28 - One day I became big money (1)
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28 - One day I became big money (1)

Before entering the next world, Lu Shenxing asked to delete all the records of his first two worlds. His calmness was somewhat ruthless, and the system crashed for the first time, it seemed to be shocked by his request.

T City Kowloon Hospital

"Lao Qi, don't blame me for being insensitive. This time your mother was blessed to survive your catastrophe, but for you to get so lucky, you’d have to be God’s father."

Lu Shenxing's bones hurt, he glanced at the tired man, and then took in what he was saying, "Just listen to me, don't get entangled with that Luo Yang kid anymore. Don't even think about him, you’re just a mediocre human in fancy clothes, and you’re getting older. How could he agree to it if not for your money!"

The corners of Lu Shenxing's mouth twitched and a large wave of memories swarmed through his mind, densely packed. He closed his eyes and sorted through all the images.

This was a world where men could get married, it was also a world where there were many gay men were like dogs.

Lu Shenxing moved uncomfortably, the system told him this was the third volume in his task list. What were the first two volumes? Why didn’t he have any impression of them at all?

"Why don't I remember?"

"Ding, temporary block."

Lu Shenxing pondered the meaning of the block for a while, before his thoughts were brought back to reality by the third novel, 《The First Light of Hua Deng》. He read the book roughly.

This was a novel about the protagonist Luo Yang's journey from a student to an actor.

The goal of this task was the biggest stepping stone in Luo Yang's life, and the original master of this body, Cheng Tianqin. Lu Shenxing's task was to change his destiny.

Cheng Tianqin was the seventh son of the Cheng family. He didn't like to study when he was a teenager, so he asked for a sum of money and went out to fool around. After more than ten years, he really became famous.

They say that men become upright at thirty. The only thing that could stand upright on Cheng Tianqin’s body was his cock.

Cheng Tianqin was a man with wealth, he only bought expensive things and his tastes were unique. He wore international first-line brands like he bought them off the street and liked to take red wine with steamed buns, even among the rich he was considered spoilt.

Only a few brothers from the Cheng family knew that he was infatuated, and they were disappointed.

Other people would raise lovers, one after another, their bed partners changing faster than their bed sheets but Cheng Tianqin liked Luo Yang. He chose a house and raised him as a canary, holding him in his hands for fear of him falling, afraid he would be affected.

The problem was that Luo Yang wouldn't give it to him.

Because Cheng Tianqin had loved to eat leeks since he was a child, and had turned his eyes on Luo Yang right after eating. Since then, Luo Yang had started to avoid him in various ways.

Luo Yang looked down on Cheng Tianqin's vulgar aura of ‘I don't have anything but money’, and found it disgusting to kiss him, disgusting to be touched by him. The only thing that was not disgusting was his money.

Therefore, Luo Yang never introduced his friends to Cheng Tianqin, thinking that he was demeaning himself.

He lied that he wasn’t ready yet, and asked the master not to touch him. He behaved like a coquettish man and cried with red eyes. Cheng Tianqin was distressed, so he agreed.

Sometimes he couldn't help it, and he would show up in Luo Yang’s photos. There was no way their relationship could be simple and honest, and his friends couldn’t believe it.

Luo Yang knew Cheng Tianqin from high school, one good word and he was sent to his dream film academy. At the beginning of his freshman year, Cheng Tianqin was behind the scenes protecting him. It went smoothly and his net worth increased by more than ten times.

When Luoyang became famous, he wanted to leave Cheng Tianqin. He was afraid of being discovered that he was supported by a man. Ideally, he wanted to cut off all of the dirty parts of his history and destroy them.

Such a person was the one who had taken Cheng Tianqin's heart. On the day he was about to propose, he was stabbed by someone, cut into pieces, not even a whole body remained. His grievances ran deep.

As soon as Cheng Tianqin died, Luo Yang hugged the celebrity directors’ thighs and played ambiguously with the gold medal screenwriters. His acting career was so brilliant that he became the youngest award winning actor.

Being slept with first, then sleeping with others. In his fifties Luo Yang then found himself a beautiful and talented college student, and his life was brilliant.

As for Cheng Tianqin, the Cheng family buried him in the Hexi Cemetery, and Luo Yang never visited him once.

It had a two star rating on the sadness index.

After watching the ending, Lu Shenxing couldn't understand Cheng Tianqin's confession. He could still hear Cheng Tiandao lecturing. He shouted in a hoarse voice, "Da Ge."

Cheng Tiandao didn't react, "Do you think he has even called you after you had this accident? I know it doesn't sound good but if you died, he wouldn't blink...Huh? What?"

Lu Shenxing said seriously, "Da Ge, I figured it out. Luo Yang and I aren’t meant to be."

Cheng Tiandao was suddenly overwhelmed with the urge to cry. He licked his dry lips and patted Lu Shenxing's shoulder excitedly, "Lao Qi, you have finally grown up. Da Ge is really happy for you, move back home. "

Lu Shenxing "..."

He still didn't believe him.

"I know it doesn’t sound good..."

Lu Shenxing interrupted him hurriedly when he heard this sentence again, "If you know it's not good, don't say it."

Cheng Tiandao rubbed his face, "Okay, you lie down. Xiao Zi is at home, if you need anything, call him on his cell phone. I’m going into the company, I’ll see you later."

After the ward calmed down, Lu Shenxing exhaled and stared at the ceiling as he thought. Cheng Tianqin had received a call from Luo Yang while driving, saying that the filming was hard, and complaining to Cheng Tianqin that he didn't find him a relaxing role. Cheng Tianqin naturally rushed to coax him and while he was distracted his car hit the guardrail.

This was only the second year they had known each other, and in the following years there would be numerous breakups like this.

After an unknown period of time, the door was pushed open from the outside, and a boy walked in wearing a white peaked cap and big sunglasses. He was slender and stylishly dressed.

The smell of perfume drifted past his nose, and Lu Shenxing shifted his gaze and glanced at him secretly.

The boy closed the door with his backhand and took off his sunglasses, revealing a beautiful face and red eyes, "Tianqin-ge, I heard you had a car accident, are you okay?"

Lu Shenxing didn’t speak, the expression in his eyes was unclear.

The boy was Luo Yang, the male protagonist of 《The First Light of Hua Deng》. He was just a freshman at this stage and was already well-known, as he was still hugging the thigh of the original owner.

Luo Yang had a weird heart, finding each breakup as sad as the other. The disgust in his eyes flashed away, and he walked over and said softly, "Tianqin-ge, I’ve been thinking about it for a long time and we really don’t match."

Without waiting for the gentleness and pleading of the past, and before his plan to change the crew could be realized, there was a calm voice from the man, "I agree."

Luo Yang was taken aback, his eyes widened, "Tianqin-ge, what are you talking about?"

"Don’t you want to break up? I agree." Lu Shenxing frowned, shooing him like a fly, "Go away."

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