40 - I'm a father of two (1)
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40 - I'm a father of two (1)

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Lu Shenxing stood in the virtual space. He left with Cheng Zi. Lifetime after lifetime, each reunion was unexpected. Maybe there would be another unexpected encounter in the future, or maybe they'd never see each other again.

"Ding, please go to the next task world, Mr. Lu."

Did the third book fail? Lu Shenxing restrained himself from asking. He thought to himself, the system would only mess with him and make it impossible to get more love points. His task should be completed.

Could it be that Cheng Tianqin was meant to have Luo Yang, but never be loved, and Cheng Zi should remain alone?

"Ding, the system is malfunctioning, the prompt for task completion has been delayed."

"Malfunctioning?" Lu Shenxing was worried, "Don't wait for me to finish all the tasks then tell me that the system is broken."

"Ding, counting down to the next world, three, two, one."

Lu Shenxing woke up from the bed feeling violent. There was a new book. The title of the book was the longest he had ever seen, 《The Grand Family: The Patriarch's Little Wife, Don't Run》, this was his fourth task novel.

He glanced left then right, the bedroom was large and empty, mainly black and white, comfortable and monotone.

The owner of this body, Shi Ze, was the male lead of the book. He was twenty-eight years old and the youngest patriarch of the Shi family. He was rich and privileged from birth and until death.

The whole book told the story of the heroine Zhou Rui and her marriage into a wealthy family, where she was separated and reunited with Shi Ze, then they remained hand in hand until they grew old.

Lu Shenxing looked through the plot again. Shi Ze's father died of illness. He told a story before his death, of an old friend who he'd betrayed and had died, leaving two children in an orphanage.

Shi Ze promised his father to take the two children from the orphanage and raise them.

It was now the thirteenth year, and there were still five years to go.

The target of the task was Shi Changan, one of the two children, who was also the most fateful supporting role in the book. He'd liked to play the piano since he was a child, and he left the Shi family after he was eighteen to follow a troupe and participate in various performances.  At the age of 25, he was employed by the world's top American Orchestra and became one of the  internationally renowned pianists.

At the age of thirty-five, Shi Changan married his college classmate. Not long after his wedding, he lost his hands in an accident to save his wife's life. For a pianist, he'd lost his life.

Shi Changan, who'd become a useless man, was very demanding and his wife, who'd promised that he would never leave him for better or for worse, in sickness or in health, began to neglect him and go off gambling at night.

Shi Changan paid off the huge debts for his wife, but all he got in return was betrayal. He spent the rest of his life in a mental hospital.

The task was two stars on the sadness index.

His task was to change Shi Changan's destiny before he went to university.

Lu Shenxing closed his dry eyes. He put on a black silk nightgown and walked to stand on the balcony and looked down. The green mountains and forests were all around, the air was fresh and the scenery was beautiful.

After a while, Lu Shenxing stood in front of the mirror. The man in the mirror was tall and handsome, with sharp eyes and eyebrows obliquely into his temples. The cold outline of his features were sharp and angular, as if finely carved, and the whole body exuded the majesty of a dignified stock.

After spitting out the toothpaste foam in his mouth, Lu Shenxing pulled the corners of his mouth. At the same time, the man's mouth in the mirror grinned, his stereotyped seriousness faded, and he was a bit more dazzlingly sexy.

The butler outside the door bent over at forty-five degrees, and said respectfully, "Master, good morning."

Lu Shenxing straightened his neck as he walked, "Morning."

The butler looked up strangely, but then felt that he was thinking too much.

There were two boys standing neatly downstairs. They were twin brothers, both the same height, wearing the same school uniform, and had the same exquisite features, even both had the teardrop mole at the corner of their eyes.

They saw Lu Shenxing coming down the stairs, and called in unison, "Daddy."

After walking for a few minutes, Lu Shenxing realized that the boy on the right had dark chestnut hair, his eyes were black and bright and he looked at him with admiration. The boy on the left had pure black hair like ink, and his light-colored lips were pressed lightly and he didn't dare look at him.

The chestnut coloured brother Shi Changle, had a lively and cheerful personality, and the black coloured brother Shi Changan, had a quiet and introverted personality. Lu Shenxing reminded himself of this in his heart, while also musing that this method of identification seemed to be flawed.

If one day Shi Changle dyed his hair black, or Shi Changan dyed his hair brown, then he would not be able to recognize them.

Just going by their personality also wasn't ideal, how could he be sure that Shi Changan would always be lively?

Lu Shenxing glanced between them one more time then he hummed, "Sit down, eat breakfast."

The Shi family's rules were particularly strict. Shi Chang'an and Shi Changle had to sit with straight backs, eat cleanly, and behave gracefully like two little princes.

Lu Shenxing took a sip of milk. Among the two children, Shi Ze, the original owner, preferred Shi Changle, who had a sweet and coquettish mouth, and doted on him a lot. As for the introverted Shi Changan, he mostly ignored him.

Lu Shenxing suddenly asked the boy on his right, "Does your hand still hurt?"

Shi Changan raised his eyes in shock, his long, slightly curled eyelashes trembled, and he said shyly, "Daddy, I'm fine."

Daddy didn't ask me, Shi Changle chewed his bread into his cheek and kicked Shi Changan with his feet, unhappy.

Shi Changan didn't care about the pain in his leg. He secretly looked at the man sitting across from him, and silently hid the emotional fluctuations in his heart.

The butler, who stood behind them, had a relaxed expression. The young master had said a lot today, he must be in a surprisingly good mood. It seemed that he was very happy with Miss Zhou.

After the meal, the brothers took their school bags and went to school. Lu Shenxing touched his chin, staring thoughtfully at Shi Changan's ass.

Shi Changle and Shi Changan walked together. The former looked back and immediately opened his eyes in surprise and said, "Ge, Daddy seems to be staring at your ass."

Shi Changan was taken aback for a moment, and a thin layer of blush appeared at the roots of his ears, "Don't talk nonsense, Daddy is probably just checking whether my pants are dirty."

"Oh..." Shi Changle rolled his lips sadly, "Today daddy is so partial. He has been talking to you and he doesn't only look at me. He obviously liked to look at me more before." The next moment he rolled his eyes, narrowed his smile and said, "We look the same. Daddy must have made a mistake again, and thought my brother was me!

"Daddy was watching Changle, not Changan!"

The child's thinking was always all over the place, there was no logic at all. Shi Changle's eyebrows were open and smiling, happy to forget.

Shi Changan beside him, pursed his lips and didn't refute his younger brother. Today, Daddy looked at him seven times, he really looked at him more than ever before.

This was his secret, and he didn't want to tell anyone.

Ummm, so I know uncle/adopted nephew was toeing the line a bit but at least our boy CZ was in university when LSX got there. Anyway, this arc is 12 chapters long if you want to skip it. I'll put a note if any system related plot comes up in the next arc. If it helps: only the last two chapters are locked.

If you're sticking around, a short warning, these are the worlds most annoying 15 year olds...feels more like they're 10.

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