53 - One day I became a big brother (1)
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53 - One day I became a big brother (1)

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"Da Shixiong, Da Shixiong, it's bad, the master was taken away by people from Qingjian Sect!"

Lu Shenxing, who was lying on a bed, suddenly opened his eyes, the trembling wooden door was forcibly opened by a gust of wind, and a mass of meat moved to block the doorway.

The visitor was a straight-faced young man, about fifteen or sixteen years old. He wore a blue robe, fat and stocky, with a white face and a short neck, like a freshly baked white radish head. He wheezed and panted at the door, stammering and shouting in a panic as he said, "Da...Da Shixiong, it's really bad!"

Lu Shenxing quickly searched for this body's preserved memory. He was Bai Fengqi, the pampered young master of the Bai family. For most of his life he merely had to stretch out a hand and be dressed or open his mouth and be fed, until eventually he began to cause trouble. He became whimsical, and gave his teachers the flick. Then so-called superhumans were discovered in the dark, those who didn't fear fire, or could control the wind and waves, and the corpses that began to appear were very strange.

Bai Fenqi got caught up in it all, and wanted to try to cultivate Dao to become immortal. The Bai family couldn’t handle him, but were reluctant to scold him, and even more reluctant to beat him. They decided instead to find a suitable sect to send him to, the only requirement was it was close to home. They were purely trying to house their little ancestor for a short time and hope he would return once the fad had passed.

After the Bai family threw out a large sum of money, Bai Fengqi entered the Hengyang Sect and became a prominent disciple of Wan Guanqian, the 18th generation descendant.

Bai Fengqi had become a Da Shixiong and been that way for more than ten years. He was always unsmiling in front of the juniors, cold and inviolable, and cherished words like gold. In short, he was good at acting.

There was a deep uncertainty between Lu Shenxing's brows. He wasn't sure whether the original owner Bai Fengqi was the target of this mission, or the hero of the book, or the cannon fodder, or simply a passerby. He closed his eyes. "Go find Er Shixiong."

The young boy swallowed and replied quietly, "Er Shixiong was also arrested by the Qingjian Sect."

Lu Shenxing lifted his eyes, his gaze was sharp, like two flying knives that cut through iron like mud. "Then why didn't you say that in the first place?"

From Bai Fengqi’s memory, he knew that the trembling, panicked little fat man in front of him was the third junior disciple, Jiang Wangchu, an orphan brought back by Wan Guanqian from outside. He didn’t do much. He was neither good at practicing nor had any dreams of excelling, he could barely compete with moths, but he liked to eat.

He shouldn't be his target, Lu Shenxing secretly concluded.

"Oh." Jiang Wangchu seemed to understand.

Lu Shenxing watched him walk out on his two small thick legs and then walk in again, earnestly saying, "Da Shixiong, Master and Er Shixiong were taken away by the Qingjian Sect!"

"..." Lu Shenxing's mouth twitched.

Jiang Wangchu stood at the door innocently. He stretched out his hand and picked his nose, forming two different thoughts in his mind. On one hand, he was worried about the situation with his master and Er Shixiong and on the other he was thinking about what to eat tonight. He could roast sweet potatoes or maybe catch pheasants.

"Where is that Xiao Shidi kid?" Lu Shenxing asked suddenly, "Was he also arrested?"

In addition to the arrested Er Shidi, Liu Yang, there was also a younger younger younger Shidi named Ning Que. The original owner’s memory about these two people was very scarce, he only knew that they were also picked up from somewhere. Lu Shenxing wondered if the Xiao Shidi, Ning Que might have a brother called Wulan.

"No...no." Jiang Wangchu thought for a while, "Xiao Shidi should be in the Houshan Medicine Garden."

Xiao Shidi wasn't as good as him, he was so courageous, while Xiao Shidi was even afraid of a mouse, it's useless to go and find him. Jiang Wangchu very naturally wiped his nose-picked fingers on his robe, and continued to pick the other nostril.

Lu Shenxing rubbed his forehead and sat up. He was also very hypocritical. Before, he felt like he could foresee the future and that knowing the fate of others was no good. Now he wanted to get the plot from beginning to end and be able to recite it backwards.

"222, I want all the information about Hengyang Sect."

"Ding, Mr. Lu, this is one of your punishments. You have no right to make requests."

Jiang Wangchu shook his calf, his face looking terrible.

"San Shidi, step back." Lu Shenxing crushed a talisman engraved with spells with the casual look of one crushing a dead leaf. Jiang Wangchu couldn't help but wince. Da Shixiong was so righteous, but he had no idea at all of his ego. That talisman must be worth at least one hundred moonstones, he would've had to struggle for a while to earn enough. No wonder the master often said that Da Shixiong had a divine fate.

The shattered talisman shook violently in Lu Shenxing's palm, as if being pulled together by some force. It turned into a white light that filled the whole room suddenly. Lu Shenxing instinctively closed his eyes, and waited for his sight to return again. An illusory image appeared in front of him.

Despite having the memories of the original owner, Lu Shenxing's heart was still stunned. The world of cultivation was indeed incredible, even a piece of paper was magical. He promptly concealed his sloppy mentality that had never seen the world and restored the calm expression of one in control of everything.

"Da Shixiong, look!" Jiang Wangchu exclaimed loudly, "It's the master and Er Shixiong!"

