31 - One day I became big money (4)
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31 - One day I became big money (4)

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Lu Shenxing went to Qiaoshan to soak in the hot springs and Cheng Zi lay at home, flipping through a comic book to pass the time. He heard footsteps at the door, "Erzi, there is a pretty lady who's come to see you."

"She's talking to A'Yi downstairs." Cheng Tiandao winked at him, "Is she your senior?"

Cheng Zi put down the book, "Should be."

He didn't have many friends of the opposite sex, and there were even fewer who got along with him well.

"I see that the girl's house is in this city, not far from us, she is very polite, not arrogant or rash, she fits you very well..."

Cheng Zi rubbed his forehead, "Dad, I don't feel anything for her."

His words were simple and straightforward, leaving no leeway. All of Cheng Tiandao's convincing was blocked. He could only replace his words with a summary, "You're the same as your uncle!"

Cheng Zi looked up and said hello when he saw the person behind Cheng Tiandao, "Xuejie."

"You guys talk." Cheng Tiandao turned and left.

His room was so tidy that no one dared to put their feet down. Wei Ni discarded the slippers and came in wearing socks. She complained, "If I hadn't asked your roommate at school, I wouldn't know what happened to you. "

Cheng Zi secretly watched the places she had stepped out the corner of his eye, his lips pressed together a little.

"Your room is too clean." Wei Ni didn't touch anything, just looked. Her gaze rested on the sketchbook placed on the bedside table, and said half-jokingly, "Hey, when I can get a painting painted by the talented Mr. Cheng?"

Cheng Zi raised his eyebrows slightly, "I can't draw people well."

The hopeless Wei Ni was still a little disappointed when she heard this seemingly impeccable reason for rejection. She glanced at the paper that stuck outside the book, unconsciously stretched out her hand and drew it out. Her eyes lit up after seeing what was on it.  "What's this? A sketch?"

Cheng Zi said, "Was just messing around."

"Cool!" Wei Ni soon realised that they were all the same person. She paused and asked, "Cheng Zi, who is this?"

Cheng Zi looked unnatural for a moment, "My uncle."

"You guys must have a very good relationship." Wei Ni smiled and sighed. She took out a few design drawings from her bag, "This is the draft I drew. I want to hear your opinion."

She leaned closer, "If my design can pass, I'll buy you dinner."

Cheng Zi looked down, "Pen."

Hearing what he said, Wei Ni immediately passed the pen that she had already prepared.

The young man's serious profile was as gentle as jade in the lighting, and Wei Ni looked at him, fascinated.

Cheng Tiandao, who was lying in wait outside the door, walked downstairs lightly. He shook his head at Fang Wen, "It's impossible."

Fang Wen coaxed the baby and said softly, "Have you ever thought about whether  Xiao Zi also likes men, like Lao Qi?"

Cheng Tiandao didn't hesitate, "Impossible."

The atmosphere became gloomy following Fang Wen's unintentional words. Cheng Tiandao seemed to have been disturbed by something in his heart, and he frowned deeply while staring into his teacup.

When Wei Ni was leaving, Cheng Zi suddenly stopped her, "Xuejie."

"Hm?" Wei Ni was full of expectations.

Cheng Zi knotted his brow, "The butterfly wing on the sock on your left foot is asymmetrical."

"..." Her fantasies were all extinguished in an instant, not even a residual image was left. Wei Ni realized that it was just wishful thinking but she couldn't help but wonder if someone would be able to show up and disturb this person's rhythm.

When Lu Shenxing came back from Qiaoshan, he opened the door and stepped on a piece of paper that was left in his slippers. He knew that Luo Yang had left it.

It was nothing more than 'I miss you, I was very happy with you, do you want me, can we start again?'

Lu Shenxing crumpled the paper into a ball and threw it into the trash with the other advertisements. It seemed that Luo Yang was still living in his own world and didn't want to come out.

After waiting for a few days at home and not receiving a call, Luo Yang changed his clothes, dressed up and went out. He bumped into someone in the downstairs community. When he turned his head, he was met with a pair of blue eyes, as deep as the sea.

The handsome man asked gently, "Are you okay?"

Luo Yang smiled slightly, "I'm fine."

As soon as the long November holidays were over, students and office workers were depressed over how time passed so quickly. Last year, they basically spent all their time working.

When Cheng Zi was well enough, he went back to school to make up for the missed classes. The design institute had taken on a large-scale project and the old professor called him over and asked him to participate.

"It's a Shengshi project."

With a word from the old professor, Cheng Zi's life became a little busier, and most of the liaising fell on him.

After several visits to the company and design institutes, there were rumors flying. Eventually, the news got out that he was Cheng Tianqin's nephew and the business discussions turned into flattery.

"You and your uncle must have a good relationship, right?"

Cheng Zi bowed his head and put away his pencil, "It's alright."

"I read on a recruitment website, Shengshi doesn't recruit people online. They pick people from several schools." The boy blushed, "I heard that the company pays well. Can you help me?"

"I can do nothing." Cheng Zi picked up the blueprints and went to Shengshi.

Things like this happened again and again, as if everyone had concluded that he had some power with that man, but little did they know he was just one of many nephews.

Lu Shenxing was in a meeting when Cheng Zi arrived, and he was taken to the office by his secretary.

A suit jacket was thrown on the sofa at random, magazines were piled up, the documents were in a mess, and there were a few open snacks on the desk. Cheng Zi took a deep breath and muttered to calm himself.

His fingers that dangled at his side moved.

When Lu Shenxing came back from the meeting, he saw the young man standing at his desk, waving a pencil in his hand, his eyes focused. At that moment, an inexplicable sense of familiarity swept through his mind, followed by a dull pain. He tried to capture the feeling again, but there wasn't a trace to be found.

