54 - One day I became a big brother (2)
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54 - One day I became a big brother (2)

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Lu Shenxing grabbed him.

Usually the original owner could only rely on Yujian arrays to show his domineering side in front of a disciple, he hadn't mastered Yujian spells at all. Lu Shenxing could use them as soon as he'd arrived, it was definitely a loophole that the system had opened up for him.

Lu Shenxing, who was extremely excited, had a cheerful expression, and lovingly patted his little Shidi. Ning Que, who was pulled back onto the sword, was scared. "Da Shixiong is here, don't be afraid."

Ning Que was still immersed in the fear of falling and didn't hear him. He stared, squeezing his wooden sword in one hand and Lu Shenxing's sleeves in the other. Both hands were firm and he looked very funny.

The surrounding disciples trembled when they heard his words just now. Their Da Shixiong had suddenly became so kind, they couldn't believe it. What should they do?

The bigger guys secretly exchanged glances, and all saw the slight cheeky thoughts in each other's eyes. They all really wanted to take a look themselves to see if it was an illusion.

Flying all the way, Lu Shenxing's demeanor changed. Although this trip was part of his mission, he'd also fulfilled one of his dreams along the way. From ancient times to the present, he had been experiencing different lives in different worlds. He'd also had someone with him from life to life, to accompany him to experience the joys and sorrows, and taste the spice, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar. Everything felt extremely precious.

It would only be better if that door could be wider.

"Da Shixiong, have you figured out a way to rescue Shifu and Er Shixiong?"

Jiang Wangchu's small eyes shone and he looked at him full of sincerity. If the big round face could shrink by a third...

Lu Shenxing raised his eyebrows. He had heard that every fat man had potential, but he wasn't so sure about the one in front of him.


"Oh." Jiang Wangchu twisted his short neck, "Xiao Shidi, do you know a way?"

Ning Que had finally recovered, he grinned and said, "If Da Shixiong can't think of anything, how could I."

His flattery was smooth and accurate, very natural, and he didn't arouse any disgust from others. Lu Shenxing re-evaluated this Xiao Shidi who had dimples when he laughed. If he couldn't cultivate himself as an immortal, it would be fine for him to return home and do business as an official.

After flying for almost an hour, Ning Que pulled on the clothes in his hand, "Da Shixiong, it seems that we have passed Qingjian Sect."

"Really?" Lu Shenxing lowered his head and glanced, then said lightly, through gritted teeth, why do you talk so much?

Jiang Wangchu and the others nodded, yes!

"I see." Ning Que's eyes curled up, "Da Shixiong is testing us."

Right? What else could it be, even though I didn't mean it at all. Lu Shenxing sighed on the outside and said with satisfaction, "Xiao Shidi, Da Shixiong is optimistic about you."

With one sentence, Ning Que's mouth was still tilted when they arrived at Qingjian Sect.

Lu Shenxing and his party had just arrived. There were hundreds of disciples outside Qingjian Sect practicing with swords. The martial qi gathered in the sky was sharp and shocking.

"Da Shixiong, what should we do now?" Jiang Wangchu jumped nervously on the spot, such that a large volume of dust was shook from the stone slab under his feet. He quickly ate a piece of beef jerky in his shock.

Lu Shenxing didn't answer, his whole aura was low, and the silence made everyone else hold their breath, and wonder if they were about to attack. In reality, he was just thinking about how to put away the sword that was still floating above his head. He couldn't just leave it floating, right?

"San Shixiong, give it to me." Ning Que frowned.

Jiang Wangchu hesitated a little, then handed over the beef jerky that was about to go into his mouth, "Here, there isn't much left."

"..." Ning Que twitched, "The talisman!"

Jiang Wangchu rolled his eyes, and immediately stuffed the beef jerky in his mouth. He took a talisman out of his clothes, and said, "There is only one. Only use it as a last resort. It's expensive."

Xiao Shidi’s aura was different from theirs. He could attune with and activate runes faster than anyone else. Their Shifu said that at first he felt that his own master was there again, and when Jiang Wangchu witnessed the strange talisman in the hands of his Xiao Shidi, he believed it too.

Ning Que took the Teleportation Talisman. He could only run away if he couldn't beat them, and with this, he could quickly cross thousands of miles and return to the sect. He shouldn't have any trouble now.

"Da Shixiong wants to test you." Lu Shenxing spoke in a deep and unpredictable tone, "What is the signature technique of Yujian?"

As he spoke, the inner disciples of the sect rushed to show off what they knew.

"Very good." Lu Shenxing nodded in satisfaction.

