61 - One day... (9)
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61 - One day... (9)

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Just like in the original plot, Liuyang got his magic weapons in the secret realm, but Jiang Wangchu’s destiny was changed. This time he didn’t return empty-handed. After coming out of the secret realm, all the big sects were waiting there. Side by side, there were rows and rows of masters waiting and the returning disciple felt a deep sense of pride. They chose 20 excellent disciples to go in. If nothing was found, it would really be a loss, but they could only clench their teeth and swallow their grievances.

Wan Guanqian looked at the blue sky and the grass with confidence. He was a handsome man.  When he heard his disciple's report, he glanced at Lu Shenxing and Ning Que then frowned and looked away. Under everyone's jealous eyes, he took a very angry step forward.

"Shifu." Lu Shenxing led the six disciples including Ning Que.

Wan Guanqian hummed and didn’t ask anything, just nodded and smiled at the crowd, "Everyone, Wan is one step ahead."

Back at the sect, Wan Guanqian ordered them to go back and rest, and pushed Ning Que away from Lu Shenxing’s watchful gaze. Ning Que didn't react, but staggered back.

Lu Shenxing swept towards Wan Guanqian, his look was full of meaning, with obvious displeasure and warning. Wan Guanqian held his forehead and called him into the room.

“What's the matter with you and Xiao Que’r? "

"Everything’s fine."

"Shi Shuzu."


Seeing Lu Shenxing's comfortable calmness, Wan Guanqian couldn't think of anything to say for a while. Finally he blurted out, "You are an old cow eating tender grass!"

Lu Shenxing put his right leg over his left leg, leaned lazily on the back of the chair, and cast him a glance of ‘I know’.

"..." Wan Guanqian paced back and forth, his serious mood completely destroyed by the enchanting expression he made unconsciously. His eyes lit up, as he remembered something, "Disciples of the same sect cannot become a Daoist couple. Shi Shuzu, this is a sect rule that was made by you back then and has existed until now. If the disciples find out about it, it’ll be messy."

The corner of Lu Shenxing's eyes twitched. That rule was only made to avoid close relations being married. He took a sip of tea. “It won’t be messy, we aren’t related.”

There seemed to be some truth in his words. Wan Guanqian closed the door with a flick of his sleeve and sat down in another chair, "Xiao Que’r would like to be your Daoist companion?"

"You can ask him." Lu Shenxing raised his sleeves and opened them, picking up Fatty, "This thing grows very fast, I have no place to put it. You can take it back and raise it."

Wan Guanqian took a breath, with an unconcealed look of surprise in his eyes. It was difficult for aphids to successfully hatch, and it had grown so rapidly in such a short time. He glanced at the person opposite, coughed, and said embarrassed, "You should keep raising it."

Lu Shenxing rolled his eyes. In the future, this thing will go against the heavens, and everyone around will fawn over it.

Blowing away the floating tea leaves, Wan Guanqian took a sip of his tea, "There's something else."

Lu Shenxing looked over impatiently.

"The child Liuyang was picked up by me from the village at the foot of the mountain. He has been with me for more than 20 years. He has a cold and indifferent temperament, which is different from Xiao Que’r..."

Lu Shenxing had no time to listen to his story, "Speak plainly."

"Shi Shuzu, is one blade of grass not enough to eat?" Wan Guanqian got to his point all at once, "I’m still their Shifu, I don't want to see them jealous and fight for a man. It's unsightly."

After understanding what he meant, the corners of Lu Shenxing's mouth twitched a few times. His eyes sank. The reason why the task of cutting Liuyang’s love ties was stagnant was himself.

"Shi Shuzu?" Wan Guanqian asked when Lu Shenxing hadn't responded.

"I’ll handle it." Lu Shenxing got up and left.

Wan Guanqian's upright body softened into the back of the chair, and subconsciously put his two legs from a wide open to a closed posture. He pinched his fingers to calculate. It was really strange. Xiao Que’r’s life should not have a root of sentimental attachment, that was the reason why he chose him alone out of that group of children.

He sighed, that's it, Shi Shuzu also appeared strangely. It seemed as if everything was out of fate’s hands.

Lu Shenxing took a quick knife to cut off the mess. After all, if he took too long, he would only be holding onto hope, and have dreams that should not be dreamed. He went directly to Liuyang's room and said, "Shidi, are you there?"

Liuyang, who had just finished taking a bath, still had moisture on his body. He tidied up his belt slowly and hid his embarrassment, "Shixiong."

"Come and sit down." Lu Shenxing knocked on the desk.

Liuyang looked at him suspiciously, vaguely aware of some signs, but not wanting to face them.