Lu Shenxing watched the phantom images floating gently, like goose feathers across a calm lake. Within the ripples two figures appeared. If he hadn't known that Wan Guanqian was used to wearing his long hair out and that his hair was as white as snow, he would have thought it was a painting. The enchanting, white-clothed man with water-like eyes was the brat who had just run out of a certain building.

Sitting cross-legged next to him, holding a wooden sword in his hand was another young man with heroic features, Liuyang. Not only was he unscathed, he didn't seem to be perturbed at all.

"Da Shixiong, why did Qingjian Sect arrest master and Er Shixiong?" Jiang Wangchu wondered.

"If you're asking me, who shall I ask?" Lu Shenxing said coldly.

Da Shixiong was much more attractive when he wasn't talking! Jiang Wangchu curled his lips aggrieved, his cute expression looking rather dumb on his plump face.

The illusion gradually faded until there was not a trace of it remaining, as if it had never existed. Lu Shenxing held the breath that was about to run out, and raised his head to wake up Jiang Wangchu who was in a daze, "Go and call Xiao Shidi."

Jiang Wangchu responded, using his speed to show off how a flexible little fat man could be.

Following Lu Shenxing's call, the door opened slightly and two small exquisite girls in red skirts came in with their heads down to wait on him and change his clothes.

After a while, Jiang Wangchu brought over a young boy who was about his age and about half his size, with a cute appearance like a porcelain doll. The two greeted him, "Da Shixiong."

Lu Shenxing's eyes narrowed slightly, and he looked at Ning Que blatantly, trying to sense if there was anything familiar about him. Could he be the goal of this task?

Suddenly, Lu Shenxing walked in front of Ning Que and squatted down with his hands on his knees. At this proximity, he could see that his eyes were big and dark, a little dumb, but there was nothing familiar about them.

Is my face dirty? Ning Que squeezed the hands in his sleeves and quickly wiped his face, pursing his mouth at Lu Shenxing, revealing two small dimples.

The next moment he opened his eyes wide as his chin was stroked.

The eyeballs of Jiang Wangchu were about to fall out of his skull. What is Da Shixiong doing? Molesting Xiao Shidi? He must be blind.

The temperature in the room dropped, Lu Shenxing suppressed the violence in his eyes, "I'm going."

Jiang Wangchu opened his mouth wide, "Da Shixiong, where are you going?"

"Qingjian Sect." Lu Shenxing kept walking.

"Oh oh." Jiang Wangchu immediately followed.

Behind them, Ning Que wrinkled his nose in confusion, touching his chin carefully.

Under Lu Shenxing's orders, all the disciples of the entire Hengyang Sect gathered in a clearing, with the outer disciples at the rear and the men on the left and women on the right.

All the younger girls on the right stood in two rows, with their waists synched and eyebrows painted, all beautiful, dressed in the colours of spring. They watched Lu Shenxing in awe and admiration, giving birth to a very subtle illusion that these girls were all his. Yes, he seemed to have a huge harem.

"Da Shixiong!" All the disciples shouted respectfully.

Lu Shenxing stood on the steps and looked down. He was thinking about looking at their faces to find the target of this task. But he found that this sect, except for Jiang Wangchu, regardless of man and woman, young or old, everyone one of them was beautiful.

Now there were only two ways to find him, touch his ankle or touch the door. According to his previous tasks, the same man should be here again. Lu Shenxing tightened his two sword-like eyebrows, but cultivators forsaked all mortal things and their five senses were somewhat different from ordinary people. His usual methods may not work.

"Da Shixiong, it's getting late."

The voice next to him brought Lu Shenxing back to reality, his irritation was also brought out and the air around him was cold.

Ning Que was taken aback, he seemed to have upset Da Shixiong again.

After some consideration, Lu Shenxing selected a few dozen of the disciples based on his memory. While everyone waited for him to leave, the atmosphere became awkward.

Are you going to fly on your the sword?  Lu Shenxing's balls hurt remembering that in the first world, he was called a general.

A series of mental techniques appeared in his mind. Lu Shenxing thought for a moment, studied the techniques and reached out his hand. The green and unpredictable sword floated up, and grew bigger, bigger and bigger until it reached an area that could accommodate dozens of people.

All the disciples mounted the sword in order. Lu Shenxing stepped on the sword after them, his breath tightened. Hahahahaha, I can fly.

Lu Shenxing smiled stupidly in his heart. He was trying his best to keep his face cold, but he was so excited that the effect was distorted and Ning Que and the others saw their Da Shixiong's face twist. It was terrifying.

Everyone has a dream that they can fly in the sky, just swish past wherever they want to go. Lu Shenxing was no exception. The wind wiped away his worries until only the enjoyment was left.

The wind blew by his ears, pressed against his cheeks, and everything was beneath his feet. Looking up, he could see the blue sky and white clouds, there were flocks of white cranes passing by. It felt so beautiful. Lu Shenxing held it back for a while, but the corners of his tight lips opened a gap, his eyes narrowed, and he laughed.

Ning Que, who was closest to him, happened to witness his mirth, he shook and fell from the sword.

So Shidi, Shixiong, Shimei, and Shijie are respectful terms for members of cultivation sects (and other things, but this is a cultivation world so we only care about that), you can think of them like didi, gege, meimei and jiejie.
LSX is the eldest so he is called 'da' as in big, technically he's the 1st brother and everyone is numbered down from him (2 is second eldest, 3 is third..etc.). 'Xiao' as in small is reserved for the youngest.

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