"Do you want to come work here?"

His thoughts were disturbed, the swing of the pencil stopped. Cheng Zi pulled down his rolled up sweater sleeves, "I have no plans."

Lu Shenxing recalled the original plot. Cheng Zi was indeed not yet in the prime of life. In the beginning, he went to an architect's office and grew in the world from there.

"What were you drawing just now?" Lu Shenxing raised his eyebrows, "Let me see."

He was very curious. During this period, he'd often seen Cheng Zi drawing something in that sketchbook.

Cheng Zi put the sketchbook in his backpack and said faintly, "It's just an old cat."

"..." Lu Shenxing was speechless, who draws cats as old.

"I'm going to find Manager Wan." Cheng Zi pursed his lips. It was obvious that he only needed to communicate with the person in charge, and he'd be going back and forth from this office.

"He'll be here in a while." Lu Shenxing pulled the tie around his neck lightly and leaned back in the chair.

The secretary knocked on the door and brought in two cups of coffee, "Mr. Cheng, do you need anything else?"

Lu Shenxing swept over her and the secretary's face fell. She quickly retracted her gaze from the young man and left meekly, clearing the image of the overbearing president and the lofty academic tyrant who she'd matched in her mind.

Keeping her job was more important.

The office calmed down and Cheng Zi took a sip of coffee. It was hard to believe that this man had changed so much, he was basically reborn.

"That cup you're drinking is mine."

The warm breath on the ears was too strong, as if it was a kiss. Cheng Zi suddenly turned around, hitting the table with his back, as the blood drained from his face.

"Why did you have such a big reaction?" Lu Shenxing raised the corner of one of his lips and pointed to himself, "Am I dirty?"

Cheng Zi put his hand on Lu Shenxing's chest and pushed him away, staring at him coldly with both eyes. Then he quickly took out his backpack and left, he even forgot to take the plans.

Lu Shenxing, "..."

After that day, Cheng Zi began to hide from Lu Shenxing. He refused the old professor's requests with various excuses, and plunged into the library, filling his time with patterns and lines.

Lu Shenxing went to Cheng Zi's school. A curly-haired boy opened the door and smiled, asking, "Da Shu, who are you looking for?"

Hearing this name, Lu Shenxing's forehead twitched, "I'm looking for Cheng Zi."

The boy looked at Lu Shenxing suspiciously, then turned his head and shouted inside, "Cheng Zi, someone is looking for you!"

There was loud keyboard clicking and several dialects of foul language, mixed with fast-paced game background music, it was an amusing mix.

Cheng Zi came over yawning with two red marks on his face from being pressed against a pillow. As soon as he saw Lu Shenxing, he was about to close the door, but was stopped by a hand.

"It's your grandpa's birthday tomorrow." Lu Shenxing sullenly, "Your dad asked me to pick you up."

Cheng Zi's expression wasn't good, "I'll go by myself."

Lu Shenxing frowned and stared at Cheng Zi for a few seconds. Had his adolescent rebellious period returned?  He turned to leave and called Cheng Tiandao to tell him the situation.

The dormitory was very noisy. Cheng Zi climbed back into bed and covered his head with the quilt.

"Hey Cheng Zi, who was that celebrity looking guy just now?" The curly-haired boy stood below his bunk and asked, "Is that your uncle?"

Cheng Zi didn't respond, he seemed to be asleep.

The inexplicable Cold War between uncle and nephew lasted until the end of the year. Cheng Tiandao and Fang Wen were confused, and asked both sides about it, but they didn't get any answers.

Just as the major media outlets were focusing their eyes on the upcoming New Year's Eve party, the entertainment circle set off another huge wave.

At two o'clock in the morning on the 29th, a selection of HD photos appeared on the Internet, and they were clicked countless times within the first hour.

You could see how many night owls were out there.

The photos featured Luo Yang, a newcomer who had recently signed a contract with King Film and Television. He was also a student at the Film Academy. The background of the photo was a popular scenic spot. He was lying naked on the withered yellow leaves, the expression on his face was shy as a man with his back facing the camera pressed him down. Both of their bodies were covered with traces of love-making.

The uncensored images made netizens crazy, throwing money for a night, begging to shoot his face, begging to be held and many other unbearable things appeared online, causing an even greater storm of publicity.

Of course, some netizens expressed their worries about whether they would catch a cold in such cold weather.

Luo Yang had an excellent appearance, exaggerated acting skills, and could live off his face alone. Not long ago, the best newcomer award had fallen into his hands, the appearance of this group of indecent photos was too coincidental.

In any case, what's done was done, they could only go forward and there was no turning back.

He'd fallen off as soon as he'd climbed up. If he hadn't won the award he might not have had so much attention. The higher he had climbed, the more painful his fall.

On a rooftop, Luo Yang had dark circles under his eyes. "Hao-ge, that person really wasn't me."

His agent Zheng Hao scolded, "Do you think I'm blind? Huh?"

The calmness of his facade broke, Luoym Yang grabbed his hair hard, and asked in a fluster, "Hao-ge, what do I do now?"

"I'll get in touch and hold a press conference right away." Zheng Hao looked solemn, "The company..."

Luo Yang interrupted loudly, "I can't admit to it!"

"You even lack the courage to face it. You really disappoint me." Zheng Hao said with a cold face, "We'll talk about it after you've thought it through."

The cold wind blew on his face, Luo Yang's dim eyes burst out with a strong light. That man could change his situation.

Luo Yang washed himself clean, did a thorough job preparing himself, and went to Shengshi.

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