"Do you know why your Shixiong has helped you twice during this period?" Lu Shenxing caged his dark eyebrows. "It's not because of anything special reason, other than that Shifu had told me that he intended to pass you the position of Sect Head."

The atmosphere changed with Lu Shenxing's words. He’d completely revealed things that hadn't happened yet and showed Liuyang his future.

"Shifu respects you, and so do I."

Liuyang didn’t say a word, and his outline was firm. The person in charge should have first considered his Shixiong instead of himself. He didn’t understand Shifu’s intentions. He didn’t think that way before but now Da Shixiong was very good and capable. He was better than him.

"Do you know what your attachments of love are?" Lu Shenxing's voice was low, with a stern expression. He didn't ask if he had any roots, but directly affirmed it.

Liuyang's breathing suddenly stopped for half a beat. He lifted his eyelids, his dark eyes seemed to look as though the stars had flown out of the sky. All the emotions that were caged inside him. that he dared not touch, poured out at that moment.

Lu Shenxing didn’t avoid Liuyang's gaze and accepted it calmly. Fortunately, his attachment wasn’t too deep.

He hummed for a moment, then leaned close with his hand on the tabletop and touched his lips on Liuyang's cheek lightly. Then he stepped back an inch without stopping, "How do you feel?"

Liuyang's hands and feet were stiff, and he could only feel the hot breath spraying over his face, leaving his brain blank.

"Look, I kissed you, and you didn't feel happy." Lu Shenxing kept an eye on the progress of the task, while speaking as an elder brother. "You mistakenly regarded your admiration for your Shixiong as love."

Was he wrong? Liuyang looked confused.

"Shidi, all love in the world can't escape the two words: cause and effect." Seeing him, Lu Shenxing didn't resist, and said, "Things that were not destined in a previous life, will not be destined in this life."

Liuyang's body shook, his bitterness unconsciously spread to the depths of his eyes, "What is the reason for Da Shixiong and Xiao Shidi’s attachment?"

"The relationship between me and Ning Que has been there for a long time." The reunion had occurred for several lifetimes. It was already so easy to call it love. When Lu Shenxing walked to the door, he stopped and turned his head. "Da Shixiong hopes you can get over it and walk the way you should. Don’t be blindfolded by impossible love like a child.”

Impossible love... Liuyang crushed those words in his mouth. He sat in his house for the whole night, then moved to a secluded place to the north the next day.

Compared with Liuyang's unusual behavior, Jiang Wangchu who was practicing seriously was a great spectacle. Even Wan Guanqian was extremely surprised. Everyone wondered whether he had eaten something strange in the secret realm.

Wan Guanqian was different from other sect leaders. He never used his own power to search for what was hidden by his disciples, or sneaked into their minds to look around. As for what the disciples got in the secret realm, no one was permitted to ask. No one would know for sure unless they told them themselves.

When Jiang Wangchu requested to increase his training, Wan Guanqian said with satisfaction, "Wangchu, you can realize your enlightenment. You’ll make your teacher very happy."

Jiang Wangchu was thinner, his round outline had some angles and he was also tanner. After hearing this, he felt embarrassed and touched his head. Compared with Er Shixiong, his training was still much lighter.

Wan Guanqian saw his mind, "Don’t worry, you’ve started much later."

Jiang Wangchu glanced bitterly.

"His talent was also average, he just works hard." Wan Guanqian brushed up his knife, "You don't have to worry about looking different either. It is a miracle that you can lose a little weight, but there’s no difference in being thin."

Jiang Wangchu gave him another look, this one full of resentment and hatred.

"Are you still eating beef jerky? It's too hard and bad for your teeth. I advised you long ago." Wan Guanqian shook his head and sighed, "Look at your teeth, they are not white and neat, alas."

When Jiang Wangchu came out, he was frothing, his body was covered with knife wounds like he’d become a sieve.

Because of Jiang Wangchu's diligence, the entire Hengyang Sect was filled with positive energy. Ning Que began to retreat and refine the Heiyao Ding, and the Eight Demon came out again to make waves.

"Your Da Shixiong is not a good person."

"He approached you for a purpose."

"Love, love is nothing but an illusion. If you say it's gone, it's gone. It's better to think of something practical.


The lonely Eight-Headed Demon roared, he was about to go to sleep, but was rolled in the cauldron with a burst of burning pain.

Ning Que's eyes were half drooping, "Ba Qianbei, don't speak ill of Da Shixiong in front of me."

"Forgive me, your Da Shixiong is handsome, tall, talented, popular, good at everything, everyone loves your Da Shixiong."

