41 - I'm a father of two (2)
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41 - I'm a father of two (2)

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The car drove steadily on the road. Lu Shenxing sat in the back with his legs folded and his eyes closed. The original owner and the protagonist Zhou Rui's half-sister Zhou Qianqian had met several times, and they felt good with each other, but he'd not yet seen Zhou Rui.

The plot has just begun, but now he was here, there would be no Cinderella story.

The wheels squealed across the ground at high speed, and his eardrums ached from the harsh sound. Lu Shenxing frowned. He lifted his eyes suddenly and the moment the window rolled down, he saw a girl with a ponytail coming down from the taxi in front of him.

She was the heroine, Zhou Rui, it was a destined encounter.

Zhou Rui, like most of the heroines in novels, was beautiful, enduring, not overly dazzling, but strong, optimistic, and kind. She was a little clever, but not self-righteous. She was friendly and tended to be more emotionally invested in things.

Her skin was fair and smooth, this of course, was also an indispensable trait of a heroine.

She was the illegitimate daughter of the Zhou family, currently making a living by driving a taxi while raising a father, who was addicted to alcohol and gambling, and a frail brother.

Lu Shenxing's thoughts returned to reality, Zhou Rui was still there in a panic. She had two thin eyebrows and her face was clean, without any cosmetics.

"Young master, let me go down and have a look." The driver in front said.

"No need." Lu Shenxing waved, "Let's go."

Zhou Rui, who thought she was going to be finished this time, was stunned. She wiped her face. Before, she would sneer and say that the rich were really great, but now she wondered if the rich really were great.

"I ran into a Mercedes-Benz just now, guess what? The other party left without saying anything. Grandma wasn't accurate at all, obviously today's my lucky day..." Zhou Rui sat back in the car, busily chatting with her best friend.

Since childhood, Shi Changle had excellent grades and was a genius in the eyes of his teachers and classmates, but Shi Changan was mediocre, always walking the line between good and bad, as if his mind wasn't concerned with learning.

"Changan, Changan, this time your brother Changle is first out of the whole year!"

"Hey, Changan wasn't that bad either, he got the highest score for composition."

Shi Changan looked at his younger brother, watching his gestures filled with pride, so dazzling in the eyes of everyone's worship.

His deskmate, Huang Kuo rubbed his teeth, "Changan, do you know how many points you are behind your brother? If I'm embarrassed by you, you must tighten your belt and try to catch up!

"I'm relying on you to pull him down, so I can show off."

Shi Changan rested his chin, "I'm stupid."

"Don't be so negative." Huang Kuo rolled his eyes to the ceiling, "I think you're just lazy."

Shi Changan's mouth twitched slightly.

"Ge, I'm hungry." Shi Changle leaned on his table and smiled.

Shi Changan took out a piece of chocolate from his pocket and gave it to him.

"Ge, you're so nice." Shi Changle peeled the chocolate and put it in his mouth, rolling it around with his tongue, his voice was muffled.

Huang Kuo looked at Shi Changan and Shi Changle. Although they looked the same, they felt completely different. He didn't .

"Changle, you won first place again, you're amazing."

Shi Changle stuck out his tongue, "My brother let me win." He smiled at Shi Changan, "Ge, you'll always let me win, right?"

"Don't rub in me, it's dirty." Shi Changan pulled up the zipper of his school uniform.

The students around him didn't believe him. Shi Changle always lied when he was trying to give his brother face, only Huang Kuo would believe him.

Huang Kuo thought to himself, it's okay if Shi Changan doesn't care, one day he will, and he won't let you win anymore.

This chapter was really short, I was gunna release two but I'm stuck Christmas shopping. Sorry

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