48 - I'm a father of two (9)
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48 - I'm a father of two (9)

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"I didn’t..."

The words ‘wet the bed’ were swallowed just before they popped out. Lu Shenxing raised the corner of one of his lips. With a teasing arc, he stretched out his hand and picked up the quilt with two fingers, "But it seems to be wet."

The room was quiet for a second, Shi Changan clutched his pants in a panic and ran into the bathroom, the door slammed shut and locked.

Lu Shenxing lowered his head, rubbed his slightly wet fingertip, and licked it with his mouth.

He hooked his lips, the child had grown up.

Shi Changan rubbed his trousers clean and hung them on the towel rack. He thought for a moment then decided it was too conspicuous, so he took them down and tucked them under the sink. Then he stayed in the bathroom and didn't come out.

"Changan?" Lu Shenxing leaned against the door frame, amused, "Shi Changan?"

Shi Changan swallowed. He splashed cold water on his face and wiped the water away, waiting until the heat in his cheeks faded before opening the door. Feeling the breeze through the gap in the door, he suddenly felt a bit chilly and looked down out the corner of his eyes at his bare legs.


Glancing calmly at the little bird whose hair still hadn’t grown completely, Lu Shenxing covered Shi Changan's eyes, "It’s okay, you can’t see it now."

Shi Changan breathed a sigh of relief, and the corners of his mouth twitched. He was indeed blinded, but the person in front of him was still looking.

"You've seen your body before, what are you so shy about." Lu Shenxing smiled and lifted Shi Changan onto the bed, holding him just right so as not to hurt him.

Shi Changan quickly retreated into the bed like an ostrich.

"It’s a normal physiological reaction, Dad has also experienced it before." Lu Shenxing put on a white shirt and buttoned the buttons slowly.

I know it’s normal, but the object of my dreams is not. Shi Changan chewed on his lower lip. If Dad knew about it, would he take him to a doctor?

Both father and son were very handsome, and when they wore shirts of the same brand and in the same color, they were very eye-catching walking together, attracting the attention of tourists frequently.

A lot of people came up to strike up a conversation. The enthusiasm of the foreigners was direct and unconcealed, directly expressing their invitations. Lu Shenxing smiled and said sorry as Shi Changan unconsciously looked at the elegant and stable man beside him. Thinking back on the events of the morning, his cheeks became hot, and he awkwardly lowered his head to eat cake.

Lu Shenxing caught a glimpse of a customer he had worked with previously, he originally planned to pretend to not see him, but the other party had good eyesight. He strode over, lowered his posture, and said, "Chairman Shi, I’m glad to meet you here."

"Mr. Wan, what a coincidence." Lu Shenxing stretched out his hand and shook it.

The middle-aged man laughed happily and invited himself over, trying hard to find a topic to arouse Lu Shenxing's interest.

The man’s lips flapped constantly with his chatter, and the yellow teeth that were revealed were comparable to corn kernels. Lu Shenxing put down the coffee he was about to drink, and leaned back until he pressed against the back of the chair. He folded his legs, and his eyebrow faintly twitched.

Shi Changan sat quietly while listening to the flattery in his ear. He was using his phone to browse a lot of information on the Internet. Intolerance, nausea, incest, taboo. Words like these words occupied the screen.

He swiped the screen and clicked into a forum. The top post was 《I slept with my father》, and the comments were asking for a live broadcast, but there were no words of insult or personal attacks.

The first one Shi Changan closed after a casual look. He clicked through more than 100 pages of replies, looking serious from beginning to end. His worldview was completely refreshed, there was actually a group of girls in this world who not only didn’t laugh at homosexuality but also sent their blessings.

Father and son, is the father the top, or the son.

The words seemed to have a different meaning. Shi Changan secretly lifted his eyes to look at the person next to him. In last night's dream, he seemed to be sitting on this person. Would that be counted as bottoming?

After reading other posts, Shi Changan found that the corrupt girls were very cute, and didn’t attack or make fun of others. He hesitated for about ten seconds before he registered an account, and before he could regret it, he posted a message to the board.

Soon someone replied: Cucumber emoji. You want to sleep with your daddy. Fap fap fap fap. I’m sorry, I’m hard.

The following replies all increased the number of cucumbers, and the post quickly grew into a wall of comments.

The corners of Shi Changan's eyes flickered in confusion. He thought that his liking for his Dad was admiration and dependence, just like Changle, but now it felt different.

The chaotic thoughts were forcibly suppressed, Shi Changan looked up and found he was alone at the table.

Shi Changan went to a nearby church not far away. He sat in the last row and followed the priests who came to pray and listened to their teachings.

The chanting filled his ears and Shi Changan lay on the wooden pew absent-mindedly.

The priest put his palm on Shi Changan's head and gently touched his hair, "Child, why are you sad?"

Shi Changan pushed up the black-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose. He said, "Father, I suspect that I like my dad."

He dared not say anymore.

"God bless you." The priest smiled lovingly. "Every child should love his parents."

"My likes are different." Shi Changan said softly, "I want my father to belong to me only. I want him to kiss me and touch me, every inch of my skin."

The priest’s pious attitude changed. He was speechless for a while, before speaking seriously, "My child, your father is tempting you into sin, and he will be punished by God."

Shi Changan raised his eyes, "He can't be forgiven?"

The priest shook his head, "No."

Shi Changan suddenly felt ridiculous. He laughed. If God really existed, he wouldn't punish his dad, because it wasn’t him who was a nasty and greedy person.

