25 – The Castle Lord fans me everyday (9)
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25 – The Castle Lord fans me everyday (9)

The sky was clear, and a beauty was before him, his clothes half untied, and the boundless scenery was laid out for him. Lu Shenxing took a deep breath and turned to leave.

Shen Cheng lay still for a moment unfazed, and then also left after him.

A warm breath swept across the back of his neck but Lu Shenxing didn't look back. His face was sullen, "You haven't felt uncomfortable these few days?"

Shen Cheng's voice was cold, "No."

Lu Shenxing's expression was abnormal. Did he hallucinate it or was it Shen Cheng?

"Why change your mind?" Shen Cheng touched the top of the young man's hair.

"What I meant just now was to sit down and have a chat." Lu Shenxing said angrily, "Yet you're still thinking about that, did you get your head caught in the door?"

Being reprimanded for the first time in his life with such vulgar language, Shen Cheng was stunned, his lips were tight, his body was dark, and he forgot to say something for a while.


"Don't call me that." Lu Shenxing stretched out his hand and pointed down. "It will think you're calling it."

Shen Cheng's face twitched slightly.

At lunch, Wanyuan House had a delicate atmosphere.

Lu Shenxing drank the chicken soup, pursing his mouth, "It tastes good, you should drink more."

Several hall masters and the two Hufa used the dim lighting to look at the man sitting above them. Seeing that he just frowned and filled up his small bowl, they all pressed back their hanging jaws.

Liu Huo pushed Wei Yang with his elbow, Wei Yang ignored him. He dragged her to a corner after the meal, "Isn't Baozhu responsible for the injury on Shiyi’s mouth?"

Wei Yang pulled her arm back in disgust, "Who else would it be?"

Impossible, Liu Huo rolled his eyes, Baozhu held the vinegar jar all day long, wherever Shiyi was he would soon appear, and wouldn’t allow anyone to even be a little closer to Shiyi.

"Baozhu is a lot older than Shiyi, and he has a bad temperament, and a cold face. At first I was worried they would be unhappy."

Wei Yang spoke as she walked, "Or that Shiyi was just playing."

Liu Huo didn't understand, but he vaguely felt that he’d grasped something, and after some careful consideration, he found that he still didn't understand.

After Shen Cheng rested, Lu Shenxing went to see Ning Xiang. He still liked the little girl who had taken care of him for two years.

As soon as she saw Lu Shenxing, Ning Xiang ran over with joy and looked him up and down, "Gongzi, are you okay?"

Lu Shenxing smiled, "I’m good."

"I gave the medicine to You Hufa and asked her to pass it on to you." Ning Xiang whispered, "It was given to me by Hua Bo before leaving the valley."

Lu Shenxing found a place to sit down, "En, I got it."

Ning Xiang also sat by his side, she sighed with emotion, "Gongzi, you actually got married."

"..." Lu Shenxing was speechless.

Ning Xiang blinked, "Is Baozhu good to gongzi?"

"Yeah." Lu Shenxing thought for a while, "Ning Xiang, here is just like Cen Yingu, remember to tell me if anything happens."

Ning Xiang nodded seriously.

Before Lu Shenxing's hand touched Ning Xiang, he was grasped by a slightly cool hand extending from behind him.

Someone who was supposed to be napping appeared behind him, and the original atmosphere was destroyed by his strong presence.

Ning Xiang stood up cautiously, looking away, "Baozhu."

Lu Shenxing was dragged away. He turned his head and cast an apologetic glance at Ning Xiang, without noticing the tumultuous emotions in Shen Cheng's eyes.

The next morning, when Lu Shenxing was still asleep, Ning Xiang was sent away and Shen Cheng found someone else to serve him.

"Ning Xiang is mine." Lu Shenxing's voice contained restrained anger, "Shouldn’t you seek my opinion before making a decision?"

Shen Cheng was silent, his tall nose and straight lips drew a cold line.

Lu Shenxing lowered his face, pushed the quilt aside, and shouted at Shen Cheng, who was sitting in front of the bed like a wooden stake, "Get out!"

Shen Cheng looked at him quietly without saying a word.

It was like hitting a ball of cotton, Lu Shenxing felt weak, this man was always the same, overbearing and unreasonable.

All morning, Lu Shenxing had a gloomy face. He went to the rear mountain and lay on the slope to bask in the sun.

The air in the study was freezing, Liu Huo rushed in with sweat on his forehead and chills in his heart. Why did Baozhu look for him every time he felt unhappy?

Shen Cheng tapped the arm of the chair with his finger, "How to deal with it?"

"...just coax him." Liu Huo looked embarrassed, "Baozhu, this subordinate has never coaxed anyone before, there have always been others to coax this subordinate, so they are not familiar with this."

He tried to hide his pride, but still couldn't control the corners of his mouth, and smiled particularly proudly.

