69 - I'm a stand in for myself (17)
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69 - I'm a stand in for myself (17)

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Content Warning - Paedophilia.

The night was heavy, the drizzle seemed to hang in the air, and the window frames creaked. The whole Thousand Demon Hall was covered with gloom, and slight groans came from the dark room, revealing intense pain and longing.

"Shixiong, hold me..."

On the cold black stone, Ning Que, who was sitting cross-legged, closed his eyes tightly. Fine beads of sweat covered his brow, dripping with his disorganized breathing, and soaking his exposed upper body.

His lips were black, and the evil qi on him was terrifying, as if he was suffering tremendously.

A cloud of black air appeared in front of the black stone, and condensed into the black-clothed man who appeared worried. His fists clenched, restraining himself from trying to embrace the man in front of him.

The dampness in the air gradually thickened, and the sound of a gasp in his ear stimulated his nerves. The man in black was confused for a moment, and at that moment, his reason fell apart. He approached Ning Que suddenly before he was thrown away. The murderous spirit retreated, leaving him two inches from a painting on the wall.

Ning Que stretched out his hand, and his wide coat robe flew to cover his soaked body. He waved his sleeves a few times. The black man's cheeks were swollen, and the blood in his mouth dripped down his chin.

"Who allowed you to come in?"

A sense of oppression swept through him and the black-clothed man's chest became tight. He knelt on the ground, his teeth oozing blood, "I have been with you for four hundred years! Why can he but I can't?"

Ning Que bent his lips, as if he'd heard a big joke, "What qualification do you have to compare with him?"

The man in black tasted iron, "He's already dead!"

The air in the dark room condensed instantly, and the horrible devilish energy spread out. The man in black screamed, trembling and crawling on the ground.

Ning Que stood and the black-clothed man was forced to look up, seeing the cold killing intent surging in the corner of his eyes.

"Why do you think I keep you by my side?" Ning Que spread his five fingers, lifted the man in black and threw him out of the dark room. He looked at the person in the painting and muttered to himself, "Da Shixiong, I've kept all of your things...  "

For several days, Wei Jian took Lu Shenxing for a stroll through several of the gardens. He hadn't been through them before but this time he was accompanied.

"The one in white is an immortal." Wei Jian raised his chin toward the opposite pavilion.

Hao Lian, who was sitting alone in the pavilion reading a book, had long noticed that the Demon Venerable seemed very interested in Lu Shenxing and kept staring at Lu Shenxing.

"The immortal is watching you." Wei Jian looked curious and couldn't help but suggest, "Let's go over."

Lu Shenxing turned around and left, but his tail caught.

"I'm Wei Jian, living in the Sixteenth Garden." Wei Jian said to Hao Lian, "This is my roommate, Beast Da Biao."

The immortal didn't care for the ceremonies of earth and he certainly didn't care about their pleasantries. A gentle voice rang in their ears, "Hao Lian."

One person, one immortal, and one beast stood together, all of different races. The atmosphere was a bit awkward as there was nothing to talk about.

Hao Lian picked up a plate of snacks on the table, "Are you hungry?"

Wei Jian was flattered, he waved his hand quickly, "Thank you, but I'm not hungry."

The next moment the corners of his mouth twitched as he watched him put the plate of snacks in front of the Bo Beast beside him. The beast ignored completely ignored him.

A plate of meat appeared in Hao Lian's hand.

Bo beasts were carnivorous animals, and the blood in Lu Shenxing's body immediately boiled. His face was gloomy, but covered with dense grey hair, so it was difficult to tell.

Wei Jian stared at the immortal as he watched him happily feeding the beast, his roommate looked upset throughout the entire process.

"Can I touch you?" Hao Lian stretched out his hand and stroked the hair on Lu Shenxing's head. He didn't feel that his question was superfluous.

Lu Shenxing was shamed and his appetite disappeared. He jumped to the other end of the bridge and quickly disappeared.

Withdrawing his gaze, Hao Lian had deep meaning in his eyes, and it was indeed a very special beast to get that person's attention.

"Farewell until next time." Wei Jian caught up.

After a few days, Wei Jian was taken away. He grabbed the door frame and turned his head to look at Lu Shenxing, with tears in his eyes, as if he were saying goodbye for the last time.

"Da Biao, I'm leaving."

After walking over slowly, Lu Shenxing turned around.

Wei Jian, "..."

Wei Jian was terrified the whole way over. When he stopped, he had already thought of five or six ways to die, all of them terrible.

"My lord."

Wei Jian couldn't guess what the demon was thinking, and didn't dare to guess. He didn't make a sound, and knelt there cautiously.

Ning Que took a sip of wine, "Is this lord so terrible?"

Wei Jian shook his head like a rattle drum.

"Come here." Ning Que.

A hand climbed up his back and walked along his spine. Wei Jian's scalp went numb, and his nerves were stretched taut as a bow string.

Ning Que casually stroked the bone under his fingertips, "How is it?"

Wei Jian, who was in a cold sweat, suddenly glanced, and said with a smile, "You mean Da Biao, it's very fun. It's more like a human than my last roommate who could transform. He usually has a little temper, when he sleeps he snores and likes to eat cake. It ate cake so sweet it gives you a toothache, but the immortal gave some to it that day, and it didn’t even look at it..."

Ning Que closed his eyes, "Go away."

His bones weren't removed, and his skin was still there. Wei Jian gasped for air. The cold sweat on his body blew even colder in the wind, and he was shivering. What happened just now? I don't remember at all.


The demon next to him urged, but his tone didn't reveal any impatience. Any of the people in the garden might be favoured by their lord.

As soon as Wei Jian went back, he saw a huge figure standing at the gate of the garden. He trot over, "It's okay, I'm okay. The Demon Venerable just touched my back and didn't do anything to me."