Lu Shenxing at the entrance of the hotel called for him anxiously, and when he saw Shi Changan walking towards him, he went over and grabbed his wrist with a gloomy face, "Where did you go?"

"Dad, I'm sorry, I forgot to tell you." Shi Changan didn't care about the pain in his wrist, he said, "I went to the church next door."

Lu Shenxing's eyes were strange, "The church?"

"Yeah, I made a mistake." Shi Chang'an pursed his lips, knowing that it was a mistake that couldn’t be forgiven.

Lu Shenxing stretched out his hand and pointed, "Can you see that?"

Shi Changan looked in the direction he gave, and there were two people pressed against a car door kissing. One was 50 or 60 years old, and the other was not 14 or 15 years old.

"It's different from home here. It's common for them to play with the same sex, especially at your age." Lu Shenxing's facial lines were grim, "Shi Changan, there are many ways for you to end up if you go out running around, but none are something Dad wants to see."

Shi Changan pulled down the brim of his hat, "I know."

"Speak louder." Lu Shenxing frowned.

Shi Changan was stunned when he was scolded, and he hung his head, "Dad, I know, I’ll wait for you to come back next time."

After this episode, Lu Shenxing took Shi Changan around several scenic spots. He also adjusted his mobile phone and all of the Shi family’s phone calls were blocked.

He’d left the country and the Shi family could no longer contact Lu Shenxing. They began to lose heart, feeling that they had done enough and it was over. One by one, they claimed that the matter was finished and there was nothing we could do.

Shi Yiwei's decision to refuse to appeal caused a lot of speculation, because the Shi family was a well-known family everyone was watching quietly from the sidelines, waiting for something to happen.

Zhou Qianqian wanted to take this opportunity to make contact with Lu Shenxing and become Shi Yiwei's defense lawyer, to bring her closer to him, but she didn't expect that he wouldn’t even bother to look for one.

Shi Changle also returned and wanted to ask his dad to help their aunt, but there were only housekeepers and servants at home.

"Young master went abroad." The butler didn’t say anymore.

Brother went too? Shi Changle left in a dull mood, he would prove to Dad who was the best.

Liu Daliang couldn’t leave his room for fear of jail or death.

Nothing had anything to do with him, it was all his mother’s doing, not him. No matter who it was, Liu Daliang said that, engraving the words into his mind.

After spending half a month in a foreign country, Shi Changan was looking through the photos,  he didn't look like Dad at all. He might be more like his mother who had never seen him before.

"Except for official business, don't call me for anything else." Lu Shenxing made a call on the balcony.

The assistant at the other end answered, "Miss Zhou said she wanted to talk to you." He said again, "And Young Master Changle has been in your office twice."

"What did I tell you last time? If I have to say it a third time you can leave." Lu Shenxing's voice was cold, "In the future, without my permission, only Shi Changan can enter my office."

The assistant looked at the phone that had been hung up. Wasn't the chairman’s favourite Changle? He touched his nose, he had to remember next time, he didn't want to lose such a well-paid job.

Lu Shenxing hugged Shi Changan from behind, took off his glasses, touched the mole on the corner of his eye, then he watched TV with his head resting on his hand.

Shi Changan lay on Lu Shenxing and flipped through a comic book. His hand that wanted to take the biscuit touched something else. He squeezed it, then turned his head to look, and was met with a deep gaze.

Shi Changan tensed in shame, wanted to let it go but also didn't want to. It felt like a steamed bun that was heating up in his hand, and he felt the shape of the steamed bun getting longer and longer, he swallowed his saliva unconsciously, so big and thick.

Simply pretend that you don't understand anything, Shi Changan thought silently still holding it.

"Stop playing." Lu Shenxing's voice was low and hoarse, showing restrained lust, he got out of bed.  Before he walked two steps, his hand was held, and Shi Changan's voice came from behind him, "Dad, are you going out?"

"When you grow up a little bit, you can help dad." Lu Shenxing took away his hand, stepped into the bathroom, went out and swore, wouldn’t he be arrested if he went out like this?

Shi Changan was stunned for a moment, his face getting redder and redder. Then he turned his head away, what was his dad suggesting?

After staying for a few more days they returned home. Lu Shenxing thought he’d avoided it completely, but he was still invited to have a cup of tea because the Shi family had emphasized again and again in front of the investigators, "Chairman Shi Ze is the head of our Shi family!"

The way they talking about him made him seem like he was the Jade Emperor.

After recording his confession, Lu Shenxing went back to the car and lit a cigarette. He raised his lips cruelly, Shi Yiwei spent several years in prison for this shit.

For the next while Shi Changan was busy preparing for a music theory exam. Looking at this headache of a boy, Lu Shenxing decided he’d eat him up first, and then use himself to block off the road to becoming a pianist.

"Dad, why did you park the car here?" Shi Changan looked out at the empty lawn and the quiet suburbs.

"Because there is no one else here." Lu Shenxing laughed lowly.

Shi Changan's mouth twitched, he didn't understand, and thought he was going to be punished, "Okay, dad, stop joking around, I’ll review tonight..." The latter words were blocked by the hand that touched his lips.

"Changan, your eighteenth birthday was yesterday, dad hasn't given you a gift yet." Lu Shenxing touched the soft lips under his fingers.

"It's fine." Shi Changan smiled carelessly. He glanced at his watch, "Dad, I really want to go back..."

In the small space, a sultry gasp sounded, accompanied by a low hum of pain.

ná mó pǔ guāng fó

ná mó pǔ míng fó

ná mó pǔ jìng fó...

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