37 - One day I became big money (10)
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37 - One day I became big money (10)

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For Lu Shenxing, a proposal seemed so far away but now it was so close. He shut himself in a room, smoking cigarettes, one after another, until it felt like they were glued to his mouth.

Am I crazy?

If you counted it all up, they had spent three lives together. Compared to normal people, hadn't they spent an extremely long time together. Lu Shenxing pinched his eyebrows, was it right to just do whatever he wants?

Once he put himself in this pit, he really couldn't climb back up.

The click of the door lock turning caught him unprepared and the cigarette in his mouth flicked, the ashes falling on his shirt. Lu Shenxing's forehead throbbed and sooner or later he would be frightened to death.

The voice of the youth resounded at the door, "Xiao Shu?"

Lu Shenxing closed his eyes, reducing the expression in his eyes.

The pungent smell of smoke choked the room, Cheng Zi looked at the shaggy man, "Are you broke?"

Crushing the burnt cigarette butt, Lu Shenxing's face was exhausted and his voice was hoarse, "Go get me a glass of water, my throat hurts."

Cheng Zi stepped out, and soon returned with a glass of water, "How much?"

"What?" Lu Shenxing drank most of the glass of water before he understood what he meant, and said lightly, "It's only one or two hundred million."

Cheng Zi frowned suddenly, he squatted down and buried his face in Lu Shenxing's hand, his lips lightly kissed the lines on his palm, "Don't be afraid, I'll be with you this time."

With a sigh in his heart, Lu Shenxing touched his head, "Zhizi, you are so kind to your Xiao Shu."

Hearing the ridicule in the other party's words, Cheng Zi's face was dignified. He pulled the corner of his mouth and pushed the man's hand away. Then he saw the cigarette butts and piles of soot all over the floor.

"How many packs of cigarettes did you smoke?"

"Two or three boxes." Lu Shenxing grabbed Cheng Zi's hand and rubbed on his ring finger, "It seems to be too big."

Cheng Zi's heartbeat suddenly slowed down for a beat, and then raced wildly. There was a thought growing deep in his heart, and it swelled for an instant, but he didn't dare to be sure. Then a something cold covered his finger.

"Happy?" Lu Shenxing breathed a sigh of relief, it was not easy to do such a thing.

"En." Cheng Zi looked at the ring in his hand, his eyes were filled with soft light, excited, surprised, and completely unable to restrain his satisfaction that even his soul was trembling.

"Xiao Shu, I'm very happy." Cheng Zi's mouth curled up, and he bent down to reach Lu Shenxing's forehead.

Lu Shenxing kissed Cheng Zi's long white fingers, "Be good."

'Perfect' only exists in fantasy. If the paper cannot contain the fire, then no one can stop its spread.

Lu Shenxing and Cheng Zi stood in a soap shop. Nearby, a few stylishly dressed young people chatted with each other, when they turned as if they had seen a ghost. Two seconds later, they withdrew their staring eyes and took out their phones, running to the side.

"Dad! You won't believe it, Xiao Shu and Tang Ge are walking in the mall, they seem very close."

"Jie, Xiao Shu and Tang Ge are at the mall!"

"Gugu, where's mum? Tell her, big news, Xiao Shu and Tang Ge are hugging each other!"

After a while, the matter spread to the third son's family, and it had already morphed into a hot kiss between Xiao Shu and Tang Ge at the mall.

That night, Cheng Tiandao's phone blew up. He went out wrapped in a down jacket, and stood outside for a long time, waiting for the cold wind to suppress his anger.

The event he'd been waiting for was here, he wiped his old face, it seemed that he couldn't keep him safe this time.

Fang Wen on a stool was spitting melon seed skins into the trash basket, the sound of cracking was non-stop, "How many tables will there be tomorrow?"

Cheng Tiandao looked at her without saying a word.

Passing over a cup of tea, Fang Wen continued to talk, "Do we need to contact the hotel?"

The bottom of the cup slammed on the glass table, Cheng Tiandao's expression was ugly, his son wasn't getting a wife, was it necessary to have a banquet?

"Did you tell Lao Qi?" Fang Wen tied the bag of melon seeds, "Don't be preempted by Lao San, he'll just make trouble."

Cheng Tiandao pondered and dialed a number, "Lao Qi, come see me tomorrow."

Lu Shenxing was video chatting with his nephew when he received the call, to be precise, he had turned on video to watch him.

In the innermost corner of the back row of the classroom, Cheng Zi, who had only just returned, lay on the table, looking down at the man in the phone. He winked.

The professor on the podium yelled a second time, already looking unhappy. Cheng Zi put his mobile phone under the desk, subtly removed his headset, stood up and glanced at the projector. He spoke calmly to him in fluent English, he wasn't listening.

"Get out!" The professor stretched out his hand and shouted angrily, "now!"

Cheng Zi shrugged, packed his textbooks and left.

Leaving the classroom, Cheng Zi leaned against the wall and called, "Xiao Shu, was that my dad just now?"

Lu Shenxing gave a hum, tilted his head to watch TV, and said lazily, "I'm going to sleep."

The call on the other end was hung up neatly, and Cheng Zi whispered in disappointment, "Good night."

The next day, the Cheng family's seven brothers sat together Lu Shenxing glanced around one by one, inexplicably humming a song in his heart.

