphrodisiac is too high, I’m not a damn horse."

"Ding, other users say it is good."

Lu Shenxing chuckled at the corner of his mouth. Could it be that the number of other users also scored? And also got a sample? Or, do others just use these lives to fuck.

"Here." Wei Yang stopped at a door.

Lu Shen walked in by himself. In the deserted courtyard, there was an old woman with her back to him sitting on a chair. She turned her face to stare at him, the hollow left by her missing eyeball was extremely gloomy.

"Sangu, I haven't seen you for two years, you got old."

Sangu remained indifferent, still staring at Lu Shenxing, with an expression on her face that was difficult to discern.

"I remember that we got along very well, and there weren't any grudges between us." Lu Shenxing squatted down in front of her. "Back then, you lied to me to go to the edge of the cliff and pushed me down the mountain. Why did you take such pains?"

Sangu didn't utter a single word, she bent her curved fingers, rubbing her knees, as if trying to recall something.

"I got married to Baozhu."

Sangu's movements suddenly stopped, then quickly resumed.

Her change was caught by Lu Shenxing. He narrowed his eyes, and deliberately reached up to pull her neckline, revealing the deep and shallow marks on her neck.

Sangu's eyes were wide and there was a whine in her throat.

Lu Shenxing's face changed slightly, he squeezed Sangu's chin and lifted it forcibly. The inside of the other's mouth was empty, and he took a breath.

The purpose of cutting off a person's tongue is mostly to seal it.

"Are you literate?"

Sangu shook her head, she walked into the room, and Lu Shenxing followed, thinking that there was something to be handed to him, but then he saw her lying on the bed.

She can really sleep at any time...

Lu Shenxing thought deeply on the spot. The plot he'd memorised stopped two years ago. Everything changed without the fire, and he knew nothing about the subsequent developments.

Sangu must know something. Lu Shenxing walked to the bed and asked in a low voice, "You did that because you wanted me to leave, didn't you?"

The person on the bed was motionless, as if she was deaf and couldn't hear what Lu Shenxing was saying.

An icy breath enveloped him from behind, Lu Shenxing turned his head. Shen Cheng stood there with a cold expression. He didn't know if he had rested, his eyes were red, and a hellish aura covered his face, as if he had become a demon.

When Lu Shenxing walked to Shen Cheng's side, the dark air between his brows faded little by little and returned to normal.

Sangu saw it all, she sighed inaudibly, fate...

On the way back, there was a long silence, and Shen Cheng asked, "Why?"

Lu Shenxing was absent-minded, "Sometimes death is a relief, and living is the most painful."

There was another silence.

"The scenery here is good." Lu Shenxing stopped and pressed his hand on Shen Cheng's waist. "Let's sit for a while."

The task progress was stagnant, he could no longer allow things to drag on, he needed to find a way to understand the things that Shen Cheng was hiding in his heart.

Shen Cheng raised his eyes upon hearing this, he wanted to do it here? He frowned lightly, treating the sky as a quilt, it was probably quite an experience.

"We can try." Shen Cheng waved his hand, and a section of grass was cleared. He lay down, his eyes half closed, his slender fingers hooked his belt and loosened it, his placket was pulled to his shoulders, revealing a collarbone covered with bite marks.

Lu Shenxing, "..."

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