58 - One day I became a big brother (6)
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58 - One day I became a big brother (6)

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"I have three requirements." Lu Shenxing said calmly in his heart, "Take the 100 million love points and exchange them for Juhua Ling and Haolu." His tone lowered, "I want the door."

Lu Shenxing was very calm, it won't lose anything if it didn’t agree, so either way, it would make a profit.

After a while, Lu Shenxing planned to give up when he heard a question from the system, "Ding, how big?"

"Normal size, ordinary." Lu Shenxing emphasized the word ordinary, he didn't have any other requests. If it was as wide as a highway, such that it could take several cars at a time, then that would really be an arse.

Just once, he didn't want only sweet dreams.

After the transaction was successful, Lu Shenxing felt that his luck had changed. He’d taken a bargaining chip, extorted some value and felt relieved.

"Ding, Mr. Lu, good luck to you."

Obviously there were no ups or downs in the mechanical tone, but Lu Shenxing still heard the gnashing of its teeth. He snorted, the previous few doors were always getting smaller and smaller, there’s no way this wasn’t related to the system. His luck was already bad enough, he needed every allowance he could get.

"We’re in a cooperative relationship. If you cheat me, I’ll cheat you. Don’t we need to love each other a little bit more. Trust."

There was no response from the system. Lu Shenxing couldn't help but imagine it as a thin man with acne on his face, wearing thick old-fashioned glasses and a plaid shirt, sitting in front of a row of machines.

The image wasn’t beautiful at all.

When Lu Shenxing read the introduction of the fourth novel, his face twitched. The leading actor turned out to be the green egg in his arms that hadn’t yet even hatched.

In the original plot, after Wan Guanqian died, Liuyang became the head of the sect and had a companion, who was the daughter of Qiongxian Sect’s head. Depressed after being injured by an artifact, he finally found a chance at revenge a hundred years later, but ultimately destroyed his soul. His love and resentment were too deep and he was trapped by his love and was betrayed by the one who he loved the most. He didn’t die well.

The sadness rating was three stars.

Ning Que was the novel's biggest villain. He entered the demonic path, destroyed many of the big sects including Hengyang Sect, and became a demonic master who threw the Three Realms into chaos.

The original owner Bai Fengqi died in his hands, not even a corpse remained.

Jiang Wangchu, who had left the sect very early, escaped the disaster. His life was delicious and lazy. He was reincarnated and became a piglet who ate, slept, and played.

His main task was to sever Liuyang's love, and to ensure he became a good master for his generation. His side task was to help Jiang Wangchu enter the Dao.

Lu Shenxing heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he just needed to enter the Dao. He was only responsible for bringing him to the door. Whether or not he could cultivate immortality was Jiang Wangchu's own business.

The plot had changed when Wan Guanqian recognized him as his Shi Shuzu and gave the aphid egg to Lu Shenxing. Ning Que strayed into the Tianri Lake here and got the Hei Yaoding. As a result his mind was bewitched by the eight-headed demon sealed inside.

"Da Shixiong, how should we look?"

The voice brought Lu Shenxing out of the plot. He glanced at Jiang Wangchu, who looked nervous, then glanced at Liuyang who still looked tense. Then without hesitation, "West."

Walking along on his short legs, Jiang Wangchu wasn’t slow at all. He whispered, "Er Shixiong, have you noticed..."

The colour of Liuyang’s face didn’t change, "No."

"...I didn't even finish." Jiang Wangchu sighed silently. He wanted to say that Da Shixiong seemed to be very good to Xiao Shidi. He was always rushing to find him.

A little envious, Jiang Wangchu scratched his head and followed the person in front of him step by step.

Lu Shenxing felt that the plot was cheating, and it was written from the perspective of the egg, so the description of the dead lands was only two short paragraphs. It was basically useless. He wasn’t sure of Ning Que’s location, and it was very troublesome to find out where to go.

"Da Shixiong, there’s fruit over there!" Jiang Wangchu's eyes lit up.

