49 - I'm a father of two (10)
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49 - I'm a father of two (10)

This chapter was locked, it's just sex (heavily euphemistic). The metaphors get better/worse (???). The only plot related incident is the butler finds out they banging.

Lu Shenxing, whose tongue was bitten, took in a sharp breath. He raised his hand and pulled open his top shirt button, his narrow eyes were filled with heat and add unabashed desire to conquer.

Shi Changan's mouth was full of the taste of tobacco. He pressed his lips together and blushed, "Dad, are you okay?"

Lu Shenxing stretched out his arm to grab the back of Shi Changan's chair, caging him between his chest and the chair. Then he hooked his glasses off the bridge of his nose with one hand, and sighed in his ear, "Baby, what do you think?"

A strong sense of oppression trapped him and Shi Changan unconsciously scratched the palm of his hand. Before he could count to six, his earlobe became wet and a tingling sensation spread throughout his body in a flash, unstoppably swallowing all sanity.

Shi Changan’s breathing became erratic and he heard his own suppressed voice, "Dad, have you been drinking?"

Lu Shenxing didn't answer. He stretched out his thumb and index finger to pinch Shi Changan's chin and moved closer. His lips and teeth were separated as Lu Shenxing invaded his mouth, using the simplest and roughest method to make him understand.

The outskirts of the city were empty. It was almost seven o'clock and a shallow shadow of the encroaching night had begun to emerge, everything had just begun.

Inside the car, the muffled moans could be heard again, accompanied by ambiguous swallowing sounds, but more seductive than before, adding a bit of ambiguity to the night.

After a while, Shi Changan, who was light-headed from lack of oxygen, gasped quickly, "I'm your son."

"Of course." Lu Shenxing didn't miss Shi Changan's temptation. He curled his lips, his voice was dull and low, "Besides being my son, you can have other connections with me."

He looked into the wet eyes of the teenager in front of him, satisfied that only his own reflection remained. The words he uttered revealed an uncontrollable tease, "Baby, are you willing?"

Shi Changan relied on his shred of remaining calm to stop himself from running out, "Dad."

"Hm?" Lu Shenxing smiled lazily, stroking the mole at the corner of his eye with his thumb. Perhaps it was because of his deep affection, but he seemed more charming and vivid.

"Dad, I like you, not like a son." Shi Changan maintained his composure, his palms were sweaty, and he was still a little flustered, "I'm an adult and can be responsible for my words and deeds, Dad, what I just said I've confirmed countless times, it's not a joke, you should have realised it too."

He used to spend a lot of time thinking about why Dad would treat him so well, but now he didn't want to wonder anymore. Shi Changan looked deeply at the person in front of him. He had convinced himself that this man only shared his dad's skin.

Although it was bizarre and funny, and he might be treating him as a mentally ill person, he was willing to believe it.

The one he liked and the one who was good to him was this current dad.

"You mean the part where you sneak into my bed every night, I don't think I could not see it." Lu Shenxing spread his hands, his eyes humour.

Shouldn't you have been sleeping? Shi Changan muttered in a low voice and turned away ashamed, "Dad, what did you mean by other relationships?"

"My lover, how about it?" Lu Shenxing uttered the few words casually, but also very sincerely, and his deep eyes were full of charming smiles.

Shi Changan's heart jumped wildly. He stared at the Adam's apple in front of him then looked down and stopped at the solid chest peeking out from the man's open collar. He swallowed unconsciously.

"Okay." Shi Changan's mouth curled up.

"Then let's continue?" Lu Shenxing captured his lips and sucked hard, running his palm down to his ankle and pulling it.

The tremor came so quickly that Shi Changan was caught off guard. He gasped for breath, and his whole body was trembling slightly from the heat coming from his ankle.

He didn't like others touching his ankles, neither Huang Kuo nor Changle could go near them. But at this moment, he wasn't annoyed at all, but rather excited.

Lu Shenxing knew that Shi Changan's eyes must be wet with physiological tears, and that the skin under his clothes was completely red, flushed with pleasure.

As for Shi Changan's expression, he must look eager.

Lu Shenxing moved his other hand, and pressed his thumb against a green sprout. He didn't rush or slow down, and let it go when he saw it was one the edge.

"Dad..." Shi Changan, who had not struggled against his touch and surrendered, grabbed Lu Shenxing's hand and pulling it back.

"What's wrong." Lu Shenxing adjusted his chair, picked up Shi Changan and placed him on his lap, patting his butt. "Dad likes this too."

He could move up and down, things couldn't be better.

A phone call came through at an untimely moment, but on the other end was the butler, "Young master, that...cough cough..."

"If you have an uncomfortable throat, go see the doctor." Lu Shenxing reminded him.

"It's not a throat problem, it's your cell phone, sir." The butler said euphemistically and awkwardly.

Turning to the call log, he saw a record of a call to the butler made two minutes ago, Lu Shenxing's eye twitched.

So Uncle Zhang knows?

Putting the phone back, Lu Shenxing's mood didn't change much. Uncle Zhang knew, it wouldn't take long for Shi Changle to catch on, then the rest of the Shi family, then the whole of M city...

