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64 - ... (12)

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Chi Yu’s mood was very bad, and the one who caused him to be this way still wasn’t home. Instead, they’d come to this place and tried to pick up women there. His first reaction was anger, a monstrous anger drove him to push away the people around him, until he was only two or three steps away.

Chi Yu looked good from any angle and was very attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex. The waitress was looking straight ahead. She held a tray in her hand and saw a pair of brown casual leather shoes appear in front of her. Her heart beat like thunder, when she heard a question from above her head, "What are you doing here?"

The familiar tone made the waitress startled for a moment. She looked back at the man who had stopped her just now, and then at a young and handsome professional. She suppressed her disappointment and left.

In the dim hallway, Lu Shenxing's gaze crossed over Chi Yu, then swept across the young man behind him, and paused. It was a brief pause of less than a second, but Chi Yu fancied him jealous, and the gloom in his heart was swept away.

"Can’t speak?"

Lu Shenxing was in a bad mood, he reached into his trouser pocket and found it empty.

His boss wasn’t aware of the situation in the hallway, he could only see through the door of the private room. Seeing the waitress was gone, he made fun of him from his seat, "Zeng Ye, why did you make the beauty go away? Did you scare her?"

"I'm leaving now." Lu Shenxing had no expression on his face.

Can't take a joke? The others who were playing mentally sighed.

Zhao Heng ran out and took the key out of his trouser pocket. "Zeng Ye, I have something to do. I’ll head back later. Here’s the key to the door of the house." He was stunned when he saw Chi Yu. Then he also saw the man he’d seen during the day and finally remembered where he had seen him before. He didn’t just look like someone from his cousin's cell phone, he was some corporate bachelor.

Chi Yu's face changed drastically, and he roared, "You moved out?"

Hearing the shout, everyone in the private room came out, and a few security guards and managers were also called over. They wanted to stop the commotion, but after seeing who it was, they quietly retreated into the shadows.

Lu Shenxing turned his head and asked, "Does anyone have a smoke?"

One of his colleagues took out a cigarette case and a lighter from his jacket pocket and handed it over, as if he was just watching a good show.

Lu Shenxing drew one out, lit it in front of Chi Yu, and puffed out a ring of smoke in his face, extremely arrogantly.

Chi Yu's chest rose and fell rapidly, he felt like his lungs were about to explode. In just one day, this person dared to resist him, moved out of home, played around at an entertainment club, smoked, and acted like he was familiar with the motions.

"Who the hell said you could move?" Chi Yu's fists clenched and his bones creaked. His sanity fell apart, completely collapsing the moment he discovered that this man was completely treating him like a stranger.

The strong wind of a fist brushed his cheeks, and the smoke between Lu Shenxing's fingers twisted between his fingers and collided with Chi Yu's hand, fast and hard.

Chi Yu's eyes were scarlet, the uncomfortable feeling of being blocked by something in his heart and the pain in the back of his hand competed against each other. The former won.

The two of them fought, as if they were trying to kill each other, and the diffused ambiguity disappeared completely.

Everyone present was dumbfounded.

Zhao Heng gritted his teeth and stepped forward to pull them apart. He grabbed Lu Shenxing's arm forcefully, "Zeng Ye, don't fight." Where was the security? What if someone died? Were there  no managers in such a famous club?

From the interruption to his task in his fifth world, to receiving the scum attack task and seeing another version of himself, one thing came after another, just like a comic strip. Lu Shenxing had been pent up and Chi Yu sent himself to him.

He spat blood from his mouth, and pushed back the hair that was scattered in front of his forehead, and his exposed eyebrows were full of ferocity as he went back in for a few more hits.

Although his strength wasn’t as great as Chi Yu’s, and his body wasn’t very practiced, he himself had excellent skills and focused his attacks on the most painful and brittle places. Lu Shenxing endured the pain in his cheekbones, and Chi Yu looked no better off than him.

Chi Yu's meticulous hair was a mess, and his expensive clothes were crumpled and stained with liquid and dust from the ground, missing a few buttons. His face was black and blue, and the back of his right hand was burned. He hadn’t been so embarrassed since he was a child.

"Zeng Ye, don't come near me again."

There was something brewing in his eyes, a storm was gathering. His voice that was squeezed out from between the teeth was cold, decisive, and mocking.

The onlookers were all dumbfounded. This didn't sound like an ordinary friendship, and their fight just now was really ruthless.

Lu Shenxing turned a deaf ear, with Chi Yu's proud temperament and extraordinary vanity, the matter would become endless. Remembering the task for this world, a dark light flashed across his eyes quickly, he swept his tongue around in his mouth, and vomited another big mouthful shot through with blood.

He looked miserable.

He was hurt so badly? Everyone, including Zhao Heng, looked over, who could be so ruthless...

Chi Yu remembered the internal bleeding he’d caused last year. He tightened his fingers, and stood there with a sullen face, it was hard to tell what he was thinking.

The young man ran towards Chi Yu, nervous like a little wife. He’d been an admirer of Chi Yu’s talent. After contacting him, he felt that he was an elegant person to his bones. He talked well and treated others politely. Today, he’d come to talk about his film ideas with him, and was looking for opportunities to get closer to him. Seeing him like this, he realised Chi Yu’s tendency for violence was very high.

If he wasn’t witnessing it in person, he’d think he was being tricked.