"If you want to die, go and get it." Lu Shenxing's voice was cold and unkind. His fingers moved slightly, and a chess piece flew towards the fruit. When the chess piece reached the center, the surrounding ground seemed to be sucked down by a force and turned into a basin of blood, swallowing everything. It returned to normal in an instant, as if there was never a chess piece there at all.

Jiang Wangchu swallowed his saliva, still in shock, "Da Shixiong, I’ll listen to what you say from now on."

"Then can you eat less meat and exercise more?" Lu Shenxing sneered.

Jiang Wangchu squeezed a few fistfuls of fat on his waist, and shook his head bitterly. He couldn’t do it.

"If you really want to thank Da Shixiong for his life-saving grace, then when we return, practice hard." Lu Shenxing said as he walked, "You have a good foundation, as long as you’re willing to work hard, you’ll definitely make progress. Da Shixiong believes in you."

Jiang Wangchu thought in a daze. Da Shixiong is very kind to him, even encouraging him to cultivate.

Liuyang's eyes flickered slightly, and he avoided Jiang Wangchu when he approached. His actions were too obvious, showing his emotions, completely unlike his usual quiet expression.

Jiang Wangchu wondered, strange, what happened to Er Shixiong? He hadn't messed with him.

There was the sound of fighting in the distance and Lu Shenxing quickened his pace. He rolled up his sleeves with an unconcealable eagerness. Liuyang's expression condensed, and he followed him with his sword.

Jiang Wangchu hurriedly followed, feeling that it was more dangerous to stay behind.

A sapphire blue fruit was embedded amongst the white flowers. There were a few disciples from different sects surrounding it with stern expressions and swords intersecting.

After seeing the three of them, all of the sects showed a contemptuous expression, obviously looking down on them.

"Oh, aren’t they from Hengyang Sect?"

"Bai Fanqi, take your two shidis and go away!" someone cursed.

Jiang Wangchu wanted to reprimand him with a few words, but when he heard their ridicule, he closed his mouth decisively.

Lu Shenxing, also didn't say a word. He just passed by them directly. He only had one goal in mind at present, what use did he have for fruit.

Those disciples were bewitched by the spirit fruit in front of them, and didn't think much of them leaving, only that Lu Shenxing had fled and wouldn't dare to play any tricks.

Shortly after Lu Shenxing and the others left, there was screaming in the bushes.

There were no sounds of birds, beasts or insects as they travelled, everywhere they looked was full of flowers, plants and trees, and there were white flowers everywhere. It looked like heaven, like they had walked onto Huangquan Road.

Liuyang had been walking on his injured leg the whole way. He bent over, his sword stabbing a deep groove into the ground. He gasped loudly, obviously unable to walk, but refusing to say as much.

Lu Shenxing stood still, "Wangchu, go and carry your Er Shixiong."

Why me? Jiang Wangchu was fat and was sticky with sweat. He rubbed his face with his dirty hands and picked his nose again.

He reached out to Liuyang who looked at him with great resistance, and was pushed away vigorously.

"Da Shixiong, Er Shixiong doesn't want me to carry him." Jiang Wangchu shook, looking funny like an oversized tumbler.

"..." Lu Shenxing cursed in a low voice, grabbed Liuyang's arm and pulled him onto his back, grunting in annoyance before he could struggle away.

Liuyang’s Adam’s apple rolled, his voice was low, "Why?"

Looking around, Lu Shenxing said, "I’m your shixiong."

Liuyang didn't speak any more, he lay stiffly on his stomach, no longer knowing what to think.

Walking out of the dead lands the scenery changed. Birds were singing, butterflies danced above the grass, fish swam in the creeks, and everything was alive.

Lu Shenxing sat on the ground, disregarding his image, and panting like a dog from exhaustion.

Liuyang walked towards the stream, when he came back, he brought a person. It was Ning Que the one that Lu Shenxing wanted to see most.

Ning Que's whole body was wet, he wasn’t injured, but he was in a trance. The first sentence he said was, "Da Shixiong, I killed someone."