Touched his back? Did he need to touch it fir so long? Lu Shenxing growled unhappily.

"Are you angry?" Wei Jian blinked, and he whispered, "You care about me so much. Alas, it's me. I've concealed a lot of things from you, and I tried to test you again and again. Sorry, let's be friends in the future."

Wei Jian became sticky like taffy again, and didn't even care about his damp clothes. Lu Shenxing was inexplicably restless, always feeling that something was going to happen. In the evening, it was his turn.

"Whatever the devil asks you to do, do what he asks, remember not to resist!"

Lu Shenxing took Wei Jian's instructions to find Ning Que. He wasn't taken to the main hall, but the dark room. The demon who led him looked at him several times.

Ning Que was flipping through a book, but didn't look up, "Do your eyes still hurt?"

The top of Lu Shenxing's head darkened, and there were slightly cool hand on his eyes, the voice above his head was cold, "Does it hurt?"

His strength increased, and Lu Shenxing's eyeballs couldn't bear to move. He smelled the scent of blood, if this continued, Ning Que would cut his eyes out.

"I know that your body is divided, it can be broken and recombined, how painful is it to repeat it over and over again?" Ning Que sighed lightly, "You see, you just lost your eyes but you can't endure it."

Lu Shenxing's breathing stopped, and the hair on his body concealed his emotions at the moment.

"It hurts." Ning Que wiped Lu Shenxing's eyes with the handkerchief and carefully wiped off the blood. His movements were gentle, as if his intention to kill the moment before was an illusion.

His vision recovered a little, and Lu Shenxing saw the paintings on the wall.

"Did you see them?" Ning Que nodded slightly, "These are all my Da Shixiong."

Turbulent waves were set off in Lu Shenxing's heart, which eroded his nerve endings in an instant. Four hundred years was long enough for Ning Que to become what he was now.

"I think one day I can go boating with Da Shixiong, just the two of us." Ning Que walked to a painting. There was a green lake in the painting. A boat floated in the centre holding two men cuddled closely together. A water bird stood in the shallows, peaceful and beautiful. This was a scene he had experienced countless times in his dreams.

"Here he was practicing the sword." Ning Que looked at another painting next to him, "I was hiding behind the pillar and saw that his hand holding the sword was wrong, and he didn't even notice it. I knew he was not the Da Shixiong I know, but another soul."

As Lu Shenxing listened to Ning Que narrating the paintings in an unrelenting tone, his temples were sore.

Ning Que looked out the window cautiously with his back turned to Lu Shenxing. Two sparrows on the banyan tree branch preened each other's feathers with their beaks. For a long time, his eyes were wet and red, and his face was wet.

"I hate him."

His monstrous hatred was released in the three words, it penetrated every corner of the dark room. Lu Shenxing frowned, and the thoughts in his mind flashed quickly. He raised his paw and put it on Ning Que's leg and lightly touched him with his claw.

"Shixiong, as long as you come back, I won't hate you..."

Ning Que lowered his eyes, and a faint light flashed by, then there was nothing.

The next day, there was an unusual atmosphere in the Thousand Demon Hall. The Demon Venerable took a child to the garden to see the flowers. He was smiling and in a good mood, the surrounding demons couldn't believe their eyes.

The news spread that the child was the reincarnation of that person, the Demon Venerable was delighted and everyone in the garden was relieved, only a few were disappointed.

Lu Shenxing also heard the news. He thought of the reincarnation of Bai Fengqi for the first time, but later he realised that couldn't be it. Ning Que should have found the original Bai Fengqi long ago, he knew that they weren't the same person.

"I can go home." Wei Jian paced the room excitedly.

Lu Shenxing lay motionless on the ground, exuding a gloomy breath.

Everyone gathered again that night, and Lu Shenxing saw the child sitting on Ning Que's lap. His arms were wrapped tightly around Ning Que's neck, timidly. His pair of black eyes looked around curiously.

Ning Que lowered his head and kissed the child's hair, gently soothing him.

An unnamed fire rushed up and burned through Lu Shenxing's body, he gasped for breath.

Ning Que suddenly opened the child's collar, pinched his waist with one hand, and immersed himself in the kiss.

Everyone opened their mouths wide, dumbfounded.

With a bang, the table in front of Lu Shenxing was shattered in half, the fruits and dishes on it were all spoiled, and his gaze was terrible.

Wei Jian was startled and turned pale, looking at the beast beside him. What's the matter? Before he came, he reminded him that tonight might be their last night in the demon world, as long as they just pretended to be deaf and dumb.

Everyone took a deep breath, this beast was looking for death, and they couldn't help being a little bit afraid of the bloody scene that would likely follow.

The child's crying filled the silence. Most of the clothes had fallen away, and his body was covered loosely, but no one had the hobby to appreciate it.

There was another huge movement and their hearts tensed. The beast was crazy.

Wei Jian was embarrassed, and forgot to stop him. He just watched everything fall apart. He closed his eyes unconsciously and started crying, not wanting to witness the death of his hard-working partner.

Lu Shenxing's stimulated thinking was confused, and before he knew it, he had already given himself away.

If Ning Que really believed that kid was him, then there was only one end waiting for him.

Sitting in the corner, Hao Lian finished the last sip of wine. He raised his eyes and saw that the man above was not angry, but smiling.

He seemed to be correct.

Ning Que waved and the child in his arms disappeared, a feather fell lightly in its place.

There was a creepy laugh, and Ning Que cocked his mouth. He stood up and walked towards Lu Shenxing step by step.

Lu Shenxing's head burned and his vision went dark.

For a while Changan was my least favourite ML but Ning Que is really such a cunt.

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