43 - I'm the father of two (4)
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43 - I'm the father of two (4)

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In a warm yellow-styled room, the chestnut-haired boy was lying curled up on the black and blue checkered bed, his flexible back arched in a clear arc.

Outside the door, Lu Shenxing stared at him with gloomy eyes for a few seconds. Then he stepped in and put his palm on the boy's curled ankle.

The sleeping boy seemed to be disturbed, his body trembling suddenly, followed by a fierce resistance. He turned around and saw the man's eyes soften at an imperceptible speed. There was a warm touch on his forehead, accompanied by a low voice, "Good night."

Lu Shenxing returned to his room, and the unforgettable throbbing was released with a bang. He wiped his face, and the corners of his lips rose uncontrollably.

In all his three lives, he had experienced the feeling countless times, and there was no need to test the door.

For middle school students, the winter vacation was not only very short, but also full of homework questions and tutoring, occupying all of their spare time.

Shi Changan was very busy. Apart from completing his homework for several subjects, most of his time was spent on piano lessons.

Shi Changle was relaxed. He found that the way Dad looked at him was different from before. He was focused, as if he could only see him, and couldn't tolerate anything else. He liked it very much.

"Dad, are you free today? Can you go skiing with me?"

Lu Shenxing looked up from the newspaper, "Okay."

Shi Changan reached the bottom of the stairs and quickly picked up his things. He changed his shoes and when he opened the door said, "Dad, I'm leaving."

Seeing the black-haired boy staring at him, Lu Shenxing was about to say something when Shi Changle dragged him over to look at several cars in a magazine. He felt like he’d forgotten something but he couldn't remember.

The butler behind him hesitated to say something. He wanted to remind the young master that today was the day that his eldest would participate in the competition. Didn't you agree to watch it last night?

"Uncle Zhang, I'm a little thirsty." Shi Changle stretched his voice, "Go get me a glass of juice."

The butler nodded, and went to the kitchen to prepare juice for him.

There was heavy snow outside, Shi Changan squinted his eyes as snow flew on his eyelashes, heavy and a little wet, he blinked and his vision blurred.

The ‘Xingle Cup’ piano competition attracted the attention of many major schools during the winter vacation. Students who were selected would inevitably be a little nervous, and their parents would be even more nervous.

It was common for parents to ask for leave to accompany them. In some cases, grandparents, aunties and uncles swarmed around a child. Shi Changan was alone. The teacher asked strangely, "Changan, did your parents not come?"

Shi Changan shook his head. Then gust of wind blew from behind him, followed by heavy breathing against the back of his neck, "I'm here!"

"Hello, Mei Laoshi, I'm Chang'an's eldest brother." Huang Kuo winked at Shi Changan as he spoke, "Da Ge has come to cheer for you."

Shi Changan saw that he was still panting, his mouth twitched and he said, "You're two months and nine days younger than me."

If your really had a conscience, you wouldn't forget my birthday. Huang Kuo grinned happily, and put his arms around Shi Changan’s shoulders.  "I’ve been your desk mate for so long, it'd be sad if I didn't come, right?"

Shi Changan raised his eyes lightly, sad? It was the first time that he'd heard this word from Huang Kuo. He was disease-free, able to eat and sleep, and could do whatever he wanted to do. If he wasn't interested in something, he didn’t need to waste any energy or time, he could just stick to his dreams and not worry about life, what could be sad?

"Changan, get ready!" The teacher came over and urged, "It'll be your turn soon."

Shi Changan wore a white suit, his black hair was smoothly pressed against his neck, and his delicate brows were calm.

Huang Kuo, who was standing there like a big Buddha, said twice, "Changan, you're so handsome." He smiled handsomely with his arms around him, "Hey, you're only a little worse than me."

"Yeah, you're beauty is out of this world." With a teasing, Shi Changan took out his mobile phone from his backpack. There were no text messages or missed calls, his eyebrows furrowed.

The host's mellow voice could be heard, announcing the information from the next contestant.

Shi Changan sat in front of the piano and looked at the auditorium unconsciously. He condensed his feelings of loss, put his white and slender hands on the keys, and a string of jumping and brisk notes flowed out from his fingers.

Huang Kuo looked at the elegant and calm figure on the stage. He wanted to pat his chest and tell everyone, look, this is my brother.

The smooth melody drifted in the hall, becoming high-pitched and vigorous, then turning softly, and when the last note fell, Shi Changan got up and bowed. He left in fierce applause.

Huang Kuo, who was waiting there, gave him a thumbs up, "You were great!"

Shi Changan wiped his face with a wet tissue and suddenly asked, "Huang Kuo, do you have food with you?"

"You didn't eat anything in the morning, did you?" Huang Kuo widened his eyes and said angrily, "You deserve to have your stomach upset."

That's what he said, but he ran out quickly and gave Shi Changan bread and mineral water when he returned. "Fortunately, I took some cash in the morning."

"I'll treat you to dinner tomorrow." Shi Changan nibbled on the bread, his tongue licked off the bean paste on it.

"Hey, don't forget what you just said." Huang Kuo rubbed a callous on his hand, "Changan, it doesn't matter how you act, I've known you for too long."