In the next moment the Eight-Headed Demon screamed again, yelling, "You kid, you’re sick, I have already praised your Da Shixiong to heaven, what do you want?"

The corners of Ning Que's mouth bent, and the arc was full of gloominess. He didn't like to hear others compliment Da Shixiong. Only he needed to know that Shixiong was good.

The Eight-Headed Demon was connected to Ning Que. As Ning Que refined, he already knew some of his thoughts. He laughed freely, "Hahahahahaha boy, you have a devil's fate, that cannot be changed."

Ning Que let out a sigh of relief, whether it was cultivating to become an immortal or demon, either way, he wouldn’t let go of his Shixiong.

After thoroughly refining the Heiyao Ding, Ning Que couldn’t wait to find the person he was thinking of. Wan Guanqian was joking with Lu Shenxing, when he suddenly felt someone’s gaze on him. It was dangerous and gloomy, and made him subconsciously take back his hand that was on Lu Shenxing’s head. When he looked over, he saw his disciple standing on the promenade across the lake.

"Shifu." Ning Que came over and called to him with a smile.

Wan Guanqian stared at Ning Que, his appearance just before was really strange.

"Da Shixiong." Ning Que blinked at Lu Shenxing, and naturally took the fish food bag in his hand. Pouring the fish food into the lake, swarms of carp gathered around them.

Back in his room, Lu Shenxing was pressed against the door by Ning Que. Ning Que kissed him aggressively, unruly. Rather than a kiss, it was better to say that he was attempting to eat him, and he was hungry. Lu Shenxing’s eyebrow rose, this was the first time he had experienced this posture. He was used to initiating everything.

Ning Que said excitedly, "Da Shixiong, I succeeded."

Lu Shenxing pressed the back of Ning Que's head, leaned in, entangling their tongues for a while. Then wiping away his saliva he asked, "What?"

"Look." Ning Que adjusted his breathing and stretched out his hand. A cloud of black air floated in his palm, gradually turning into a small cauldron, it was fleeting.

Lu Shenxing squinted his eyes. Since it was refined, there should be no backlash. Ning Que shouldn’t be able to enter the demon way.

Lu Shenxing was in a good mood and took Ning Que back to his room. Before doing anything else, he threw Fatty out the window.

At midnight, the tired Ning Que frowned and mumbled, "Da Shixiong, don't touch me, it tickles."

Dazed, he stretched out his hand. He opened his eyes suddenly and saw Fatty creeping onto his chest, while the person on the pillow next to him was motionless, not breathing.

In another time and space, Lu Shenxing lay in an unfamiliar room, with an unfamiliar body, the coldness of the night accompanied by the wind crawled all over his body, and a dense layer of goosebumps formed. He shuddered and woke up from his Daze.

"Damn, what the fuck it this?"

There was no response, Lu Shenxing was short of breath. The side task in his fifth novel was still 30% short, and the main task wasn’t even half completed. How could he leave? And at such a moment, too. He clearly remembered that he was hugging Ning Que just before.

If Ning Que found out he had died, Lu Shenxing didn’t dare to think what would happen.

The door of the room was pushed open from the outside, and the man who stepped forward carried a strong smell of alcohol. He pulled the shirt collar and took off his clothes while walking to the bathroom. "Zeng Ye, come in and wipe my back."

Lu Shenxing felt cold, and pulled the quilt to cover his body that was only wearing a pair of loose pants.

"Come out, are you deaf or just dumb?" A man cursed, "I could find a fucking chicken that was more useful than you."

Lu Shenxing didn’t have time to deal with the man as he heard the voice in his head, "Ding, the system has an error, error code 503, currently under repair."

"...So?" Lu Shenxing watched the man kick the bathroom door aside and stare at him with bloodshot eyes. Looking as if he was about to come and eat him at any moment.

"Ding, I'm sorry, Mr. Lu was mistakenly sent to one of the worlds in the scum attack series. The mission of this series is very simple. Just make scum attack regret, feel pain, and cry, to complete the mission."

This was way simpler than the series he’d chosen. Lu Shenxing irritably pulled his hair, "I can't leave until the repair is complete?"

"Ding, yes."

"This error was caused by you, and it has affected the progress of my task."

"Ding, to apologize, Mr. Lu can remove any two worlds from the ten previously selected worlds."

Although the goal he wanted was achieved, Lu Shenxing's mood was not much better. His heart was full of mixed emotions. When he returned, the world would be completely chaotic. Would Ning Que go crazy? Who knew if the world was even still there...

"Are you fucking dead?" The man was infuriated by Lu Shenxing's ambivalence, he reached for Lu Shenxing's hair.

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