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65 - ... (13)

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"Doctor, I had a physical reaction when I looked at myself."

Lu Shenxing was sitting in the clinic of the psychiatric department of a hospital. He pointed his finger at his crotch, "Just over an hour ago."

The doctor on the opposite side of the desk probably seldom came into contact with such a direct patient. He coughed several times and adjusted his white coat before flipping through his medical records, "This is the first time?"

Lu Shenxing calmed his face, "Yeah."

Just as a normal person would think, the doctor assumed he was referring to looking in a mirror, but was still rather speechless. There were several people in the world who would look at their erection in the mirror and want to have sex with themselves. What kind of state could you call that? Even God was at a loss.

"You can love others only when you love yourself. First of all, you clearly love yourself. That is fine, but there must be a limit." The doctor considered his words, "You might as well try to love the people around you more and release your inner emotions. This will reduce the possibility of misdirecting your desires."

"What if it's not self-projected." Lu Shenxing lifted his eyelids, "If the self in the mirror is real?"

The doctor was taken aback, he laughed, "Your hypothesis is bold." The next moment his face changed, and he looked like the head of a research team, "but it doesn't make any sense."

Lu Shenxing stood up in a complex mood, this was a waste of time.

"You don't need your medical record?" The doctor took a second look at the medical record. Zeng Ye, thirty-five years old, not too young, and seeing that he can be hard, he wasn't unwell.

He took one of the self-portrait photos and stared at it for a long time without feeling anything at all. He couldn't understand it but he had a strange feeling that he had just missed an opportunity to alter his worldview.

Lu Shenxing answered his phone in the garden outside the hospital. It was Zhao Heng, who was very loud.

"Something happened to my ex-girlfriend." Seeing that there was no response, Zhao Heng's voice was raised a little bit, expressing anxiety, "Zeng Ye? Are you listening?"

Lu Shenxing said unhurriedly, "What does your ex-girlfriend's matter have to do with you?"

From the other end came the sound of a chair rubbing the ground, Zhao Heng smiled and said, "I'm a nostalgic person."

Lu Shenxing vaguely knew that Zhao Heng might be like this because of him, "Talk then."

"Zeng Ye..." Zhao Heng paused for a moment. He sighed and asked embarrassingly, "Do you have much enough money to pay rent?"

Lu Shenxing recalled the card given to him by Chi Yu, "How much do you want?"

On the other side of the phone, Zhao Heng didn't expect Lu Shenxing to answer so quickly. He didn't hesitate at all. He scratched his scalp gratefully, "It's better if you come and see."

When Lu Shenxing was about to hang up the call, he heard Zhao Heng say sorry, "My cousin has returned to her hometown, and I also want to go back to take care of my ex-girlfriend. You can rent out the vacated rooms. The monthly rent isn't cheap."

Lu Shenxing put his phone back in his pocket and drove back. As soon as he stopped, he immediately opened the trunk, took the person out, and strode upstairs.

He loved himself so much that he couldn't hold back at that moment. He forced a kiss on him against the wall and came in his pants. According to his own personality, he would be so annoyed that he'd be damned if he didn't kill him. So for his own safety, his only choice was to attack first.

Lu Shenxing put the person on the bed, unbuttoned his clothes and went to take a bath. His pipe was sticky and he couldn't ignore it anymore.

The young man woke up to see the man sitting in front of the computer with his back to him. He stared at him blankly, as if he hadn't realized what was going on yet.

Lu Shenxing heard the movement behind him and spoke before he could, "The bathroom is on the left."

His words successfully awakened the young man's empty brain. He rushed over, grabbed a new toothbrush and tore it open, then brushed his teeth over and over again, wishing to brush his teeth away.

The sound of water in the bathroom lasted for a long time. Lu Shenxing was worried about his teeth. He turned the chair, stood up and walked to the door, "Are you done?"

The young man shouted angrily, "Fuck. Your. Mum!"

We have the same mother. Lu Shenxing pinched his face, thinking about it, and then relaxed a little, but his tone didn’t change at all, "Is your mouth so filthy, did you eat shit?"

The young man stared. He was a proud son of heaven. No one had ever spoken to him like this. He was vulgar and nasty. He threw a fist and was blocked by the other party. Every time he attacked, there was no exception.

Lu Shenxing squinted, "Can you stop attacking me?"

The young man was like a sideshow character. His heart was full of fury, but this man seems to be overly familiar with his every move. It was like he knew him better than himself.

The vigilant face of the young man fell into Lu Shenxing's eyes, and he bared his white teeth, "Don't be afraid, I'm not a pervert."

Damn, aren't you? The young man’s back was against the cold tiles, his anger swiftly rose. He went to look for Chi Yu in the afternoon, only to be told that he wasn't free. He hadn't waited until he no longer had time to pay him lip service.

He couldn't take this slight, and after inquiring about Zeng Ye's identity, he hoped that he could learn something from him. Who the hell would have expected...

The young man's heart was filled with an unknown fire, and he suddenly thought of something, "Are you kidnapping me?"

"I took a few photos while you were asleep." Lu Shenxing said without answering, "The way you sleep is really charming."