"You didn't know me before." Shi Changan's voice was vague.

Huang Kuo couldn't hear him at all, he looked curious, "Did you say something just now?"

Shi Changan buried his head and ate the last bite of bread. He unscrewed the bottle cap and drank, his tone was simple and clear, "Yes."

"..." Huang Kuo swallowed, "Even if I ask you, you aren't going to tell me, are you?"

"Smart." Shi Changan smiled.

Huang Kuo rolled his eyes, took out a chocolate bar, and waited for the result of the competition with Shi Changan. When they were leaving he said, "I didn't write a word of homework, I'm counting on you."

"I haven't either..."

Shi Changan's phone rang before he finished speaking, and a low voice came from the other end, "How was the competition?"

Shi Changan was stunned, "It was okay."

Lu Shenxing, who was already on the road, turned the steering wheel, "I'll pick you up."

"Okay." Shi Changan's mouth was slightly bent.

"Your dad is here?" Huang Kuo jumped on the spot, "Hey Changan, what do you think of my hairstyle?"

Shi Changan glanced at him, "It's pretty bad."

Huang Kuo immediately turned his back and took a closer look at himself in the large motorcycle mirror next to him, "Going back with you, your father seems to have a good impression of me."

From a bit past ten o'clock in the morning until dark, the phone didn't ring again, nor could his dad be contacted.

Shi Changan was sitting on the stone steps of the flower bed, his face a little unclear under the dim street lamp.

Putting down his messy fingernails, Huang Kuo gritted his teeth, "Changan, I have to go back, otherwise my empress of a mother will be very anxious."

"I'll talk to you tomorrow." Shi Changan said.

Huang Kuo, who had run a few steps, turned around and said uneasily, "Changan, your dad must have forgotten, just take a taxi and go home."

Shi Changan pressed the corners of his lips, revealing a stubbornness that he didn't even know he had.

A beam of light came from the distance, chasing away the shadows in front of Shi Changan's eyes, he suddenly raised his head, and his cold face was exposed.

Lu Shenxing opened the door and got out of the car. After finding him, he thought that the child was crying, and his pace accelerated unconsciously, "I was held up by something. "

Shi Changan got up, "It's okay."

"I'm hungry, let's eat out." Lu Shenxing stretched out his hands under Shi Changan's arms and picked him up, explaining in passing, "Changle ate something bad and felt sick."

On the cold winter night, Shi Changan was overwhelmed by this sudden embrace, warmer and more generous than he would ever have thought.

Compared with the cold outside, the restaurant was much warmer. Lu Shenxing took off his coat and placed it on the back of his chair. He ordered a few dishes and rice. He really forgot about Shi Changan’s game today. Later, he remembered but was caught up with Shi Changle thing, the acid in his hungry stomach revolted.

The boy sitting on the opposite side lowered his head, his long curly eyelashes cast a shadow under his eyes and his posture was quiet and restrained.

An unprovoked sense of familiarity hovered in his heart. Lu Shenxing doubted his detection that day for no apparent reason. On the way home, the familiarity became stronger and stronger. From the next day onwards, he secretly noticed and felt more and more that the results he'd determined were exactly the opposite of what his eyes saw.

Lu Shenxing walked to the sofa and grabbed Shi Changle who was lying on it, rubbing his ankle with his hand, "You don't feel it?"

After eating a potato chip, Shi Changle smiled and nodded, "Yes." He pointed to his ankle, pouted and said, "Daddy, there is a red bump there. I think it was bitten by a bug, it's itchy."

Before he'd barely said three words, the person in front of him had already left.

Shi Changle ran into his brother's room anxiously, "Ge, Dad seems to be angry, can you go and see? I'm afraid Dad will scold me." Seeing that Shi Changan didn't respond to him immediately, he was unhappy and took the book out of his brother's hand, "Ge, did you hear what I said?"

Shi Changan raised his eyes, "Changle, give me the book."

He didn't know what was going on, but Shi Changle was inexplicably scared. He wrinkled the book in his hand and threw it on the table vigorously, "Here's your book!"

Shi Changan smoothed the creases on the book and put it back in the drawer, then silently opened the door and went out.

Shi Changle, who was still standing in the same place, felt a little bit empty. What happened to Ge just now? He's so weird, wasn't it just a comic book

Shi Changan went to the second floor, stopped in front of the half-open door, then raised his hand and knocked a few times before walking in. The smell of smoke made him frown.

"Dad, are you in a bad mood?" Shi Changan looked at the man sitting in the chair and said softly, "I'm not in a good mood either."

Lu Shenxing smoked, frowning and said nothing.

"Nobita failed his exam again." Shi Changan said helplessly, "He's too stupid."

Lu Shenxing was dumbfounded, and the haze on his face dispersed a lot. He snuffed out the cigarette butt and let out a sigh of relief.

"Dad wants to eat the spicy cabbage and steamed buns you made."

Shi Changan was taken aback, then smiled, "Then I'll make it now."

I'm turning all the 'daddy's into 'dad's, the Chinese they are using is 爹地 which is literally pronounced like 'daddy' but my brain is fucked and it just sounds messed up to me.

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