42 - I'm a father of two (3)
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42 - I'm a father of two (3)

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In the chairman’s office, Lu Shenxing turned the pen in his hand, across the desk, a long-haired young man dressed in a leather jacket and jeans panicked, "What do I do? If my dad finds out, he’ll definitely break my leg." He cried and said, "Jiu, you really have to save me this time."

Lu Shenxing's eyebrows were raised, the young man in front of him was Liu Daliang, the only child of Shi Ze’s sister. He’d come to tell him that he had knocked up a girl, who also happened to be one of Zhou Rui's besties.

In the original plot, Shi Ze went and Zhou Rui pointed at the finger at him and scolded him bloody. Shi Ze’s reaction was difficult to describe, in short, he gained a deep impression of Zhou Rui, a woman who dared to scold him and he remembered her well.

After that, the plot took off, the hero and the heroine would continuously encounter each other, as if in the whole earth there were only the two of them.

Lu Shenxing narrowed his eyes and Liu Daliang shivered, "You tell me...what should I do?"

"If you have the ability to impregnate someone, don't you have the ability to deal with them?" Lu Shenxing was expressionless.

Liu Daliang curled his lips and said in a daunting tone, "Jiu, the fucking woman wouldn’t have a big belly if-"

Bang! A pen fell to the ground from before him and Liu Daliang held his head bewildered.

"Don't look so confused, I threw it." Lu Shenxing dialed a number, ignoring Liu Daliang kneeling before him, "Jie-fu, come and take your son back." He retold the story in a few words. Liu Daliang was a horrible picture of a man at world’s end.

"Jiu, you’re going to be the death of me!" Liu Daliang jumped to his feet.

"If my memory serves, you’re already an adult." Lu Shenxing said coldly. "You’re responsible for your own actions. Don't expect others to wipe your arse for you."

I doubt you’ve never made a mistake! Liu Daliang opened the door angrily and left. His uncle usually treated him very well, he didn’t even have to work hard to convince him. Why was he so difficult this time?

Lu Shenxing curled his index finger and tapped on his desk, then after a moment he ordered his assistant to buy two sets of Doraemon comic books.

"Chairman, Doraemon is running an event. Buy two books and you get a pillow." The assistant passed over a Doraemon pillow, "Just the one, though."

Although he wasn’t yet married, his eldest brother's family was similar to the chairman's family, with two children.

Children tend to be very jealous and love comparison, if there was bias a little bit to either side, it would cause conflicts between them.

"Put it on the sofa over there." Lu Shenxing didn't lift his head. "Leave the pillow in the office."

The assistant answered and quickly put the book and pillows down, thinking that the chairman was a good father to his two children, calmly dealing with other people's affairs.

At night, Lu Shenxing took the comics from the car and went home. Shi Changle on the sofa ran over with his slippers, "Daddy."

Lu Shenxing took the comics to the table, "For you and brother."

Shi Changle cheered, and happily went to unpack the bag. When he saw that it was only a comic book, his eyes showed disappointment. He quickly went to open Shi Changan's and saw that it was also a comic book.

He curled his lips unhappily then raised a big smile on his face, "Thank you Daddy!"

Lu Shenxing held down Shi Changle who was jumping around, as he watched the black-haired boy out the corner of his eye as he came forward and picked up the packaging of the ground and put it in the trash.

Shi Changan didn't care about his face, but his eyes never strayed far from the comic book, he was so used to suppressing his likes, it was almost hard to detect.

Lu Shenxing raised his eyebrows, "Do you like it?"

Shi Changan thought he was asking his younger brother, so he didn't say anything. When he realized that his line of sight was falling on him, he controlled his expression and raised his head and said, "Daddy, I like it very much."

Shi Changle said, "I like it too!"

"Don't play for too long, remember to do your homework." Lu Shenxing took off his suit jacket, unbuttoned his shirt collar, pulled off his tie and put it aside, and walked upstairs.

"Ge, why did Daddy give us comic books? It's so boring, who wants to read that kind of thing." Shi Changle lay down on the sofa, and he wanted the Ador LP700-4 model car.

"I don't understand either."

Shi Changan looked in the direction of the stairs and was puzzled. For as long as he could remember, that man had had strict requirements on them, hoping that they would be the best in every aspect. Changle had met his requirements and so he’d received more attention.

When he was in a good mood, he occasionally got some small gifts during New Years and the holidays, but he had never received such...

Something like this, that matched his tastes, as if it was bought specifically for him.

After a while, Shi Changan returned to his room with his own comic book, sat at the desk, turned on the lamp and looked through it. The corners of his lips cocked quickly.

At night, Lu Shenxing went downstairs to the kitchen to find something to eat. He saw a layer of steam on the glass door of the kitchen. His first reaction was that the gas hadn’t been turned off and something was burning.

As soon as Lu Shenxing opened the door, he saw a hot plate of steamed buns and spicy cabbage. His Adam's apple rolled, staring for a few seconds before moving his eyes to the black-haired boy standing there.

Shi Changan was a little surprised. He licked the hot sauce from his lips, "Daddy, you..." The words that followed were all swallowed when he saw the other man’s ravenous expression.