Lao Er had immigrated abroad very early, and his world view had long been different to the others, he was the only one who was calm, "Xiao Zi was adopted by Da Ge, Lao Qi is not his relative of his uncle. What is the issue with between being together?" Then he said, "Even if it was a girl, it's the same."

Puff, Lao San spat out his tea, and said mockingly, "Are you trying to make me laugh to death?"

Lao Er glanced at him, clearly asking 'Then why aren't you laughing?'

"..." Lao San choked and couldn't think of anything to refute with, so he could only stare at Lao Er.

Lao Si was a normal guy, and Lao Wu was dressed like an elite. One of them was drinking tea and reading the newspaper, while the other was sitting and chatting with his daughter on WeChat.

The business man rubbed his eyebrows. He glanced at his watch, a little helpless, "San-ge, did you really call us all for this?"

Listening to his tired tone, Lao San choked again, "Isn't this serious?"

Standing in the kitchen, Fang Wen winked at Cheng Tiandao, Cheng Tiandao coughed, and faced the uninvited brothers, "You're usually busy and worry a lot. My family business shouldn't bother you."

"Da Ge, what are you talking about? We're all family. It's proper to come over and see if something happens." Lao San looked as though the sky was about to fall, he turned to the person sitting in the corner, "Lao Qi, what do you say?"

Lu Shenxing, who had always been indifferent, was named. He raised his eyes lazily, "What?"

"What's the matter between you and Xiao Zi!" Lao San said thickly.

"Ah, Lao San just reminded me." Lu Shenxingyun said lightly, "We plan to get married on June 1st next year."

"..." Everyone.

Cheng Tiandao secretly stared at Lu Shenxing, why didn't you tell me this in advance? It's my son you are going to marry.

The world was quiet for a few seconds.

"Congratulations." Lao Liu took the lead in breaking the deadly atmosphere, "I'l prepare a red envelope."

Lao Si and Lao Wu also sent their blessings, indicating that they would definitely come to participate.

"Is it the eighth day?" Lao Er followed up and said, "My wife will return to China to attend your wedding."

Lao San was dumbfounded, "Da Ge, you actually agreed?"

My son didn't even discuss the date with me. Cheng Tiandao sat there with a sullen expression and said nothing, a little unhappy.

"Lao Qi is really going to marry Xiao Zi?" Lao San cried to Cheng Tiandao, "Dad already knows!"

The atmosphere solidified with Lao San's words, and the faces of several people except Lu Shenxing changed.

"What? What do I do?" Lao San was guilty, "I...I accidentally ran my mouth."

Lu Shenxing and Cheng Tiandao went to the old mansion to visit the old man. The old man was ill and took a feather duster to Lu Shenxing, whoever tired to stop him was hit as well.

"You bastard, just play outside, why do you play with your nephew. This old man's face has been lost by you!"

Lu Shenxing rubbed his sore arm, old man, he was not my nephew when I first met him, let alone your grandson.

"Tell Xiao Zi to come back!" The old man threw the feather duster and lay angrily on the bed, no one ignored him.

Cheng Zi had been loved by the old man since he was a child. He knew how to follow the old man's heart, going fishing every day, cleaning up the vegetable garden, growing vegetables, watering the flowers. He coaxed him well.

Lao San was very disappointed when he saw that they succeeded in swaying him.

After returning to China after a year, Cheng Zi worked in an office and lived a life of nine to five. During his lunch break, he went to the Shengshi opposite to sit and drink a cup of coffee to soothe his tired nerves.

Lu Shenxing revealed his relationship to the outside world in an interview, and the single golden bachelor was finally gone.

One day after getting off work, Lu Shenxing went to the restaurant that Cheng Zi had reserved a table in, but he unexpectedly met someone in the bathroom there.

Luo Yang stood by the sinks and wiped his hands. He was wearing a slim-fit sapphire blue shirt that made his face whiter and more beautiful, but the shadows under his eyes became more prominent.

"I hear you are getting married?"

Lu Shenxing turned on the tap to wash his hands, turning a blind eye.

Being treated as air more than once, Luo Yang still couldn't accept it. He smiled sarcastically and said, "Marrying your nephew, Cheng Tianqin, are you not afraid of others laughing."

With the sound of footsteps coming from the door, Cheng Zi appeared, his face calm, "Go away."

Lu Shenxing drew a paper towel to wipe off the water from his hands, then turned around and went out with Cheng Zi.

Looking at the backs of them leaving intimately, Luo Yang clenched his fists. The face in the mirror gradually distorted, Cheng Tianqin's tenderness and feelings belonged to him originally, he should be enjoying his loved, why was everything so hard now...

Less than half a month before June 1st, Cheng Zi's car was hit. Fortunately, he was rescued in time and escaped.

The affected car next to him wasn't so lucky, it became scrap metal on the spot, and the couple in the car was killed instantly.

Lu Shenxing quickly found the person behind the scenes with his connections. He went to a certain studio alone, and under the gaze of many eyes, he picked up a chair and slammed it over Luo Yang's head.

The events that occurred and the screams that were heard made everyone present want to scrub that day from their memories. A lunatic is really irrational.

Lu Shenxing couldn't bear the sight of him and devoted a lot of manpower and material resources to collect evidence, and sent Luo Yang to prison.

I think our MC might be a psychopath...

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