This development want the worst, there was no need to design how to let the outside world know later. After all, it would be impossible to hide it forever.

"What's the matter?" Shi Changan frowned.

"Uncle Zhang said dinner is ready." Lu Shenxing rubbed Shi Changan's head and said with a smile, "I'll eat first before going back."

Shi Changan sat still, this posture was the same as in his dream, but it seemed...not so the same as he thought.

The next moment, Shi Changan shivered all over, and gripped Lu Shenxing's neck tightly. His complexion immediately turned pale. As expected, he'd made a mistake. He closed his eyes it was like he had been bitten by something.

In less than a minute, Shi Changan realised that he was too naive.

Lu Shenxing kissed his face, pretending to be nervous, "Changan, what should I do? Daddy is a little scared."

"..." Shi Changan raised his eyebrows lightly, "We can wait until tonight to review it?"

His anxious heart was evident in his words.

Puff, Lu Shenxing's chest shook, and he laughed. After a few worlds, he had already discovered that the other party especially liked being fucked by him, either because he was obsessed with it, or something was wrong with this system.

It was impossible he loved him that deeply, right? There was no such fool in the universe.

Shi Changan patted the man who was still laughing and reminded him that it was time to do business. After a long time in the same posture, his legs were a bit numb and were at risk of cramping.

"Turn the a/c up, your goose bumps are spreading to me." Lu Shenxing frowned and fondled him roughly. Shit, is this door even smaller.

Shi Changan's temples throbbed, his dad really wasn't romantic.

"Tell daddy when you feel hot." Lu Shenxing was still playing tricks, narrowing his eyes as he wondered how to get in.

"I'm very hot right now." Shi Changan exhaled uncomfortably, not knowing what was going on. It was if a fire was ignited in his body, burning brightly.

Shi Changan didn't dare to move, but his suppressed squirming was like a ticking bomb.

Lu Shenxing's control was about to fall apart under the pressure caused by Shi Changan, his eyebrows furrowed, "Don't move."

Shi Changan's face flushed, he was already burned and wanted to jump into the water, and his voice was filled with a little desperate cry, "Daddy..."

The situation was not ideal, and the progress was negligible. Lu Shenxing simply used three items at once. After he finished he was worried about his inventory and raised he was low on points. It seemed that he had to take a stroll soon.

"Daddy, come in quickly."

Shi Changan lowered his head to kiss Lu Shenxing, he was about to open the door.

Reaching out to touch his trouser pocket, Lu Shenxing cursed secretly. He reached for something in the glove box.

He'd dropped the ball at a critical moment, for the first time.

Lu Shenxing looked at the door, he could go in directly but he had a psychological block. He'd always felt that a layer of protection would be safer.

Possibly Lu Shenxing's tangled expression was too obvious, as Shi Changan touched his nose, unzipped the innermost zipper of his backpack, and passed over a purple box.

When Lu Shenxing looked at him, Shi Changan averted his eyes and coughed.

"What courses does your school offer that you need to keep this in your bag?" Lu Shenxing said as he took out one.

"I just picked it up." Shi Changan's face was already red.

The corners of Lu Shenxing's mouth twitched, and he smiled, "So prepared."

Shi Changan's eyes drifted further away.

Taking a deep breath, Lu Shenxing flexed his hands. He vigorously opened the door frame and squeezed in. Going in and out again and again, he stretched the passage until he could roam wells and free.

Probably three packets of Hualu was a bit much. Lu Shenxing stayed in the door for a long time this time. Shi Changan couldn't help but question after a while. When will he get out?

"Daddy, I'm tired."

Lu Shenxing kept piling inside the door, banging and banging, "You count to a hundred, then Daddy will get out."

"One hundred, ninety-nine..." Shi Changan was weak, and drops of sweat hit Lu Shenxing's face, "Fifty-two, fifty-one...thirty-six...fourteen..."

"Your math is terrible, come, Daddy will teach you how to count." Lu Shenxing said while thrusting, "One, two, three..."

Shi Changan's body went up and down, his breath intermittent.

After the hundredth run was over, Lu Shenxing pulled out, and Shi Changan felt like his body was dry as a barren wasteland about to crack.

Lu Shenxing pulled out his hose and sprayed the surrounding flowers to moisten the soil, he was done.

After the early hours, the night was deep, and the car was filled with the lingering scent of the madness of the last few hours.

Afterwards, a cigarette was better than heaven. Lu Shenxing grabbed the lighter and made a clicking sound under his thumb as an orange flame passed over the cigarette he held in his mouth.

This door kept getting smaller and smaller. Lu Shenxing touched the boy who was sleeping in his arms.

In an attempt to distract myself from the child-grooming which is weirdly super prevalent in jjwxc qt novels, here's a funny little thing:

I assume in a bid to avoid censorship the author artificially breaks apart words using || sometimes, and it's just a bit of fun for me, since I can't really read Chinese, guessing how 'lewd' a paragraph is based on how many || there are.
This chapter had a lot.

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