"Make it yourself?" Lu Shenxing narrowed his eyes and walked in, closing the door with his backhand.

"Yeah." Shi Changan scratched his hair, "I learned from Uncle Zhang, I’m not very good at kneading the dough. It’s so-so."

"Not bad." Lu Shenxing swallowed his saliva, took the steamed bun in one hand and the spicy cabbage in the other hand, and ate it in one mouthful.

Shi Changan was startled, "Daddy, do you need some water?"

He turned around to pour some water. Then after thinking about it, he went to get the tea, washed the cup, and boiled the water. When he came back with the brewed tea, the man was no longer there and the buns on the plate were gone.

"...you didn’t even leave one for me."

Shi Changan put down the teacup to clean up the kitchen. He still wasn’t sleepy, and he lay alone on the sofa waiting for dawn with his eyes open.

In a daze, Lu Shenxing suddenly remembered that Shi Changan was suffering from insomnia. He squeezed the bridge of his nose, bit the bullet, and went downstairs.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, Shi Changan closed his eyes and slowed his breathing. He felt the footsteps getting closer and closer before stopping in front of him.

Just when Shi Changan was hesitating, his body sank, and the sound of footsteps gradually faded away, followed by the sound of going upstairs, until the surrounding silence returned.

Shi Changan grabbed the blanket that was placed on his body and was stunned.

In the morning, Shi Changan was the same as usual, preparing himself for the day, waking Shi Changle, and going to greet Lu Shenxing together.

Lu Shenxing's words made the atmosphere on the table strange.

Shi Changan suppressed his surprise, and Shi Changle was so happy that he almost split his milk.

The housekeeper beside him was also stunned. Did the young master just say he was going to send the two young masters to school later? Did he hear that correctly?

The housekeeper craned his neck to look at the sky, the sun hadn’t risen from the west.

The door opened, and Shi Changle, usually the first person to sit inside, didn't move this time. He smiled and said, "Ge, after you."

Shi Changan sat down with his schoolbag, Shi Changle sat next to him, and the last one to arrive, Lu Shenxing, sat beside the car door, next to Shi Changle.

Shi Changle, who was holding his schoolbag, smiled to himself, although didn't quite know what was funny.

The innermost Shi Changan looked sideways out the car window, then lowered his eyes, lowered his head and rubbed the light scar on his finger.

"Goodbye, daddy." Shi Changle leaned close to Lu Shenxing's neck and gave him a kiss on his left cheek, then on the right.

Taking advantage.

Shi Changan stood there with no change on his face. He planned to catch up with Shi Changle's footsteps but he paused. The line of sight behind him was too strong to ignore.

He pursed his lips, turned around and saw the man in the car looking directly at him, his eyes deep and his voice low like a cello, "Changan, don't you give me a kiss?"

Shi Changan muttered in his heart, and stiffly bent down and leaned over, preparing to touch Lu Shenxing's forehead perfunctorily.

At that moment, Lu Shenxing suddenly raised his head, and the kiss fell on the corner of his mouth.

Shi Changan, "..."

"You will be late if you don't go in." Lu Shenxing put his hand on Shi Changan's head, and rubbed his soft hair affectionately.

Shi Changan clutched his schoolbag as he caught up with Shi Changle, his walking a mess.

Witnessing their disappearance at the school gate, Lu Shenxing told the driver to drive. He lit a cigarette. The two children didn't know where their lives would lead, they would learn the truth many years later.

On the day of the parent teacher meeting, Lu Shenxing postponed his work, and this time even Shi Changan, who had always been inconspicuously happy or angry, showed clear surprise.

The head teacher praised Shi Changle for about half an hour, for his morality, intelligence, physical fitness, and outstanding appearance. For Shi Changan, it was only mentioned that he had a good character and should continue to work hard.

Shi Changle gave a speech on stage on behalf of his grade as Lu Shenxing sat under the stage. He found that Shi Changle seemed to have become calm, unhurried, with bright eyes and a confident light in his words.

Although Shi Changan was sitting there quietly, he also had the illusion that the boy's expression had relaxed a lot.

This was probably a projection of Shi Changle’s feelings, from the empathy shared between the twins.

After dinner in the evening, Lu Shenxing found the opportunity to go to the third-floor bathroom. The room was filled with steam, and he walked to the sound of falling water, "Changan, do you want help bathing?"

The black-haired boy standing under the shower head was startled, his hands and feet were at a loss. His eyes were wet with water and his voice seemed to restrain something, "Yes."

"Then I’m here."

Lu Shenxing didn't think much of it, and squeezed a lot of shower gel onto his back. He remembered that Xin Liang, Shen Cheng, and Cheng Zi all had one thing in common. They all had sensitive ankles.

When Lu Shenxing's hand touched his slender ankle, the black-haired boy was fine.

Was he wrong? Impossible, Lu Shenxing's eyes sank, and after hesitating for a few seconds, he quickly swept across the door frame with his fingertips as he was washing.

He was so familiar with the door frame, he couldn't even forget the lines on it, but it didn't feel right just now. Lu Shenxing's face suddenly became ugly. Was he really wrong?

FFS, he's fifteen STAHP.

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