Shen Cheng's eyes were instantly cold.

When he was about to be forced out by internal injuries, Liu Huo's eyes lit up, "This subordinate has an idea!"

On the slope, the wind was crisp and the sun was warm. Lu Shenxing, who was a little dizzy, felt a shadow pass over the top of his head. He opened a small gap in his eyes, and his pleasant expression disappeared after seeing who it was.

Seeing that the young man was about to open his mouth to speak, Shen Cheng went straight up and hugged him according to the method of Liu Huo.

But poor technique is flawed.

Lu Shenxing's mouth was knocked in the same place again. He stretched out his tongue and licked it, a little helpless, "Get off of me."

Instead of getting up, Shen Cheng tightened his arms and hugged Lu Shenxing, his jaw pressed against his shoulder, and his lips gently caressing him.

The breath sprayed on his neck was humid, and a little itchy, Lu Shenxing tilted his head, his eyes passed over Shen Cheng and stopped at the blue sky. Thinking of something, he joked, "That time I wrote on your leg, you weren’t delirious but you didn't stop it ,and didn't pursue it, did you already want me?”

Shen Cheng didn’t respond, his ears were red.

Haolu and Juhua Ling seemed to have a great influence on the one who took it. Lu Shenxing found that after each use, Shen Cheng had a great appetite and wanted to eat anytime and anywhere. It took a while for his desire to subside.

Shen Cheng no longer vomited blood, but stayed alone longer in his secret room. Lu Shenxing was more worried about the progress of the task and didn't pay much attention to his actions.

They never quarreled, because they can't quarrel at all. One is like fire and the other is like ice. When they met together, it was just right.

One year after Lu Shenxing and Shen Cheng got married, Shen Cheng's temperament changed drastically, he was moody, often inexplicably anxious, nervous, excited, and the most terrifying thing was his strange behavior and hysteria.

It was unclear when it started but the depressing atmosphere spread through Youlong Castle, and everyone feels that something was about to change.

When Liu Huo brought Hua Bo back, Lu Shenxing was wiping the blood from his forehead. Seeing this Hua Bo asked about his situation, he looked calm, "I was just blown away."

His tone was calm, as if such things were commonplace.

Hua Bo drank two sips of tea to wet his dry throat, pulled out the chair next to him, and sat down to catch his breath. "I spoke with Zuo Hufa on the road and got the general idea. How is Baozhu now?"

"Sleeping." Lu Shenxing put the cloth down and applied medicine to the wound skillfully. He lowered his head and wiped the blood from his hands. "Come with me."

Lu Shenxing took the herbalist to the bedroom. The face of the person on the couch was still beautiful, but he was much thinner. His eyebrows were tight and his chest was rising and falling erratically, his sleep was restless.

Stopping Hua Bo who was about to go forward, Lu Shenxing leaned over, his lips pressed against Shen Cheng's forehead. When a familiar breath approached, his breathing was slightly relaxed, and he seemed to calm down a lot.

Hua Bo stretched out his hand and put it on him gently, and after a while he signaled that it was all right.

It wasn’t until they went outside that the tension between the two of them relaxed.

"Based on the condition of his pulse, his qi is chaotic and he is already out of control. The situation will only get worse. He will erupt and die at any moment." Hua Bo worried, "Shiyi, for your own safety, you'd better move as soon as possible. Get out of here."

"I've tried, it’s no good. If he doesn't see me when he wakes up, something bad will happen." Lu Shenxing pressed his temple, "We have always been in a good relationship."

Lu Shenxing was frustrated. He’d been living a thrilling life lately, and was hurt by Shen Cheng almost every day. It was always without warning, at one moment, he was sleeping well, and the next moment, his qi would rebel. He was always the one who suffered.

Afterwards, Lu Shenxing would find Shen Cheng distressed, self-blaming, guilty, and self-harming. It was a bloody horror movie.

When he finally got out of this world, he didn’t want to remember all the people and things here.

"I’m afraid that the situation today is exactly because you have such a good relationship." A gleam of light flashed through Hua Bo's muddy eyes, and there was deep meaning in his old voice, "If I’m guessing correctly, the Shen family cannot be affectionate. There can be no love."

Lu Shenxing was startled, frowning. He didn’t speak for a long time, before finally asking, "How can I save him? Is there any suppressive medicine? Or a solution?"

"Yes." Hua Bo looked at Lu Shenxing with a profound meaning, "Make him forget and abandon love."

Lu Shenxing took a hard breath, his face changing again and again.

I actually quite like this arc, it’s the only QT I’ve read where the MC is put in a child’s body and the author doesn’t make the relationship suuuuuper creepy. Also, the possessive yandere ML is actually annoying to the MC and he’s even written as demented and sick, and even though our ML likes him (at least a little) he still hates those parts of his personality. It makes the story less ‘fluff’ but it’s so refreshing.

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