62 - He returns (10)
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62 - He returns (10)

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Content Warning - Mentions of abuse and rape.

Lu Shenxing picked up the water glass closest to him and threw it. The glass smashed on the floor, shattering shards of glass and cold water over the man's feet. The approaching footsteps stopped. He wiped his face. His action was probably too sudden and the man stood there stunned.

Upon seeing this, Lu Shenxing strode off the bed, quickly took the coat off the hanger and opened the door. Before he could step outside, his back hit the door with a strong force, and his nose and chin were almost knocked off.

"Are you fucking crazy?" The man yelled. This man dared to hit him, what the hell.

Lu Shenxing found that the physical strength of this body was not high and the hand behind him was crushing him to death. He slammed his head backwards, causing the man to bleed from his nose.

Following the sound of the man's shout, the force that restrained him loosened and he broke free. He turned around and kicked the man in the crotch.

Lu Shenxing used his full strength, and all the blue veins on the man's neck protruded, as his charming face twisted in pain. He slapped Lu Shenxing.

Lu Shenxing had no way of retreating. He threw a quick punch, opened the door and ran away.

He didn’t know what time of night it was. The community was quiet. Lu Shenxing found a place to sit in the fitness equipment, rubbed his face hard, and calmed down slowly. He needed time to sort out the memory of the original owner.

He was Zeng Ye, from Lincheng, thirty-five years old. Lu Shenxing looked weird, Lincheng? If he recalled correctly, he was also a native of Lincheng. Was it a coincidence?

Even if it was a coincidence, it still felt particularly welcoming.

Zeng Ye was a programmer for a large game company. In-between his irregular work and rest hours, he spent most of his time waiting for Chi Yu. His only hobby was to cut out articles about Chi Yu in the newspaper and organize them.

The two knew each other because of a packet of instant noodles. At the time, Zeng Ye had moved to a new house because of some unpleasantness with his old roommate. He rented a two-room apartment. He rented out the other room. Back then, Chi Yu lived with him.

Love at first sight wasn’t something Zeng Ye felt, but Chi Yu had a passion and sunshine that he didn’t.

Chi Yu wasn’t yet the big-name director who stood at the peak of the entertainment circle. He was a fresh young boy who had just graduated from film school. He had nothing, only a passion for film and dreams. Most of his time was spent on online games to vent his emotions, usually until 3AM when he would get up to cook instant noodles in the middle of the night.

As Zeng Ye was a programmer, he was also often awake all night. Once Chi Yu generously gave him his freshly cooked instant noodles, and just like that,they went from cooking instant noodles to changing their single beds for a double bed. The relationship between them changed from roommates who didn't even speak a few words to each other to an inseparable pair.

Of course, Zeng Ye thought it was the kind that could stay together forever. He liked Chi Yu and used his savings to help him. As Chi Yu became more and more famous, there were more bed partners available to him, and he wanted them all. All of them are better-looking and younger than Zeng Ye, and both men and women seeked him out.

He did have some intentions to stay with some of them, but if Zeng Ye and a colleague went out for dinner or if he answered his phone late, he would be cursed with humiliating words when he came back, or raped. If Chi Yu was the one out late, drinking alcohol, Zeng Ye would still be beaten. He had numerous minor fractures, and even suffered from internal bleeding when it was more severe.

Chi Yu always gave Zeng Ye something during the holidays. This house was given to him by Chi Yu. He always had to accept every gift with a smile whether he needed it or not. Every year on Zeng Ye’s birthday, he planned surprises and played the affectionate lover, even though the night before, he was no doubt with another lover, whispering to them sweet words.

He lived like this for six years.  Zeng Ye was no longer young, and Chi Yu was flourishing.

Lu Shenxing ran through his memory. It was basically the Chi Yu show. Zeng Ye must have owed something to Chi Yu in his previous life, to spend the rest of this life stuck in such a pit.

One will fight and the other will endure, Zeng Ye lacked principles and Chi Yu shouldn't be allowed near anyone.

After a while, Lu Shenxing saw Chi Yu coming out of the building. He got up and went back. The door was wide open and the inside was as if he had been robbed. He kicked the coffee table that had been tipped over, thinking about it, he didn’t need to clean up, he could just call someone from the garbage station outside the community to come over.

"Zhao Heng, didn't you say that one of your roommates moved out recently?" Lu Shenxing called from the balcony of the station, "Is that room still vacant?"

A sleepy voice came from the other end, "It's empty."

"Send me the address, I’ll be there tomorrow morning." Lu Shenxing hung up after speaking.

Early the next morning, Lu Shenxing was still sleeping when the door was knocked. He raised his hand and rubbed his eyelids, opened the door and saw a casually dressed Englishman.

The handsome man stood at the door and greeted him.

"Come in." Lu Shenxing yawned.

Seeing the mess in the living room, Zhao Heng was taken aback, "Were you robbed? Did you call the police?"

"I didn't lose anything." Lu Shenxing followed his words and said, "I just wanted to move out, so I was too lazy to clean up."

Zhao Heng didn't ask too much. There were already too many things asked of other people's private affairs. His family was from a rural area, and he grew up doing small farm work. He was strong and hardworking, so he rolled up his sleeves and helped.

"Zeng Ye, do you want to keep these flowers and goldfish?"

