70 - Tell me how I spent 100 years in a little black room (18)
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70 - Tell me how I spent 100 years in a little black room (18)

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The whitewashed walls were covered with calligraphy and paintings. An exquisitely carved bed was stacked with silk and satin bedding, the curtains hung still. There was a marble table placed on one side, and pens, ink, paper and inkstone were piled on top. Fresh dewy flowers were inserted in the exquisite flower stands, filling the room with a light fragrance.

The ground under his feet was covered with soft furs from strange animals. The whole room was elegant and well decorated. The only strange thing was that, let alone a door, there wasn't even a window.

The pores of Lu Shenxing's body tingled and the alarm bell in his heart was loud. After calming down, he fumbled through the objects in the room and tried to find a way out.

When the cold surfaces touched his fingertips, his eyebrow twitched fiercely, and he realized that he wasn't crawling, but a standing human figure.

Looking down a familiar yellow long robe was neatly hung on his body, and his loose long hair hung down to his waist. He reached out his hand to touch his face, the feeling of warm skin spread through his fingertips. As Lu Shenxing stood in a daze, behind his back came a voice, "Da Shixiong."

Lu Shenxing turned around, and Ning Que, who had appeared at some point, pressed against him. His head almost touching the tip of his nose, his eyes were dark and trembling. It was as if he was looking at a trapped beast.

Being able to see him again in the flesh was the most extravagant dream Ning Que had ever had in hundreds of years. Now that the dream has become true, he couldn't even breathe for fear that he would suddenly disappear.

After a while, Ning Que lowered his gaze. His thick, slender, slightly curled eyelashes covering his eyes, "Da Shixiong, since you came back, why are you hiding from me?"

Lu Shenxing pulled back the corner of his mouth, "The first time I met, I used my eyes to remind you, and you dug them out."

His sarcasm blasted his ears and drove straight to his heart. Ning Que raised his head and looked at Lu Shenxing blankly, like a bewildered child, "Da Shixiong, I didn't mean to hurt you."

Lu Shenxing looked around, "Do you want to imprison me?"

Ning Que pursed his lips, and a bit of his old shyness returned, but his answer contradicted it, "Yes."

Lu Shenxing, "..."

He understood that this was just a bigger and well-decorated cage.

"I need to pee."

Ning Que waved, and a Gong basin appeared on the ground out of thin air.

When Ning Que wanted to untie Lu Shenxing's belt himself, he stopped him, "I'm hungry."

Ning Que smiled, and more than a dozen dishes appeared on the table.

Lu Shenxing's forehead throbbed, "I want to take a bath."

He made it clear that he would be embarrassed by Ning Que. Unable to fight by force, he could only try to make the opponent retreat.

Ning Que didn't seem to be able to catch his meaning. His sleeves flicked, and he waved slowly again. A wooden bucket appeared in front of Lu Shenxing, filled with hot water, layers of steam rolling off the top.

Lu Shenxing's Adam's apple rolled, "It's getting cozy."

There was the sound of splashing and Lu Shenxing saw the room suddenly stretched out and a bath made of white jade appeared on the opposite side. The flowing water was gurgled. He was speechless.

Ning Que stood there, his eyes focused and sincere as he watched him, as if asking, 'will you eat first or take a bath?'

Lu Shenxing squeezed the bridge of his nose, "Ning Que, Shixiong still has important things to do."

As soon as the words fell, the atmosphere in the room changed. The gentleness on Ning Que's face disappeared, replaced by extremely heavy hostility. Suddenly the room faded away and he sighed softly, "Da Shixiong, I don't want to break your hands and feet and seal your soul."

Lu Shenxing had no doubt that Ning Que would make good on his threat. His eyebrows were raised and covered with dark haze. Ning Que was out-of-sorts and very sick.

He gave an explanation, although it was long late, "It was an accident that I left without saying goodbye."

Ning Que's eyes flickered, "I know."

At that time, he was hugging him to sleep, and he woke up to find that he had already left. It happened completely without warning.

If the accident could have been prevented, he would do whatever it took. And so since then he had done everything.

Ning Que leaned against Lu Shenxing and walked, resting his chin on his shoulders. It was hard to tell whether he was acting like a baby and humble pleading, or giving a brutal warning, "Da Shixiong, isn't it good here? Just the two of us. Whatever you want I can give you."

Lu Shenxing frowned, "You can come with me." He had to go to the human world to find Jiang Wangchu's reincarnation, and to the immortal world to find Liuyang.

There was a pain in his neck and he heard his flesh being bitten by Ning Que.

Ning Que was sucking the slightly hot blood, his eyes burnng with intense desire. His body trembled slightly and he stretched out his arms to embrace Lu Shenxing, trying his best to hold him.

"Let go."


"Ning Que, I'll say it again-hiss, are you a dog?"

"To help you transform, I went to the immortal realm." Ning Que's voice was vague from swallowing, and it didn't seem so cold, "I'm very happy to hear you calling my name."

Lu Shenxing's arms that were hanging down his sides moved, he lifted them up and stroked Ning Que's back.

Ning Que was shocked by the warmth he yearned for. His affection melted him and filled his field of view. He stopped biting, loosened his teeth, and began to rub the delicate skin.

His kissed neck was itchy and numb, and Ning Que bit on it again after a while, starting a new round of self-enjoyment. Lu Shenxing yelled, "Are you fucking still at it?"

Swallowing the blood between his lips and teeth, Ning Que sighed in contentment, and said softly, "How can we do it." He'd waited for too long, and wanted to do everything he'd missed. He was doing his best to make up for the lost time.

"I really want to go out, you can come with me and we'll return after finishing my business." Lu Shenxing reluctantly compromised, "I can stay with you as long as you want."

Ning Que was unmoved, Lu Shenxing's promise was no match for the bitterness of hundreds of years.

As the negotiation broke down, Lu Shenxing kicked the barrel over, splashing the hot water on Ning Que's legs and feet. He didn't seem to feel the pain, so he said patiently, "The dishes are going to get cold."

Lu Shenxing wouldn't have an appetite at this time even if he was reborn as a pig. He couldn't persuade Ning Que and could only think of another way.

When he didn't respond, black qi flashed in Ning Que's eyes, his lips lightly opened, and he said softly, "Since you don't want to eat, let's take a bath."

Lu Shenxing said irritably, "No."

Ning Que frowned, he let out a laugh, stretched out his hand to touch Lu Shenxing's face. His fingertips slid down from his eyebrows, "Da Shixiong, except that this face is a little unfamiliar, you have not changed at all."

Lu Shenxing didn't even bother to check what he looked like now. He felt cold, and pieces of tedious clothes piled up beside his feet.

Kneeling down in front of Lu Shenxing, Ning Que held him religiously, his voice trembling with the suppressed excitement, "Shixiong, let me lick it?"

Lu Shenxing's breathing was stagnant.


After a long time, Lu Shenxing pulled back and was dragged down by a hand on his neck.

Ning Que was there every day, staying by his to supervise Lu Shenxing's cultivation.  It seemed that the whole demon world had nothing to do with him.

There was no sunrise or sunset. He didn't even know what year it was and asides his time spent cultivation, Lu Shenxing did nothing but: eat when he was hungry, sleep when tired, and eat again when he woke up.

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