66 - One day he returned (14)
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66 - One day he returned (14)

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Lu Shenxing woke up in the hospital. He was neither dead nor an amnesiac, he just felt some pain in the back of his head.

Chi Yu, who was sitting next to him, had bloodshot eyes, dry lips tightly pressed together, and his kept meticulous hair that was usually managed drooped and clung to his forehead messily. He looked terrible with a layer of stubble on his chin and the clothes on his body were crumpled.

Lu Shenxing was in shock, not because of Chi Yu's changes, but because of the progress of the mission. He'd soared on a rocket launcher and was almost at the end, so fast?

He tried to swallow his saliva. The results were beyond his expectations. He originally wanted to bleed some blood to let Chi Yu know that Zeng Ye's weight in his heart, that he was really indifferent enough that he could give him away.

Unexpectedly, it was actually such a heavy blow to him. It shouldn't be. Lu Shenxing was surprised. Chi Yu had always been indifferent towards him, a little injury shouldn't change this.

There was a hoarse voice above his head. Lu Shenxing saw Chi Yu's face full of surprise, and his excited lips were shaking. He called the doctor in a panic. The light of the desperate person came from Chi Yu's eyes. It spread over his face in an instant, and it seemed so real, completely unlike his previous contempt.

Lu Shenxing found it unbelievable. He asked the system in his heart, "222, something went wrong again, right?"

"Ding, I haven't found any errors."

"When the task is completed, where will I be sent?" Lu Shenxing asked what he wanted to know the most. If he completed the task in this world and the system hadn't been repaired yet, would he continue to flicker between worlds?

"Ding, the code has been repaired, and Mr. Lu will be sent back to the fifth world." The machine's voice paused, and that moment made Lu Shenxing's nerves tense. He heard the sound of the late arrival of the system.  "The fifth world has collapsed. Please be mentally prepared, Mr. Lu, safety first."


Lu Shenxing didn't want to go back to face the 80% chance that his Xiao Shidi had become a demon. He thought about the mess. After several doctors checked him, they took the nurses and left, leaving Chi Yu alone in the ward.

"Where's the other one?"

It took Chi Yu for a few seconds to realize who the person on the bed was talking about. His first sentence was to ask that person. He sneered in his heart, his face was covered with frost and he squeezed out a few words between his teeth, "Do you care about that kid so much?"

"Yes." Lu Shenxing deliberately watched him seethe.

Chi Yu was breathing fast. It was if a hand had caught his heart, the pain was severe, and he didn't know how to alleviate this feeling. He was like a wild beast, kicking the table in the ward against the wall, blue veins protruding from the back of the hand.

As Lu Shenxing watched, Chi Yu fell into a mad state. He smashed the drinking fountain, TV, and coffee table, everything that could be smashed was smashed. Several times he stared at Lu Shenxing with red eyes, as if he was about to rush over at any moment but Lu Shenxing didn't even move a strand of hair.

The ward, which was once sterile and tidy, was in a mess. Chi Yu slowly squatted down against the wall, his voice hoarse, "You're going to die."

"Zeng Ye, you are going to die." He repeated, his voice low, as if he might cry at any moment.

Lu Shenxing's weird expression became apparent after hearing Chi Yu. According to the original plot, this scene should have only happened ten years later. At that time, Zeng Ye was 45 years old, in poor health, and was diagnosed with cancer. He had wanted to go alone, but Chi Yu thought that Zeng Ye had someone else, so he wanted to leave, and beat him in anger.

When Chi Yu found out the truth, Zeng Ye was no longer alive or a ghost. For the last month, he tried to let go, he'd saw enough of Chi Yu's confession and pain. Apart from regret, there was still a bit of deteriorating pleasure.

He lost something he couldn't bring back.

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