He cursed in his heart, Wan Guanqian knew that the original Bai Fengqi was just there to play, and he couldn’t cultivate properly. Since he had taken someone's money, he taught him the first half of Yujian's swordsmanship but he was too lazy to teach the second. If he couldn't learn the first half, it was useless to mention the latter.

Lu Shenxing finished memorising the technique while he took the sword down. On the stone steps, the heavy door opened and a dozen people rushed out, holding long swords and looking uninviting.

"Bai Xianzhi, you've brought so many with you to my Qingjian Sect, what for?" With a strong voice, a middle-aged man with thick eyebrows and small eyes came out of the door. His appearance was strange but memorable.

Lu Shenxing spoke, neither overbearing nor relenting, "Master Ye."

Ye Huai brushed his sleeves, his expression was a bit confused. Last time he saw Wan Guanqian's head disciple, he was a pompous little rich boy. A paper tiger who would collapse with a light stabbing.

"Master Ye, Qingjian Sect and Hengyang Sect have always kept their matters apart." Lu Shenxing said straightforwardly, "I wonder how my Shifu and Er Shixiong have offended you this time?"

Surprised that a youngster would be so straightforward, Ye Huai laughed loudly, "What is Bai Xianzhi talking about? My dignified Qingjian Sect isn't a bully who would cannibalize people without even spitting out the bones. How can you embarrass your Shifu and Er Shixiong like this?"

Lu Shenxing frowned, "Master Ye, I didn't think my words were unclear."

The atmosphere peaked and Ye Huai no longer retained his false smile. He snorted and waved his hand and a cyan light flew out towards Lu Shenxing. Being hit by such a blow would force the soul to vomit a few mouthfuls of blood.

Ye Huai definitely wouldn't be cruel to a junior, if word got out it would damage his reputation. He just wanted to teach a lesson to the disciple of Wan Guanqian who didn't understand his place.

Everyone backed away in panic. The solemn Ning Que pinched his jade, the runes on it glowing a purple light. He wanted to throw to the sky, but was shocked by the sudden sword qi from his left. His hand shook and almost broke the jade.

The person involved, Lu Shenxing, who didn't know what was going on at all, had a stubborn expression on his face. He'd actually suppressed all of Ye Huai's attacks. Had he been held back these past few lifetimes, was it now time to dominate the world?

After a moment of horror, Ye Huai's expression morphed, going from blue to black as a pig's liver in the blink of an eye.

Good on you, Wan Guanqian, you brought a disciple to steal the aphid eggs from our sect, and even hid such a hand. If he hasn't witnessed himself what had just occurred, he really would have thought that Bai Fengqi was an innocent straw bag.

It seemed that he was going to show up at the trial meeting after all, wishful thinking was was only that.

Ye Huai's face was ugly, the ancient secret realm had restrictions on the cultivation of those who stepped into it, and all the elders including himself couldn't enter lest their souls be destroyed.

The time of its opening was approaching. In order to compete for the immortal energy, magical artifacts, spiritual grass, and various treasures inside, the major sects would select a group of outstanding disciples to enter. If this Bai Fenqi could block 20% of his internal strength he shouldn't be underestimated.

He'd miscalculated. He thought that Liuyang was the only genius in Hengyang Sect. After careful consideration, Ye Huai called a disciple to pass on a message. After the disciple hurriedly left, his tone changed 180 degrees, and he smiled kindly. "Bai Xianzhi, your Shifu and Er Shixiong are drinking tea inside, why don't you come with me."

Lu Shenxing asked Jiang Wangchu and Ning Que to wait in place and he entered the hall alone. Before he could even see him, he could smell Wan Guanqian sitting on a chair sulkily.

"Coming from the sky, did you come here to teach." Wan Guanqian waved, wondering what this young master would be able to do here.

Liuyang glanced at Lu Shenxing, "Da Shixiong."

As soon as Lu Shenxing's butt hit the chair, Ye Huai appeared. He took a sip of the tea to moisturize his throat, his entrance making the atmosphere of the hall become weird, "Master Wan, there must be some misunderstanding. Let's not discuss it anymore, it's not worth it to disturb everyone's harmony."

Harmony? Do we have such a thing? What kind of medicine did the old fox sell you?

Ye Huai didn't beat around the bush and directly brought up the topic of the secret realm, hoping that they could cooperate and help each other inside.

Only Lu Shenxing was confused when he heard about it. There was no secret realm in the memory of the original body. It seemed that Wan Guanqian hadn't told him about it.

Liuyang's face was stern and silent, he was like a wooden board, as if the words praising him to the sky from Ye Huai's mouth were talking about someone else.