The young man snorted, "Like you're the only one to have a crush on me."

He had to agree with this. Lu Shenxing turned around and went out. When he came back with a bag in his hand, his tone was strong, allowing no alternative, "Put this on."

The young man cast his eyes down and caught a glimpse of the red lace in the bag. He shouted, "You're making me wear women's clothing?"

"Don't you think I took an artistic photo of you?" Lu Shenxing threatened brightly, he really had no other tricks.

He wanted to make the young man pretend to be a woman, so that he could keep an eye on him and make sure he wouldn't be thrown away by Chi Yu like trash. And also to stop himself from jumping him.

The young man's face went from green to white, and finally turned the colour of a pig's liver. He was angry, "I won't wear it even if you kill me!"

"Won't you?" Lu Shenxing curled his lips, showing a frivolous smile, and narrowed his eyes, " Then I'll fuck until you want to change."

Young man, "Fuck!"

Lu Shenxing pulled the zipper of his jeans down, and the young man ran away.

Lu Shenxing, who was leaning on the door, violently lit a cigarette. He could only use himself to complete the task.

In the three-bedroom and one-living room house, Lu Shenxing and the young man each had one room. The empty room was filled a few days later. It was another uncle who refused to leave.

Chi Yu had been ignored since entering, his anger had no effect on Lu Shenxing, so it fell onto whoever was left.

"Miss, may I know your last name?"

The young man in a pink dress and a wig blinked and pinched his throat, "Hello, my name is Xiao Hong."

His heart has collapsed.

Xiao Hong? Chi Yu's expression was weird. This woman's voice was so rough. His eyes moved slowly when examining her. Her hands were very big and her pores were big. The skirt was also ugly.

He rubbed his eyebrows irritably, how could Zeng Ye live with a woman like this?

Not wanting to talk to Chi Yu, the young man looked at the figure on the balcony. After a few days of being around him, he had a better impression of Zeng Ye. He could even bear the two conditions of having his picture taken and wearing a skirt. There was an unexplainable kindness to his manner, the closer they got, the more intense it was. It was strange.

Was he his lost brother for the New Year?  The corners of the young man’s mouth twitched, his family’s background wasn't this bad.

He'd checked, Zeng Ye used to be with Chi Yu. He moved here not long ago. They probably had a fight. The young man curled his lips. Although his feelings towards him had changed, Zeng Ye’s height was really average. Chi Yu’s taste has always been very tall, and he was very picky. Zeng Ye was an exception.

Lu Shenxing changed the water in the fish tank, went to the kitchen to wash two apples, and handed one to the young man.

Chi Yu on the side radiated a gloomy aura.

Lu Shenxing asked as he ate, his voice was vague, "Egg fried rice tonight?"

Chi Yu raised his chin, "I'm not eating."

Lu Shenxing glanced coldly, "Did I ask you?"

The young man couldn't help but cover his mouth, Chi Yu was deflated.

At night, Lu Shenxing slept in a daze. His arse was touched and he opened his eyes suddenly, kicking away Chi Yu who was trying to push him down, "Get out."

In the past, when Zeng Ye was left out and sad, or when he saw Chi Yu's intent to pursue others, Chi Yu just approached him and fucked him.

Chi Yu was still accustomed to this method, so he adjusted the schedule of the scene he was filming and sent someone to find the landlord and take the last room in the house. He showed up on the front step and prepared a gift.

He was accustomed to Zeng Ye's existence, and hadn't changed for many years.

Zeng Ye was very obedient. He cooperated very well both in bed and out of bed. He was the one who had been with him the longest. He only recently escaped from his control, as if he had changed personalities.

There were many people around him, but he never forced anything, especially when it came to love. He had an image of love in his mind but he found that only Zeng Ye could fit it so he couldn't just let go.

He took the initiative to come to his door but was treated coldly. He didn't expect this outcome.

Chi Yu suppressed his urge to do it. He took out a velvet box and opened it, with affectionate tenderness in his eyes, "Didn't you want to marry me before?"

This was Zeng Ye's biggest dream. If he was still alive, he would definitely become stupid and cave in, but it was just Lu Shenxing. His face was covered with ice and frost. "I'll say it again, get out."

Chi Yu gritted his teeth, "Zeng Ye, don't do something you'll regret."

He slammed the box on the ground vigorously and rushed towards Lu Shenxing with a grim face. The weight of the two adult men made the bed creak and the mattress sink.

Lu Shenxing rolled over and held him down, looking down coldly. His actions attacked Chi Yu's pride. He pushed back with all his strength, the words in his mouth were extremely dirty.

"Bitch, when did you become like this? You can even open your legs for anyone, right?"

Lu Shenxing's body leaned back, and he calculated silently. He suddenly gave up the struggle and fell back, knocking his head against ground.

After a second, Chi Yu gasped for air. He jumped out of the bed and bent over and shouted twice, "Zeng Ye? Zeng Ye?"

The man on the ground was motionless, he stretched out his hand and found his fingers covered with sticky blood.

So, Lu Shenxing's answer to the age old question of whether you'd fuck yourself given the chance is a resounding 'yes'.....two LSXs...
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