35 - One day I became big money (8)
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35 - One day I became big money (8)

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The atmosphere of the room was a bit intriguing.

"Xiao Shu, have you seen enough?" Cheng Zi's face was pressed against the wall. This restrained posture made him angry, but because it was this man, he didn’t fight back.

Lu Shenxing leaned to the side calmly, "Put your pants on, let's talk."

After being suppressed, Cheng Zi's lips straightened, he rearranged his clothes. The expression on his face was calm, like he put on a perfect mask

"Why return to China?" Lu Shenxing brought the topic back..

"I had something to do." Cheng Zi said lightly.

"What thing?" Lu Shenxing stared at the leisurely youth.

"My own business." Cheng Zi's answer was concise.

"Then can you tell your Xiao Shu why you are here?" Lu Shenxing’s word raised at the end, and he hummed through his nose, "Hm?"

"I heard that you had an accident, so I came to see you." Cheng Zi's hands that hung by his sides moved imperceptibly.

"Oh? Really?" Lu Shenxing smiled.

Being scrutinized by that sharp gaze, Cheng Zi was uncomfortable, it was as if he was naked, "I still have something..."

He was interrupted by a low laugh before he finished speaking. “What? You don’t want to chat with your Xiao Shu?"

"Xiao Shu, I don't have time to play with you." Cheng Zi frowned, his layer of camouflage was quietly beginning to crack.

"Did I say I was playing?" Lu Shenxing's fingers curled up and tapped the table top.

Cheng Zi suddenly raised his head, and in that moment he saw an aura that seemed to grab hold of him. Suddenly, he felt a desperate urge to escape.

His ears were covered by a palm, Cheng Zi tried his best to restrain the tremor that ran through his bones. His earlobe was pinched and rubbed lightly and a low voice rang in his ears, "What is this?"

"Cat bite." Cheng Zi turned his head uncomfortably, his ears became hot, and a touch of red floated up his features.

"Then this is also a cat bite?" Lu Shenxing spoke leisurely, his fingertips traversed across a spot behind Cheng Zi's ear where there was obviously a deep purple mark from being sucked.

Cheng Zi's breathing was unstoppable chaos.

"Dishonest child." Lu Shenxing's fingertips pressed down hard, and he watched the young man suck in a breath in pain.

In just a few minutes, Lu Shenxing had pushed on his weaknesses every step of the way, and Cheng Zi had been on the retreat, but suddenly didn't want to escape, and pushed into a corner he no longer had any more scruples.

"Xiao Shu, I like you." He sighed, somewhat helpless, "I don't know why I like you."

It’s because you’ve liked me for two lifetimes.

Lu Shenxing didn't have any interest in teasing him, and he was too lazy to seduce him. If the second time was fate, what do you call the third time? A curse?

The youth was like a prisoner, waiting for his sentence. The more he pretended to be calm, the more tense he was. Lu Shenxing turned around, and left. When he got to the door, he said, "Don't move around so much if you have a bad waist."

Cheng Zi, who was stationary, "..."

"Also, acting first and reporting later is not a bad idea."

The corners of Cheng Zi's lips curled up quickly. Leaping blindly would not always end falling off a cliff, it may also end landed, before a broad sea and sky.

At 7:30 in the evening, the news broadcast ended, and the Mid-Autumn Festival Gala was about to begin. However, not every family was gathered to enjoy the joy of the festive season.

Cheng Tiandao felt that this year hadn’t been a good year. On the first day of the new year, his brother had had a car accident. His son had confessed to him in the hospital. Then he spent the rest of the year worrying. He’d thought he could finally rest assured but who knew that his son who was supposed to be abroad would appear in front of him and say aside from his brother he doesn't want anyone else..

The teacup hit the tiled floor with a crisp sound.

"Do you think I’ve lived enough at fifty-four that you can't wait to send me to my grave?" Cheng Tiandao slammed the table, "Speak!"

Cheng Zi's back straightened, "I don't want to let him go."

"And what does Xiao Shu think?" Cheng Tiandao said, as he started to make a phone call. He heard the heavy sound of his son’s knees hitting the floor the moment he pressed a key down. He turned his head in disbelief.

"Dad, please let me go."

Cheng Tiandao trembled with anger, and wouldn’t beat his child, so he could only continue to take it out on the table, "You’re just looking for trouble!"

He opened the door, and Fang Wen who was standing there shook her head.

The old couple sat on the sofa without talking, thinking about the same thing.

"When your Cheng family find out they’ll be having a ball." Fang Wen spoke first and said quietly, "Especially your third brother, he will laugh himself to death."

"What is this ‘your Cheng family’?" Cheng Tiandao sternly, "I don't like to hear you say that."

"Our Cheng family." Fang Wen didn't joke around anymore, she said, "Lao Qi promised me some time ago."

Cheng Tiandao rolled his eyes, "He has made enough promises to circle the earth several times since he was young."

Fang Wen, "..."

For the rest of the night, the old couple didn’t sleep. They both got up tacitly and went out, standing on the stairs to watch a figure approaching the door.

"We’re just going to watch him go find Lao Qi?" Fang Wen asked.

"What else can we do? He never knelt before me on holy days, yet now he’ll kneel to me for a man." Cheng Tiandao wiped his face, "I can't go back before my ancestors like this. I still want to keep this old face. "

"People will find out." Fang Wen worried.

"Then wait until it gets out, let’s go to bed first, Mid-Autumn Festival is over..."

When Cheng Zi saw the man who opened the door for him, the first sentence was, "My plane is tomorrow."

The second sentence was, "Xiao Shu, I want to sleep with you tonight."

Lu Shenxing wore a black dressing gown, exposing his wheat-colored chest, and revealed his long legs. It was very enticing. He didn't realise it himself, but as Cheng Zi looked at him, blood rushed to his cheeks.

Uncle and nephew sat in the living room, Doraemon was playing on the TV and Nobita was unlucky again.

Lu Shenxing picked up a piece of yellow lotus seed mooncake and took a bite.

After wiping the crumbs from Lu Shenxing's mouth, Cheng Zi wiped his hands with a paper towel, and quickly discarded it. Then he took out another wipe and discarded it again.

"..." Lu Shenxing raised his eyebrows, "Disappear from my sight, sort yourself out, fast."

After being driven away, Cheng Zi frowned. He took the initiative to attend therapy for the first time after returning to the foreign country, willing to accept enlightenment without reservation, trying to make himself accept that man.

Society itself is extremely dirty, with things visible and invisible to the naked eye, what you call clean is only dirt you cannot perceive.

After insisting on treatment for three months, Cheng Zi returned to China and no longer escaped when he was captured by Lu Shenxing.

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