When they left Qingjian Sect, Ye Huai and Wan Guanqian had became brothers and each had a psychological shadow.

"Xiao Que'r, use the teleportation sigil."

Ning Que cast a silent look behind him. Shifu, you can just use the sword.

Wan Guanqian also gave him a look, forgetting he was a teacher.

When he returned to the sect in an instant, Lu Shenxing wasn't as excited as he came. He stared at Liuyang as he walked, "Er Shidi, I didn't expect you to have a beauty mark."

The words 'beauty mark' caused Liuyang's mouth to twitch. He held his wooden sword and said blankly, "Shixiong, where is there a mark on my face?"

"There is no mark." Lu Shenxing spoke the words while staring at it, and curled his lips, "Er Shidi's face must be very soft."

Blue veins on his forehead popped out and Liuyang turned his head, "Shifu, Shixiong has been possessed by a demon."

Wan Guanqian was still wondering about the purpose of Ye Huai's cooperation with him, and he didn't even listen.

Ning Que at the back looked at the people in front, wondering whether he could ever control Yujian like Da Shixiong.

While Lu Shenxing was still staring at him, Liuyang finally turned to him, "Da Shixiong, please compose yourself."

Lu Shenxing raised his eyebrow in an arc, then turned around and looked at Wan Guanqian. The longer he looked at him, the more he believed he was a snake demon. He shouldn't be the target.

Catching his look out the corner of his eye, Liuyang was thoughtful. He held onto his wooden sword and looked for a quiet place to practice.

Lu Shenxing suddenly spoke to Jiang Wangchu behind him, "Give me some beef jerky."

Jiang Wangchu stopped walking, his face was full of reluctance, "Da Shixiong, you have two cooks, can't you eat anything you want?"

"Beef jerky." Lu Shenxing turned around.

Jiang Wangchu reluctantly grabbed a handful and passed it over.

Lu Shenxing took the beef jerky and squatted on a stone to eat. His thoughts were messed up. He'd made no progress and the future looked grim. He could only vent by eating.

Back in his room, Wan Guanqian, still couldn't figure out what had happened and was pacing back and forth. He called Jiang Wangchu and Ning Que in front of him and asked what had happened back there.

"Shifu, Ye Huai moved against Da Shixiong, and guess what?" Jiang Wangchu's face was shaking with excitement.

Wan Guanqian's right leg moved up and over his left leg. He smiled, charmingly, and said, "Wangchu, can you guess whether you are a teacher or not?"

Jiang Wangchu's eyes widened and he looked straight ahead. He swallowed a big mouthful of saliva, "I guess I guess I..."

Ning Que on the side could no longer hold back, he took a step forward to speak, with admiration that could not be concealed, "Da Shixiong blocked him with one move."

All the colour in his face faded in an instant, Wan Guanqian looked weird, fiddled with his white hair, and muttered, "A trick?"

He knew Bai Fenqi best. Apart from eating and drinking, playing with a few maids, writing poems, and posing in front of the disciples, he knew nothing. Was it possible that the Bai family gave him something? A magic weapon?

Wan Guanqian waved his hand to let Ning Que and the others go out, and called Lu Shenxing in without saying a word. He adjusted his posture on the chair a few times, and finally closed his eyelids.

Lu Shenxing looked on and scratched his head.

A few moments later, Wan Guanqian realized that his disciple's soul was strange. He suddenly opened his eyes, and biting chill enveloped the room, as he became keenly focused, "Who are you?"

Lu Shenxing didn't say a word, but he felt in his heart that he might've been discovered.

"Possess my disciple's body, and don't even dare to speak your name?" Wan Guanqian sneered, his palms shone brightly, turning into a long sword and he stabbed at Lu Shenxing.

Lu Shenxing didn't move at all, his pupils contracted. When the tip of his sword was an inch away from him, the skin on his face was pressed by the sword's qi and stung as if it were about to be torn apart layer by layer.

At the same moment, the long sword made of qi was shattered by a terrifying force.

Wan Guanqian, who was sitting in his chair a moment ago, stood in front of Lu Shenxing shocked, "Shi Shuzu?"


Realising he'd been mistaken, Lu Shenxing digested it for a while. He didn't understand what caused Wan Guanqian to think he was his Shifu's brother. He pressed his throbbed temple and squeezed out a profound expression, "It's me."

"Are you Shi Shuzu?" Wan Guanqian asked incoherently, "Shi Shuzu?"

"I am." Lu Shenxing had found the feeling, and his eyes showed a deep helplessness and a little bit of relief.

"Are you really Shi Shuzu?" Wan Guanqian still had an incredible expression.

"I am." Lu Shenxing raised his head slightly.

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