38 - One day I became big money (11)
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38 - One day I became big money (11)

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Lu Shenxing left the company early on June 1st and went to the hospital with a set of Doraemon Collector's Edition comic books that he'd ordered his secretary to buy in advance.

Cheng Zi, who received the gift, wasn't very happy. If it wasn't for him, he would be in church today.

"Want an apple? I'll cut one for you." Lu Shenxing picked a round shape from the bag and cut it along an arc with a fruit knife. He wanted to cut it such that a long and even peel would be produced, however the result was a pitted apple, with peel that was thick and thin.

Cheng Zi couldn't stand it, "I'll do it."

Lu Shenxing handed it to him, lay on the sofa and turned on the TV.

After taking a bite of the apple, Cheng Zi's voice was vague, "Xiao Shu, sleep here tonight."

Lu Shenxing raised his eyebrows and looked over. Cheng Zi's drooping eyelashes lightly stirred, "We haven't slept together in a long time."

Lu Shenxing stayed in the evening.

He watched the doctor next to Cheng Zi check on his injuries. It was past eight o'clock by the time he finished washing, and the whole ward smelled of unpleasant medicine.

As soon as Lu Shenxing was about to lie down on the sofa for a night, he noticed a glance from the bed. He frowned, "I'll crush you."

The young man on the bed was silent, his eyes stubbornly persisted.

Lu Shenxing took off his shirt and pants and took a shower. He got on the bed with his body covered in water vapor, with his hands resting behind his head.

"I heard my dad say that Luo Yang went to prison." Cheng Zi turned off the light switch.

"Yeah." Lu Shenxing was a little sleepy. He lowered his head and rubbed his stubbled chin on the person in his arms. "It's boring to talk about these things. The person I like now is you."

"What about after that?" Cheng Zi's body trembled, and there was almost unconcealed excitement in his calm voice.

"It's still you." Lu Shenxing's voice was low, and he yawned, making him sleepier.

Cheng Zi's cheeks were hot and his body felt agitated, he couldn't help himself.

"Your waist..." Lu Shenxing put his hand into his hospital gown, "The waist strength of twenty-year-olds isn't as good as that of thirty-year-olds, don't always think about how to seduce me."

"Oh." Cheng Zi was disappointed.

"Don't doubt your charm." Lu Shenxing held Cheng Zi's hand on his bulging tent, "You made it like this, you're responsible for dealing with it."

Cheng Zi tightened his fingers and helped him rub it.

"Don't press so hard..." Lu Shenxing's voice gradually weakened, and his heavy breaths became longer.

Touching him until it went down, Cheng Zi moved half of his body laboriously, removing the quilt from the man beside him.

After being discharged from the hospital, Cheng Zi recuperated at home for a period of time. Every day, he consciously or unconsciously spoke continuously about their marriage to Lu Shenxing. They held a very low-key wedding.

Cheng Tiandao was both the eldest brother and the father-in-law, and he might also be considered the old man. There was no precedent for such an event. He looked at his son's happy face, and he had to sigh, "This is still a family."

Fang Wen held her daughter's chubby finger and pointed to Lu Shenxing not far away, "That's your brother-in-law and your sister-in-law."

When it was over, she asked Cheng Tiandao, "Hey! Will he be called Xiao Shu or Saozi in the future?"

Cheng Tiandao said angrily, "Today I'll call him Xiao Shu, tomorrow Saozi, we can take turns."

Fang Wen, "..."

Life after marriage wasn't as harmonious or beautiful as imagined. It wasn't an easy task for two independent individuals to try to blend together. First, they must be willing to round their edges and corners, and overcome the pain, boredom, and withdrawal.

Cheng Zi still couldn't accept his surroundings well. He carried a few packs of tissues and handkerchiefs with him to destroy what he thought was dirty anytime and anywhere. Only when facing Lu Shenxing alone could he relax a little bit.

He occasionally went on business trips, and before returning, he called Lu Shenxing and asked what gifts he wanted.

"Nothing, just come back safely."

Hearing his voice on the phone, Cheng Zi's lips curled slightly, arousing the curiosity of several colleagues. This young man was outstanding, shrewd and capable, but was strict with people and things. They couldn't tell what kind of person his other half could be.

"Mr. Cheng, do you love someone?" someone asked with a smile when they found an opportunity.

"Yeah." Cheng Zi put his phone back in his trouser pocket and walked towards the hotel exit carrying his suitcase.

"Mr. Cheng's lover must be a beauty, right?" The others didn't dislike the young man, and they didn't resist the topic, so they all joined in.

"So so." Cheng Zi raised his eyebrows and evaluated objectively. No matter whether he looked at him sideways, he couldn't really be associated with beauty.

Everyone obviously didn't believe him, and joked that they wanted to see this beautiful face.

"One day." Cheng Zi's lips held a gentle smile.

In another city, Lu Shenxing was attending a wine bureau, the chief executives and the political officials had all brought people to accompany them. There were men and women, all 17 or 18-year-old kids. He chose one randomly at the urging of everyone.

"Mr. Cheng, you have to have fun when you come out to play!" The blessed old man showed his yellow teeth and hugged the girl next to him, rubbing her hard. "No one will know, everything will be fine."

Several other people laughed, "It seems that we will continue to learn from Mr. Wan."

Lu Shenxing took out a cigarette, "Mr. Wan is smart."

After drinking and eating, Lu Shenxing took the kid to a private room under the watchful eyes of those outside. He didn't expect the old bastards had added something to his wine.

"Mr. Cheng~"

"Go play by yourself."

Lu Shenxing went out to a booked room, quickly took off his clothes and went straight to the bathroom. He stayed in the bath for a few hours, but the fire was still burning, and his arousal was still very hot.

With a clatter, Lu Shenxing stood up from the bathtub, took a towel off the shelf and wrapped it around his waist. His right hand was already sore, but he was planning to do it again when he heard a knock on the door.

The person at the door was very disheveled, with a cold complexion, looking like he was about to catch an affair.

When Lu Shenxing saw who it was, it was as if the fire hit oil, exploding through his body, sparks splashing everywhere. Even the blood flowing in his body boiled, and he pulled the person in.

Cheng Zi looked around the room, and his tight knit brows slowly relaxed, as the darkness in his eyes disappeared.

"Don't look around, take out your fire extinguisher to put out the fire for your man." Lu Shenxing's breathing was heavy. He had lived with this person for a long time, and he also had a problem of subconsciously repelling others. He couldn't even dream of anyone else.

After closing the door, Cheng Zi rode on Lu Shenxing and used a Cheng Zi branded fire extinguisher. Puff, puff...

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