63 - Returned (11)
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63 - Returned (11)

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The dog, who was just lying there, barked suddenly and jumped up vigorously. Zhao Heng's face changed drastically. He took a breath, quickly felt up and down his pockets, but only found a piece of chewing gum.

Lu Shenxing, who had stumbled two steps back after being hit by an Alaskan Malamute, "..."

"Fuck! I thought I was going to lose a leg!" Zhao Heng was still recovering from shock, his back was wet, and he could neither laugh nor cry, "You do know this dog, just like you said. I almost cried, you know?"

When he finished speaking, he wiped the corner of his eyes, and heard Lu Shenxing call, "Haha."

"Zeng Ye, are you still smiling?" Zhao Heng turned his head and saw his colleague squatting in front of the Malamute and hugging his neck. He was stunned.


A well-dressed woman came out of the house and asked politely, "You are..." Her eyes stopped on the strange man being jumped on by the Malamute, and a look of surprise appeared on her face.

Lu Shenxing's eyes were hot, and he smiled, trying his best to keep himself calm, "Ma’am, I'm a friend of Lu Shenxing, he often talked to me about Haha."

Before Lu Shenxing's horrified gaze, the woman turned her head and shouted inside, "Xiao Xing, you’re friend is here."

Lu Shenxing's Adam's apple kept rolling, as he kept telling himself he must be hallucinating.

"Who?" As the sound of footsteps approached, there was a clear voice. The young man who walked over had short neat hair and a clean silhouette. The collar of his white shirt was slightly open, revealing a jade pendant hanging around his neck.

Zhao Heng's first impression was that this person was handsome, and then he realised that this person was also very familiar.

"Mum, who do you say was my friend?" The young man's eyes swept up and down at Lu Shenxing, he raised the corner of his mouth in a wicked smile. "Dude, are you sure we know each other?"

Lu Shenxing's brain exploded. He wasn't aware of the expression on his face at this moment. As the car drove away from the house, getting farther and farther away, his mood still hadn’t recovered.

That was ten times more terrifying than seeing a ghost.

The atmosphere in the car was low, and once they reached an intersection Zhao Heng couldn't hold back his words, "Zeng Ye, are you okay?"

Lu Shenxing lowered his head and covered his face with his hands. He attempted to collect himself. He’d seen a person who looked exactly like him, with the same identity and name, who lived in his home and had shared his relations. Who was he?

"222, come out."

As time passed, Lu Shenxing's emotions were on the verge of collapse, his breathing was horribly fast, and his covered eyes were red.

"Ding, Mr. Lu, this is a parallel world to yours."

Parallel world? Lu Shenxing exhaled, only to realize that his back was soaked. Fortunately, it was just a parallel world, otherwise he really thought that what he had experienced wasn’t real.

Recalling the task of scum attack, and thinking about this parallel world again, Lu Shenxing's expression became weird. Was the real world he wanted to return to actually a book written by an author, with a protagonist, and a bunch of cannon fodder and supporting roles that made him reach the pinnacle of life?

That is, was he the protagonist?

The feeling that his words and deeds were all predetermined was really fucked, the more he thought about it. Lu Shenxing pressed his forehead with his fingers, his thoughts were tearing around his skull like a wild horse with an anal prolapse.

When he arrived at the residence, Lu Shenxing didn't even unpack his luggage. He lay down on the bed and looked exhausted. Zhao Heng called for him twice then went to the company alone when he got no response.

Lu Shenxing had a dream. In the dream, he was riding a horse, and the horse under him became Ning Que. Just as he was about to flee, Ning Que ate him with one bite and laughed while eating, his mouth full of blood.

After being awakened, Lu Shenxing subconsciously touched his crotch. It was hot. He pulled at the neckline of his clothes. The nightmare didn't matter. He would always be fine when he woke up.

After lying on the bed for a while, it was getting dark. Lu Shenxing walked around and looked at the house There were three bedrooms and one living room. The master bedroom was Zhao Heng's cousin. The other one belonged to Zhao Heng and was very clean.

Lu Shenxing was worried about what he was going to do for dinner, when he received a call from Zhao Heng, "Zeng Ye, company dinner, come here, we are at xxxxx."

When he arrived at the address, everyone was still waiting for the food, chatting and laughing about where they would go tonight.

Lu Shenxing sat down and listened in a bit. It turned out that the boss had seen everyone working overtime and took them out for dinner. He was also paying them for their time out.

"Will you go tonight?" Zhao Heng whispered.

"No." Lu Shenxing drank, he wasn’t in the mood to play.

"I don't want to go either." Zhao Heng lowered his voice, "I'll talk to Liu-ge in a while." When everyone went last time, he and Zeng Ye didn't go. They were always the odd ones out, which wasn’t really good. But he really wasn’t interested in these kinds of things. He’d rather go home, take a shower and watch TV when he has the time.

A few male colleagues who were familiar with business talked about which one was more expensive, which had better service, and which was more convenient. The female colleagues didn’t mind them, and even one of the married female colleagues was smiling and saying that as long as they didn't take it home, she was fine.

Lu Shenxing glanced at the smiling woman, so generous.

After unscrewing the bottle of beer, the boss drank first, and Lu Shenxing poured half a bottle into his mouth.

Someone proposed to play truth or dare, and immediately got everyone on board and made room.

The first spin of the bottle pointed to Lu Shenxing. His temple hurt. Except for Zhao Heng, everyone was chanting loudly, "The truth! The truth!"

They were all basically married and had children, so their conversations typically revolve around those two points. They had never heard this person talk about emotional matters, and they had never found a good chance to ask.

Zhao Heng cast a look at his friend, as Lu Shenxing spoke simply, "Dare."

Everyone sighed in disappointment. The woman who only allowed her man to talk shop outside was well-known for her ideas in the group. She volunteered a dare, and swiped through her phone quickly. Lu Shenxing's eyelid twitched.

After listening to her, Lu Shenxing's face was darker than the bottom of a pot. He stood at the door of the private room, holding his arms calmly waiting. If the next one down the hall was a cleaning lady, he would definitely get slapped.

Lu Shenxing's luck was good, and no monsters appeared. Instead a tall and handsome young waitress went by, and he was pushed out by his colleagues who were behind him.

"Do you know? The first time I saw you, I thought you were cute." When Lu Shenxing said that, he took out his mobile phone and looked for something.

The waitress flushed.

"Don't talk!" The alcohol rushed to his head, and Lu Shenxing resisted the urge to vomit. He strode forward, reaching out and pinching her chin, "I want to sing a song for you."

The lyrics that could turn over his overnight meal were devious, and as Lu Shenxing stumbled through them he saw Chi Yu walking across from him with one hand in his pocket, a person beside him.

Seeing a vision of his other self being hugged by Chi Yu, a disgusting vision rushed into Lu Shenxing's mind. He finally couldn't hold it back and threw up on the spot.

Probably due to my bad/non-existant understanding of Chinese the ending here was a little unclear, but I'm pretty sure he's just drunk and hallucinating. The other person isn't actually the other Lu Shenxing.

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