"Not anymore." Lu Shenxing brushed his teeth.

"You don’t?" Zhao Heng said, "I’ll take them, my place is big and you’ve raised them so well. It's a shame to throw them away."

Lu Shenxing twitched his mouth from an angle that Zhao Heng couldn't see. He had been incapable of raising anything since he was a child, haha, he couldn't even count the losses. If he didn't throw them away, then dust would return to dust soon.

When Lu Shenxing finished washing, the living room had been cleaned up. He closed the door of the room and opened a drawer. It was full of newspapers, from all time periods.

He took out all the newspapers and burned them. Zhao Heng outside saw the smoke coming out of the door and thought it was a fire. He kicked the door in anxiously and touched his head awkwardly after seeing what was going on.

Taking the bag on the bed, Lu Shenxing said, "Let’s go."

Just like that? Zhao Heng wondered, isn’t Zeng Ye renting, don't you need to contact the landlord? There were still many plastic bags and broken pieces of furniture on the ground.

"I already made arrangements." When Lu Shenxing got to the door, he glanced at the rubbish on the ground. He was just leaving something for Chi Yu.

Zhao Heng was enthusiastic, knowing that his colleague was going to live with him. He asked a buddy to borrow two large trucks, but upon finding that his new roommate owned nothing, the space was used to put the plants and fish tanks.

"Your room faces the north, the light is not very good." Zhao Heng turned the steering wheel and freed his hands to turn on the GPS.

Lu Shenxing closed his eyes, he wasn’t picky about where he lived. He also figured he was going to leave this world and how he just needed to live comfortably before then. A string of bells rang as the GPS started up.

"Mr. Zeng, Yu-ge just scolded an actor until he cried, and almost got into a fight with an agent. Have you ever..."

"No." Lu Shenxing answered simply and ended the call.

"Hey, hello, Zeng Ye-ge?" The assistant grimaced. He turned his head, and almost dropped his phone in fright. He straightened himself out and called, "Yu-ge."

Chi Yu, who was leaning on the wall, pinched out the smoke from his mouth expressionlessly. An uncontrollable anger seemed to rise up within him, instantly frying his nerves. He was like a caged tiger, "Who are you calling?"

The assistant almost felt like crying, he rolled his lips, "Zeng...Zeng Ye."

Chi Yu inhaled violently. He knew who the assistant was talking to on the phone, but he still had to ask. That person dared to resist him last night and he didn’t even come today, shameless. He really took him seriously, he sneered, but he was just a hole.

"Go call Yan Rui."

The assistant sighed and didn't dare delay for a moment. He hurriedly called the current top actor that was shooting in Chi Yu's lounge. As he spoke, he didn't forget to mention, "Chi-ge is angry, be careful. "

Yan Rui didn't care. He opened the door and saw the man sitting in a chair. His angular face was enveloped in hostility, and his dark eyes were full of fury. He would not be easy to deal with today.

In the next moment, his feelings were confirmed, as if he had been pushed up by the nausea that had hit his stomach. He resisted the retching and cursed in his heart. This time he didn't know whose culprit was on his back.

While Chi Yu was venting, Lu Shenxing was buying breakfast. By chance, he glanced at a newspaper in the hands of a middle-aged man who was next to him. He seemed to have seen the face of his elder brother, was he hallucinating? He was stopped by Zhao Heng before he could take a closer look.

"Hurry up. Liu-ge called just now and said we need to work overtime."

Lu Shenxing didn’t hear him. After getting in the car, he drank the warm soy milk. He felt strange. He was in Lincheng, drinking Yonghe soy milk on Siyuan Street. These were all real places in the city where he lived. Was it all just a coincidence?

The blue street sign in front flew into Lu Shenxing’s field of vision through the glass of the car. The familiar road names made Lu Shenxing short of breath.

He forgot to swallow the soy milk in his mouth and coughed loudly, "Stop."

"Did you forget something?" Zhao Heng said, "I can't stop here, let me see." He tilted his head and glanced at the person in the passenger seat, who was completely bewildered.

The car stopped at the intersection. Just as Zhao Heng was about to ask, he saw Lu Shenxing staring at his mobile phone. The expression on his face was strange, as if he’d just seen something incredible.

"Go to Zhongxiu Road." Lu Shenxing closed his eyes and spit out a series of familiar numbers, "No. 376."

Zhao Heng turned the car around. He scratched his face, surprised that Zeng Ye wouldn’t head straight to the company this morning.

There were many mansions on Zhongxiu Road, with lots of greenery, the pollution in the air was much less. Lu Shenxing's eyes were wide, everything here was exactly as he remembered it.

"Why did you want to come here?" Zhao Heng wondered. He looked at Lu Shenxing then saw a snow-white Alaskan Malamute lying on the door of house No. 376.

"That dog looks pretty old, it must be thirteen or fourteen years old."

"It’s sixteen." An excited smile appeared in Lu Shenxing's eyes.

"You know them?" Zhao Heng asked casually.

The car horns behind them kept beeping. Lu Shenxing didn’t answer Zhao Heng. He reached for a cigarette, his fingers shaking slightly.

He came back, although not quite how he was.

Of course Lu Shenxing comes from a world that is visited by a scum gong couterattack system.

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