Without questioning him, Lu Shenxing frowned, "How come your clothes are so wet?"

Ning Que lifted up his hand to push back his wet hair, and said softly, "I fell into the water. Er Shixiong rescued me."

He glanced at Liuyang gratefully. Liuyang had lowered his head to deal with the injury on his leg, his expression didn’t change.

"Xiao Shidi, you didn't enter..." Jiang Wangchu paused, not knowing how to describe the place was in before.

"Huh? What?" Ning Que spread his hands, "I just picked this fruit."

The bunch of brightly coloured fruits looked particularly beautiful in the sun, the royal blue fruits were exactly the same as the ones they saw before.

Ning Que was a little confused. He smiled and said, "What's wrong? It's edible, I’ve eaten several, it's very sweet."

"I'm not hungry." Jiang Wangchu vigorously shook his head.

Liuyang retracted his sight and moved to show that he wasn’t interested.

Ning Que curled his lips, "It's really edible." After he said that, he stuffed a purple fruit into his mouth, and asked Lu Shenxing vaguely, "Da Shixiong, would you like to try it?"

Taking one and touching it in his hand, Lu Shenxing opened his mouth and took a bite. It was really sweet.

When Jiang Wangchu saw that Lu Shenxing had eaten it, he went to Ning Que and found that the little purple fruit was gone, so he grabbed all the other coloured fruits into his arms and generously left two for Liuyang.

The four brothers fell silent for a while. Their time in the secret realm had just begun. Before entering, they all had their own plans. After entering, they could only take one step at a time. Except for Lu Shenxing, the other three didn;t want to leave empty-handed.

After eating the fruit, Liuyang found a corner to lie down in and rest. At the corner of his eye he saw a figure sitting on the grass. He covered his eyes with his arm, as if he was denying something, and didn't look at it again.

Jiang Wangchu suddenly remembered that he had handed over all of his food to Xiao Shidi in the illusion. He hurriedly asked Ning Que to return it and said thank you happily.

Ning Que was helpless, he turned his head to look at Lu Shenxing, "Da Shixiong, are you still hungry?"

"Not hungry." Lu Shenxing stared at Ning Que, his eyes unclear.

Ning Que was uncomfortable being looked at, and unconsciously avoided him, looking away.

Satisfied Jiang Wangchu asked curiously, "Xiao Shidi, where did you come from?"

Ning Que pointed, "On the other side of the mountain."

Jiang Wangchu stood up and stretched his neck to look at the distant mountains. Fortunately, he was in the same place as Da Shixiong and Er Shixiong when he arrived.

Xiao Shidi was really amazing. He climbed the mountain alone. He would definitely not leave where he was like that.

After a while, Ning Que stretched out his hand in front of Lu Shenxing and whispered, "Da Shixiong, I just found out that there is another one on me. I'll give it to you."

At close range, Lu Shenxing stared at Ning Que's brow. There was a trace of a black aura. He breathed tightly, quickly covered his expression and cast a look at Ning Que, and then left.

Ning Que was dumbfounded, put the fruit away and walked over obediently.

Determined to go far, Lu Shenxing turned his head and stared at the young man with complicated eyes. He spoke in a deep voice, "Is the Hei Yaoding in your hand?"

Ning Que couldn't help but freeze, how did Da Shixiong know that he took the Hei Yaoding?

The atmosphere changed. The flowing stream reflected the tall man and the thin boy, their reflections destroyed by a group of small fish passing by.

The plot development was completely messed up, he shouldn’t have retrieved the stand yet. Lu Shenxing was frustrated, and he reached out to Ning Que, his order carrying a trace of worry, "Give it to me."

Ning Que pressed the corner of his mouth. Although it wasn’t easy to get the stand from the bottom of the lake, he didn't have to do it. Since Da Shixiong wanted it...

Looking at the person in front of him for an instant, Ning Que stretched his hand into his sleeve. At that moment, a voice in his heart screamed, don't give it away, kill him.

Lu Shenxing approached step by step, "Give me the stand."

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