Lu Shenxing glanced at himself in this world, hating iron not becoming steel. It was fine if he liked men, but he fell in love with such scum.

"Hey, who are you?" The young man asked coldly, he didn't understand how such a poor-quality person got involved with someone of Chi Yu's worth.

Lu Shenxing's face was so long that he couldn't even remember his own style. Not surprisingly, the man took advantage of his height to be condescending. "None, of, your, fucking, business.”

The young man gritted his teeth, "You wait!"

He knew himself best. Lu Shenxing knew that the other him wouldn't let him go. He looked at Chi Yu calmly, then stared at the young him blatantly.

In some respects, Chi Yu was the same as him. He had some affection for the young man in front of him, and couldn’t just sit back and watch.

Lu Shenxing's straight body suddenly fell, and suddenly became weak. Zhao Heng beside him stretched out his hand to support him, but was caught off guard as he felt that he was pinched.

He was stunned for a moment, then he gathered himself and he opened his mouth and shouted, "Not good, Zeng Ye has fainted, call an ambulance!"

When Lu Shenxing left the club, he asked Zhao Heng to go back with him. He was planning on leaving Chi Yu out to dry until he couldn't bear it any longer.

"Yu-ge, do you want me to ask someone to teach him..."

The words that followed were blocked by the expression on Chi Yu's face.

Chi Yu squeezed the young man's chin, increasing the pressure as if he were trying to break it. The man was very young and youthful, no wonder he was interested.

"Mr. Lu, don't contact me if it isn’t important in the future."

The young man was startled and cursed.

That evening, Zhao Heng smoked a few cigarettes in his room after taking a shower. He was still pondering the event of the day. He gritted his teeth and knocked on the door, "Zeng Ye, are you asleep?"

Lu Shenxing didn't even look up, and the corner of his mouth was curved, "Don't worry, I have no intentions towards you."

"..." Zhao Heng was speechless, he sat down on the chair, "Hey, that, were you born like that? How do you feel with a man? Isn’t it hard, won't you feel uncomfortable? Are you doing it or being done?"

When did the 100,000 questions start? Lu Shenxing closed the page he was browsing, "Have you heard this saying? Curiosity killed the cat."

Zhao Heng also felt that he was running his mouth, he coughed twice, "Everyone saw what happened tonight. They’ll definitely ask you about the relationship between you and that man when you go to work tomorrow."

"There are probably a lot of people who ask you for your phone number." Zhao Heng patted Lu Shenxing on the shoulder, "Bro, this is a beauty obsessed world."

Lu Shenxing chuckled. The original owner Zeng Ye didn't even have Chi Yu's phone number in his phone, only his assistant's.

It was pathetic.

"Did he get your house?" Zhao Heng asked suddenly.

Lu Shenxing raised his eyebrows.

Zhao Heng took a breath, "How did you provoke that lunatic?"

"It's a long story, so I won't say it." Lu Shenxing waved his hand and sent him out.

Back in the room, Zhao Heng touched his face and thought to himself, am I so bad?

At night, Lu Shenxing had nightmares again, exactly the same as those during the day. He stayed in the bed, if this continued, he’d have to go to a psychiatric hospital.

"222, is it fixed?"

"Ding, it is being repaired."

Lu Shenxing's throat was a little dry, so he poured himself a glass of water and forfeit sleeping in the middle of the night.

The next day, Lu Shenxing went to the company. As Zhao Heng said, everyone secretly inquired about Chi Yu's identity, especially a few of the single female colleagues.

Lu Shenxing responded ambiguously, thinking that even once this matter was over, he would still underestimate the gossiping spirit of these people.

"I know who he is!" A male colleague patted the table, his statement was enough to earn everyone's attention.

"Who? Say it!"

"He’s Chi Yu, the director who made ‘Shénlóng Jiàn Shǒu Bùjiàn Wěi’. He doesn’t appear on TV and doesn’t accept any interviews. He’s very low-key. I once saw a picture of him online. It must be him."

Zhao Heng in the corner stole a look at Lu Shenxing, who was looking elsewhere.

"Zeng Ye, get his autograph for me." A female colleague came over.

Lu Shenxing tore off a piece of paper and wrote ‘Chi Yu’, "Here."


Lu Shenxing's temple throbbed, his eyes were swollen from looking at code, and people kept pestering him from time to time. He wanted to smash the computer.

Finally, after six o'clock, Lu Shenxing was blocked as he got off work, by none other than his other self.

Lu Shenxing was a narcissist. He thought he looked good. He was handsome with perfect hair. Now looking at the young man standing in front of him, there was nothing hidden from him. If he didn’t consciously admire the face that he saw in the mirror every day, then his heart was Nima's.

This feeling of falling in love with himself was indescribable. Lu Shenxing decided he needed to go to the hospital to ask if there was any cure for narcissism.

"Who are you to Chi Yu?" The young man frowned.

Lu Shenxing didn’t speak, he continued staring, his eyes dark and hot.

Being stared at so balantly, the young man stepped back subconsciously, "Fuck, Da Shu, are you crazy?"

Lu Shenxing got hard.

Ahem, so I was wrong. At this stage, although I may lose some readers, I feel it is polite to remind you of the author's description of this novel (which isn't featured anywhere on this website because in general JJWXC authors are bad at making spoiler-free blurbs). You can read it on Novel Updates, I translated it poorly because I was lazy but there's a 'clue' on what's happening in there.

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